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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 15, 2014 11:42PM
Highway to the Cabin


Shane climbed into the driver’s seat, looking across at his love while putting on a pair of special night driving glasses. He key started the ignition and as he revved the engine, the car gave off a delicious growl, which he emulated with his mouth; snarling as though he was making the sinful sound. Putting the car into first, he hit the execelator and the car’s tires spun; sending up a small shower of pebbles behind it, as the car took off at speed. Headlights illuminating the way as they sped out of the gates of his estate, that started to close automatically. The estate’s security system would come into force, to protect his sires and guests till they returned. Shane’s only hope was that they would all behave in their absence.

Shane pressed play on the car’s in built sound system and soon the car was filled with the sound of Bryan Ferry. Shane was a diehard fan of the classic crooners, and with the mood music in play, he would casually reach across, and start to strum Carmen’s left thigh with his fingers. The car picked up speed as it raced along the country roads, with just the two of them to enjoy the serenity of the moment. It made Shane smile to know that they were getting some quiet time up at the cabin. No distractions and no twins. That last part had him chuckle to himself, and he had to reign that in so she wouldn’t see his cockiness as having her to himself. Sure, he got over his jealousy…but…he still thought this was a win, to have his beautiful bride to himself.

Rather than speak over the music, he started to share his inner thoughts with their mind link as he let his hand stray past her thigh and a little lower, as he increased the speed.

“You know I am going to spoil you….right?” He shot her a look, knowing she would hear his thoughts, and he took his hand away to change gears, before placing it back…right back down lower and teased her with his fingers.

“You thought sex in your office was hot….” Again more teasing, and he drew his hand away, smirking as he did so. He was going to make sure she begged, screamed and got down on her knees. She may be the Queen of the Coven, but he was still her Master…and he knew how much she loved being dominated by him.

The Cabin

Finally pulling up outside the famous cabin, Shane shut off the engine and the headlights. How many memories they had at this spot. Some good, some bad. Shane had plans to make this trip, a special one indeed. One..that she would never forget.
He turned to her as he undid his seat belt, easing over, and then reaching for the back of her head, to draw her into a hungered kiss, while his free hand slipped beneath her shirt, and he kneaded at her supple breast. His tongue pushed through her lips and teased her tongue playfully; a light growl escaping the corner of his mouth.


Shane hungered for her already, easing down from her lips to her neck, sucking and biting before realizing that he wanted her then and there. Shane had to stop himself, before he let the lust get the better of him. He drew back and simply stared at her, before he then climbed out of the car, to go get their bags.

The romantic interlude starts now…


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 16, 2014 12:22AM
Highway to the Cabin


Shane started the car and the engine rumbled to life, vibrating beneath her body with a delicious sounding purr. He hit the gas and the car shot out of the driveway, showering pebbles every which direction. He roared through the gates of the estate as they started to close and she felt better for the security.

He turned on the stereo and music flowed around them. With a smirk, Shane removed one hand from the wheel and placed it on Carmen’s thigh, running his fingers along her skin, every so often dipping beneath the short skirt she decided to wear. With a smirk of her own, she arched an eyebrow at him before reaching over and changing the music.


She was looking forward to this time alone with him, even if it was only for the one night. No one walking in on them and distracting them from what they wanted to do. It was perfect. She felt herself relaxing by the moment as Red ate up the miles between the estate and the cabin.

She started when she heard Shane’s voice across her thoughts and she looked at him.

«”You know I am going to spoil you….right?”» He grinned, removing his hand from her leg and switching gears before placing his hand back where it was on her skin, inching a bit higher then his previous move.

«”I’m looking forward to it.”» she grinned, placing her hand over his.

«”You thought sex in your office was hot….”» he grinned, removing his hand once again, much to her disappointment. She resisted the urge to squirm in her seat, his thoughts and emotions rolling over her in a wave and making her uncomfortably hot between her thighs. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, if the shit-eating grin on his face was any indication.

“Bastard!” she thought to herself, a small chuckle issuing from her lips.

The Cabin

They finally reached the cabin and Carmen took a moment to look around the scene. There had been some good and bad memories associated with this place in the past year…but in the end, the small sacrifices that were made were potatoes against the results achieved.

Shane turned off the car and removed his seatbelt. He eased over and grabbed the back of her head, drawing her into a hungry kiss that nearly singed the hair off her head. His hand slipped beneath her shirt, kneading her breast and teasing her nipple. She gasped at the sensation and in doing so, it allowed him to slip his tongue into her mouth with a growl for emphasis.

She moaned deeply, the sound seeming to come from her toes and radiating outward.


He drew away before they could go further, which was a good thing since Carmen had been moments away from slipping her hand into his pants. He climbed out of the car to get their bags while she took a moment to fan herself and get some semblance of control back.

She had to wonder if she should have told her husband that she wasn’t wearing underwear…

She shook her head…he would know soon enough.

She climbed from the car, fishing for the keys to the cabin in her clutch as she headed up to the front door. She got the door unlocked and open and held it open for Shane as he brought their bags in. As he passed her, she took a moment to slap his ass, a grin on her face.

“That was for earlier.” she grinned as she closed and locked the door, setting the alarm on the house shutters as she did so.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 16, 2014 03:41AM
The Cabin

Oh she was cheeky. Slapping his ass as he entered the cabin main doors, and was heading to set down their bags in the master bedroom. He heard her say that was for earlier; getting her hot and bothered in the car no doubt. Shane sang out back to her, as she was setting the alarm for the house shutters that protected them from the day light.

“Earlier? I was merely teasing, Love.” His voice floated through as he opened up his travel bag, and started to take out his clothes, and put his shaving kit in the bathroom, just adjacent the master suite. The room smelt of sandalwood, oak, and a hint of rose. Enough to make any man relax immediately. The bed in the center of the room, was a large four poster King sized bed, with a large quilted goose feathered doona, and a large stack of cushions and pillows that went up the wall. The suite had a certain feminine touch, that was definitely Carmen’s own. It was relaxing and at the same time comforting. They would find their way here soon enough, but Shane knew that one of his favorite places to woo his beloved, was right before the fire place.

Strolling back out, he watched Carmen as she tendered to the shutters. Always thinking ahead, she was. Smart too, for often they became so wrapped up in each other, that it was easy for them to forget the time of night. They still had a few hours to go before dawn, so Shane got to thinking of ways that he could make this a night one would not forget.

“So…about that hot spring? Care to lead the way, Love?” Shane asked, smiling at her knowing that soon, very soon, he was going to get to enjoy her….every single inch of her.


“I could get somethings for us to dine on from the kitchen first, unless you had other ideas.”


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 16, 2014 08:25PM
Cabin Bedroom


“Earlier? I was merely teasing, Love.” he called out to her as she finished setting the alarms for the doors and windows. She joined him in the bedroom afterward and unpacked her own things.

“If that was teasing, I would love to know what you have planned for an encore.” she grinned, pulling out a black silk robe.

So…about that hot spring? Care to lead the way, Love?” he smirked. “I could get somethings for us to dine on from the kitchen first, unless you had other ideas.” With a calculating look in her eyes, she stepped back and slowly pulled her top over her head, revealing her naked chest. Dropping her shirt on the floor, she did the same to her skirt and stood before him in all her naked glory.

“I’m not hungry for food.” she stated, taking up her robe and slipping it on, covering her naked form. If he made to grab her, she would dodge around him and move toward the door, looking at him over her shoulder with a “Come and get me, big boy!” expression on her face. “The hot spring is calling. Coming, darling?” she grinned, stepping out of the room, not seeing if he was following her or not, but knowing he would be hot on her heels.

Wooded Path


Despite the sticks and twigs and leaves littering the ground, Carmen showed an agility never seen before as she traversed the path leading to the hot spring. She had discovered it by accident some years before and enjoyed using it whenever she was at the cabin. Happy to discover it was on her own property as well, she knew there would be no interruptions for an interlude with her husband. She looked over her shoulder to see how far back he was following, a little moan of pleasure escaping her lips as she anticipated getting him naked and pressed against her as soon as possible.

The spring wasn’t that far from the house, a short walk through the woods, and around a fallen log and they were there.

Hot Springs


“Here we are, my love. Just me and you.” she grinned, toying with the tie on her robe as she waited for Shane.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 16, 2014 09:21PM
Hot Springs

The sight before them was one of tranquility – harmony with nature in this small forest that was behind Carmen’s cabin. She truly had paradise right on her backdoor step. Shane was in no rush, as she spirited off ahead of him; maneuvering her way along the path with all the grace of a leopard or jungle cat. The rippling of her black robe as it flowed in her wake was teasing, and she kept looking back to see if he was keeping up. Shane could only smile wider as he caught on to her enthusiasm. Like she was 19 again. How he would have loved to have met her earlier….before everything in his life changed. What would it have been like to be human with her? To have children. This thought was quickly pushed aside, as he didn’t want to dwell on what could never be. He had to accept the fact that they were undead. It was by choice, and once you choose your fate, forever will it dominate your destiny. Shane knew he was blessed in one way. He had her. And for this short spell in the woods, he had her all to himself.

Reaching the hot spring, he reached up to his buttons, and slowly started to undo them, as she toyed with the tie on her robe. If he had been any hornier, he would have torn it off with his teeth. But he just continued to undress slowly, as his eyes drank her in.

“So beautiful…so truly beautiful.” He was of course referring to Carmen, but he could have meant the spring. He slipped his shirt off, and hung it on a lower branch of a tree, before starting to untie his belt to his pants. Oh…he was going so slowly. Was he being a tease? Probably.

“I want to watch you wade in, Love.” Shane said, a smirk upon his lips, before it faded to a more serious expression. “I want to capture this moment…so every time I close my eyes, I see the sweet globes of your ass about to descend into the waters.” If she went to disrobe, he would slide of his pants, and boxers, before waiting to join her.



Re: The Human World [rp]
January 16, 2014 09:44PM
Hot Spring

Carmen stood at the edge of the spring, eyes completely focused on the man standing in front of her.

“So beautiful…so truly beautiful.” he stated, reaching up to remove his shirt and handing it on a low-laying branch.

“I agree.” she smirked, catching some of his surface thoughts. As he undid his belt on his pants, she undid the tie on her robe, drawing it off and letting it fall to the ground. The silk material slid to the sides, teasing him with glimpses of her naked form. Two could play this game…and she was determined to be the winner.

He undid the button on his pants, before drawing the zipper down as he kept his eyes on her. Her hand reached up and with teasing touches, slid down her body, between her breasts and down her stomach, stopping short at the juncture of her thighs before sliding back up again.

“I want to watch you wade in, Love.” he stated, a smirk on his lips before she saw his expression become serious. Oh no! That wouldn’t do at all! A Serious Shane was no fun. “I want to capture this moment…so every time I close my eyes, I see the sweet globes of your ass about to descend into the waters.”

“Hmm…I think I can accomodate you on that.” she whispered, turning her back toward him. She slid the robe from her shoulders and gravity dragged the material across her skin to fall to the ground. She stood in the moonlight, illuminated by the glow. She didn’t know how she appeared to look to him, but she could feel it in his soul as he stared. She dipped a toe into the warm water before carefully stepping in deeper, wading to the center of the spring before diving beneath the waters to wet her hair. After a moment, she resurfaced, slicking her hair back from her face. She turned to face Shane, her eyes bright with desire for her mate.

“Shane…” she whispered, her voice easily carrying to his sensative hearing. He would be able to hear the need in her voice, the plea for him to complete her in ways no one ever has before.



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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 16, 2014 10:04PM
Hot Spring

So…the minx was going to be just as much a tease as he was being. What they say is very true; if its that good, its worth the wait, and to see Carmen in her naked glory easily had a man salivate. If the twins were here, there was no doubt in his mind that they would already be fucking her senseless, sandwiching her between them. But they weren’t here, and he knew he would have her…in oh so many ways.

Watching her dive under the water, with the ripple from her body as she glided beneath the blue, Shane finally started to dip his foot in, before she surfaced and swept back her hair demurely. That was it for him. He took four steps and descended into the warm waters, before suddenly disappearing under. At first there was a ripple..then nothing. No air bubbles…no sound. The water turned a brilliant blue, and if Carmen was standing still, she would feel a flutter move past her legs, then dash away.


The sounds of the night forest animals became a chorus, and the still of the water might have her wondering just what he was doing. She may even call out his name…wondering if he was alright, but…he didn’t need air in his lungs. He could stay under the water for as long as he needed too, and he had a very good reason for staying under. Carmen may feel something…something grip onto her thighs, and pull them apart slightly, before the sensation of a wayward tongue delved between her folds. He was going to have her cry out his name alright…and probably scare the birds.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 16, 2014 10:47PM
Hot Spring

She eyed Shane as she came back to the surface, water sliding down her body in rivulets.

He seemed to come to a decision as he dipped a foot in before diving beneath the surface of the water. At first there was the ripple of his body sliding through the water…and then nothing. No air bubbles to mark his location, as they didn’t need to breathe, no splashing…nothing. Carmen felt something brush against her leg and turned quickly.

“Shane?” she called, wondering what he was up to. She could sense him close by, but the steam from the spring was obscuring even her enhanced sight.

Hands wrapped around her thighs and she gasped in surprise as her legs were pulled apart. The sensation of a tongue pressing between her folds caused her to cry out and her eyes to close in ecstacy.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned as she struggled to keep her head above water. But it was no use, the sensations were too much as Shane thrust his hot tongue in and out of her body. She slipped beneath the warm waters, overcome with desire as she clutched at his hair. She was as good as caught in his raging desire for her…exactly where she wanted to be.

The water allowed her to place her legs over his shoulders and ride out the sensations he was causing to her body. Floating in a puddle of want and need for her mate, she simply…let go.

She could feel her orgasm approaching with all the subtlety of a freight train moving at a high rate of speed. She had been turned on the moment they left the house and she knew she wouldn’t last long under his onslaught.

She practically exploded in his arms, the sounds of her crying his name muffled beneath the water’s surface.

She let go…and fell apart…knowing he was there to catch her and put her back together again.

That was how he was.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 16, 2014 11:11PM
Hot Spring

The intensity that gripped Carmen was felt by Shane, as he was submerged with her legs locked around him and her arms floating free with the rest of her body. He had all the control on how to delve into her with his long tongue, till she shuddered violently holding on with a vice like grip till she loosened and simply let herself float. Warm already from the tepid waters, Shane disentangled himself from her legs, and broke the surface, smiling as he did so. His lover must have been positively lusty from the moment they left the house, and his teasing only fueled the fire that was burning within her. Rising up from the water, with droplets coursing down his body, he flicked his head back, with a spray of water going behind him.

Shane scooped up Carmen in his arms, and held her close to his body, his arms reaching under her pits, so she was raised slightly higher and he could weave his fingers through her wet hair, whilst covering her mouth in a hungered kiss. Shane pulled her so close, that she could wrap her legs around his waist and feel the press of his hardened member, tapping at the inside of her inner thigh and just under.

The waters rippled around them with the moon’s rays now illuminating the hot springs. It was simply magical to look at and to be in the midst of this setting, making love to his woman, there was no place he wanted to be but here. He drew away from the kiss, just holding her, staring into her eyes. Water ran down his face, and dripped off his chin. He would normally have some wicked quip, or something cheeky to say, but nothing could come to mind, when it was filled with her. The water lapped against them, causing a little sound and he found his words.

“This is all I ever wanted.”


He began to kiss her chin, moving down to her neck, and started to nip at her hungrily, while his hands lowered, and he pulled her down onto the head of his aching member. “Carmen…” He hissed, as he started to make love to her…slowly…


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 16, 2014 11:45PM
She felt when Shane released his grip on her legs and her body floated to the surface of the hot spring, herself feeling languid and limp with her release. He came up beside her, water running down his naked form as she looked at him.

“You know how to show a girl a good time.” she whispered to him. Without a word, he scooped her up into his arms and practically melded her body to his. She wrapped her arms around his neck while his fingers dived into her hair, his mouth covering hers in another hungry kiss. His arms went around her back and he pulled her tightly to him, so tight she could wrap her legs around his waist.

That’s exactly what she did, gripping him tightly as she felt the press of his hardened member pressing against her.

The water rippled around their moving bodies as they hungered for each other, Carmen making small whimpering sounds in the back of her throat.

He drew back from the kiss and she dragged passion-glazed eyes upward to see him staring at her, something akin to awe in his eyes.

“What is it, love?” she whispered, not wishing to disrupt their peaceful interlude.

“This is all I ever wanted.” he stated. She smiled at him then, brushing a hand across his cheek.

“And you’re all I ever needed.” she whispered.

He began to kiss her chin, moving downward to her neck where he started nipping at her as the hunger grew between them. His hands moved lower and he pulled her down onto the head of his hardened member.


“Carmen…” he hissed as he began to slowly thrust inside of her.

“Shane. My love…my heart…my all.” she moaned, letting her head fall back as he made love to her.

The warmth of the water around them created a delicious friction between them. She moaned deeply as he feasted upon her flesh. There was no need to draw blood between them as they would do that before falling asleep for the day, for this, the love flowing between them, was what sustained their appetites at this moment.

Beneath the moon, two lovers, one mind, one heart, one soul found solace together…a harmony none could match.

There would be struggles and battles between them of course, they were two strong individuals in their own right…but what they accomplish together would be talked about for decades.

Carmen squeezed her inner muscles around him, wanting the moment to last for as long as possible. Daylight was a few short hours away and their time was precious to them both. She wanted to make every minute they were together count.

Unknown to the two lovers…a pair of eyes were watching their every move…

Were they Friend or were they foe?