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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 05:15PM
Gabriel gave a soft jump at the growl that echoed throughout her mind but instantly calmed down while she listened to him speak, taking in the information that he had obtained while looking through though Gabriel’s eyes. In that moment, she witnessed Coraline attempt to block her soundwave but deep down, she had a feeling that she would not be able to block it since she did not chant any words to cast any spells. The wind whistled She raised a brow at the polite tone that Coraline spoke in but Gabriel only smirked to see the soundwave hit the sword and not be deflected. Though the power of the soundwave was weak but it was strong enough to push her back further from Gabriel. She then pulled her feet together, hearing Arren’s last command wash over her thoughts, her body tensing up a bit,

“Let loose the sound barrage”

Gabriels eyes went wide at the thought of releasing the stored sound within her body that she felt stir. She wondered what was going to happen to the surrounding area or to the people who are there with her. But with those words basically commanding her to let lose all of the built up sound that was stored within her, her body adjusted her stance to where her feet were shoulder length apart. Gabriel had quickly sheathed her wakizashi, balling up her hands into fist and crossed her arms over her chest as a loud and fierce growl had eminated from this petite form then she flung her arms wide open and ~Boom!~, sound rushed out of her body like angry drivers just getting out of heavy traffic as it screamed loudly like a ton of c4 exploding. The sound barrage rapidly rush in in the forward direction as she directed it to hit both Relic and Coraline. Bits and pieces of the black top that Gabriel was standing on also got flung toward the two Knights as well as other debris was thrown in their direction.

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October 27, 2013 06:18PM
-Shadow could see without doubt Charlotte was having troubles taking this in at once as he closed his eyes only to smile as in his mind he knew she was his successor without at doubt. He opened his eyes hearing the words of his dearest friend.- “She is with my children, and has that key you speak of…its what the bad people are after.” -he heard this from her and could only think to himself as he corrected her in very soothing tone.- “The key she carries that is gold is not the key are looking for. Anya is the key itself.” -only to hear her words further he could feel her concerns grow even more greater than before. It was as if she was worried of her family yet Shadow could do nothing for her position another than reassurance.- “My children are in real danger if that key is what you say it is. And if this man had the power to kill you, how on earth are my babies going to stand up to someone like that?” -Shadow closed his eyes again smiling again as he said in a very a stern voice that sounded like his old war cry.- “Simple! You have more than just your own being that will protect them. I man who swore an Oath to me once. A man who promised to keep the secret of their true existence. I believe you know who I speak of. He may be wounded but his spirit is stronger than you would think Charlotte. As well my Uncle would not break the promise he made to me.” -he opened his eyes as he looked at her hair as he reached for it running his fingers through its fine silky touch that made her unique. He had forgotten that he was dead for the moment. Shadow could feel inside himself the urge to fight by Charlotte’s side yet again. However this was impossible for the old Kiyrin he would not be able to do as he once was.-

“But how do I find my own path…when I must fight to protect my children from this man, and not just mine…Anya and her sister?”

-Shadow paused at these words for he did not know of her path. He could fore see after his death other than there success as he looked down at the floor for a moment trying to find words to tell her what he knew. He could feel her worry, her concern, her sorrow, and most of all he could feel her pain of being in his presents. Shadow turned his head to the windows of this grand ball room they were standing in only to think of words.- “Charlotte I do not know what awaits after you leave here. I see the success you will have. Your path is just a blur after this battle. You will find a way, But you must not forget….” -he lifted his hand only to place his finger on the pendant that hung for her neck as a small fire lit on his finger one that was of multiple colors that had no heat to its touch. Charlotte had nothing to fear from the fire as he continued.- “You will always have assistance from me. I will never leave your heart nor will I ever leave you defenseless. The remain power that was not destroyed from my being has been left with you. My greatest gift I could give to my greatest friend I was given. My daughter may be in the home world of Gorya. However she will look for me Charlotte.” -Shadow’s head would turn towards her as he smiled like he was happy to have her carry out his final request.- “I want you to tell her that I love her. Tell her of my choice, as well make sure my legacy to my grandchildren is never forgotten.” -he looked into her eyes as his gray thunder eyes were focused on her. He knew that time was running short as he asked her.- “May I have that last Dance Charlotte? Before you descend? -he had heard her last words.-“Or…was this planned all along? -He smiled taking her left hand as he pulled her closer to him as he whispered in her ear.- “My death was planned for the moment I saw the vision. The aid to help you was all done from my own sacrifices that I did for the soul purpose of giving you a fighting chance.” -he waited for her only to respond to his question and to his request for her to dance with him as a final goodbye.-

-as Arren disconnected himself from the young female wolf he pondered in his mind of how to go about this since she would soon be left defenseless as he grinned thinking of sending two being only to get up leaving Charlotte’s body for the moment. He started making his way towards the Gardens in hopes of catching his nephew in the moment.-

-As Coraline saw this blast she was flung from her ground as she screamed in a loud tone relic was thrown back only to catch Coraline. As he struggled to keep his ground he slowly thought to himself.- “it’s time for a retreat at this point. Oh what a waste of time.” -Relic quickly moved after being thrown across the street. He quickly disappeared from sight in a quick jump into the air as he said.- “We shall return for her. Mark my words you have chosen the wrong side Young lass”

-Sarah who was behind her was able to quickly absorb the sound and direct it away from her as she rotated the molecules of the air particles to travel passed her. However this was making her unable to move as she collapsed instantly as she tried to regain her figure. She looked up and wondered if the lady was alright. She was safe for now.-

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 07:02PM
~One last dance~


If only Shadow could read her mind, for although he could feel the beat of her heart, and see the worry in her eyes, he couldn’t imagine all the thoughts rushing through. Wanting to embrace this moment, this chance to spend a last dance with Shadow, and worrying about her children and Anya back in the live plain. But the more questions she asked, begged, the more complicated it was all becoming. Anya was not carrying a key, she was the key. Essence of his very soul formed by his hand. Now it all started to make perfect sense.

Charlotte feared for her children against the monster that had taken Shadow’s life, and with good reason. She knew her children were not yet of age to use their full powers, so much she needed to teach them. Charlotte even started to question herself, why she hadn’t started their lessons sooner. Her eyes darted around, as Shadow took a firm tone and sounded off at her, to make her snap from her haze.

“Simple! You have more than just your own being that will protect them. A man who swore an Oath to me once. A man who promised to keep the secret of their true existence. I believe you know who I speak of. He may be wounded but his spirit is stronger than you would think Charlotte.”

“You speak of Conan, the one that came to give us the message of your death. He is the one,. isn’t he? Course, she knew in her heart this was true, for he had made the vow of guardianship over the children and mourned the loss of Shadow as greatly as she did. There was no one else as close to them, by bond of friendship or spirit.

Shadow’s smile and the way he ran his fingers through her hair, had her reach for his hand, to nuzzle and hold to her cheek as she closed her eyes tight. Eyes that were now red rimmed from holding back the wave of tears that threatened to flow down her cheeks. His gentle touch had not changed, and she tried to hold this memory, hold it as tight as she dared. Was it selfish that she wanted just to savor in being in his presence, though all the emotions pulled and tugged at her.

Opening her eyes, she sniffed again, when Shadow told her that though he thought she was his successor he could only see her path to a point, the rest was a blur. Of course, that part of her life had not yet been written in stone, for only she could make the choices that would determine her destiny overall.

“You will always have assistance from me. I will never leave your heart nor will I ever leave you defenseless. The remain power that was not destroyed from my being has been left with you. My greatest gift I could give to my greatest friend I was given.” His words impacted on her so, she wanted to embrace him, hold him close to her. Friendship was indeed the greatest gift a person can give. Absolute trust, compassion and forgiveness for past sins. And she had made plenty. She felt the power of the pendent that rest upon her neck, and this she knew was the ever lasting link. Proof that he would never leave her side….to see him, all she needed to do, was hold the pendant and look to the night sky, to the brightest star, and know he is watching her.

One day, Shadow’s true daughter would come seeking answers, and it will be Charlotte’s place to answer them in full. Shadow’s wish, was that she tell her how much her father loved her. Charlotte heaved a sob and chewed her bottom lip, fighting back more tears. Saying goodbye for another, when they are standing right in front of you, is the most important thing you could ever ask someone to do. The spider demon nodded wordlessly, for she knew her voice was breaking up, and she had never been so emotional before. With her chin trembling she uttered.

“I’ll tell her that the dreams and your legacy must go on through to the next generation, of course. I would wish the same for my kin. To know that the sacrifice was done for them.”

To the right of the room, Charlotte could see a large ornate clock, and time…was running out. Arren had said two hours. Was time almost up? Would she be pulled away? Her eyes searched Shadow’s as he asked of her;


“May I have that last Dance Charlotte? Before you descend?” How could she refuse? Charlotte was drawn into his arms, and she nuzzled her face to his chest with his cheek, holding onto him as though she would never let go. His voice said everything…His death was his choice…so that others may live.

And so…they danced….one last time…


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 07:21PM
-Jalal was surprised that they knew of dragons much less were of their blood or could summon one. A glimpse he said.
Jalal had not had a glimpse of a dragon since he was a child. There were few who had seen any in his people. Most had not been living during the time of Atlantis itself and were descendanats. He was old by the standards of his people. He had lived a full life and fought well and true as a warrior should. He would continue to for as long as his feet could carry him. The chances of him retiring were slim to none. More likely his sword would simply vanish from his cold dead fingers as the saying went. He would be glad of anything Imay wished to show him. he simply said in response..-

” Whatever you would like to show me would be welcome Imay. I have not seen Dragon’s since I was young. “

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October 27, 2013 07:38PM
– Imay had motioned once again for Jalal to look at the crystal as it still held the image of the young woman, though slowly another started to fade as she danced. The second image slowly became clearer tell the woman was dancing with an old wyrm. The wyrm was covered head to tail in the same golden scales of the woman’s tail, a flowing mane of the purest white circled its head much like the dragons of the Orient. It’s long slender body would easily wrap around the woman fifty times if it so wished while it’s wings flared and folded in flight. “Though you will see a woman and a dragon you must know that these two are the same creature. They are both forms of my goddaughter Nesuki, the last serving member of one royal bloodlines the dragons claim.” Imay said with a somewhat prideful tone, for he was talking about one of the few things in all the worlds he cared about the most. Imay lost focus for a moment watching the two sides of Nesuki dance in the crystal faintly hearing motion coming towards him and Jalal in the back of his mind though dismissed it as one of the staff moving about his uncle’s home.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 07:53PM

She let out a loud growl once again, her eyes brighter than before as she watched them retreat from her sound barrage. Soon, the sound subsided and disappeared while Gabriel’s aura desceased back into her frame as her chest heaved up and down at a rapid rate since she used alot of energy just to unleash the large amount of sound from within her body. She wabbled over towards Sarah, even though she was very weak from the amount of energy she lossed, she was still willing to protect the little girl with her being.

Moments later, she collapsed onto her knees in front of Sarah then looked at her, her bright blue eyes now to their normal color and held a gentle look. Gabriel smiled at her, breathing heavily still but soon gain her stature and calmed her breaths then fell to the ground, laying there unconscious but breathing slowly and almost silently. Her hair had circled around her face as strands clung to her face since she was covered in a thin layer of sweat, her arms laying on either side of her head. The breeze became gentle once more and began to play with her clothing. Gabriel’s subconscious began to wonder if they would be rescued by someone or if they were just gonna sit there and not be rescued.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 27, 2013 09:19PM
-Shadow smiled even more when Charlotte had guessed the person he was talking about as took her closer to him pulling her to be inches away- “You speak of Conan, the one that came to give us the message of your death. He is the one,. isn’t he? -He chuckled as he placed his mouth directly near her ear as he gave a very soft tone.- “yes, I sent him for your protection.” -he could see her observations of words had not changed as he knew it would be time for her to leave as he listened to her words one last time.- “I’ll tell her that the dreams and your legacy must go on through to the next generation, of course. I would wish the same for my kin. To know that the sacrifice was done for them.”

-Shadow smiled as she nuzzled her face into his chest as he could only feel happiness in his heart. He knew very well Charlotte would want this moment to last for her. He very well knew she was watching the clock but he knew it wouldnt be long before she had to go. They danced for over five minutes in silence as he had his arms around Charlotte. The sound of the clock chiming was loud enough to make someones heart jump in place.-

-Shadow had frowned as he said knowing she would be pulled away from him.- “I thank you my dearest Charlotte for the chance to know you.” -the clouds of the real world would start to wrap around Charlotte slowly pulling her away from Shadow. A tears formed in Shadow’s eyes as they fell from his cheek as he said farewell to his best friend that he had known for so long.- “I bid you farewell for now. You and your kin are welcome to follow me to this place of mine. When the time comes to passing on. I shall watch over you and wait for you Charlotte” -As she was pulled away Shadow had a tight hold of her hand as he didnt want to let go of her. Only to have his grip slip his hand extend the old warrior waits for her return when she has passed on to the afterlife. He will come for her when it is her time.-

-The farewell of two closest friends. The bonds that will never be broken.-

-As Arren walked down to the Gardens he could hear the talk between Jalal and his Nephew. As he came in to the Gardens holding his bo staff as a walking stick with a non-threatening yet very serious look on his face as he said to Jalal and Imayaruk.- “I have a mission for you both. However I need your full focus on this task I am about to give you.” -he looked at both of them not paying attention to what had just taken place within the gardens moments before. Arren was not happy on the grounds that had just taken place.-

-Mean while Sarah and Gabriel had completely exhausted their energy. It seemed as if they were not completely defenseless entirely. A man in a black hooded robe was walking from the distance a spectator in a sense who had watched what had transpired. The man came close to the two as he saw them both passed out. As he smirked under the hood as he said.- “It seems I will have to asst after all.” -he picked up both of them taking them to the back of the alleyway as he smiled placing them both beside each other. The man towered over them shaking his head as he reached into his robe pulling out a small pouch of what sounded like pellets. He opened them up with both hands revealing a Victorian styled cufflinks as he pulled two small beans. He keeled down as placing the beans in both of their mouths as he pressed the jaws of both Sarah and Gabriel. Hear the breaking of the beans he smiled knowing there energy would soon start to recover with those beans. The man had a swift movement of placing the bag back into his robes. His hands would come back out of the robes with a small piece of paper. He placed the piece of paper into the air as he spoke in what would sound like the tongue of the Dragons.- “si relgr forth wer vers di wer zezhuanthi, nomenes svaust tepoha confn ghoros si relgr shafaer dout vers ekess vehafor vi seal vur buala nomenoi mekihlna drekimi persvek asta tairais di rigluin. si gracefully relgr wer lexri di juanth darastrixi protection” (Translation: I call forth the power of the ancients, those who have come before i call on your power to create a seal and cloak these defenseless beings in their time of need. i Gracefully call the words of old Dragons protection) -the moment the man gave his chant he threw the piece of paper towards them which stopped in midair as it slowly started to bleed with ink creating runes on the paper as their bodies would seen by cloaked in an illusion this would make them invisible to the naked eye. The man spoke again.- “I am sorry girls I cant take you with me. I have another engagement to see get to.” -he quickly turned around vanishing form sight as if he himself was an Illusion.-

-The winds have whispered the words of war in the silent night.-

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October 27, 2013 11:18PM
~Better be home soon~


The sound of their hearts melded with the tick tock of the clock, which grew louder, as it counted down the last minutes of this dance of friends. Charlotte didn’t want to go home, not yet. There was so much left unsaid, so many things she wanted to say. Why had fate been so cruel to take him away from her? Yes, he sent Conan to protect her, and for that she was eternally grateful. Her children were safe and her own life he held in her hands in the rapid river. All the while Shadow was watching, guiding with an unseen hand. Ultimately, it was he that orchestrated her survival to this point. Now he had answered the questions that were most important….but one remained.

“Will you be waiting for me, when my time comes? Will you bring me home?” Her eyes implored of him, wanting to know that this will be her place for eternity..some day.

But as she asked the question, she started to hear the clock chime.

“NO…I’m not ready…please Arren…just a few minutes more.” Charlotte begged. But the clock continued to chime, as the black shadow hands started to reach for her, to envelope her, as she struggled to hold onto Shadow, gripping with all her might.

“I bid you farewell for now. You and your kin are welcome to follow me to this place of mine. When the time comes to passing on. I shall watch over you and wait for you Charlotte” 

Their hands started to be pulled apart, as the swirling black of reality was trying to tear her away, the image of Shadow growing faint, like an outline….a ghost. Charlotte’s tears fell freely. She wasn’t ready. Charlotte tried with her other hand to grab at him, but the force of the real world was too strong, the enchantment was to be broken, as everything unraveled.

“Don’t let go!” She screamed, as each finger was pulled apart, and then the final chime of the clock.It was too late, she soon vanished into the mist of time, and was returned to her world.



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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 28, 2013 11:46AM
-Jalal had looked at the crystal with some wonder seeing the forms merge and the reform. It reminded him of his childhood in many ways. However his awe was soon disturbed by Arren when they were both addressed…

“I have a mission for you both. However I need your full focus on this task I am about to give you.” 

Knowing of the reverence of which Imay shown Arren and how he called him, his Nephew, he understood that there was much more to him than what he knew or understood yet. He bowed slightly and began to gather his supplies together knowing he would soon need to be ready for a mission.His bag was light but he needed to make sure that he had gathered all of his supplies together for whatever Arren had in store for them.

“Let us get ready Imay. We may have little time.” 

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 28, 2013 09:50PM
-Imay was up and on his feet hearing the tone his his uncle’s voice. “What is the mission uncle?” was all Imay asked, as he quickly gathered up the stones he had been working on along with the crystal orb. Imay had gotten his things stowed away quickly as he nodded to Jalal, and turned to face his uncle with a grim expression and Sound Strike in hand. Imay knew something big had just happened since his family almost never called him to take on anything that wasn’t. This led Imay to start thinking about all that might be needed once they left and asked calmly, “Oh and if you are able, would you mind opening a portal to the hatchery cave back on the old homeworld, uncle? We might need Nesuki’s help for this.”