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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 11, 2014 05:39AM
Isabella’s Manor – Kitchen

You would be surprised that a Vampire Queen showed any hint of domesticity, but oddly enough Isabella was more than happy to do her share of cooking and this would be where Jason would find her. Her kitchen, unlike some of the older parts of the house was actually state of the art, the very best of appliances. Black marble bench tops, with a darkened reflective glass backing on the walls beneath the cupboards, unlike tiles which were now outdated. All the appliances were stainless steel finished, and the whole room was practically sterile looking.

Isabella was already working on chopping up some herbs, with a pot simmering, that she kept adding too. Here and there giving a stir, before she happened to notice Jason enter the room. The smell of her dish was already permeating the air with its delicious aroma. In the oven, she was baking some rolls.

“I thought you might be a bit hungry after our love making, so I am preparing you some dinner.” She said with a hint of a smile, before going back to get some more ingredients from her refrigerator. Placing them down on the bench, she checked her timer, and then wiped her hands on a cloth, before approaching Jason, and wrapping her arms around his neck. Isabella could tell that something was a bit off, and it was probably Luther that did it.


“Please don’t be upset with Luther. He has served me a long time, and use to seeing the bad side of people.” She said, trying to make him understand the relationship between her and her guard. She let her hands wander down his shoulders, till she then settled them on his waist, and became more demure as she twisted her hips back and forth slightly.

“Jason, you are the one I chose. Remember that.” Isabella said with a twinkle in her eyes. “I know that this is all new to you, but one day…you will love me, and rule at my side.”

She knew it was too soon for him to fall in love with her. Yes she sired him, and the feelings he has now, might be just from having her blood in him. Little did she know about Amelia, the woman he left behind this night. Had he forgotten her already?

Isabella licked his neck slowly, and whispered in his ear.

“I can give you everything you desire. Make you feel more of a man than you have with another woman. Let your wildest fantasies come true.”

She continued to tease him, as his meal bubbled and cooked in behind her.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 11, 2014 07:30AM
Shane’s House – Master Bedroom

It didn’t take much to get Shane to feed from her as he instantly latched on to her neck, holding her tight. She smiled as she held him close, carding her fingers through his hair. She sensed another presence outside the door of their room but chose to ignore whoever it was, putting all her focus on her husband. It had been an emotional night and he needed this closeness between them once more.

Once he was finished, he sealed her wounds and licked his lips, giving her a cheeky smile, which she knew meant that he was about to take her body in other ways when his cell phone chose that moment to ring. He frowned as he removed himself from her to grab it from the side table.

“Shane Williamson…Again? Okay…give me your location and I’ll come get you.” As he was talking, Carmen sat up in their bed, pulling the sheet to her chest as she listened to his side of the conversation.

“What’s wrong?” she wondered.

“It’s Amelia. Sounds like something bad has happened. God knows what though.” He ran his fingers through his hair, before kissing Carmen’s nose. “I’ll be right back, okay?” 

She touched his cheek with a smile. “Go take care of your friend. She needs you.”

Shane jumped out of bed and quickly dressed before he headed out to pick up Amelia.

Carmen sat in bed for a few moments, thinking about things before she decided she needed to check on her house guests. David and his bunch, numbering over 20, had stayed the day and it was a known fact that they were always a hungry bunch. She feared for the contents of their refrigerator…and the girls.

She climbed from the bed and headed into the bathroom for a quick shower. As she was dressing, she happened to pass by the open window, looking out into the pool area. The pool/guesthouse caught her eye and an idea exploded into her mind. With a grin, she finished dressing and headed downstairs.


She walked into the kitchen in time to see David lift Misty onto the counter, sucking her fingers into his mouth.

“You’re cute…let’s fuck.” he growled at her. Misty slapped a hand to his face and told him flat out no.

“Hands off!” Carmen glared. “You may be Shane’s brother, but you are a guest in this house and I will NOT have you manhandling my family like that again. Are we understood?” Ignoring David for the moment, Carmen went up to Misty and rescued her from David’s clutches.

“Where’s Bianca?” she asked the young woman, who was wiping her hands on a napkin.

“Where else would she be this time of day?” Misty snorted.

“Point. Let’s go. I need to talk to the two of you about a little project.”

Media Room

Misty’s eyes widened and she made an “ooo” sound as she followed Carmen into the media room. Bianca was hunkered down in one of the bean bag chairs watching “The Vampire Diaries” on TiVo. Carmen took up the remote and flipped off the tv.

“Hey! I was watching that!” Bianca screeched, turning to see who’d interrupted her time. She blushed when she realized it was Carmen. “Sorry.”

“Nevermind that. I need your help with something.” Carmen stated, sitting down.


“Shane’s gone out to pick up Amelia. I get the feeling that it’s man problems again.”

“That poor girl. She’s having some serious rotten luck.” Misty sighed. Bianca nodded in agreement, before looking at Carmen.

“So what do you need from us?” she wondered.

“It doesn’t feel right, Amelia being alone like she is. I want to clean up the guesthouse, and have her move in. She’ll be protected here with us, have her own space and yet she’ll still have her privacy and freedom of movement. What do you think?” Misty and Bianca stared at Carmen, eyes wide. They’d never had anyone ask their opinion about something before and that it was coming from Carmen of all people quite surprised him.

“Why would you do that for her?” Misty asked.

“She’s Shane’s friend…he’s been like a big brother to her since her sister died. And I like the girl.” Carmen shrugged.

“What about Jarvis?” Bianca wondered.

“What about him?” Carmen frowned.

“He still wants her.” Misty was blunt.

“He’ll respect her boundaries or he’ll answer to me.” Carmen growled. “I won’t have him pressuring her into anything she doesn’t want.”

Misty and Bianca looked at one another, holding a silent conversation before they both nodded.

“We’ll help you.”

“Let’s go. I don’t know where he went to pick her up at, but she and Shane will be back soon and I want to have everything ready before they do.”

The three women got to their feet and headed for the back door, catching the attention of Jarvis.

“Where you going?” he asked.

“Girl stuff. You wouldn’t be interested.” Misty stated before closing the door. Jarvis shrugged before going back to the card game he and Nick were playing as Nick steadily devoured the ham he’d pilfered from the fridge.



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January 11, 2014 07:45AM
Shane’s House – Front entrance.

The front door opened with a click, as Shane pushed it open, armed with one of Amelia’s suitcases, while she carried in her portable snake tank and her kitten. She was still wet from standing in the rain at the crime scene, and looked pretty pitiful. Shane set down her bag near the entrance to the media room, and peeked his head around for a sign of the girls. Course, they were off in the pool house doing a tidy up, and the one to greet them would be none other than David, who had been shooed away from Misty a short time before.

“Hello Elvira.” He said with a wolf hound like whistle. The other members of David’s crew who were mostly playing cards all came to have a look, and Amelia slid in behind Shane nervously, scared they were going to jump her. Shane walked over to his brother and said.“Her name is Amelia, and she is a guest here in my house. Have you seen Carmen? The girls?”

David gave Amelia a bright smile, before offering this to his brother. “They were here a short time ago. Media room maybe?” Shane shook his head at that, since he checked that first. “Maybe they are upstairs.” He checked with Amelia, and said. “Wait here, while I go find my Carmen.”

He raced off up the stairs, while some of the other crew lurked out, all interested in the very goth looking Amelia. Her blood would have had the most delicious scent, and they found her to be intoxicating to the senses. Amelia whimpered slightly, holding her kitten a little too tight as she backed up….right into Jarvis.

“Hey Amelia…I missed you.” He said softly, as she turned around and gasped to see him so close to her.




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January 11, 2014 07:59AM
Shane’s House – Front Hall

Misty, Bianca and Carmen, working together as a team, had gotten the guesthouse cleaned up in no time at all.

They had just entered the kitchen when they heard Amelia’s frightened voice calling for Shane.

“What the hell?” Carmen wondered, quickly heading into the hall. What she saw nearly had her vampire come to the surface. “BACK OFF RIGHT NOW!” she yelled, quickly shoving the horny vamps aside, not caring where they landed to get to Amelia. She glared at Jarvis, daring him to try anything and like a kicked puppy, he slinked away. She wrapped an arm around the girl’s trembling shoulders, leading her away from everyone, daring them to test her.

She took Amelia into the kitchen, glaring at Nick who was nearly done with the ham. “Out!” she snapped, watching Nick scramble away. Misty and Bianca, showing a bravery Carmen hadn’t seen, stood guard at the kitchen entrance, not allowing any man to come into the room.

Carmen grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the cabinet and poured Amelia a shot, hoping it would get the shakes to stop.

“Are you all right?” she asked, sitting beside her.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 11, 2014 08:17AM
Shane’s house – Kitchen

The bedraggled and dripping Amelia took up the whiskey shot with shaking hands, her eyes wide like saucers at the worry she might get attacked. She sipped the whiskey as her little kitten played with the lace of her boot. To answer Carmen’s question, she said in a small voice.

“No…I..gave my heart to another man, and…he disappeared while out on patrol. I was intimate with him just last night, and…today..tonight he is gone. I was sent from working on the case. My Commander said…I was too close.” She sniffled, drinking down the rest of the shot, then coughing loudly. Her bottom lip jutted out and she added. “He…he said he loved me, always…and then he just…goes away.”

None of this made sense, especially after the drive by shooting of Rodger Marx, who was known to have a lot of enemies after the way he handled people down at the precinct, his temper always getting the better of him.

“I think I’m cursed.” Amelia added, placing down the shot glass on the table, and scooping up the kitten, stroking it and making its head bob down, like she was being a little too hard on it. “The Commander said…this doesn’t look good. One dead, one missing. Me being the link. How could I prove that I had nothing to do with it? I was AT work when they got his call in. But…nooo…now I am some…black widow.” she lamented, before tipping over and leaning against Carmen’s shoulder, crying gently. The kitten meowing sadly in sympathy.

Jarvis was standing just shy of Misty and Bianca, listening to the whole thing, as Shane came downstairs, and then placed a hand on his shoulder, and pushed him to the side. He looked at the pair guarding the door, and coughed, so they would let him past. Shane walked in and sat opposite Carmen and Amelia, seeing how distraught Amelia was.

“I was going to ask her to stay here, love. But I think the boys might be a bit much for her.” He was right about that.


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January 11, 2014 11:36AM
Isabella’s Manor – kitchen 

Jason would chuckle lightly as she teased him before hissing lightly as he leaned down to place a feather soft kiss upon her lips. “I know my dear belle I just can’t stand it when people act like Luther has….its one of my biggest pet peeves.” He then backed away from Isabella before turning away from her as he sighed softly. It was true he was having a hard time adjusting to this new life granted to him but he was determined to make it work. The vampire would then turn back around before wrapping Isabella in his arms and cradling her against his well sculpted chest as the rain pounded against the window’s incessantly while he whispered softly into her ear. You are a rose and one that i will look after even if it kills me…” Jason slowly pulled away a second time before pacing on over to the window and staring out of it with a forlorn expression pondering what would be done now that he had become a vampire and he had left his squad car. Little did he know that Amelia was worried sick about him and had been relieved from the case that had been filed since he was taken in and turned into a vampire by Isabella. The fact was Jason was yearning to peg the man responsible for Rodger’s death and resolved to do such a thing even if it meant his very death. If anything his scent was now one of pure anxiety mixed with some rage while he continued to stare out the window. As he stared out the window in silence he would shake his head slowly knowing that elusive murderer was still on the loose and needed to be dealt with. The young vampire then turned to face Isabella before speaking calmly and collectedly. “Would it be alright if i returned to the police station under the guise of a cousin to collect my things I mean if I am going to live here i might as well go grab a few essential’s no?”

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 11, 2014 04:21PM
Isabella’s Manor – kitchen

Isabella could read see in Jason’s eyes that he was having a little bit of a hard time accepting the sweeping changes that had affected his well..unlife. Luther was not about to bow down to the young vampire, more or less calling him out to prove himself to both him and Isabella that he was worthy of being a Vampire lord.

With her head nestled to Jason’s chest, she stroked his back idly whilst listening to him make his pledge to her. ” You are a rose and one that i will look after even if it kills me…”Funny thing was, he was already dead, but she understood the sentiment. But as he pulled away, she watched his body language, and noted his stance. Shoulders slumped slightly, the quiet descending on the room, with only the bubble of the dinner simmering away in the pot on the stove. He didn’t seem to be hungry, but had more pressing matters on his mind. Slowly, she sauntered out from behind the kitchen breakfast bar, and made her way over to stand behind him, as he was looking out over her extensive grounds.

Would it be alright if i returned to the police station under the guise of a cousin to collect my things I mean if I am going to live here i might as well go grab a few essential’s no?”

Isabella thought about this request for a moment. Clearly, he had unfinished business from before she took him. She was concerned however he would be recognized at the Police station. Last thing she needed was any attention brought back around to her. It would be another minute before she would answer. Finally, she did.


“This is probably against my better judgement, but…if that would make you feel more at home here, then I shall allow it. Just be sure to be back before dawn….or you….won’t be coming home at all.”

That said, she waited for him to depart so she could go back to her cooking.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 11, 2014 05:01PM
Isabella’s Manor – Kitchen 

Jason smile softly before kissing her sweet lips tenderly as he drew her into his arms slowly. “I’ll be back within the hour darling i promise..” The young vampire would then pull away slowly before he made his way from the kitchen only pausing in his room to grab a black trench coat. With the black trench coat covering his form and hiding his distinctive tattoo’s he would walk down the halls before coming upon the garage filled with cars of a wide assortment.

Isabella’s Manor – Garage 

Jason would pause a few moments before swiftly picking a set of key’s from the wall and walking to a Plymouth two door Barracuda with a big block hemi under the hood. He would unlock the car before sitting down in the driver’s seat and turning the key creating a throaty rumble which was music to Jason’s ears as he closed the driver’s side door. With the car started Jason would reach up towards the sun visor to open the garage doors before he dropped the car into drive and pulled out before pausing to shut the door behind him with the garage door opener once again. No sooner had he done that would he drive off towards the police station to gather his things as well as the case files.

New Haven Police Headquarters 

Jason would pull into the parking lot before slipping out of the car though he left it running before walking for the doors of the Headquarters. With a soft sigh he would walk into the headquarters to make a beeline for his desk where he gathered the case files from his desk regarding Rodger’s murder and his photo’s off of his desk which he swept into a cardboard box. Suddenly he would turn and look about as someone called out “Hey what are you doing???” Jason would blink before swearing under his breath as he began to worry that he had been found before sweeping the last of his photo’s into the box as he walked away from the desk silently only to have the person intercept him on the way out causing a serpentine hiss to escape his lips that sounded like a frustrated sigh. “I’m taking these to Jason’s cousins….they asked for his items and the last case he was working on…as they are cops as well..” Jason would reply smoothly before the female stepped out of his way and he walked out of the headquarters at a fast clip. The young vampire then walked from the steps to the running muscle car before placing everything in the passenger’s seat and running around to the drivers side door and hopping into the car. Jason backed the hemi ‘cuda out of the parking spot before he slowly pulled out and tore off down the street with a throaty roar of a hemi engine. On his way back to the Manor Jason kept glancing at the clock as he knew he had taken longer then he had wanted to and now he was riding dangerously close to dawn. It took a mere half hour before he pulled into the Manor’s driveway and clicked the remote for the garage door’s which then opened allowing the car enter the garage before closing the door behind the car. Once the car was parked Jason would step out and gather the case files and personal belongings from the passenger seat before walking over to the key rack and replacing the keys upon the rack.

Isabella’s Manor – Halls 

Jason would prowl through the halls with the case files and personal belongings heading for his room to drop them off there. With the case files hidden and the belongings resting on the bed for the moment Jason would walk down the halls and into the kitchen where he hoped to find Isabella. As he walked down the halls he would offer a hungry hiss as the scent of the food began to fill the Manor with its enticing scent. Jason would lick his lips before he raced down the hall in a blur unable to contain his hunger anymore.

Isabella’s Manor – Kitchen. 

Jason would come tearing into the kitchen before skidding to a stop with a soft thump against the island. As he skidded to a stop he would speak softly and calmly. I’m back my dearest rose… The young vampire would watch her silently before raising a brow as he prowled on over to come up behind her and kiss her neck tenderly. With his love lavished upon his love he would pull back and gaze into the pot before raising a brow curiously not being able to identify the meal she was making but it smelled absolutely rich and delicious which had Jason craving a taste of the home cooked meal. As he waited his stomach would growl slightly before he poked it tenderly and muttered. “Shush you’ll be getting fed soon enough…”

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 11, 2014 05:38PM
Isabella’s Manor – Kitchen.

Shortly after Jason left the manor kitchen to go take one of Isabella’s prize cars out of the underground garage, Luther entered the kitchen, clearly annoyed with the young vampire. He glanced around the room, still smelling his scent, then laid eyes on Isabella as she stirred the meal in the oven top pot. Growling with displeasure he folded his arms, and said.

“He is reckless. You allowed him to leave and go back to his place of employ? What if he is seen? Wouldn’t his desk be under guard if he has been missing? No offence Mistress, but I think you are wrong about this one.”

Isabella calmly continued to stir the meal, before placing the ladle against the side of the pot, and taking out a small spoon, to sample the dish to see if it needed any more spices. She dipped the small spoon in and brought it to her lips, blowing on it softly. Not even looking at Luther, she placed the spoon in her mouth and then made a light nod. “Not bad.” Setting down the spoon that she sampled the meal with, she took up the ladle again, stirring slowly. She had been listening to Luther, but Isabella was not about to over react. Luther crossed the floor and then placed his hands on her shoulder, turning her to face him – the ladle dropping in the pot.

“Jason could bring you down. If the authorities catch on….” The worry in his eyes as he looked at her, imploring her to see reason. Isabella reached up and gently stroked his cheek, giving off the feminine scent that drove men wild with desire.“You worry too much.” Luther hardened his grip of his fingers into her silk covered shoulders. It was easy to see he was also possessive. “Bella…” he whispered. “Luther…it’s Mistress…and let go of me.” For a moment he held her in his grip, the slowly loosened it, snorting through his nostrils. She grinned at him like a Cheshire cat, before taking up a fresh spoon and taking up a small sample of the dinner. She blew on it with full lips, that he watched closely, before she placed it in his opened mouth, and let him suck the meaty sauce off the spoon. Isabella panted as she watched him close his eyes and savour the taste of her meal. “It’s good…isn’t it?’ she purred, as Luther had to contain himself knowing full well what she was doing. He stood closer to her and grunted. “I ..want more.” Course he wanted more…he always did.


She took a bowl out and made a good sized helping, placing it on a tray with two crusty rolls, and a glass of red. Isabella winked at him as he took the tray, and went off to the media room to eat, leaving Isabella to breath a sigh of relief, before going back to her cooking. Course there was enough for her and Jason, but she did have to make sure Luther was fed too.

A short time later.

Jason skidded into the kitchen, just as Isabella was setting out plates and the hot rolls for them both. She smirked as he came up and spoke so lovingly. ” I’m back my dearest rose… “ Isabella chuckled at the speed to which he entered and winked. “So you are. Dinner’s ready.” She poured two good ladle helpings into his bowl, and then a smaller helping for herself, before setting the pot aside, and turning off the gas. Isabella heard the growl of Jason’t stomach and asked. “I like a man with a good appetite.” She gestured for him to join her at the dining table, so she could hear how his trip to the station went.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 11, 2014 06:08PM
Isabella’s Manor – Kitchen 

Jason blinked and chuckled softly before sitting at the table directly to the left side of Isabella. As he sat he cut a glare at Luther still not all that keen of the guard. Oh how he loathed Luther so but was dared not act upon the loathing and infuriate Isabella. Jason then spoke with a calm tone before shrugging slowly. I made it to the station alright got in with no troubles but on the way out i was spotted and asked what i was doing thus i talked my way out of the situation. I’m positive i wasn’t recognized hell i was even careful enough to stay out of the surveillance camera’s arcs. My desk wasn’t even touched….Its shocking honestly.” It was clear Jason was positive he wasn’t recognized but one could never be to sure. As he spoke he would take slow mouthfuls of the food before taking his empty bowl and placing it in the sink to wash it having eaten his fill. With the bowl washed he would place it in the drying rack before sitting back down in his spot next to Isabella while gazing into her eyes contently before he spoke softly. “Isabella darling…..I know you sired me recently but i feel an irresistible attraction to you…and I want you to know that I speak from the bottom of my heart when I say this…..I love you…” The young vampire would then take her hand in his before kissing the back of it as he remained seated and fell silent as he searched her eyes for that same feeling he had within her eyes. Each passing moment Jason had to refrain from leaping across the table and taking here in the very kitchen but he knew that would not be acceptable so he slowly stood before walking from the kitchen and heading for his bedroom hoping Isabella would follow him so they could sleep the day away together.

Isabella’s Manor – Main Bedroom 

The young vampire walked in before shucking the trench coat and black linen shirt from his body only to toss the linen shirt into the hamper after hanging the trench coat back up. As he stood there bare chested he would hum softly to himself while he moved about the room setting the photo’s of his parents on the nightstand next to the lamp. With that done Jason would sit on the end of the bed before untying his boots and placing them at the foot of his bed and flopping onto his back and staring at the ceiling in silence. As he stared at the ceiling he would continue to hum to himself a relaxing tune as he tried to calm his troubled self. As usual he felt lost without the comforting presence of his rose Isabella and he counted himself blessed to have her in his life. Jason slowly sat up before writing a note upon a sheet of paper and leaving it upon the bed telling her that she would be able to find him in the Garage. With the note written he would put his combat boots back on before walking down the halls and into the massive underground garage.

Isabella’s Manor – Garage. 

Jason would walk into the massive underground garage before opening the hood of the plymouth Hemi Barracuda and propping it open. Without a word he would wheel over a cart of tools before setting to work on tuning up the muscle car to the point where it ran perfectly. Jason’s one hobby was Auto Mechanic’s and he felt that it relaxed him and allowed him to think. He would keep at this throughout the day as the sounds of pneumatic guns began to fill the garage before all fell silent once again with the thump of a hood being slammed down. Jason of course was still bare chested and now covered in grease up to his elbow’s while he wiped his hands on a grimy rag as he muttered to himself. “Good as new…” With the muscle car tuned and checked he would proceed to work on the next car which happened to be a Ford Shelby Mustang. Almost at once the sounds of pneumatic guns began to fill the air with their symphony as Jason set about maintaining the car’s within Isabella’s garage as most looked like they hadn’t been touched in quiet some time.

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January 11, 2014 09:43PM
Isabella’s Manor – Kitchen

Isabella sat beside Jason, and though she had a small plate of food before her, she didn’t touch it. Instead, she interlocked her fingers, and with her elbows resting on the table, she propped up her chin while she listened to Jason explain how his trip to the Police station went. It was incredulous that he was actually able to get to his desk, and retrieve his personal items without being quizzed. Course, on the way out that was a different story. You could hear an audible groan from Luther, who was positive the young vampire would fuck up at some point. Isabella didn’t let on as to being upset or bothered by what he had to say, she simply nodded thoughtfully, while watching Jason finish off the rest of his meal, and then take his dishes to the sink. At least he cleaned up after himself, unlike SOME others.

When he returned to the table, it was clear he had something he wished to convey, and then he came right out with it.

“Isabella darling…..I know you sired me recently but i feel an irresistible attraction to you…and I want you to know that I speak from the bottom of my heart when I say this…..I love you…”

Another loud groan erupted from the media room, then you could hear the WWF commentary getting louder, as Luther turned up the volume to hopefully drown Jason and his heartfelt words to Isabella out. When Jason took her hand and kissed the back of it, she purred, and chewed her bottom lip, like she found it delicious to be courted like this again. He had said he loved her. Not twenty four hours since they met.

“The urge will grow stronger, my Sweet one. Day by day, our love will blossom further and you will be rewarded. I promise to give twice much back as I receive.”

She watched him walk from the room, then looked down at her plate which was still untouched. She picked it up and took it to the trash, tossing it in and closing the lid, before washing out the bowl and setting it to the side. Isabella cleaned away the rest of the dishes and cleared the kitchen, before turning off the light and leaving the room. Like a cougar she prowled upstairs and took up the note that he had left upon the bed. So…he had gone down to the garage. ~ Boys and their toys~ she thought to herself with a smirk. If that is where they were to meet, then….she would dress up for it.

Isabella took a shower and washed off the sweat, blood and sin from her body, before putting on a lace see through body stocking, nine inch stilettos, and teased her hair out in full, so it was a mass of curls that rained down her back in a torrent. She looked absolutely fuckable…course, that was the whole idea. Isabella strutted down the stairs, and headed to the garage, where her favorite room awaited her.

Isabella’s Manor – Garage.


The sound of her light heels clacking down the concrete staircase would herald her arrival into the grand garage that was a massive expanse of space, the room chocka block with many different makes and models of cars, that it was enough to make a car enthusiast’s cream their jeans. But the big question was, why would a Vampire Queen keep so many cars…and muscle cars to boot? Isabella spotted the shirtless Jason, who had just finished working on a car, his chest stained with grease and motor oil. The high octane revving of the engine he had worked on sounded down right sexy and loud as it echoed through the basement park.

“I see you found the toy store.” Isabella mused, as she sauntered over with an elegant strut. “I had this blood doll once…he just loved cars. So I got him one…for every time we fucked.” You could see, by counting the cars, they had quite the sex life. She caught herself, from revealing too much, and then walked around him slowly saying. “I’ll make a deal with you. Every time you please me….you get one.” Isabella offered, as she leaned against the hood of a black jaguar


“What do you say?’


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January 11, 2014 10:27PM
Isabella’s Manor – Garage 

Jason yelped in surprise before bolting upright and smacking his head against the underside of the hood of the ford he was working with a dull thump. “Oh hey there my precious rose…and you do have a deal just let it be known i have a love for motorcycles and boats as well…” Jason would reply with a content smile before his jaw dropped upon finally noticing the way she was dressed. Slowly he would turn around and close the hood of the car with another dull thump before walking over and leaning forward to kiss her tender lips possessively as his fangs peeked out over his lips ever so slightly. “You look simply delicious my dear and i’m going to devour every inch of your body..” With that being said Jason would hiss softly before scraping his elongated fangs over her supple neck and down towards her left shoulder leaving a red weal in his wake. Then slowly the young Vampire would press his fangs against her shoulder hoping to have them pierce her skin so that he could tap into her veins and feed off of her as he pressed her back against the black Jaguar’s hood. Even though he was topless he snaked his arms around her waist and hissed into her shoulder possessively.



Re: The Human World [rp]
January 11, 2014 10:54PM
Isabella’s Manor – Garage


Isabella let out a laugh when Jason was so bold to say he loved motorcycles and boats as well. So, the cars were either not enough, or he was planning on making her really happy for the course of their relationship. “There are an awful lot of cars here…you are going be a busy bee pleasing me. Isabella said with a sing song voice. She balanced her heel on the bumper bar of the car as she leaned back and lay on the bonnet, letting her hair spill out and frame her face beautifully. Isabella brought her black nails up her right outer thigh, and all the way up to her waist and tweaking at her lace body suit.

Jason pressed his fangs deep into her shoulder, letting her blood spill into his mouth, as he savored her upon the bonnet of her black jaguar. Isabella gasped and hissed in response, before reaching around to slap his ass hard. She really couldn’t help herself, and laughed at his expression.

“Found a favorite yet?”

Course she was talking about the cars.