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Wandering through  fields where stories were told,

I came across  passages that really struck gold.

The man with the name written forward then back,

was doing the usual spiteful,  insane attacks.

Clueless women, and some times even men,

fed carefully constructed fantasies of love and romance.

Yep, he’s been at it again.


I have to admit, I am not really surprised.

For I got caught up in his carefully spun web of lies.

But towards the end, as the friendship waned.

I saw for myself, that nothing had ever changed.

In fact, little did he realize, as he went on and on,

about pixel ponies and stalker like fiends.

That I was laughing my ass off,

cause he really thought I believed!


The poison and corruption,

that spreads blind tentacles from page to page.

Has been going on for years,

on the role play world stage.

But eventually, something has gotta give.

Will it be the head or the heart that goes first?

And whose will it be?

I can tell you for certain,

It certainly won’t be me.