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Re: :|RP|: The Veil
December 08, 2013 10:23PM

Desmona’s castle.

The pitiful wail of the pregnant were in human form had gained no sympathy from the orc guards, who looked upon the girl dressed in a ragged and blood stained dress, with drool dripping down from the tips of their fangs and the crude edges of their lips. Kept prisoner in a dirty dark cell with only the tiniest window to offer air and light, Caroline’s mental state was fast deteriorating. Snatched by Desdemona from the park in a large city and chosen specially for her breed, she had been cooped up in this hell hole for two months, living on scraps that fell from Desdemona’a table once a day. Her blonde hair was now dirty and knotted, her skin crawling with lice and scabs that were infected. Curled up in the corner of the dank cell, her gnarled fingers dug at the weak cement that held the stone bricks in place. Oh, she had morphed, and tried to get free. But with the long electrified prong spears held by the guards, she was zapped and shocked into submission countless times, until she was reduced to the quaking mess she was now. Blue eyes, with the pupils now dilated, and the white so distinct, she stared out at the dungeon door…hoping…praying that someone, somewhere would rescue her from this shocking nightmare.

The clunk and grind of a master key is heard turning in the dungeon door lock, with the worried voice of a concerned husband.

“How is she? What of the baby? Please…help me see her.” Johnathon cried, his manliness seemed to be evaporating at the thought his poor wife was down here.

“I am sure she is. Quickly, before my Mistress catches us.” Belinda said. Belinda being a young witch that was an apprentice to the powerful Desdemona. “I am so lucky I found you in that park, John. Now you can be reunited. Oh…how I love a happy ending.” Belinda beamed innocently, as she finally got the door unlocked and then whistled for the guards to back off.

“Go have tea, or…maybe a bath.” Belinda said, wrinkling up her nose, as Johnathon dashed past and then saw his beloved and sick looking wife curled up in the cell.

“Caroline?!” He could hardly believe that this..wretch was his wife. Caroline gasped a cry and tried to stand, before collapsing in a terrible heap. Weakened, and gaunt, she reached out with both arms desperately.

Belinda swung the large key ring in behind Johnthon, as he clutched the bars and shook them, or tried to. He then looked back over his shoulder at Belinda and begged.

“Open the cell door…please?”

“Whoops. Almost forgot that part. My bad.” She skipped over and then placed the key in the lock, before opening the cell door and then smiling at John. “In you go, poor thing needs help getting up.” Not thinking, he dashed inside and got down on his knees, as Caroline collapsed into his arms.

“My love….oh god, what has she done to you?”

“Nothing yet.”


IIt was the voice of Desdemona, and she was standing right next to a grinning Belinda, who slammed the cell door shut.

“….why, do you think I should?” Desdemona asked with an innocent expression.

Right then, Johnathon realized he had been caught as well as his pregnant wife. He roared at Belinda.

“You tricked me!”

“Uh huh…wasn’t hard, really. Gosh you were’s are so stupid. Heh.” Belinda locked the door for good measure and then sauntered back to Desdemona, who slapped Belinda’s ass, causing Belinda to moan with pleasure. “Now we have the whole set. Mummy…Daddy..and soon baby makes three. Well…maybe three. Depends really.”

“What do you mean?’ Johnathon asked incredulously.

“Oh…you’ll have to wait and find out…John. Now, I do believe I have a special room being set up. A birthing suite. I really love to look after my house guests.” Course she was being sarcastic, and swanned out of the dungeon, as Belinda winked at the young couple.


“If I were you two…I’d enjoy each other…while you still can.”

And with that the two witches left, leaving Johnathon and Caroline…to wait for the coming birth.