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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 07:58AM
It was a rare thing when Shane wasn’t cracking some kind of joke or giving her one of his huge movie star smiles. But she took his silence for what it was…he loved her.

As they held one another, staring into each others eyes, their bond solidified into something so strong, nothing short of death would break it.

He caressed her cheek, his love for her shining in his eyes. No words were spoken between them, for no others needed to be said. He pulled her close and kissed her with everything he had. It was desperate, but it was perfect, and she gave as good as she got, sliding her fingers into his hair and moaning as their lips and tongues slid against one another.

The blanket Jarvis had slipped around Carmen’s shoulders fell to the floor as she turned to straddle Shane’s lap, not removing her lips from his. They both needed this contact. As she was still in her bikini, it would give Shane easy access to her body if he desired.

Jarvis came to check on them at one point because it had gone entirely too quiet and he was actually flushing in embarassment when he returned to the room he was sharing with the girls.

“Are they all right?” Misty asked.

“They’ll be fine. They just need some time together.” Jarvis mumbled, still red faced. It had been like walking in on his parents having sex and though he knew Shane and Carmen went at it regularly…it was still embarassing to see.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 08:14AM
Media Room

Neither Shane nor Carmen realized that Jarvis had popped his head in to check on them. They were caught up in each other to the point nothing else seemed to exist. From Shane’s lap, Carmen moved to straddle him, as the blanket that Jarvis had placed over them fell to the floor. They were kissing each other deeply, and in a way this was how they copped with what had happened. The need to feel, touch and explore each other, as a way to find comfort from the other. Shane’s hands moved across Carmen’s shoulders, and down her arms, as he licked at her lips, and tugged on her bottom lip. This was not just about sex, though they did it often enough. They were both very sensual creatures, and this was what Carmen needed. Shane undid her bikini top, and undid it, drawing it from her body, before looking into her eyes. His fingers and lips may have been cold to touch, but his eyes held an inner warmth.

Another man had tried to take Carmen away from him, no doubt about it. Shane was once again claiming her, as was his right. Though he was often dominant and forceful, this was not a time to exercise such over her. The vampire treasured her, adored and loved her so much, that he had an untapped resource of strength that he never knew he had. Seeing her naked breasts, he lowered his head, and then nuzzled the right with his lips, before latching on, his hand moving to cup her left, and knead the nipple till it was taut. His hardness thickened beneath her, but he didn’t force her upon it. For now, he was simply loving her…giving her the chance to respond as her body wished.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 08:31AM
His hands, large though they were, treated her with the utmost delicacy and care as they trailed over her skin. He caressed her lips, nipping gently at her, causing a shiver of desire to lick at her spine. With his actions, he showed her that she was his greatest treasure, and his biggest weakness. And Vincent had nearly taken her from him.

He undid the ties of her bikini top at her neck and back, slipping the material from her body and tossing it to the floor. He lowered his head, nuzzling the right breast with his lips before pulling the taught nipple into his mouth. He cupped her left with his stong hands, kneading her skin until it puckered beneath his fingers.

Carmen whispered words of love and desire in the quiet of the room as Shane loved her. Her fingers ran through his hair as he suckled at her and she could feel the hardness of him pressing against her still-covered bottom. She moaned lightly, desire slowly igniting as she submitted her body to him.

They had weathered their first storm in the battle against Vincent. And they now knew what he was capable of, and who he was most likely to target first. Carmen was not going to fall apart like she had again.

“Shane…love me. Mark me as yours once more.” she whispered. She slid from his lap, moving to standing, not caring that she was bare-chested. She held out her hand to him and if he took it, she would lead him downstairs to the place where he had claimed her as his the night he brought her to his home.

It was symbolic.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 08:51AM
The Cell

A padded room, that he used to keep those prisoner or captives of his heart and pleasure. This was where it had begun for Carmen and Shane. A time when they denied that they loved the other, but in fact what lay beneath was a love so strong that it would be almost prophetic. He opened the door, and then holding her hand he led her in, letting the door close shut behind them. It was here, in this cold room, devoid of colour or fancy fittings, that Shane found his voice.

“So long ago, I brought you here. I captured you, and then I tormented you.” His hand brushed over hair, to move a stray curl behind her ear, as he continued to speak, his voice echoing as he did so. “I came to you at night time…when you were asleep. I took you, and as I held you I made you mine. You drank from me, as I buried myself deep within you.”

Shane stared into her eyes.


“And I have never regretted it.”

History was to repeat, as he looked into her eyes, and knelt to tear her bikini bottoms, planting a kiss upon her mound, before rising to standing. Blue eyes piercing hers, as his fangs descended, and he inhaled deeply her scent.

“I dream of you constantly…I dream of drinking you dry…for I cannot get enough of you within me.”

He then led Carmen to the bed, and urged her to lay upon the bed, following her and laying behind her. It was how it was that same night…he tore at his wrist, so the blood would start to flow, and brought it around to her lips.

“Drink from me.” At this he bit down on her neck, breaking her skin and growling long and deep. The pair would start the ritual of completion, or joining. Shane closed his eyes, and pushed his hard head inside her moistened jewel. The feeding started with the subtle rocking of their hips together….a beautiful sight, bodies moving in time…enjoying each other’s blood, and recapturing their love once more.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 09:14AM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

Shane opened the door ahead of her and lead them both inside, quietly closing the door behind him. Carmen looked around the room, the place where it had all changed for her. The manacle that had held her captive had been removed, as had the blood-stained sheets from when they had taken Brandi, and each other.

Shane finally spoke as she turned to face him. He stared into her eyes, slipping a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

So long ago, I brought you here. I captured you, and then I tormented you. I came to you at night time…when you were asleep. I took you, and as I held you I made you mine. You drank from me, as I buried myself deep within you.” He moved closer to her, pinning her in place with his gaze. “And I have never regretted it.”

“Nor have I.” was all she could think to say. He knelt and removed her bikini bottoms, pressing a kiss to her mound in supplication as she ran her fingers through his hair. He rose up before her, his fangs descending and inhaled her scent.

“I dream of you constantly…I dream of drinking you dry…for I cannot get enough of you within me.”

“Shane.” she whispered, a plea…for him to take what he wished from her. He took her hand and lead her to the bed, urging her to lay upon her side as he moved in behind her. It was the same position he had taken with her the night he made her his, only this time, she knew what to expect.

He tore at his wrist, making his blood flow and brought it to her lips.

“Drink from me.” he urged as his fangs sank into her neck, growling with lust behind her. She gasped at the pleasure-pain as she brought his wrist to her mouth. The moment her own fangs sank into his skin, his thick manhood pressed into her from behind and slid home within her body. Their hips rocked together as they fed from each other, a neverending cycle of love and unity. His blood energized her, his love sustained her as she released his wrist, licking at his wounds to seal the flesh. Done, she took his hand in hers and pressed it against her slick folds as he thrust into her body. She wanted to do all the things she’d only heard about but never had the guts to try. And she wanted that with her mate.

“Take me. Mark me. Love me.” she urged him, pressing his hand hard against her.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 09:36AM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

He buried his fingers deep within her lush folds and started to finger her as he continued to thrust his hardness within her, still biting down and drinking her blood from her neck. The couple writhed in pleasure and sin upon the bed, and his growls could be heard with his lips pressed to her skin, sucking the sweetness of her blood into his mouth and swallowing deeply. His insatiable appetite for her blood spurred his hand and drove him to push deeper and back, his hips rocking and smacking behind her, becoming a frenzy, that had his eyes fly open, the colour of night. Gasping, he pulled back and licked the puncture wounds to seal, before withdrawing from her and then sitting up, urging her to do the same. He got to his knees, and then sliced open his chest in a diagonal line, as she faced him.

“Feed.” Shane said simply, as his glistening blood trickled from the cut in his chest.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 09:48AM
With both his fingers and cock within her, he was stretching her beyond her limits and she relished in his actions. He pulled in her blood from her as he made love to her in his way, making her moan and writhe within his arms. Flesh smacked against flesh, his movements almost violent as he pressed into her from behind. He wrenched his mouth away from her skin with a gasp, licking her wounds to seal them before he withdrew his advances and sat up. Urging her to do the same. He got to his knees and sliced open his chest as she faced him.

“Feed. he ordered, in a repeat of the night after he had claimed her. There was no hesitation from her this time. She scooted forward until she could wrap her arms around his well-toned hips, licking at the blood trickling from him in a fount. She looked up at him, catching his dark gaze with her own as she sank her fangs into his skin.

His blood re-energized her, his soul touched hers, his mind flowed with hers as did his blood.

«”Mine.”» she whispered across his thoughts. Again she sealed his wounds once she had taken her fill, and before he could move away, she moved lower and slipped his hardness into her mouth, sucking at him as if he were the last piece of candy on the planet. She moaned around his length, taking great enjoyment in pleasuring him in this way. And if his groans above her were anything to go by, he was enjoying it as well.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 09:58AM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

Staring down at her, his back arched so that his pelvis was pushed forward, Shane groaned in pleasure. They had shared in taking each other’s blood, a symbol of the mark, and now she was feasting on his flesh, taking in his long hard shaft, and treating it though it was delicious candy. Shane brought both hands down and then raked his fingers through her hair, before taking hold of a fist full. He only did this, so he could tip her head back slightly, and see the look in her eyes, as she downed his cock. Carmen was so skilled this way, teasing his delicate edge just under the hood, and then long laps to the base and back. He started to rock back and forth slightly, enjoying her hot wet mouth.

Then he had an idea, and withdrew from her.

“Lay down, love.”

If she did so, he would straddle her face, then lean on down, and bury his own face between her thighs. Pressing the head of his cock to her lips, he would start to drive his tongue between her slick folds, hovering over her, as he enjoyed her nectar. Shane would only speed up, as she took him to her mouth, and let the pleasures they were giving each other flow through her.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 10:35AM
Shane was enjoying her ministrations along his flesh as much as Carmen was enjoying him. He took a fistful of her hair in his grip, forcing her head up and catching her gaze as he rocked back and forth within her hot cavern.

A light seemed to go off in his mind and he withdrew his flesh from her, causing her to moan in disappointment. But it seemed he had a better idea.

“Lay down, love.” he urged. Wondering what he had planned, she did as he bade before he straddled her face, pressing his cock to her lips. She was excited beyong all measure at this manuveor, even more so when he bent forward and buried his face between her thighs. She took him into her mouth once again, moaning around his flesh as his tongue did pleasurable things to her lower body.

Her body writhed beneath his as he lapped up her sweetness, her own mouth and tongue doing wicked things to him. She relaxed her throat muscles, allowing him to slide deeper into her mouth. She worked her throat around him, and it was all the more better since she didn’t have to breathe.

Her juices were flowing as her orgasm approached. She sucked harder at him, urging him on, begging him with her body to make her cream. Her moans were coming louder the closer she got, the vibrations of her throat surrounding him in their grip.

And she was there!

She sucked at him hard, swallowing him deep as she bathed his mouth in her body’s release, her hips arching up off the bed as much as they were able with him over her.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
December 15, 2013 12:10PM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

This was the first time they had done such a manouvre, but Shane wanted to enjoy her as much as she enjoyed him. He parted her legs and then lapped between her folds with his rough tongue, while using two fingers to prize within her hot sex. All the while, he moaned as she deep throated him, working her tongue around him. Their bodies both writhed together, trembling from the excitement of their actions. Shane could hear her moan, wanting him to push further, and so he fingered harder, pushing as far as he dare, his tongue working and then nipping at her sweet lips. The build up within him was getting so, he found himself bucking with his hips, and soon he felt her release. Closing his mouth over her ripe opening, he drank from her, as her thighs locked on his head, while he started to fill her mouth with is seed. Shane shook violently, as he felt her milking him down. Together they were caught up in the tasting and sensations. Shane’s tongue coated, his mouth drenched, while her’s would be the same. Their moans would fill the air, as they finished each other off. Shane licked at her slowly, and sensually, cleaning her with his tongue.