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Re: The Town library [Bios]
January 06, 2014 03:29AM

Name: Prince Bramt Toxark
FC: Gimli (LOTR)
Age: 863
Sex: Male
Race: Dwarf
Birthday: March 28th

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Height: 4’6”
Weight: 159 pounds
Fashion Style: Leather tunics, furs, belts, metal and chain adornment, Brown Wool cloak, Armor, helmet, leather boots.
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: Tribal markings on his chest.

Personality: Grouchy, stubborn, impatient, loud, sometimes lazy.

Magical Abilities: Magic in its usual forms is distrusted, and even loathed, by a great many of the Dwarven population. The general consensus is that magic is too erratic and volatile to fool around with, let alone rely on in battle.
However, Dwarfs do place considerable emphasis on embedding magic within certain items e.g. axes, hammers, shields, and armour suits through Runesmithing (in the same manner other races create talismans). Aspiring Runesmiths will spend years and years as an apprentice to a Runelord who will gradually teach them to inscribe items with symbols that have great magical power. Runes are often expensive and take years to make, even for the most experienced Runesmiths.
The Anvil of Doom is used by only the most skilled Runelords to wreak devastating destruction upon any foe foolish enough to meet the Dwarfs in battle. Magical stones are placed upon the anvil and runic symbols are hammered into them which results in astonishing elemental power that can be directed against the Dwarfs’ foe.


Strengths: His power to wield Steelclaw; his battle axe.


Weaknesses: Gambling.
Likes: A good ale, battle stories, and a fine dwarf woman.
Dislikes: Elves.


History: Having fought in the warring lands for many a century, the final straw came when a great Dragon named Dasharc destroyed much of his father’s Kingdom and left many to wander the Forgotten lands in search of a new life and a new home. Though a Prince by name, he goes in a guise of a merchant trader of fine wine and ale, rather than deal with the hassle of joining up for someone else’s cause. A powerful fighter in his day, he still has the mighty battle axe, Steelclaw; but keeps it hidden in his small trader’s cart.