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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 08, 2013 03:05PM
Shane kissed away her tears, whispering her name over and over again. He rolled them to their sides, still embedded deep with in her womanly folds as he stroked her back and hair.

He kissed her once more, a soft moan escaping from him as if couldn’t get enough. She clung to him in desperation, returning his kiss with a moan of her own. She nicked his lip with a fang she hadn’t even realized extended and an explosion of blood blew across her tongue. She inhaled sharply, sliding her tongue across the wound to seal it for him.

He drew back, kissing her cheeks then her neck, still whispering her name, as if it was some kind of desperate plea. She understood this need. He hovered inches from her lips and stared deeply into her eyes,

“If I am ended…at least I can be happy, for I had the greatest love of all.” he whispered. She said not a word but simply leaned upward into the small space seperating them and kissed him, pouring every ounce of love she felt in her body into that one kiss.

~*~”I will love you till the end of time.”~*~ she whispered into his thoughts.

Yes I know times have changed
I’ll be straight up with you
It’s so hard to explain why I feel the way I do
For You
We’ve had ups and downs
Long as love’s still around yeah,
We can make it last forever
If we’re not too proud to say, I love you

I love you, forever
You make my dreams come true
You know, I know
We’ll be together
Til the end of time

It’s so hard for a man
In this world full of trials
Tell me how can I get
All the things that I want
That I need
If we both believe
We can accomplish anything
Just think of all we could achieve
Cuz I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine,
Until the end of time

That’s all we need.
In order to make a relationship work, all we need is time.
But if we believe, all our dreams will come true.
Together, forever and ever, til the end of time.
So let’s go on, til the end of time.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 08, 2013 10:59PM
Shane’s bedroom

If he could have allowed it, they would have remained in the bed, simply enjoying the closeness between them, but he knew in the back of his mind, that their night was their ‘day’. His mind was alive with her thoughts, and the wonderful statement she made that she would love him till the end of time. It was something he hoped would come true. Easing back from her, he groaned, like he didn’t want to get up, but knew he had too. A shower was in order, to wash away their sex, and cleanse them before presenting themselves downstairs before Jarvis, Misty and Bianca. Plus Marissa should be showing up, if she didn’t get caught up with some hot guy at a bar. Shane wouldn’t put it past her.

“Come on love. I get to scrub your back and you get to…wash me off.” He said with that cheeky smile. He offered his outstretched hand to her, and if she took it, he would lead her into the bathroom, and his shower cubicle.


Media Room

“Five bucks says they are fucking.” Misty said, rolling her eyes, at having to wait for them for dinner…again.

“Ten…you don’t know that.” Jarvis said, wandering in and taking off the “kiss me cook” apron, and then flopping down on the big black couch.


“Deal…and I know I am going to win this one. Freaking rabbits they are.”

Bianca finally pipped up, putting down her magazine, and folding her arms.

“So..which one of you is going to tell them about David and the lake?’


Jarvis looked at Misty and asked. “Rock off?”


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 08, 2013 11:13PM
She didn’t want to move from her comfortable position, but she knew that they were now in a time crunch. Vincent had to be dealt with, the sooner, the better. She sighed in disappointment when he removed himself from the bed, but he held his hand out to her has he stood.

“Come on love. I get to scrub your back and you get to…wash me off.” He gave her one of his cheeky grins that she was fond of and she took his hand, allowing him to pull her to her feet. Hand in hand, they went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower.

And yet, she wasn’t ready for the outside world to intrude upon their time together. She wanted as many happy memories as she could collect with Shane so that in case they did die…she would take those happy moments with her into the afterlife.

The warmth of the water created a steamy enclosure for the two lovers. She took up the liquid soap and poured some into her hands before she turned to her mate. Rubbing her hands together, she created a rich lather before she rubbed her hands across his shoulders and over his chest, down his stomach and between his legs, scratching gently with her nails. She took pleasure in touching him, as always, just to confirm to herself that he was real, that he was hers.

She stepped to the side to allow the water to wash the soap away before she scooted in behind him to give his backside the same gentle treatment. This was a new facet to their relationship, the first time they’ve ever shared a shower together. It was still a shock to her that he had allowed her to share his bed, but this was a whole new level of surprise.

She ran her hands down his back, his spine and across the globes of his ass, squeezing and kneading the taut flesh with a soft sigh of pleasure. She never got tired of touching him.

She thought back over the years to her previous relationships and felt none of them could live up to Shane’s level of ruthlessness and gentleness. He was a very complex man…and he was hers. Smiling, she leaned in to kiss his shoulderblade, just because she could.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 08, 2013 11:28PM
Shane’s bathroom

Shane absolutely loved Carmen’s tender and care in washing him with the liquid lathered soap on her hands. Her attention to detail, and getting every part of him cleaned only made him smile, as she glided around him, both in her steps, but in her sweeping hand gestures. He even closed his eyes, and stood perfectly still for her, so he could hone in on her lightest of touches. He knew she hadn’t wanted to get out of bed, and deal with the world, but at least they had this. A shower together, and again experimenting with a new side to their relationship. Ever slowly, he was bringing her deeper into his world, his mind, and his bedroom. This was the start of a new dawn for them. Question was, how long will it last?

When she finished, he moved underneath the steady stream and washed all the bubbles and soap from his skin, using his hands in places, unashamed of his naked form before her. When the last of the bubbles streamed off, it was his turn to take the liquid soap container, and then squirt a liberal amount into the palm of his hand. He set the bottle back down, and then started to work his larger hands against her lighter skin. He was not delicate though, not like she was. A bit rough…but he knew that was something she liked. The harder he rubbed and kneaded, the soapier his hands got. Around to her back, and he continued unabated. Rubbing vigorously, before smacking her backside firmly.

“You can wash off now.” He said with a chuckle, standing back slightly to watch her was herself clean.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 08, 2013 11:47PM
She closed her eyes and tried not to moan as he took his turn in washing her. His large hands treated her roughly, but it was something she was used to at this stage and she liked the feeling. He smacked her on the ass and told her to rinse off. She looked over her shoulder at him with a smirk before stepping beneath the spray of water to wash the soap from her body. She took her time in her rinse, smoothing her hands down over her breasts and stomach, bending to her thighs and legs. She knew he was watching her every move, working on that control he was known for in not ravishing her right there in the shower. There would be time for love-making later.

Fresh and clean, she reached out to shut off the water, slicking back her hair and squeezing out the excess. She slithered past Shane, deliberately brushing her naked skin across his as she stepped from the shower before grabbing up a large towel to wrap around her body. She winked at him and blew him a kiss before she sauntered from the room to get dressed in her own room.

Upstairs Hall

Dressed, she stepped from her room, deciding to go casual in a pair of jeans, short sleeve shirt and a jean jacket. She could hear Shane moving around in his room and went to stand in the door to watch him. She leaned against the door frame, arms crossed and a contemplative look on her face.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 09, 2013 12:09AM
Just inside Shane’s bedroom

Now, you would think Shane would be getting dressed up in a suit, but no, he decided to go for a rather country looking ensemble, with rugged jeans, a plaid shirt and dusty boots. Odd combination for a DA, but he just felt like dressing more casually. Maybe something in him wanted to show a more relaxed approach to life or unlife in his case. He dried his hair roughly with a towel, then combed it back, and the curls just seemed to bounce into their usual way. Piercing blue eyes regarded himself, though he couldn’t see his reflection, he gazed down as he did up the buttons on his shirt, and slipped on his boots.


Only when dressed did he see Carmen standing there, arms folded, with a contemplative look on her face.

“What? You don’t like this?” He was referring to his attire, and wondered what she was thinking.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 09, 2013 12:17AM
“What? You don’t like this?” He wondered, looking down at his clothes.

She stepped into the room and walked toward him, looking him over. She actually loved what he was wearing and opened her mouth to tell him so.

“No, I do like it. It makes you look…approachable.” she smiled. She stretched out a hand to fix the collar of his shirt that had curled up on one side, smoothing her hand over his chest as she did so. She didn’t stop there. She stepped closer and wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her cheek to his chest as she hugged him. “No matter what happens…I love you, Shane.” she murmured, inhaling his unique scent. She raised her head to look at him. “Despite everything, you are the best thing that ever came into my life.”