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Re: Map of Realms
January 14, 2014 02:11AM
House of Ghar
Lands Of Old – Nordic People
Population : 500, 000
Climate : Ice land, Winter for six months of the year.
Country – Warfarren

Main town – (Port) – Stargorn Bluff


Wealth : Iron, weapons, Trade, furs, slaves

Symbol of the Ghar : The Wolf


Chieftain : Honrick Ghar – Open

Wife : Sarras Ghar – Open

Son – Valkrik Ghar –to be played by CharlotteCarrendar

Daughter – Eyyrs Ghar – Open


A baby boy had been found by the Chieftan’s wife, floating in a specially woven basket, and took the child in to be raised as her own. Little did she realize, the baby boy was the bastard son of Queen Metia of Casterly, and King Brandon of Brax. No name given, he was raised as the Chieftan’s son, and his given name is Valkrik Ghar.

Some twenty two years later, and Valkrik has grown to be the pride of his Father and Mother, as well as the men who sail under him, when he takes the boats out to go to war with the other nations of the Lands of Old. Nordic people by race, they are known for their fierce fighting styles, showing little to no regard to the supernatural creatures to the south. The House of Ghar are Devout followers of Odin.