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Re: The Town library [Bios]
January 14, 2014 03:02AM

Name: Valkrik Ghar
FC: Travis Fimmel
Age: 23 years
Sex: Male
Race: Raised as a Nordic Human, he is actually the son of a Demon King and Witch Queen.
Birthday: Unknown.


Chieftain : Honrick Ghar
Wife : Sarras Ghar
Son – Valkrik Ghar
Daughter – Eyyrs Ghar

Hair Color: Blonde, though cropped sides with single plait
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 185cms
Weight: 85 kgs
Fashion Style: Wears furs, leather, wool garments suited to wintery conditions.
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: Tribal markings on left arm and back. Wolf symbol.

Personality: Abrupt, standoffish, brooding, cautious, calculating.


Magical Abilities: None (that have yet developed.)
Strengths: Skill with the blade, and battle axe. Hand to hand combat, grappling.
Weaknesses: His Mother.
Likes: Sailing, bonding with crew and his men, fishing, pillaging, wars, women.
Dislikes: All supernaturals.

History: A baby boy had been found by the Chieftan’s wife, floating in a specially woven basket, and took the child in to be raised as her own. Little did she realize, the baby boy was the bastard son of Queen Metia of Casterly, and King Brandon of Brax. No name given, he was raised as the Chieftan’s son, and his given name is Valkrik Ghar.
Some twenty two years later, and Valkrik has grown to be the pride of his Father and Mother, as well as the men who sail under him, when he takes the boats out to go to war with the other nations of the Lands of Old.