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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 17, 2014 04:08AM
Hot Spring

As the couple’s passion reignited and their bond was reaffirmed, little did they realize that they were being watched. Out in the wilderness, one would expect there to be wild animals around. But this one watched with eyes of the lightest blue. Hidden well by the surrounding forests, it was able to keep Carmen and Shane within its sights, but for how long? And why did it take an interest in the couple enjoying the hot spring?

Shane finally released Carmen from his grip and pulled back, swimming to the edge of the spring, and turning around leaning his body back against the rock wall. He dipped his head under the water for a moment, then came up, raking his fingers back through his wet locks.

“This was a very good idea, love. I am so relaxed.” Course he would be, after enjoying their coupling in the tepid waters. He glanced up and saw the full moon high in the sky, but secretly knew that they would not have long before they must retreat indoors. Normally, Shane would feed before he rested, but he didn’t want for anything right now. In the seclusion of this private spring he was truly able to relax. Pushing himself off the rock wall, he swam back over to Carmen and did something rather silly. He tugged on her hair, like a boy would in a school yard.


“Catch me if you can.” he teased, before splashing wildly and going under the waters.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 17, 2014 08:16AM
Hot Spring

For the first time, Carmen felt truly relaxed and it was all because of the man before her. It was a few moments before they separated themselves, but Shane was the first to move, swimming to the edge of the spring and leaning against the rock walls. He made quite the striking figure with such a pose and she took the time to stare him over from head to toe.

She dipped below the surface to wash her hair before she came back up, just as Shane approached her with a grin that looked more like it should have been on a small child’s face and not a grown man. He was up to something.

He tugged on her hair. “Catch me if you can.” he teased before ducking beneath the water and out of sight.

“Oh so that’s how you want to play, hmm?” she grinned before ducking under herself. She caught a glimpse of his pale figure in the moonlight, just before he disappeared into the shadows. She swam in the direction she’d last seen him only to see that he was no longer in that spot. She turned, searching for him and thought she saw something above her at the edge of the spring. She launched herself up and out of the water with a cry of “Gotcha!” as she landed on her feet on the warm stones…only to freeze in place at what was standing before her.

“Oh my…” she whispered as she stared into the deep blue eyes of a white wolf.


“You are beautiful.” she breathed. She didn’t dare approach closer for she was unsure how or why a white wolf was on her property. And yet it seemed the wolf had other ideas. With no hesitation what so ever, even disregarding her naked form, the wolf walked right up to her and butted its head against her leg. Startled, she squatted down and reached a hand to slowly stroke its fur, surprised at how soft it felt. What surprised her the most, was that the wolf simply sat and let her pet it, like he or she was some kind of dog.

Shane was not going to believe this.

Speaking of which…where was he?

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 17, 2014 06:48PM
Isabella’s Manor – Garage 

Jason blinked and stood rooted to the spot as he watched his favorite car become possessed by his lovely Isabella. Oh he had that deer caught in the headlights expression which was quite worried. As he stood there rooted to the spot Jason would gulp slightly before tensing and readying to jump up onto the hood of the car only to run the windshield of leap off the roof. If this managed to go off without a hitch Jason would vanish into the shadowed ceiling where he watched from above and safety or so he thought. The young vampire was crouched upon one of the lights that hung from the ceiling while remaining completely still and motionless aside from the slight rise and fall of his chest caused by his breathing. Jason was a patient hunter and he was waiting for the right time to get the drop on Isabella literally and hopefully give her the surprise of a life time even though she had turned him. The eyes of the young vampire flitted hither and tither as he remained where he was waiting for Isabella to show herself. Oh he was figuratively a coiled snake waiting to strike its prey that happened to come into range as he exhaled slowly with a serpentine like hiss that echoed through the garage so as to hide his location.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 17, 2014 08:22PM
Isabella’s Manor – Garage

The wheels of the car squealed and screeched on the concrete surface of the garage before the car slid to a stop just inches from where Jason had been standing. The engine roared again before suddenly being cut and the lights faded to nothing. A blink of the eyes and Isabella appeared crouched upon the roof of the car, her fangs fully extended and she looked every bit the vampire that she was. Slowly rising she chuckled, twirling on the spot.


“I like these games….Jason.’ Her voice had a sing song quality, but her eyes were pure evil. She appeared to take a breath, her pupils darting all around her; the tips of her ears twitching to pick up the sound of his movements. “Good….very good. You are learning to use your power of speed, I like that.” She crooned, before jumping down off the roof of the car, and landing on her tall heels with a hard click click sound. The Vampire queen adjusted her lace body suit, so she was covered once more and leaned against the back of Jason’s favorite car. Arms folded, she drummed her fingers across the backs of her forearms, and simply waited for him to appear.

Luther had heard the sounds of the car tearing about the garage, and came down the stairs slowly, to see just what the couple were up too.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 17, 2014 09:15PM
Isabella’s Manor – Garage 

Jason remained silent before he leaped down from where he had hidden which was directly in front of Isabella. With a muffled thump he landed in a crouch before he stood and brushed himself off while gazing into his mate’s eyes. The young vampire’s eyes where a soft forest green tinted with flecks of red here and there indicating Jason was just barely suppressing the vampire hiding beneath the surface of his heart. Oh how tempting it was to just give in and let the vampire within surface and reign supreme but it was the fear of hurting the one he held dear to his heart that held him back. Slowly he would walk towards Isabella before standing just inch’s away from her though he made no move to embrace her but instead raised a brow questioningly while he spoke softly. “Isabella darling….what is it that i feel within I know I’m a vampire but I feel there is something else….like a beast waiting to be set free..” With his piece spoken he would look up at her with some hesitance in his eyes as far as the want to shift into the vampire he was. Slowly he would look down feeling insignificant and insecure with a slow exhalation of the breath that was held within his lungs. As Jason stood there he would shift from foot to foot anxiously waiting upon her explanation to the inner turmoil he was going through.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 17, 2014 09:38PM
Isabella’s manor – Garage

The redness in her eyes started to fade, when she heard Jason speak of how he was feeling conflicted. Like he knew what he had become, but he had yet to truly experience being a vampire. This night in the garage he had started to use his powers, but it was just a game, especially to Isabella. Seeing his head lower and the sag of his shoulders, the Vampire Queen moved in closer and wrapped her arms around him. It was her job as his Sire to complete him on his way to the true path. He simply didn’t know that. With soulful looking brown eyes now, a beauty radiated from her as she spoke so softly….it was touching.


“Jason…I love you.” She kissed his lips softly, to quell the inner turmoil, and as she barely pulled her lips away, she went on further. “Tommorow eve, my darling, I shall take you on your first hunt. I will teach you just how to release….the beast within.” She slowly licked his neck, growling softly, as her clawed hands gripped his buttocks. Isabella was trying to make him feel…that the Queen was truly his..and he would become a full vampire lord by the next full moon.

Looking up at him, she showed a bright smile.

“We shall feed together, share our kills and then….. each other.”

Isabella slowly released him, and then started for the stairs.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 17, 2014 11:02PM
Hot Spring

The underwater game went from a hair pulling chasey, to suddenly having Carmen coming face to face with a large wolf. Shane breached the surface of the water, thinking he had won the game, only to be shocked to see Carmen petting the wild animal. At first, he wanted to shout at the wolf to shoo it away, but then he noticed how Carmen was petting it and he was truly confused.

“Since when did wild wolves like being patted like Lassie?” Shane remarked, swimming to the other side of the hot spring and climbing out. Water dripped off him onto the rocks on which he stood, and he had his hands on his hips, waiting for Carmen to answer. Was this going to be a new pet? She already had the twins and they were annoying enough, always sniffing at her skirts.

“Carmen? Are you listening to me?” He said, trying to maneuver his way around the rock pool, but not getting too close to be in danger from this beast. “If he tries to hump your leg, I swear…”


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 18, 2014 08:53PM
Isabella’s Manor – Garage 
[www.youtube.com] (( music playing in Garage ))
Jason watched his beloved walk away silently before he sighed to himself and walked over to a chevy Camaro and popped the hood with a soft click. Jason would then proceed to immerse himself in the engine maintenance as it seemed that the car had not been touched in quite some time. As Jason worked the sounds of heavy metal would fill the air as the young Vampire sought to distract himself from the inner turmoil going on within his body. After what seemed like hours of tinkering and fiddling with the engine block of the Chevy Camaro Jason would slam the hood before wiping the sweat from his brow as he whispered softly to himself. “There she’s right as rain…” After having corrected the poorly maintained camaro Jason would walk around and open the driver’s door only to sit in the driver’s seat and bring the engine to life which produced a deep rumbling sound before killing the engine with a satisfied grin. Then Jason would exit the vehicle before making his way from the garage and headed for the showers to clean the grease staining his upper body.

Isabella’s Manor – Jason’s Chambers/Shower 

Jason would walk into his room before kicking his boots off and heading into the master bathroom that was adjoining his chambers to turn on the shower to a scalding hot spray. With the Shower running he would disrobe himself revealing all of his body to plain sight before he wrapped a towel around his waist and turned to walk into the showers. Once in the master bathroom he would drop the towel from his waist and step into the scalding hot spray which cascaded down from the opulent shower head. Silently he stood there letting the water cascade down onto his body and wash away the grease and grime as his thoughts turned to his next move important question he had to ask his lovely Isabella. Without warning he would turn and slam his fist into the tile with enough of an impact to crack the tiling on the walls yet not break them entirely. Jason would hiss his turmoil into the bathroom as he raked his now clawed hands through his hair slowly as he sought to come to final terms with his new life or unlife for that fact. Silently Jason would step out of the shower before turning the water off and toweling himself off before dressing in a set of black boxers and a pair of sweats completed by a tank top. After dressing himself he would shuffle to his bed before laying down upon it and staring up at the ceiling hoping Isabella would come and join him as he needed her guidance the most as well as her warm body pressed to his in a loving embrace.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 19, 2014 06:00AM
Isabella’s Bedroom

Isabella pranced in to her own room, feeling well pleased with herself. Jason was so sweet, and she shivered slightly as the taste of his lips remained on hers. She twirled around pressing two fingers to her mouth and closing her eyes, unaware that Luther had followed her back up. He strode up behind her and was about to reach out, when she turned and opened her eyes.

“There you are, Luther. My…why the glum face?” Isabella teased, knowing full well how he felt about her having Jason in her home. He spoke gruffly and wanted the truth. “Are you taking him on a hunt tomorrow eve?” Ah, so that was it. He was always at her side on the hunts, and he hated missing out on seeing his Mistress feed. Isabella started to peel off the lacey cat suit she was wearing, giving no care that he was watching her or not.

“Jason needs to feed, Luther. It will help him make the final step. Right now he is a bit lost and confused.” Now wearing nothing but her heels and jeweler around her neck, she took up a brush and started to brush her long hair out. Long strokes, that made her hair shine and flow behind her. “He needs me.” Isabella said with a whisper, as she set down the brush, and reached for a fine black silk robe. She began to thread it through as Luther could be seen to be getting hard in her presence. Clearly, he had needs as well. “What about us?”


Isabella showed a radiant smile, along with those fangs and said as she passed him. “Yes…what about us?”

She took off down the hall way to Jason’s room, leaving Luther behind fuming.

Jason’s bedroom

Isabella glided silently into the room, and like a cat on the prowl, she stalked his bed, before climbing in, and getting cozy under the covers with him. “Mmmmm you smell delicious. I do love a well scrubbed man.” she chimed, just as the shutters across the house started to close. “Time for sleeping, sweet Prince.” Isabella chimed, as she soon drifted off in his arms, as the day outside dawned.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 19, 2014 09:46AM
Hot Springs

She heard a splash behind her as Shane emerged from the spring.

“Since when did wild wolves like being patted like Lassie?”

She turned her head to look at her husband. “I don’t know where she came from, baby. She walked right up to me. I didn’t do anything. Maybe she’s domesticated?” Carmen queried, not really believing that someone would domesticate a wild animal.

“Carmen? Are you listening to me?” Shane grumbled good-naturedly from behind her. There was a rustle of movement as he came into her line of sight, staying well away from the unpredictable wolf. Seeing what she was doing, he gave a sigh. “If he tries to hump your leg, I swear…”

“It’s a she-wolf, darling…and a beautiful one at that. I’ve never seen one this far from the mountains before.” she murmured as she ran her hands over the wolf’s rear flanks. She felt something wet upon her palm, just as the wolf gave a startled yelp of pain. Quickly removing her hand, Carmen noticed that her fingers were stained with blood. The wolf whimpered and looked at Carmen with pain-filled eyes. She leaned over the wolf’s back to get a better view and saw what looked to be a gunshot wound. Her eyes narrowed dangerously. That meant one thing…

Someone was hunting on her private property.

“She’s been shot.” she growled, examining the wound more closely. She made soothing sounds while keeping her other hand upon the wolf’s head. “It’s all right, I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to check your injury, sweetheart.” she whispered. The wolf trembled beneath her hand as she spoke but made no move to bite Carmen or run away. As gently as she could, Carmen poked around the wound and felt the tell-tale edge of metal from a bullet.

“We’re going to have to take her to the cabin and get the bullet out.” she stated, looking at Shane. Daylight was an hour away and they could not afford to be caught outdoors when the sun rose.