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Re: The Town library [Bios]
January 11, 2014 06:27AM
The Trio
Name: Misty Whiteside
FC: Paris Hilton
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Race: Vampire
Birthday: Jan 28thHair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 169cms
Weight: 55kgs
Fashion Style: Anything with a label, short skirts, cocktail dresses.
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: None, she hates piercings and tatts.

Personality: Clueless, sassy, dramatic, vain, girly, impressionable, impatient

Magical Abilities: Drinking blood, speed, agility, telekinesis, telepathy
Strengths: Manipulative and strong willed.
Weaknesses: Shopping, popcorn, gossip.
Likes: Designer anything, her puppy Coco, parties, guys, her cellphone
Dislikes: Werewolves, being made to wait for anything,
History: Misty Whiteside….was the Mayor’s daughter and Home coming queen, well that was what she was famous for, before becoming a vampire thanks to her Sire, Shane. Besties with Bianca and Jarvis, who she tolerates, she resides in the Williamson mansion, and loves the media room best of all, where she is usually found, unless she is out on the prowl feeding with the other two younger vampires.

Name: Bianca Roco
FC: Nicole Ritchie
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Race: Vampire
Birthday: Sept 4th

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 159cms
Weight: 61kgs
Fashion Style: Grunge, ethnic, anything strange and colourful
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: Butterfly on her back, center.

Personality: Outrageous, daring, funny, wild, loud, brash, witty, fun.

Magical Abilities: Drinking blood, speed, agility, telekinesis, telepathy
Strengths: Fast on her feet, hand to hand combat, flexibilty
Weaknesses: Soap operas, TVD, any soppy romance movie.
Likes: Being loud, lounging in the big red chair at Shane’s with Misty, teasing Jarvis about Amelia.
Dislikes: Prudes, authority, idiots.
History: Bianca R. Her dad is in Haven Hospital…he’s an actor. She was adopted after he slept with one of the extras from the Bahamas. Bianca became one of Shane’s sires along with her bestie Misty after a wild orgy at the “Beat” nightclub and have been faithful followers ever since. Questions are raised as to her sexuality, but she has been heard to say she is tri-sexual. She will try anything once.

Name: Jarvis McQueen
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Race: Vampire
Birthday: June 12th

Hair Color: Blonde (curly)
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 173cms
Weight: 71kgs
Fashion Style: Italian suits, smart casual, jeans, hoodies, torn t’shirts, baggies.
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: Diamond stud in right ear

Personality: Wild, loud, good natured, outspoken, proud, lusty

Magical Abilities: Drinking blood, speed, agility, telekinesis, telepathy
Strengths: Vampiric prowess, can be powerful in certain situations over those who wrong the one he loves aka Amelia.
Weaknesses: A pretty face and a certain witch
Likes: Amelia Reed.
Dislikes: Rodger Marx (deceased), werewolves, being bossed around and spanked by Carmen.
History: Jarvis, like his two girls best friends, Misty and Bianca were all sired by Shane about five years ago. All loyal followers of his coven, they welcomed Carmen into the fold with open arms. Jarvis has one love, and that is Amelia Reed, who when last we saw them in the story together, she was taken away by Rodger Marx, who was brutally murdered. Her last love, Jason Cox is reported as missing. Now with her coming to the Williamson manor…does Jarvis have another chance with Amelia?