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Re: Desnonia- Albisas, The Capital [RP]
January 21, 2014 01:44AM
The Imperial Castle- Kyoko’s Chamber

Kyoko’s suggestion that perhaps if they got to know each other better as friends, seemed to be just what the Prince wanted to hear. It was almost like she could see the look of relief on his face. “Getting to know each other sounds perfect,” He said, actually turning towards her so they were now conversing directly to each other. His concern for her having to leave her homeland was genuine, and this meant a great deal. She truly didn’t know a soul here, so her feelings of isolation were genuine.

“It means a lot to me, that you are going out of your way to make me feel welcome, your Highness.” Again she spoke to him by his title, as she felt that she was not exactly on a first name basis with him. Royal protocol and all that. Kyoko’s face brightened, and she actually sat up a bit taller, with her shoulders back, now eager to hear what he had in mind. She was going to sit and write to her parents today but that could wait.

“How would you like to visit Desnonia’s Air Brigade today? I’m sure its not as grand as the base in the homeland, but it will give you a chance to meet the team.”

“Really? My, that would be fantastic. I am dying to see the base and of course meet the team.” Her enthusiasm came out as her voice went to a higher pitch. But then she looked down at her attire, and said.

“I would need to change of course. I don’t think going down dressed like this would be safe, or appropriate. I have got one of my flight kits in my closet. I happen to have brought it with me….just in case.”

Kyoko got to her feet, and asked.

“Could you wait a moment, while I change?”


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January 21, 2014 10:38AM
The Imperial Castle- Kyoko’s Chamers

Kyoko seemed truly pleased by Kazuhiko’s suggestion and he couldn’t help but feel a little giddy himself. It was hard to find that kind of passion in the Desnonian Air Brigade. The Nephilim children born on Desnonia after the war didn’t know what it meant to live by the code. They typically spent their mandatory eight years in the academy and moved on to other things. Kazuhiko was lucky enough to grow up in a proud, traditional Nephilim family and he felt like Kyoko came from the same mold. When she said she had brought her flight kit along he let out a boisterous laugh.

You brought your flight kit along just in case? You must really love the AB. You should fit right in with the rest of team,” he said after his fit subsided. When Kyoko brought up changing her clothes, Kazuhiko looked down at his own. “Actually, if you don’t mind, I will change also. To be quite honest, I aimed to dress casually this morning, but I have nothing remotely of the sort in my closet. If I show up like this, I will never hear the end of it.” He stood up and headed for the door. “I’ll meet you back here in 15 minutes… Oh and you can call me Kazu,” he added as he left the room.

Kazuhiko strode briskly to his apartments and headed straight for the closet. He hadn’t worn his uniform in months and missed the familiarity of the fabric against his skin. It was a stylish source of pride for all of the Nephilim and it also served as an excellent means of protection. Royal blue robes hung down to the knee and concealed a lining of light chainmail, which made them useful in combat and the skies where windchill was a common issue. The next piece of the trousseau was the vest made of snakeskin and leather. It covered the torso and snapped together at the neck with handcrafted, solid silver clasps. Thick, comfortable pants covered the legs and knee length, steel toe boots kept the shins safe.

Kazuhiko quickly changed his clothes, setting the leather gauntlets aside knowing he wouldn’t need them. His silver medals for accomplishment and rank shone brightly on the right side of his vest. When he wore the uniform, he felt more sure of himself. He had worked very hard to get where he was and was very proud of his status. After checking himself in the mirror, he headed back to Kyoko’s room. He knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.

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January 21, 2014 01:23PM
The Imperial Castle- Kyoko’s Chamers

One thing about a member of the Air Brigade was to always be prepared for anything, and so with that in mind, Kyoko brought her flight kit from home. This would surprise the Crown Prince so much that he had a good rollicking laugh about her devotion to her career. One that had graduated, with honors would know how much the service meant, especially a young girl like Kyoko. Before she had come to this country, it had been her whole life. Kyoko had a small spring in her step as she went to her walk in closet, to take out the box that held her uniform. Her slender digits glided across the top, that was embossed with her name and rank.

By the time she came back out, the Prince had gone to go and change into his flight attire, since what he had on, would probably get him laughed at down at the base. Now on her own, she lifted the lid, and withdrew the body hugging navy blue uniform, that was made from a special material that made it easier for her to glide through the air. It was super lightweight and resilient to tearing. Specially moulded to her figure, it fitted her body like a glove, but still looked every part a uniform, with the markings of her rank on her shoulders, and the emblem of her country on the front upper right torso. Kyoko changed out of her casual attire, and slipped into the figure hugging uniform, zipping it up to her neck and then pulling the tab across so it was tight up around her neck. She looked stream lined, and definitely a modern Air brigade member. Kyoko went to get a hair tie and her brush, so that she could tie her hair back neatly, and away from her face. Lastly she placed on her gloves, that were specially designed for extra grip, her shoes were part of the suit and so were flat with shock absorbing heels.

No sooner was she dressed, she heard a knock at the door, and she ran over to get it, opening it to see the Prince standing there in his more elaborate uniform.

“Ready when you are, Kazu.’ Kyoko said with a salute.


Re: Desnonia- Albisas, The Capital [RP]
January 21, 2014 10:15PM
Desnonian Air Brigade

Kazuhiko, Lucas and Kahue

Kazuhiko hadn’t really heard Kyoko because he was too busy shamelessly admiring her figure. The uniform hugged all of her curves and he quickly adverted his eyes, remembering that she was standing right in front of him. “Uh, I’m sorry what was that? Oh okay, let’s go,” he stuttered as his cheeks started to turn light pink. It was beginning to feel like he could never be completely at ease around her. Every time he felt like he was gaining his confidence back, she threw a curve ball.

His focused all of his attention on not letting his body respond to the vulgar thoughts that threatened to overpower his mind. The last thing he wanted was to show up to the the base with an erection, so he didn’t talk much on the way to the Air Brigade. It was located near the academy and would be quick to reach. He headed out the same side exit they used the night before and walked in the right direction. When they made it to the Air Brigade, he was greeted by the two sergeants on guard duty. They saluted Kyoko and waited until the duo passed to watch her ass as she walked away.

The Rise Arsenal had its own special quarters near the back of the base. Kazuhiko took out his tags and used them to unlock the door. As they entered the room they were accosted by the thick smoke of cigars. “The boss is back!” said a tall, scruffy Nephilim who jumped up from his seat and patted Kazuhiko roughly on the back. Kazuhiko laughed and moved aside to introduce Kyoko.

Senior Master Sergeant, Lucas Dray, meet Second Lieutenant, Kyoko Takiharah. She will be joining The Rise Arsenal along with one of her Senior Master Sergeants,” he said as Lucas reached out to shake hands with Kyoko. “Very nice to meet you. Welcome to the team,” Lucas said in his usual friendly manner. Cards sat on the table behind them and a woman had just put down her hand in annoyance. She was the other remaining Senior Master Sergeant of The Rise Arsenal.

You look a lot less frail without your Kimono,” she said in greeting. Kazuhiko knew the woman very well as she had been the second cadet given a position on The Rise Arsenal. Her penchant for sarcasm was legendary, but Kazuhiko tried his best to keep her from saying anything too disrespectful. At the moment he was giving her a pointed look, so she stood and held her hand out to Kyoko. “The name’s Kahue,” she said with an unenthusiastic smile before going back to her position at the table.


Both Kazuhiko and Lucas sighed resignedly. “Don’t mind her… She might grow on you one day,” Lucas said to Kyoko.


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January 22, 2014 01:28AM
Desnonian Air Brigade

Kyoko picked up on the fact that he was admiring her uniform as it was a lot different to the one that he was wearing. Perhaps it was the fact that it was so sheer and close to her figure, and her being athletically built that had him stutter and turn a shade of pink in his cheeks. Either way, it had Kyoko smirk as she passed by him and closed her door, so that they might head off for the academy. Kazuhiko walked proudly and Kyoko kept up with him pretty well, and the distance to the actual academy was not to far from where they had been the night before, in fact they took the same exit and only turned right instead.

Kyoko felt a slight flutter, knowing she would be meeting Kazuhiko’s team. She was a new face into what was already a set group, so that may have her fitting in being a little difficult. She had been thrown many challengers before in her career, but one of the hardest things was gaining the respect and trust of your crew. You had to earn it, and as she was betrothed to the Prince, this would only make things harder. Inwardly she was already going over who to have sent from home, to be as her second. She had almost made up her mind on who that would be.

Two sergeants on guard duty saluted the pair as they reached the gates of the Air brigade, and Kyoko keenly saluted them back, again trying to keep up with Kazuhiko. He wasn’t speaking much now. Odd, he seemed pretty eager earlier. Kyoko figured he had a lot on his mind, so she played it off, and then took in a deep breath as they reached the door to the Rise Arsenal, which had its own building aside from the rest of the Air Brigade.

The room they entered was filled with cigar smoke, and immediately Kyoko wanted to cough, but refrained as she saw the two that were seated at a card table. They were introduced to her by Kazuhiko, and each had very striking personalities.

Senior Master Sergeant, Lucas Dray was welcoming, and immediately put Kyoko at ease with his friendly banter and cheeky face. He was definitely someone she could grow to like.

“Very nice to meet you. Welcome to the team,” He said with some enthusiasm, and he shook her hand warmly. Kyoko smiled and replied. “It is an honor to be welcomed so. A pleasure to meet you, Senior Master Sergeant Dray.” Kyoko kept things relatively formal, as that was customary back in her country.

It was then the woman on the far side of the table, placed down her cards as if she was annoyed with the conversation and introductions, going as far to make a quick remark about how Kyoko didn’t look so frail out of her kimono. The sighs from the men showed that this was not totally unexpected from Kahue. Kyoko took the words of welcome in her stride, and replied in her most polite voice. “Looks, can be deceiving, Kahue. I assure you I am anything but fragile.” Make no mistake, she may look as gentle as a fallen flower, but there was a side to Kyoko that no one in this land had seen. She didn’t reach her place in the Air Brigade by looks and favors. Kyoko showed a polite smile, but if one stared into her eyes, you could see the dragon behind her eyes.



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January 22, 2014 03:14AM
Desnonian Air Brigade

Kazuhiko, Lucas and Kahue

It took someone with guts to stand up to Kahue and the fact that Kyoko held her own upon their first encounter made Kazuhiko like her even more. In truth, he had been worried about them meeting, but he was sure Kyoko would be fine and Kahue would eventually come to respect her. He decided that it would be okay to leave Kyoko in their company briefly while he spoke with one of his superiors about her taking the aptitude test.

Kyoko, I’m leaving you in the care of SMS Dray, for a short while so I can attend to a few pressing matters. He will keep you entertained for sure,” Kazuhiko said as he walked back through the door. Lucas looked over at Kahue, who was conveniently occupied with one of her long strands of shiny brown hair. He sighed again and headed for the exit also. “I guess it’s just us. I’ll take you for a tour and you can beat the info about Kazu out of me,” he said with a big smile.


Lucas led the way out of The Rise Arsenal headquarters and walked toward the glider hanger to show off the new designs. “As it stands, you need a high starting point for glider take off, which automatically limits their usefulness. However, we’ve been working with the witches to get the gliders to be able to take flight on their own. The problem is that enchanting objects takes a lot of power, experimentation and skill,” he said entering the large building so they could take a closer look. “In the meantime, we have streamlined the design so that they are lighter and have better handling. Kahue came up with the schematics and I calibrated the calculations. That is what the Arsenal is all about; working together to accomplish greatness. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without each other.” Lucas was very outgoing and it was easy for him to start a conversation without provocation.

Re: Desnonia- Albisas, The Capital [RP]
January 22, 2014 05:32PM
Desnonian Air Brigade

“Kyoko, I’m leaving you in the care of SMS Dray, for a short while so I can attend to a few pressing matters. He will keep you entertained for sure,”

It was hardly surprising that the Prince would have other pressing matters to attend to, so Kyoko offered a light smile before turning her attention back to SMS Dray, who looked like he was concerned about how Kahue was being towards the newest member of the Arsenal. Kyoko was not about to blow sunshine up her arse, to try and make things good between them. That would be a wasted effort, and so rather than dwell on it, she simply followed Dray out of the room, and went along with him to the glider hanger, so she could view the latest designs.

Lucas’s knowledge of the machines was unquestionable, and he spoke with pride about how the gliders had been streamlined, and that he himself had a hand in its designs. He actually calibrated the calculations, while Kahu came up with the schematics. The point he was trying to make, by explaining that it was a team effort that made the gliders better, was not lost on Kyoko. If she was going to earn her place, she was going to have to not only contribute, but respect and work well with her team mates. While Kahu might not respect Kyoko now, that could well change, but it was not going to happen over night.

The conversation was going well, since Lucas was eager to show Kyoko everything about the gliders. The young future Princess walked around one of the gliders, letting her fingers trail along one of the wing tips. Immersed in her own thoughts for a moment, she then asked whilst looking back over her shoulder.

“So when do we take these out in the field? I imagine you will want to see how well I can fly one of these.”



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Re: Desnonia- Albisas, The Capital [RP]
January 22, 2014 11:25PM
Desnonian Air Brigade


Lucas was already starting to like Kyoko and the fighting spirit that she possessed. She was a kindred spirit who would fit in perfectly with the Arsenal. When she turned toward him and asked when they could take the gliders out, he couldn’t help but chuckle. “We could take them out now if you would like. We have ten set up on the city walls for easy take off. Follow me,” he said as he left the glider hanger. A tree lined path led from the entrance of the base to their designated glider take off point on the walls. Lucas kept a leisurely pace and nodded to anyone who passed them.

It took little time to arrive at the city walls and an enclosed stone staircase led to the top. He climbed them two at a time and basked in the glorious view of lush green trees, rivers and open skies, but something about the scene was amiss. Lucas sensed an unknown presence somewhere off in the trees that put him on the defensive. “It might be divine intervention that we came up here. I don’t know if you can sense it, but someone is watching the city from the trees. I guess I will be administering your first test. Stay close,” he said picking up a glider. He got a good running start and leapt into the air through one of the openings in the wall. He jumped on the glider and maneuvered so he lay on his stomach in the right position. After a bit of adjustment, the glider rode the thermals smoothly and gained altitude. Lucas circled over the trees in search of the intruders.

Two spies appeared in a small clearing briefly before disappearing between the trees. “We’ll have to land to confront them,” he said as he started to make his descent. Gauging the spies’ trajectory, he banked slightly to the left and continued to slowly lose altitude. The landing was always the hard part as you had to stand and estimate your running speed when you jumped off. It was easy to undershoot and lose your footing, but Lucas executed his landing perfectly and set his glider aside as he continued to pursue the enemy agents. He and Kyoko would come back for them later.

He caught up to the first one quickly and knowing that they were captured, the spy suddenly turned and faced Lucas with their sword at the ready. The intruder was covered from head toe in a worn, light brown garment that revealed only their dark brown eyes. Lucas looked back to verify that Kyoko had followed and signaled her to go after the other trespasser. He was ill prepared for the fight. but still felt confident. It seemed that the spies had only been there to surveil the city. Their strength and skill otherwise appeared to be subpar. The biggest mistake most made was assuming that the Nephilim height was a weakness, but Lucas stalked his prey gracefully. He pulled his only weapon, a small, sharp switchblade from his belt and observed the situation from all angles.

The spy lunged forward with their sword, narrowly missing Lucas’ torso, which was barely protected since he hadn’t worn his robes. He thought to himself that they might not be so inexperienced after all as he leapt back to dodge the blade. Lucas’ movements were fluid as he used the momentum from the jump to spin on his heel in a low crouch. Coming out of the pivot, he released his right leg and and slammed it into the ankles of the assailant causing them to topple over. Lucas stood over them and held his knife to their neck. He was about to remove the fabric covering their face when suddenly their whole body burst into flames. Recognizing their defeat, the intruder had bit into a small capsule hidden under their tongue ending their life, but also keeping their identity a secret. Lucas stood and took quick mental notes in his head before turning to search for Kyoko.

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January 23, 2014 03:02AM
Desnonian Air Brigade

“We could take them out now if you would like. We have ten set up on the city walls for easy take off. Follow me,”

Kyoko didn’t need to be asked twice. The young Nephilim walked at a brisk pace in trying to keep up with Lucas, who was well known to those of the academy, and made sure to acknowledge those that walked past them with a curt nod. Inwardly, Kyoko was excited to see the gliders that they used here. Would they be a lot like those at her home base? She was soon to discover that they were. Reaching the the city walls, and the stone staircase, Kyoko had to leap up the stairs to keep up with Lucas, who kindly showed her the way. On reaching the top, she was astonished to see the lush setting. Such greenery, and the delightful sounds of the falls and rivers. Majestic when one viewed it for the first time. She even spun around so she could take it all in. If this was to be where she flew, then she was as close to heaven as could be imagined. Taken in by her surrounds, she hadn’t picked up on the same concerns as Lucas. Luckily he was on the ball, and made it clear that she was to stay close, as they would investigate.

“It might be divine intervention that we came up here. I don’t know if you can sense it, but someone is watching the city from the trees. I guess I will be administering your first test. Stay close,” 

“Right behind you.” She answered, looking around her quickly, before racing after Lucas to grab her own glider. Kyoko watched as Lucas did his run and then leapt off through the opening in the wall. She was on the ball, following closely behind and what a feeling it was, as she moved into the right position, taking advantage of the updraft winds, and soaring high off the ground. The adrenaline rush was almost addictive and she had to stop herself from making a whooping sound as she glided effortlessly through the air.

The trees far below was where the intruders, that Lucas had picked up on, were hiding. Kyoko narrowed her gaze, as she tried to get a fix on their position, but their outfits made it easier for them to blend into the canopy. A quick mistake on their part for the briefest of moments had them spotted in a clearing, and Lucas made the call. “We’ll have to land to confront them,” 

Kyoko simply nodded in response, and started her descent, reading herself for the running landing, which was tricky to say the least. She managed it without fault and set down her glider, ready to take on the intruders first hand. Only problem was, she was unarmed, which meant if she faced one of them, she was going to have to disarm them as fast as humanely possible. Lucas signaled for Kyoko to take off after the second, while he was going to try and take in the first intruder to their lands.

Kyoko took a deep breath, and darted through the forest as fast as she was able, keeping a keen eye out for the enemy. It was barely a minute, when she caught sight of the intruder, but she could not tell if they were male or female. Wearing a simple light brown garment, that covered most of their body, save for their eyes, which were the darkest brown. The intruder spun around as Kyoko entered the clearing, then you could hear mocking laughter beneath the mask.

In the back of her mind, Kyoko started to hear the voice of her mentor, as if he was right there with her. Having trained her in martial arts since a small child, she had forged a special and unique bond with her Master. Closing her eyes a split second, took her right back.


~Do not deny the dragon that lives within, Child. Our greatest weapon, is our mind and body~

The intruder slowly removed a katana that was kept in a leather sheath on their back, the sound of the metal sliding through the holster made a sinister sound, as Kyoko prepared herself in a fight stance. Legs shoulder length apart, with the left foot forward slightly, right foot back, arched on the ball for extra bracing when she had to take off at speed. Kyoko’s hands flattened, and she drew her right arm back slightly, left hand forward with the palm facing out. The intruder screamed something unaudible and made a run for Kyoko, who stood her ground to the dying seconds, as the intruder went for a horizontal slash. Kyoko simply dropped forward, and her hands braced her body as her legs went into a propeller swing, aimed to catch the knee of the intruder, and if anchoring, would send them off balance. With the energy expelled in the swing of the blade, and the intruder now falling backwards from the leg sweep, Kyoko leapt up, with a single bounce on both feet, before she went to do a second kick aimed to the stomach, to totally knock them flat on their back.

As the fighter landed, the katana fell from the assailant’s grip, and this was all Kyoko needed. She kicked the sword further away, and then went back into the defensive stance, waiting for the intruder to show some honor and get up and fight without weapons. She motioned with her hand for the intruder to get up, right as Lucas was coming through the forest. Kyoko glanced up a moment, taking her gaze off her assailant, and this was all he needed. He flipped back onto his feet, and then made a second run, right fist raised and aimed for Kyoko’s left cheek, and she brought up her left hand to grip the assailant’s wrist as he moved in. With the fingers curled around the wrist, she used her right fist, to come up and under to dislocate his elbow in a sickening crunch. Now she had him incapacitated. He screamed in pain as she then brought up her right knee to kick him fiercely in the nether regions, sending him buckling to the ground, her hold on his wrist still tight. Lucas would be able to see the fight by now, and she had captured one….but what would happen next?


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January 23, 2014 04:43AM
Bordering Lands of Albisas


As Lucas caught up with Kyoko, she glanced at him for a moment and he nearly shouted for her to refocus on her combatant as they regained their footing. However, she had an excellent handle on the situation as she grabbed their wrist, dislocated their elbow and kicked them in the nether region. Kyoko’s skill was fearsome and the spy who they now knew was a man from his scream of agony dropped to the ground holding his crotch with his good hand. Lucas sprinted over and removed the man’s hood and reached into his mouth. Holding his jaw open, he dug around and found the capsule that would have set the man aflame.

Lucas took off his belt and was about to use it to bound the man’s wrists behind his back when an arrow flew through the trees and pierced the man’s skull. Lucas turned quickly in the direction the arrow came from and scouted the trees. There were no unusual movements meaning whoever had taken out the spy had fulfilled their objective. They would not stick around to fight the two Nephilim. Lucas looked over at Kyoko and sighed signaling that she could drop the man. Crouching down over the corpse, he focused on learning important info about where the man had originated.

Well, we know a few things from this. The humans are watching our territory and this garb is that of a Wyvern rider. Though, it seems that they didn’t bring their Wyverns with them. I would guess that they were here to check on Air Brigade activity and to look for points of weakness in the city’s defenses. Let us return to the base and inform Kazu of the situation. He should be back by now,” Lucas said as he headed back toward where they left the gliders. He used two of the maneuvering chords to secure his glider over his shoulder and began the trek back to the city gates. It would take them around thirty minutes to return to the base. “Good work, by the way. I will give you my highest recommendation.”