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Re: The Town library [Bios]
January 17, 2014 01:42PM
Character- Crown Prince Kazuhiko’s Betrothed
Name- PC Kyoko Takiharah

FC: Yukie Nakama


Race- Nephilim
Age- 22 (44 human years)
Height- above 6′, 9”
Hair- Black
Eyes- Brown
Homeland- far off Nephilim land
Rank- Second Lieutenant.
Piercings- None
Tattoos and Scars- None
Personality- Reserved, quiet, aloof, patient, cunning, a creature of habit.
Languages- English only.
Likes and Dislikes- Likes to fight, be on the front lines. Hates pomp and ceremony.
Weapons- PC Dual katanas, single fighting dagger, Shuriken diamond stars.

Skills- combat training, glider training, sword handling, fan dancing.
Bio- *Grew up in faraway Nephilim territory unknown to anyone but the Nephilim
*started mandatory Nephilim Air Brigade cadet school at the age of ten
*Grew up in high ranking family
*Graduated from Grand Academy at the age of 18
*Surpassed Sergeant Rank
*Got betrothed to Prince Kazuhiko
*History : Betrothed to the Prince Kazuhiko since before, Kyoko has been brought to be ready to fill her role of the Crown Prince’s wife. In the meantime she studied and graduated from the Grand academy. She knows that her relationship with the Prince will probably be a rocky one, since arranged marriages are not for love. She was a realist when it came to this fact.