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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 01, 2014 03:13PM
Estate of Vincent Casales


Screaming…the dark howl of the Master returned. Vincent’s attempt upon Carmen was not only unsuccessful, but left the Head Vampire sporting a terrible wound to his neck.

“Hold still, Father….or I cannot heal you.”

Bridgette fussed around Vincent, who was seated in an antique velvet covered chair, with his clawed hands gripping the side arms. His neck was torn open in four places. Long deep cuts caused by Shane’s ferocious attack. Bridgette has around her various tubs and jars of all manner of foul smelling goo, as she tried in vain to apply it to the Master’s torn throat.


“The BASTARD!…GAA! That hurts!” Vincent wailed, smashing a jar from Bridgette’s hand. The pinkish jar smashed upon the floor, leaving a large icky puddle. “It’s supposed to hurt, that is how you tell its working. Now hold still.”

Vincent wasn’t exactly being the perfect patient, snarling and growling at the young vampire. “I was this close to getting her.” Vincent growled, shaking his gnarled fist in anger. “Now they are going to watch her extra closely. I’m going to have to come up with another plan.”

Bridgette was kneeling on the floor, trying to scoop up the gunk, but it was getting all over her hands and dress. “I still don’t understand why it is so important to get her. She is just another one of Shane’s whores.” This had Vincent laugh, though he ended up in a coughing fit. He leered at Bridgette, as she glanced back at him from over her shoulder. “Oh…make no mistake my dear. This one is not another Louisa. Oh no, this one…this one is special. A true Queen of the night, and one…I plan to make mine.”

As his dark cackles filled the night air, there was a knock at the door. Bridgette stopped scooping up muck, and wiped her hands on her dress, before making her way to the door. She opened it slightly, only to see Sarah on the door step.

Bridgette leaned on the door frame and gave her the once over.

“I don’t remember Father sending for…take out.”

“Miss…I wouldn’t come here if it wasn’t urgent.” Sarah said, trying to look past her into the foyer. Vincent could make out the voices and then with lightning speed, he appeared behind Bridgette, and pulled her aside.

“Ah…David’s little doll. What do we owe you the pleasure for, dear?”

Sarah held her head high, and said in a firm voice, unafraid of the Master.

“Always your servant, M’lord. May I come in?”

Vincent glanced at Bridgette, who simply shrugged, and she went back to cleaning up the mess in the sitting room. Sarah entered and then whispered to Vincent. “You look awful. What happened?”

Vincent slammed the door saying. “Shane…that is what happened. Now…your news?”

“The war…has taken a dire turn.”


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 01, 2014 05:13PM
She swallowed everything he gave her, lapping at his sensative skin as she released him from her throat. She shuddered as his tongue moved against her own sensative flesh, pleasurable aftershocks arching through her body. She released him from her mouth with a soft pop, pressing her forhead against his thigh as she struggled to get her heaving body under control.

“I love you, Shane.” she whispered, her voice hoarse from his desire. “Love you so much it scares me.” she whispered. Vincent had almost gotten to her…almost stolen her away from her mate. She was never so thankful for her fae powers then she was at this moment.

And then Misty almost being killed…

Carmen felt tears well up in her eyes at the thought of that young, vibrant vampire being killed. The shock was wearing off and as Shane moved around, she pressed a hand over her eyes to try and stem the flow of tears.

“He needs to die.” she whispered, pressing close to him.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 01, 2014 05:14PM
Shane’s House – Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

Listening to her as she whispered, and tried to hide her eyes from his gaze; Shane could feel the anger starting to build inside of him, that though they had renewed their love for each other, Carmen was still deeply troubled and upset about the attack that night. He gently tried to pry her hand away from her eyes so she could see he was not wanting her to hide her tears from him. He felt very much the same way, and pulled her close to him
“I promise you, he will be found and destroyed. I simply can’t have you all living in fear.”
Shane tried to kiss away her tears, and bring comfort to his beloved. She meant more to him than his own un life. In the back of his mind, a plan was forming. One that hopefully would end the nightmare that Vincent had brought into their lives.
“Carmen…believe in me, that is all I ask.” He said, with blue eyes locked on hers. She would have to know that the man she loved was working out a way to end the tyranny.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 01, 2014 05:14PM
“I promise you, he will be found and destroyed. I simply can’t have you all living in fear.”

At that Carmen laughed. “Oh I’m not scared anymore. Now I’m fucking pissed off!” And this was truth. She had been caught off-guard and unaware. Now she knew his face and his agenda and she would fight him tooth and nail until he was but ashes in the wind. She belonged to one man and one man only and she was wrapped in his arms.

He kissed her tears from her cheeks as she put her arms around him. She could sense he was planning something and hoped whatever it was, caused Vincent great pain, more then Shane had already dealt to him.

“Carmen…believe in me, that is all I ask.” he stated, his blue eyes staring into her brown ones. She did believe in him, like Peter Pan believed in fairies. He’d never once broken a promise to her, never lied to her and she trusted him with everything that made her who she was.

She smiled then, a smile full of so much malevolence it would send normal humans running in fear.

“Rip the bastard’s throat out and piss down the hole.” she growled.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 01, 2014 05:15PM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

From the very first time Shane had met Carmen, there was this edge to her. Devious almost. Powerful and well damn, she could make a man’s balls shrink right back inside themselves, just by the steely gaze of her eyes. But not Shane. God…the first time he met her, he ran back to his office and jerked himself off so hard he hit himself in the eye. (LOL) There was an allure to her…a passion that he knew once he had her, he could feed off her raw energy. But he came to find she was so much more than that. She wasn’t the iron lady all the time. A woman of many facets, like a diamond. Beautiful. In her eyes it reflected his own passion, and now his resolve. And she was pissed off. Her smile to him, that she wanted to see him rip his throat out and piss down the hole, had him smile that award winning Hollywood grin.

“Fuck…you talk like that again, I am going to bang you to next Sunday.” He growled back, before gnawing on her neck, not to tear it open, but to show he was incredibly turned on by her nature.
They were made for each other.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 01, 2014 05:16PM
Her laugh was throaty and sensual as he began gnawing upon her neck.

“He scared me. I don’t like being scared and I’ll be damned if I let him do that to me again!” she snarled, tossing her head back so he’d have better access. “Spill his blood back to the earth…make him eat his own dick! That bastard has fucked with wrong woman!”

Oh she was beginning to think of all the different ways she could eviscerate Vincent in the most painful way possible and was broadcasting those thoughts to Shane as he devoured her neck.

“Maybe we could stake him to a tree and douse him in fire ants.” she stated. “Or…or…Oh! Vampire bunny rabbits! Yes! They could drain his blood and take over the clan!” she snickered.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 01, 2014 05:17PM
Dungeon Room/Sub-basement

Yes, it was a crazy thing. One minute, Carmen is snarling and saying how frightened Vincent made her and then…the next she was saying all the diabolical things she want to see done to him. Some things were pretty violent. Carmen tilted her head, and Shane was really getting off on the nasty things she wanted him to do. Eat his dick…spill his blood into the earth. Oh he was getting hard again…

“Maybe we could stake him to a tree and douse him in fire ants.”
“I’d feel sorry for the tree.” He mumbled as he continued to suck on her neck….
“Or…or…Oh! Vampire bunny rabbits! Yes! They could drain his blood and take over the clan!”
THAT…had Shane stop and he actually pulled his head up and looked at her oddly.
“Vampire…bunny rabbits? Hun, the only bunny rabbits that are vampires around here….are probably us. Pretty sure that is what the kids call us.” he said with some conviction.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 01, 2014 05:17PM
She turned her head to look at him before looking up at the ceiling.

“Yeah, you’re right. Bunnies aren’t evil enough. I’ll think of something.” she nodded. Then she looked back at him. “Where were we?” she wondered, wiggling her eyebrows at him, before reaching between them to cup and stroke his wilting erection. That look was back in her eye. “How long until morning?” she whispered seductively.