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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 04:30PM
Shane’s House

While everyone was distracted with the news of Mary, and David coming over to tell Shane that Matt was missing, no one had seen Carmen slipping from the house.

She had come to a realization as she stood in the kitchen. Vincent was not going to stop until he killed everyone she loved…including Shane. If she was going to save their lives…she was going to sacrafice herself.

She darted into the garage, climbing into her car and turning over the engine. She pulled out and stopped in the driveway, looking back at Shane’s in the rearview mirror. All the lights were on and she could see the group congregating in the kitchen. She bowed her head, sad for what she was losing, but determined not to see another person she cared about die.

“Goodbye, my love.” she whispered, touching the reflection of the house with a fingertip, before she drove off the property.

Vincent’s Mansion

She pulled up to the gates of the imposing fortress and honked her horn, assured that someone would hear her.

There was a rumbling sound before the gates opened and she pulled her car through as the front doors of the manison opened. She was not expecting to see the big hulking giant standing silhouetted in the door. She cut the engine and stepped out of the car.

“What do you want?” the man rumbled.

“I’m here to see your Master.” she stated in a strong voice, as she met him on the steps.

“No funny business.” the man warned, reaching out to grab her arm in a near painful grip. He yanked her inside and slammed the door.

She was now locked in the den of the beast.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 04:51PM
Vincent’s Mansion

The front doors to the mansion opened, with the rows of candelabras lighting the way towards the grand hall within the ancient building. The house was filled with vampires, all wearing ceremonial dress and masks, like there was going to be a grand ball held marking the occasion of the Vampire Queen’s return. Bruce let go of Carmen’s arm, as the crowd of vampires hissed to see her being man handled. Clearly they had a greater respect for her than the lumbering Bruce. It was no secret in Vampire circles just who she was, and now those that followed Vincent felt their Queen was home.

“Forward.” Bruce grumbled, as he fell in behind her. The large doors to the grand hall were opened by two lower vampires, whose eyes were blood red and you could see they lusted for the Vampire Queen as they bowed for her. The rest of the Vampires followed in behind.

The massive room was like a ball room, with a band already playing and at the far end two thrones. On one sat Vincent, who was holding a chalice, while leaning against his throne was none other than Bridgette, who was dressed in her finery, but a foul look on her face. It was clear she didn’t want Carmen to be anywhere near Vincent, but he had other ideas. Rising slowly, he grinned in triumph to see her finally enter his lair.

“Welcome….my beautiful Queen. Your court awaits you.” he strolled down, wearing a ceremonial suit, that was of a bygone era, and moved to take her hand and kiss it tenderly, while the room swarmed with over three hundred vampires. All eyes were on Carmen, as the doors closed in behind her.


Vincent walked around her, his eyes lustfully taking her all in, as he was so bold to kiss the back of her neck as his followers applauded.

“It was just a matter of time, mon chere'”


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 05:03PM
66 Haverstraw lane

Jason had made it half way across town with time to spare as he came to a stop in the driveway of house number 66. The war veteran would then radio to dispatch before getting out of the car with his portable radio already strapped to his uniform. “Unit 446 on location…investigating” Once out of the car Jason would slowly walk towards the house before all hell broke loose with the loud reports of rifles being fired causing the officer to swear softly before ducking behind his car’s engine block to protect himself. Once he was safe Jason would radio in to dispatch.”This is Unit 446 shots fired i repeat shots fired..and where the hell is my back up??” “Dispatch to unit 446 your back up is ten minutes out with the closest unit to you being five minutes away.”

This news caused Jason to frown as he popped his head up over the engine block before leveling his pistol at the closest window and squeezing the trigger three times in rapid succession causing his weapon to bark each time as it sent three rounds right into the center mass of the first gunmen. The officer would then gather his courage before vaulting the engine block of his car and rushing across the open path to the front door all the while rounds nipped at his heels. Once at the front door Jason would draw his booted foot back before kicking the door clean off its hinges. He then performed a sweep of the house before happening on a fleeing gunman as the male bolted out the door with Jason hot on his heels. As Jason chased the male he would strip off his bulletproof vest to lighten himself before making a flying tackle that would put a professional football player to shame. However as he tackled the fleeing gunman he failed to notice the last gunmen walking up behind him as he cuffed the one he tackled. The next thing he knew he felt a searing pain then a second and a third before finally a fourth as four forty five caliber slugs found their mark in the vulnerable back of the war veteran gravely wounding him.

Jason feeling the slugs bite into his back would scream in pain before turning about and taking three snapshots instantly killing the last gunmen before he staggered to his feet and keyed his radio. “Unit…446…to…..dispatch..suspect apprehended and get me an ambulance….” “Dispatch to unit 446 ambulance is on its way 3 minutes out.” Blood was pouring from his wounds painting his bright blue uniform shirt a deep blue with the spilled blood as he walked the suspect to his vehicle and locked him in the back before slumping into the driver’s seat and groaning to himself. His very life was flashing before his eyes as he sat there waiting for death to claim him as he knew that he had sustained fatal wounds as the slugs had hit several organ and his body was slowly shutting down. While he sat there he would think of Amelia and the future he would have had with her if this had not happened and if he hadn’t been stupid enough to take off his bulletproof vest. His pulse was slowly growing weaker as his very life escaped his body. It would be at least twenty minutes before he passed if something wasn’t done or fate didn’t intervene and soon.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 05:17PM
Vincent’s Mansion – Grand Ballroom

The first thing that caught her attention was the opulence of the place. If Vincent was going the creepy vampire lair look, he managed it spectacularly.


Carmen’s arm was released as the crowd before her showed their displeasure at seeing her handled so roughly. Clearly they knew who she was, and what she was capable of.

The big hulk behind her prodded her in the back and she glared at him in anger. “Forward” he rumbled from behind her.

The doors in front of her opened and she found herself in the main ballroom, surrounded by dozens upon dozens of vampires, all with lust in their eyes as they watched her move into their midst.

At the front of the room, she spotted Vincent, sitting in an elegant throne-like chair and holding a chalice. Leaning closeby, Carmen recognized Bridgette, Shane’s daughter, who had a scowl on her face as she stared at Carmen. If Carmen were a betting woman, she had a thought that the young girl would stake her the first chance she got. Truly, Bridgette had been brainwashed like Jarvis had feared.

Vincent rose from his seat, a grin of triumph on his ruby red lips as he strolled down to meet her.

“Welcome….my beautiful Queen. Your court awaits you.” He greeted, taking her hand. She jerked her hand from his grip, anger lighting her eyes.

“Don’t touch me!” she snarled. “I am NO Queen of yours!”

Chuckling, Vincent walked around behind her, eying her from head to toe and she had to resist the urge to punch him in the nose. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt his dead lips caress the back of her neck. She whirled away from him, scrubbing her hand across her neck as her skin felt like it wanted to crawl right off her bones.

“It was just a matter of time, mon chere.” he stated.

“Let’s get something straight, here and now. I’m only here because I refuse to let another one of my friends and loved ones die. But I will be damned if I EVER submit to you.” she scowled. Surrounded by over 300 vampires, they all stared at her in shock. She would dare talk back to the Master? The hisses started anew and turning on her heel, she hissed right back at them, her aura flaring powerfully across the room. The ones near the front lines backed off in fear, nearly tripping over those who were behind them. She was a force to be reckoned with and she was unafraid.

Bridgette snarled at Carmen and moved to attack, claws extended. Carmen didn’t even blink as her arm came around in a wide sweep, blasting the young vampire and those standing behind her, off their feet and across the room before Bridgette could even get close enough to lay a finger on her.

“Don’t fuck with me, little demon child. You won’t like the results.” Carmen hissed. She turned back toward Vincent and arched an eyebrow, waiting.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 06:43PM
Vincent’s Mansion – Grand Ballroom

“Ahahahaha!…Good…Good. My Queen has shown her true power. Let us all be in awe of her majesty.” Vincent announced, as Bridgette was blasted to a stone wall behind her, along with a few bystanders. Bridgette collapsed like a rag doll, and lay on the ground – her body limp. Vincent applauded and twirled around.

“My followers…Tonight you are in for a special event. You will see, how the Queen of the Night…bows down to me.” His voice turning into a sick and twisted snarl, as he rounded on Carmen, who by now was all fired up. “My dear, how I love to see you, when you are angry, but what I truly want…is to see you…beg for another’s life.” Vincent snapped his fingers as two burly guards dragged in Matt, who had been beaten within an inch of his life. The young vampire was barely conscious, as Vincent moved in behind him and reached for his blonde hair, ripping it back so his neck was fully exposed. You could see him gasp and try to struggle, but the guards held him in place.

“Remember this sniveling coward? Hmm? One of David’s men….or should I say….Shane’s”

Matt cried out weakly, as Vincent gripped his head. The crowd cackled and laughed seeing the young vampire about to be sacrificed.

“So, Carmen. I make good my promises. How many more will die?”



Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 06:59PM
Vincent’s Mansion – Grand Ballroom

Vincent seemed to get a sick sort of pleasure mocking Carmen as she blasted Bridgette across the room, clapping in a mock gesture before turning to his coven.

“My followers…Tonight you are in for a special event. You will see, how the Queen of the Night…bows down to me.” He rounded on Carmen, who’s skin was rippling beneath the surface. “My dear, how I love to see you, when you are angry, but what I truly want…is to see you…beg for another’s life.”

That confused her for a moment. What the hell was he talking about? Vincent snapped his fingers and two large men dragged a smaller body into the room. Her gaze narrowed when she recognized Matt, who looked as if he’d gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson…and lost. Vincent moved in behind the beaten man and yanked his head back by his blonde hair, exposing his neck. Matt gasped and struggled but he couldn’t get free.

“Remember this sniveling coward? Hmm? One of David’s men….or should I say….Shane’s” Vincent smirked. Matt cried out as his neck was stretched and Carmen froze. Shane’s man? What the fuck? She thought to herself. If she got out of this in one piece, there was a Master Vampire Lord whose ass she needed to kick. He had kept the truth from her once again and she was getting pretty fucking sick of it. Besides…she still hadn’t forgotten what Matt did to her in the woods.

None of these thoughts were visible on her face or in her eyes. She stared in contempt at Matt, who looked like he was begging her with his eyes for her help.

“So, Carmen. I make good my promises. How many more will die?”

She snorted.

“Kill him. He means nothing to me.” She stated in a bored tone, causing those around them to gape in shock. She went so far as to move toward the thrones and made herself comfortable on the bottom steps.

Carmen wasn’t the scared young woman she used to be. She had more than embraced her nature that night with the coven and the following day. There was a new ruthlessness to her, the likes of which Shane had never even seen. There were going to be some people who were in for a mighty big shock when they met her again.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 07:35PM
66 Haverstraw lane

Fate. They say some are destined to follow a certain path, others stray from it and are led into the darkness which would be their down fall. Little did Jason know as he sat crumpled up against the steering wheel of his police car, that a large black stretch limosine would be going past….very slowly. The flashing lights of the police car reflected off the black tinted glass windows, which remained locked up tight. The limo came to a stop, and as it did, the clouds erupted with a heavy shower of rain falling down. The limo put on its windscreen wipers, as there was a slight movement in the back of the limo.

Suddenly, the driver’s side door opened, and a burly man wearing a driver’s suit climbed out and walked around to the police car, peering in each of the windows. The spatter of the rain was bouncing off of his hat and the car, with steam rising up off the wet road. Puddles of blood led to the driver’s side door, and the large man tapped on the window, only getting no reply.

The window to the passenger side of the limo came down slightly through automation, and the occupant in the back seat whose face was shrouded with a black veil, gestured for the driver to get whoever was behind the wheel, and put him in her car. The driver grunted, then reefed open the driver’s door of the police car, and pulled Jason out, his blood dripping all over the ground. The passenger door of the limo then opened from the inside, and the driver helped place Jason in, as the woman inched over to give him more room. Smiling beneath her veil, she ran a lace covered hand down his wet cheek, and whispered in a soft tone.

“It will all be over soon.”

The driver shut the door, and walked around to his own door, before opening it and then climbing back in. He closed his door with a dull thud, before glancing in the rear vision mirror, as he watched his Mistress do….what she always did when she found a new man.


Isabella straddled Jason, as he was in and out of consciousness. The car started and pulled away from the side of the road, as Isabella slowly removed her top, exposing herself to Jason, before she grinned, showing off her elongated fangs. Her fingers gripped his head and tilted it to the left, before she lunged at him, and started to suck his blood. Squirming and riding him as she fed with a monstrous fury. The sounds frightening if one was to hear, but her driver only chuckled and rubbed his bulge as he drove on through the rain. If Jason awoke during this, she would slash a cut above her right nipple, and then place her breast up to his mouth, preparing to sire him to become hers…..forever.

“I am your Mistress…taste of my blood, or you will be no more.”

She teased his lips with her blood covered nipple, waiting for him to respond.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 07:50PM
Vincent’s Mansion – Main Ballroom

“Noooo!” came the scream from the back, as Sarah; David’s blood doll came out from the crowd. Elegantly dressed like the rest of those present, but she was not a vampire. She ran to Vincent and dropped to her knees, begging him.

“Please…you never said you would kill him. Isn’t it enough that you beat him till he was practically a vegetable?” Sarah cried out, the girl crying as she looked up at the new Queen; Carmen. She had only heard about her, and not ever seen her before. Sarah believed this whole vampire war was over her.

“How can you let him die. Carmen? He was sired by your Shane!”

There was a collective gasp from those gathered as the truth emerged. Sarah was in deep…way deep as many were baying for her to be torn apart. How dare she say such things to their Queen. Many were moving towards her already, brought in by her magnificent aura. Sarah started to panic, as one of the nearest vampires reached for her by the hair, and dragged her into the crowd, where a group of four males all started to tear off her clothes, and mount her in ways that you would hardly believe as they fed on her remains. Her wails and cries were drowned out by laughter, as Vincent crooned to see his new Queen take her place at the foot of the throne stairs.

“As you wish…My Queen.” A sharp sound cracked through bone and flesh, as Matt’s body jerked forward, only to see the stake drive straight through his chest. His hands reaching out for Carmen, before he finally fell forward….a last twitch, and then…nothing. The guards dropped his body on the ground, as Vincent simply walked up to the throne and took his place, patting Carmen on the head as he did so.

“This is going better than I expected. Ahahahahaha!”


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 07:57PM
Isabella’s limo

Jason awoke with a pained groan before looking up at Isabella before weakly attempting to capture her nipple in his mouth knowing this was his only lease on life left to him. It was clear through his sluggish motions he had maybe minutes left to his life as his eyes where dilated and glazed over. Should he manage to latch to her blood covered nipple he would suckle weakly while gazing up at his savior if a vampire could be called that with glazed over eyes. Each passing moment was agony to Jason Cox as he fought to remain conscious through out the whole ordeal while seeming completely still for the moment. His body already weakened from the blood loss due to the bullet wounds had been weakened even further after the feeding of Isabella. With her nipple in his mouth he continued to suckle silently assuming he had managed to capture her nipple in his mouth. Though he laid there he offered a soft whimper of utter agony that not even the hardened combat veteran could tolerate. It was taking all of his iron will not to just scream in agony around her nipple as he lay there with Isabella straddling his waist. The pain was such that he had a hard time focussing on anything for that fact aside from the fact he would have been dead if fate hadn’t stepped in and given him a new purpose and lease on life.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 09, 2014 08:08PM
Vincent’s Grand Ballroom

Carmen watched, dispassionately as both Sarah and Matt were violently killed, hardening her heart against the pain. They were a necessary sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. She said a silent prayer for their souls to find peace, knowing she would not be forgiven for allowing them to die.

“This is going better than I expected. Ahahahahaha!” Vincent chuckled, patting her head like a wayward child. She slapped it away.

“I told you not to touch me! And I meant it!” she snarled. Standing, she turned to face him. “Now that this little meet and greet is finished, I have places I need to be.” So saying, she turned on her heel and started from the room, all the while descretely checking her pocket for the vial of poisoned blood she had pilfered from an evidence lockup when she was at the police station. If she had a chance to use it, she was going to. No matter what happened.

Bruce stood in front of her, arms crossed.

“Someone get this walking tree out of my way!” she demanded.