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Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 07, 2014 11:06PM
Sea of Tribulation – The Beach

Groggily, Joffrey lifted his bedraggled head out of the sand, and spat out a good quanity, before trying to blink it out of his eyes. Joffrey had done it. Provided a decent sized meal to the cat man who had inadvertently saved him from execution in the Night lands. He had a lopsided grin to see the cat eating the groper that had almost eaten his willy. He thought that his willy would be good bait, just wasn’t prepared for it to be eaten. As he sat up, the Cat was more than pleased by Joffrey’s efforts.

“that, was quite the show…remind me to ask you to do that again if you meet my brother…he would get a kick out of it,”

Oh, so now the cat was making jokes. Har de Har har. Well he certainly didn’t want to meet his brother, if had any sort of appetite that matched that of Nerothst. With a portion of the groper hanging out of his mouth as he spoke, he certainly was lacking table manners, even if this was some vast uncharted coast line. Joffrey then felt a niggle…a nipping, which grew in frequency and then he roared out as he lept to his feet, and had a good sized crab danging off his pathetic scrotum.

“What is it with the sea life here? AHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHH!”


Yodeling like a girl, he dashed up and down the beach, madly trying to pull the crab off his nuts, which only bit harder since it was now being attacked. This must have been the encore for sure. First a show, then a meal…and now the finisher. The cat certainly was not going to be bored. All he needed now, was shelter and..he was set.


Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 07, 2014 11:34PM
-Nerothst swallowed large chunks of the fish and already his body seemed to fill out again the way it used to be, no longer was his rib cage showing. It would still take at least a day’s rest before they could fly again, in the meantime now that he had some strength. He glanced at the tree behind him, he could probably craft them something to float in the water till he was ready for flight. They needed to keep moving after all.

That was when Joffery was shouting again. Glancing up from his fish that he was thoughtfully going to leave some for the prince when most of what was left was little more than bone and at least a decent plate size left.

“What is it with the sea life here? AHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHH!” shouted Joffery running down the beach.

Nerothst snorted and spewed what food might have been left in his mouth to let out another fit of laughter when he had only just recovered. Instead of letting the demon prince suffer, now that Nerothst was stronger, he stood up on his feet and chased after him.

“You fool! Hold still if you keep running around with him bouncing around like that he’ll take your dick cleans off!!” he shouted after him.

If Joffery slowed down enough the cat would approach him and grab hold of the dangling crab and grabbed the claw that held hold of the crab and crushed the claw in his hands shattering the shell and squishing the muscle inside. That should have released his….member from the pinch. After which he would fling the crab into the ocean.

If Joffery hadn’t slowed down…well Nerothst would have ran about a few feet given up and waited for him to calm down on his own.

Either way he responded to his shouting with, “This is the Sea of Tribulation, not the Sea of Ariel and Friends!” –

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 08, 2014 06:48AM
Sea of Tribulation – The Beach

“This is the Sea of Tribulation, not the Sea of Ariel and Friends!”

Well that was plainly obvious. Joffrey came to a final halt with bits of the crab claw falling from his now bleeding scrotum. He tremored and winced from the pain. He mouthed to Nerothyst; “Thank you.” before falling to his knees, and going cross eyed. This adventure so far had gotten off to a rotten start, and with the Prince thinking before he was going to be a better survivalist than Alby Mangles, he was failing miserably.

Joffrey nervously felt down to his shattered ball sack and winced as his balls nearly shrank back inside himself. Needless to say, he was not going to be doing anything overly athletic in the next few days.

Shakily, Joffrey pushed one hand down into the sand and rose to his feet. His knees knocked slightly, and you could see from the pitiful expression on his face, that he was in a lot of pain, and feeling rather despondent.


“Maybe I should have just…stayed behind and be thrown in that dungeon. They say walls and stone make for a good prison, but I have discovered that this god forsaken place is worse.” Heading back up the beach, he found his pants, and tried to put them back on carefully, so as not to injure himself further. He took out his dagger, and carved a line in a nearby tree. It was to be his calendar of how long they were going to be stuck there. He was already starting to hate it.


Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 09, 2014 01:00PM
Beneath the Seas of Tribulation

Beneath the blue waters, many different forms of life congregated. Going about their daily lives, the residents of the sea were totally unaware their lives were about to get interesting.

One such creature had been having a leisurely swim when her day was disturbed by the floundering and splashing of something that shouldn’t have been within her territory.

“ACK! No…big fishy!…..Ack its after MEEEEEEEE!”

Frowning, she swam to the surface, raising her head above the waterline to see what was going on in time to see a man, naked as a jaybird, splashing around in the water and stabbing at a large male blue grouper. She could hear the fish’s thoughts as it was stabbed to death.

«”Not my fault you dipped your wick in my space. I thought it was a worm! Bastard!”»” the bluey complained before a final stab silenced its thoughts for good. Growling in annoyance, the unknown creature dived below the surface with barely a splash. This bore further investigation.

Swimming to the far side of the island, where no life could be found, she slipped from the waters with a quick leap onto a rocky outcrop resting in the sun. With nary a thought, the lower half of her body, once a fish, now morphed to human, long tanned legs emerging into the warmth of the sun. Wiggling her toes to get the feeling back into her limbs, she steadily got to her feet and took off into the underbrush, her long-limbed stride eating up the distance from where she was to where she had seen the fish-killer.

Stopping in the shadows of a group of palm trees, she sat on her haunches and watched the man through the fronds. She noticed another man with him and her blue eyes narrowed.

The fish killer, having done his job, collapsed face-first in the sand, only to jump up a few minutes later with a crab attached to his genitals.

She covered her mouth with a snicker as she tuned in to the crab’s thoughts.

«”Destroy my home, will ya? Shoving your bits into my personal space, will ya? I’ll teach you a lesson you will never forget!”»

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 11, 2014 07:28PM
-The Prince was a real right mess, Nerothst thought, his sort of chaos, well, Nerothst could get rather comfortable around it, so long as none of it rubbed off on himself.

“Maybe I should have just…stayed behind and be thrown in that dungeon. They say walls and stone make for a good prison, but I have discovered that this god forsaken place is worse.” The prince said making his way back up the beach he even took out his dagger to carve a line in the tree bark.

“Oh you, were gonna be ‘ere for one night!” for a moment he sliped into his old habbits of talking but quickly recovered. Nerothst chuckled and gave him a gentle pat on the back,“but…well…unless you plan on counting the minutes on that palm tree, well, I’d tell you have at it,” he added with another chuckle.

Glancing about the beach, his feline ears twitched and turned, he could have sworn he heard something. Smiling softly, well, for now he would assume he was hearing things and attend to the wounded prince’s pride.

“besides…I could have left you there you know….it would not have been hard to just vanish into black mist….but I decided I rather like you to have the castle I’d been repairing in my spare time in The Lands of Old… something of your own that they can’t take from you,” he added sitting down in the sand he placed his chin in his up turn palm.-

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 11, 2014 10:24PM
Sea of Tribulation – The Beach

As Joffrey carved his single line in the bark of the tree, he stood back and sighed. “The first day…of the rest of my life here…on this shark and puffer fish infested water island, with only a cranky cat man for company.” He dropped to his knees and sobbed..“Whhhhhy….Whhhhhhy? booo hooo boo hoo hoo.” (Oh the dramatics were such he was up for the rotten tomato award of the year for the worst single performance in a role play) He hung his head, shoulders shaking as he sobbed. Balls bitten blue, his willy shrunk back to that of the size of a turtle head. He no longer felt like…a real man. But the cat, let one comment slide.

Oh you, were gonna be ‘ere for one night!” 

Joffrey blinked, and rubbed his red rimmed eyes. “Wha?’

‘but…well…unless you plan on counting the minutes on that palm tree, well, I’d tell you have at it,”

Joffrey didn’t find that funny at all. He had nearly hurt his wrist trying to carve that single notch in the tree. It was a work of art, a piece of Joffrey Brax History. People…in years to come, will visit this sight and take happy snaps with Joffrey’s carving. “I’m not carving a line for each minute. I’ll damage my blade.” He said pitifully, sheathing it before the cat got anymore ideas.

Now the cat man changed tactics, trying to appeal to the Prince’s wounded pride. It was concerning where they were heading too. A castle for his very own in a place called the Lands of Old.

“besides…I could have left you there you know….it would not have been hard to just vanish into black mist….but I decided I rather like you to have the castle I’d been repairing in my spare time in The Lands of Old… something of your own that they can’t take from you,” 

Joffrey suddenly stopped sniffing, and he blinked twice; somewhat incredulous that the Cat man had access to such a thing as a castle.

“A whole…castle…for me?” He asked, sitting up higher and now keenly interested in what the cat was offering.


Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 12, 2014 08:07PM
Sea of Tribulation – The Beach

The mermaid known as “Qi” continued to watch the two men, unobserved as it were as they chatted back and forth. She had to slap a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh as the demon (and she only knew he was demon from his smell) went into some strange theatrics, even falling his knees and pretending to cry.

“Whhhhhy….Whhhhhhy? booo hooo boo hoo hoo.”

Qi smirked when something the cat man said caught his attention and he stopped the fake waterworks to listen.

«”What a fascinating creature…I must meet him.”» she hissed in the language of the sea.

Not caring that she wore not a stitch of clothing, she stepped out from her hiding place and made herself known, standing bareass naked as her Creator had intended.

“Hello.” she greeted them both, her voice sounding as if a musical symphony were playing underwater.

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 12, 2014 10:28PM
Sea of Tribulation – The Beach

The musical sounding voice of a woman had Joffrey suddenly blink and then turn his head sharply, as a naked woman, in all her glory was standing not far from where he and the cat sat. She was simply breathtaking, and not a hint of modesty. Joffrey rubbed his eyes, and tapped the side of his head as if maybe he had somehow hurt his brain was seeing things.

“Can a crab biting your balls cause you to see naked ladies?” Joffrey asked, now slowly rising off the beach and shaking off the excess sand. He thought for sure, she had to be a mirage, or…a figment of his imagination. Frowning, he decided to try and communicate with the naked woman.


“Nice day for it. I didn’t know this was a nudist colony? Are there…others like you around?” Joffrey asked, expecting to see whole families wandering out with picnic baskets and setting up volley ball nets.

Joffrey looked back at the cat man and said. “Please tell me you see her too.”


Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 13, 2014 11:39PM
-Nerothst smiled at Joffery. He knew of many castles that were abandoned throughout the Lands of Old…though the one he was speaking about hadn’t been abandoned quite yet when he came across it….of course it was now, and had been in ‘repair’ by a few minions under his control and guarded from those that might like to reclaim it. All it needed now was a pupp…I mean king to sit on its throne and dictate it’s people and mayhap convince them into a war…the first one was a freebie to the prince. Or so he would convince him to eventually.

“Yes a castle, I tend to do things when I’m bored, and Lands of old is a warring country so plenty of…abandoned…castles….” Nerothst didn’t finish his sentence as his ears turned towards the soft voice from a female calling out hello to them.

Nerothst turned slightly and arched his brows high you would think they were going to go into his hair. Well…he remembered asking for a water cat to come up on the beach…but well….he didn’t think anyone was actually listening. Though he doubted that this had any connection what so ever seeing as the naked lady had no tail or feline ears.

“Can a crab biting your balls cause you to see naked ladies?” Joffery so bluntly asked him.

Nerothst gave him a sideways glance and snickered, “if they did, I’d be pricing my balls with the claws and wear’em like jewelry.”He said. Course…there were the succubus and half-breed kitty sluts.

“Nice day for it. I didn’t know this was a nudist colony? Are there…others like you around?” Joffery called out to her, apparently the prince was going to try communicating with the female, that was interesting….though that was a good question, not like Nerothst frequented island paradise’s so who knows what was living here.

Joffery looked back at him, maybe a little too excited, maybe not…but he doubted that crab pinch was bothering him anymore,“Please tell me you see her too.”

Nerothst winked and gave him a grin, “aye my friend, she’s really there,” he said with a chuckle.

Wonder how she would feel with all that of Joffery fully exposed….and suddenly…Nerothst felt very overdressed…. “I’m wondering if I should be getting undressed to….it’s seems like…well….when everyone else in the room is nude…is it humiliating to be the only one fully clothed?” the cat was actually perplexed about this and was already fiddling with the ties around his waist band holding up his long Egyptian like skirt.-