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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 12, 2014 03:28PM
Shane’s House – Kitchen

Carmen had been asking after her state of mind and general health. The answer to her question received a response…but not one she was expecting. It was as if every pain the woman had ever been dealt decided to make itself known.

“No…I..gave my heart to another man, and…he disappeared while out on patrol. I was intimate with him just last night, and…today..tonight he is gone. I was sent from working on the case. My Commander said…I was too close.” She downed the last of the whiskey and struggled with her emotions. Her bottom lip trembled as she lifted watery eyes to Carmen. “He…he said he loved me, always…and then he just…goes away.”

“Oh sweetie.” Carmen sighed, taking Amelia’s cold hands into her own and giving them a gentle squeeze.

“I think I’m cursed.” Amelia stated, scooping up her kitten and slowly petting him, a little too roughly if the look on the cat’s face was to be believed. Carmen extracted the reluctant kitten from Amelia’s arms, which in her distraught state went unnoticed by the Foresics Analyst. “The Commander said…this doesn’t look good. One dead, one missing. Me being the link. How could I prove that I had nothing to do with it? I was AT work when they got his call in. But…nooo…now I am some…black widow.” she bemoaned before resting her head upon Carmen’s shoulder. Carmen, for her part, didn’t even hesitate. She wrapped an arm around the poor woman and just held her.

“You are NOT some crazy, psycho man-killer.” Carmen stated. “Sure, your taste in men has been lousy, but you do not go out and bite their heads off like some kind of human praying mantis. Surely the Commander will realize this and kick himself for being a dumbass.” Carmen stated, hoping to cheer Amelia up a bit.

Jarvis tried to get into the kitchen but the glares of Misty and Bianca kept him back, even though he wanted to shove them away to get to Amelia. He wanted her with every fiber of his being.

Shane was the one who pushed the three of them aside and joined Carmen and Amelia in the kitchen.

“I was going to ask her to stay here, love. But I think the boys might be a bit much for her.”

Carmen looked at him, then saw Jarvis hovering around outside the kitchen door. Shane was right about that. She tugged Amelia to her feet.

“Come on. The girls and I have a surprise for you.” Carmen grinned, turning to step out onto the patio.

She lead the way to the poolhouse, standing before the front door, that was now sporting a big red ribbon across the wooden paneling. She turned and found that everyone that had been in the house were now standing around and watching the proceedings with an air of anticipation.

She waited for Amelia to catch up to her before she started her speech.

“Amelia…I feel as if we’ve become friends and I decided to do something for you. Shane thinks very highly of you, almost as if you were a little sister and now that I’ve met you, and gotten to know you, I feel the same way. With Misty & Bianca’s help, we decided to clean up the poolhouse and turn it into a guest house for you to stay in, for however long you need.” Carmen gave the young woman a warm smile. Looking at all the male vampires behind her, she decided to do one better. Giving each one of them a dirty look, she issued an order that could not be ignored. “And so that you will feel as safe as possible…no MALE vampire, except for Shane, will be allowed to cross the threshhold of your new home without your EXPRESS verbal permission. None of them are to have ANY contact with you whatsoever unless you, yourself wish it.” She stated in a clear and loud voice, her power flaring across the yard with the completion of her edict.

Jarvis gave her a very dirty look as he felt the compulsion to obey his queen take hold of him.

Nodding with satisfaction, Carmen looked at Amelia.

“So what do you say?”

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January 12, 2014 05:03PM
Isabella’s Manor – garage 


The young vampire merely chuckled after pulling his fangs from Isabella’s shoulder as he pointed out a Dodge Charger R/T which was black in color and had an air intake peeking through the hood. “She runs like a beauty ever since i gave her a nice check up” Jason would then return his attention to Isabella before leaning down and kissing her with bloodstained lips while wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her up against him. With her pulled up against his bare sweat coated chest he would lift her from the bonnet of her black Jaguar before walking her over to the Dodge Charger R/T and laying her upon the hood. With her upon the bonnet of his pet project the Dodge Charger R/T he would gaze into her eyes before stroking a hand down her cheek possessively. Oh how he loved Isabella and longed for her night and day yet he knew he had to prove his worth to her. Jason would lean down and kiss her yet again with a yearning tender touch and one that hopefully stoked the raging flames of love within her heart as it did his own. As Jason kissed Isabella he would reach up and knot his hands in her hair before giving a gentle tug upon her hair and leaped forward onto the hood to straddle her waist. As he loomed above her he would flash his fangs playfully and teasingly before reaching down to open her lace body suit and bear her bare body to him. The war veteran would then hiss softly before whispering gently into her ear with a husky under tone. “We shall rule the night my love. Then without warning Jason would leap away from her and the car to backpedal away from her with a taunting smile.“Come and get me darling….if you can…” Oh he was intentionally teasing the Vampire Queen as he wanted to have a little fun before he claimed her as his mate.

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January 12, 2014 10:51PM
Isabella’s Manor – Garage


So her new Sire was into playing games. This not only amused Isabella, but brought out her naughty side. Jason went from heavy petting, with a touch of hair pulling to whipping away and teasing her to come get him. The Vampire Queen tipped her head back and laughed as her body dissolved into a black mist and floated around various cars in her garage. Jason could hear her laughter coming at him from different directions, till his favorite car’s headlights came on suddenly.

More laughter rang out and then it died away to nothing, as the Dodge Charger R/T started all by itself. The interior of the car shone an eerie blood red color and the car’s back wheels started spinning, as though it was about to take off at any second. Smoke was pouring out from the black tyres, as her evil laughter started up again. The headlights hit high beam, flooding the room with light as Isabella released the brake and the car raced towards where Jason was standing.



Re: The Human World [rp]
January 12, 2014 11:15PM
Shane’s House – Pool House.

“Yes! That would be wonderful. Did you really all clean it up and stuff?” Amelia asked incredulously as she walked towards the Pool house on the far end of the pool area. It was positively perfect for Amelia, and her animals. Thankfully, Carmen was still holding her kitten, since Amelia got carried away with the stroking. With her snake box in hand, she wandered into the Pool house, and her jaw nearly hit the floor, at how spacious it was. The kitchenette gleamed as it had all new appliances, and it was so state of the art. There was a wide screen television on the wall, and a massive bed with black sheets and doona to the far left of the room, with a small bathroom ensuite and toilet. A study nook to the side and a spacious black lounge complimented the overall look. Amelia set down the snake transporter, and twirled around. Her happiness shone through, for the first time that night. She knew she would be safe, with Carmen ensuring that only Shane could enter the pool house, and that the boys would be reigned in.

Amelia, so touched by all of this, went to hug each of the girls and Carmen, if she allowed it.


“I can’t thank you enough. Really.”

On the far side of the pool, Jarvis continued to stare, before heading back inside, pushing past Nick, who belched loudly and headed back to the fridge.

“I’m hungry.”

Shane entered the Poolhouse, surprised with how the interior had come up so well in a matter of hours. He crept up behind Carmen, and placed his arms around her waist, looking over her shoulder at Amelia. He knew Carmen had a soft spot for the goth dressed witch. Right from the first time they met, though Carmen was being her iron lady self back then, there was a spark between the two. How so much had changed for all in that room. Bianca was showing Amelia how to operate the remote, and was trying to fill her in on the latest Vampire Diaries gossip. Amelia quirked a brow, and asked:

“You’re a vampire….who likes the Vampire diaries?’

Bianca laughed and replied; “I know, right? Though if you ask me, if they made a script about Shane and Carmen’s love life, it would be a huge hit.” Shane scoffed at that suggestion, and continued to hold Carmen close to him. “Well, we are more boring than the Brady Bunch now. Vincent is out of our un-lives…and we can all relax.”

Don’t be so sure, Shane…..


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January 13, 2014 09:18PM
Shane’s House – Poolside

Carmen watched in amusement as Amelia checked out her new digs, even going so far as to hug the 3 women who’d done such a service for her. Carmen gladly returned the hug.

“I can’t thank you enough. Really.” Amelia stated.

“It was no trouble. And I wanted to do it because that’s what friends do.” Camren stated.

She felt a presence behind her a moment before a familiar set of arms went around her waist. Shane placed his chin on Carmen’s shoulder and watched Amelia interact with the other women in his life. Bianca was telling her about her obsession with Vampire Diaries.

“You’re a vampire….who likes the Vampire diaries?” Amelia asked.

“I know, right? Though if you ask me, if they made a script about Shane and Carmen’s love life, it would be a huge hit.”

Carmen made a face before she turned her head to look at Shane. “We’re not that bad are we?”

“Well, we are more boring than the Brady Bunch now. Vincent is out of our un-lives…and we can all relax.” Shane replied. Carmen nodded before she eased herself from Shane’s arms and clasped his hand in her own.

“We’ll leave you to get settled. You know where we are if you need anything.” Carmen told her. “Bianca, you staying here or going back to the house?”

“I’m going to stay here and help Amelia unpack if that’s all right.” Bianca stated.

Carmen waited to see if Amelia would accept the offer before she nodded and turned to leave. “Enjoy the rest of your evening then, girls.” Carmen smiled before she tugged Shane’s arm to lead him out of the guesthouse.

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January 14, 2014 03:34AM
Shane’s House – The Pool House

Bianca was actually thrilled to have another girl around the houses. Being surrounded by mostly males during their waking nights, she often found solace curled up in her favorite couch in the media room watching The Vampire Diaries. Misty would often join her, however Misty also had a very active social side and many a night Bianca would stay behind, rather than go off hunting with the blonde temptress. Oh, they had blood dolls down in the underground lair if she so desired, but Bianca was more comfortable staying within the Williamson estate. There was of course a real reason for this, but one that only a handful of people knew.

“I’m going to stay here and help Amelia unpack if that’s all right.” Bianca replied to Carmen, who was checking to see if she would be doing the usual and going back to her domain in the media room in the main house. She gave Shane and Carmen a wave, as they left the pool house, then started to get into unpacking Amelia’s suitcase in a flurry of movement, that even surprised Amelia.

“I’ll hang things up in your closet, while you get your pets settled.” Bianca offered, taking out one of Amelia’s favorite dresses and measuring it against herself. Amelia didn’t mind the fussing, and went to get her snake; Rattles, out of his tank. She draped him over her shoulder, and stroking his head gently, she walked him around their new home, showing him all the wonderful things, and shiny appliances. The snake didn’t seem to be interested, just flicking its tongue and slowly winding its way around Amelia, till she ended up taking him off, and putting him back in his travel tank.

Amelia could see Shane and Carmen standing together near the pool, holding each other. She let out a sigh as she found herself staring, and Bianca came up alongside her, seeing just what she was looking at.

“I wonder if I will ever find what they have.

Bianca knew that Carmen and Shane had been through a lot of hurdles and trials that tested their relationship many times, and what Amelia was seeing now, was a rare moment of happiness.

“Maybe. You know what they say, out there is your true love…they just haven’t found you yet.” Bianca said, then realized that there was someone that was more than just attracted to Amelia; he was madly in love with her.

“How do you feel about Jarvis, Amelia?” Bianca asked, chewing her lip, for she knew it was a dangerous subject. Amelia lowered her head slightly, and then said with a sigh. “I’ve just lost a man who told me he loved me before taking me to bed. Before that…it was Rodger, you know…the Dom?” Amelia said straight out. Oh, Bianca knew very well who Rodger was, and remembered the night he came to this very estate to claim her from Jarvis. But Bianca had a serious question.

“If…Jarvis wasn’t a vampire, would he have had a better chance with you?”

Bianca stared at Amelia, waiting for her answer, and hoped she would be honest. The look on Amelia’s face, was fear. Fear of being undead. She liked being alive…and being a witch. The idea of having to drink someone’s blood to stay undead, turned her off.


“It’s not about being a vampire…”

“Then, what is it?”

“I’ve seen the way he looks at me. A hunger in his eyes. Bianca…that scares me. I don’t know if its me he wants…or my blood.”

Bianca found this to be actually funny, and she came over and wrapped her arm around Amelia and said softly;

“I think he wants to get into your pants.”

Pool side

Holding Carmen in his arms, Shane was perfectly relaxed even with his brother; David and his crew eating them out of house and home. You could hear the raucous laughter coming from inside the dining room, with the odd cry of “Ewww” from Misty, who secretly loved the attention, but found their antics to be a bit over the top.

Shane chuckled hearing the bits of conversation going on, and then held Carmen tighter. He found that Hollywood smile once again, and a reason to be happy with how everything turned out. He really didn’t mind having Amelia staying, and with her in a place that the boys couldn’t enter, his mind was put at ease, somewhat.

The moon was in full this night, and cast its mystical glow down on the couple as though they were part of something bigger than they even realized. Shane knew that he hadn’t really spoken to Carmen about the events of the ending of Vincent, and the loss of his daughter Bridgette. He had been trying to put that out of his mind, but….it was hard. It could have all gone horribly wrong…and they all paid a price in one form or another, to end the Vampire war.

Out of the corner of Shane’s eye he could see the twins, and that they were looking for their Queen. Like two big blond guard dogs. Shane couldn’t help but comment.


“I know they are your sires….but really, you might have to put collars on them…shock ones, if they keep sniffing around you, you know. I got dibs on you.” He said with a grin, leaning in to kiss her lips tenderly.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 14, 2014 08:16PM
Pool sidehttps://i2.wp.com/img.photobucket.com/albums/v20/Blackcat666x/IMVU/River%20Marked/tumblr_mnu0ctoNl71rquhqmo1_500_zps4c67adda.gif

Finally having a moment to themselves, Carmen found herself in Shane’s arms, standing in the light of the moon. She closed her eyes and rested her cheek against his chest, breathing him in and finding solace in his embrace. Her own arms wrapped around his back and they simply held one another. For the first time in months, she was feeling at peace. She could hear the raucous laughter from inside the house as the other vampires provided some sort of entertainment for Misty, her cries of “Ewww!” echoing faintly.

Shane chuckled above her and she felt his arms tighten around her. She sighed. They still had some things to discuss, namely David and Brigette, but she knew he would tell her when he was ready. She wasn’t going to push him into it. She loved him too much and learned the first time she pushed that he tended to push back…and in the most violent way possible. But she put her trust and her faith in him. When he was ready to talk, he would talk.

She sensed the twins hovering somewhere behind her, silent sentries and alert for anything.

“I know they are your sires….but really, you might have to put collars on them…shock ones, if they keep sniffing around you, you know. I got dibs on you.” Shane’s voice rumbled over her. She drew back to look at him and saw the grin on his face.

“First and always.” she replied. “You are my number one fella.” She tweaked his nose before he leant in for a tender kiss. “And I thought we settled these jealousy issues between us?” she frowned, amusement sparkling in her eyes. She knew those issues were long settled, but she liked teasing him about it from time to time. “Besides…they have nothing on you, My Lord and Master. I am yours to do with what you will.” Arching an eyebrow, she leaned in close to whisper in his ear. “What do you say to the two of us driving up to the cabin for tonight? There’s a perfect little hot spring behind the house a ways. Me and you…naked beneath the moon. Hmm?”


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January 15, 2014 07:55AM
Pool side

Carmen always knew the way to get under Shane’s skin, was to suggest the most intimate romantic ideas, and this one that she whispered in his ear was already working it’s magic, as Shane let out a satisfying “Ooo” sound. The quiet and privacy of the cabin; a hot spring behind the house…and of course, his beautiful Carmen naked in his arms. Alone. He certainly didn’t need to be asked twice, and slapped Carmen’s rear playfully, saying “I’ll get the car started…you pack us a few things.” Yep, he was very keen to have his Carmen all to himself.

Shane headed inside, and then pulled his brother aside. Misty watched on as David walked out to the hall with Shane, before she went back to watching the boys play poker. Did Misty have a crush on David? If so, that was going to be interesting. David asked Shane what was up, and Shane said.

“Look, Carmen and I are going to go up to the cabin for the night. While we’re gone, can you try and keep your boys in line? Last thing I want is to come back to find the house trashed.” For once, Shane was serious since he hated to see the house turn into a hovel due to the wild partying ways of the Lost boys. David listened and then smacked his brother’s arm.

“So I take it hookers are out of the question.”


“I’m kidding! Go have some fun. We got this.”

Shane wasn’t so sure, but he was mad keen to get away with Carmen, and went to get his keys from the den.

The Garage

Having found the keys to his Ferrari red Ford mustang convertible, he started her up, and backed the car out of the garage so he could take it around to the front entrance. There, he let the car idle and went back up to the front door, to help Carmen with their bags so that they could run off into the night for the cabin and some peace together, just the two of them.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 15, 2014 11:06PM

Shane’s reaction to her suggestion was right on the nose. His grin was wide and seductive as he slapped her on the ass and made an “ooo” sound.

“I’ll get the car started…you pack us a few things.”

He was an eager beaver and he raced her into the house. While she went upstairs to pack some things, Shane went to speak to his brother.

Shane’s Room

Carmen pulled a couple of bags from the closet and set them on the bed. She grabbed a change of clothes for Shane and some of his toiletries and placed them in one bag before she did the same with her things in the other bag.

She was turning to get her hairbrush when she nearly collided with Ethan, who had come into the room with Eric hot on his heels. Eric was frowning at his brother. Ethan was nearly glaring at Carmen.

“Where are you off to in a hurry?” Ethan asked. Carmen frowned before stepping around him to finish packing a bag.

“Shane and I are going up to my cabin to spend the night. Not that I need to explain myself to you.” she stated.

“Then we are coming with you.” Ethan stated. Carmen paused in her movements and slowly turned to look at him. Eric was standing behind his brother shaking his head in disappointment. He had warned his brother that Carmen did not belong to them, they belonged to her and her word was law. And this was why neither of them had been chosen to be a blood doll until now. Ethan had a tendency to become possessive. The last one they were sired to had nearly killed his brother for his obsession. And it looked as if Ethan still had a lesson to learn.

“I don’t think so, hon.” Carmen stated, going back to packing.

“Why not? I think we deserve to go where you do.” Ethan stated. Carmen froze in place for a moment before she slowly turned to face him. Eric, seeing the rage bubbling in Carmen’s eyes, backed up a few steps until he was standing safely in the hallway.

“You think you deserve liberties and freedoms to do what you will? Is that it?”

“Well…yes. You belong to us as much as we belong to you.” Ethan nodded, not seeing the danger he was in.

Eric couldn’t believe his brother was that stupid.

A moment later there was a pained thud as Carmen lunged at Ethan, grabbing him around the throat and slamming him into the wall.

“Get this through your thick head, Slave!” she snarled, emphasizing his status in the household, slamming his head against the wall with each word she spoke. “You are nothing but a blood doll to satisfy my needs when I desire you to! You are not my lover, my mate or my Master! That honor belongs to one man, and one man only! You are very lucky that he hasn’t heard your words or you wouldn’t see the light of day ever again. Do you understand me?” she hissed, squeezing his throat tighter in her clawed hand.

“Yes!” he gasped.

“Yes, what?” she demanded.

“Yes…Mistress!” She released him upon his words and he fell to the floor, coughing and hacking, trying to get his breath back.

“Get out of my sight, worm!” she snapped. He scrambled to his feet, nearly running into the wall as he left the room.

Once he was gone, she took a few moments to calm her raging emotions, the vampire wanting to do some serious damage for such offense.

“Calm…be calm…” she murmured over and over again, clenching and unclenching her hands.

It took her some time but she was finally able to calm her inner beast and resumed her packing. Once she was finished, she grabbed both bags and left the room.

Front Entrance

Having just stepped out onto the front step, Carmen smiled (although it didn’t quite reach her eyes as she was still angry from Ethan’s little power play) when she saw Shane had pulled out the Ferrari for their night away. He only pulled out Red for the special occasions and he must have thought a night with his wife was pretty damn special. He took the bags from her and put them in the car and she climbed into the passenger seat.

“I’m ready when you are, lover.” she stated.