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Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
January 26, 2014 10:29PM
Tagor’s Tent
They shared a moment where the need for words no longer mattered. He understood, by her placing a hand on his chest that she had accepted him as her Master and mate. He appeared to sneer, but it was due to the fact that he was still up inside of her, and had yet to fill her with his seed. Now he wanted to finish what they started. His first kiss was soft, and he teased her lips with his tongue, while his hips rocked up and with his hands now on her hips, he started to work their bodies, so she was moving in time with him.The kiss began to deepen as his tongue sought to enter her mouth and tussle with her own, while the drums from the ceremonial pit had actually picked up tempo. In a far tent a woman from the spice lands was being sexed, and she cried out in time to the beating of the drum….it was like all around them the souls were rejoicing the mating rites of the Njada. Tagor pulled back and then his face became determined, as he held her tight to him, pulling her up and down so the tempo got faster. His hardened chest filled with air and he was racing like his stallion to the finish. He then made a sound that was like an English word.“Haaaartaa.” He groaned and then snorted as he pulled her down three hard times till his head erupted inside her, pulsating and filling her womb with his seed. She would probably be shocked with the intensity of this act, and as he gasped for breath, he again took to breast, clamping on, as he held her down upon him, ensuring the seed would sprout. If she came as he, then the euphoria would be off the charts.https://i2.wp.com/img37.imageshack.us/img37/8622/0017danidrogo.jpg


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January 26, 2014 11:02PM
He leaned in to kiss her once more, his tongue teasing at her lips, demanding entrance. She obeyed without question, her moan swallowed into his mouth as he rocked his body into hers once again. She hadn’t even been aware they had stopped.Their bodies began to move in sync as the drumbeats outside became harder and faster. Dimly she could hear other women enjoying the same treatment she herself was now subjected to. His tongue mimicked the actions of his body and she could do nothing but hold on tightly, her hands clenching and unclenching against his shoulders.He broke away from their kiss and a determined look settled over his face. He pulled her tightly against him, grinding her hips over his, the little nubbin of flesh between her legs rubbing deliciously against the hair between his thighs. She inhaled sharply, a sensation she’d never felt before swiftly overtaking her body.What she was unaware of was the woman who’s cries were echoing with the drums, was actually those of a Shaman woman, whom another of Tagor’s men had taken to his furs for the night. She had seen in her runes that someone belonging to one of the Njada needed healing and was offering up her body and her magic to fuel the casting of her spell. Her words, interspersed with the cries of passion she was experiencing, were spoken in the ancient language of Ilyra’s people. A more potent magic then she’d ever attempted before.”A sel’is’po lu’a illing…zah’har nau mzild…dro duul’sso…tlu duul’sso…zah’har nau mzild…nau mzild valbynae…nau mzild cruelty…ku’lam phor lu’tlu l’m’ranndii…y’teni l’sssiks…zah’har nau mzild…” (“By seed and by bone…suffer no more…live free…be free…suffer no more…no more bindings…no more cruelty…rise up and be the mate…raise the sun…suffer no more…”)

Within Tagor’s tent, Master and Slave joined as one. The grip at her hips tightened minutely as he jerked her down hard upon him a final three times. The third time, he groaned, pinning her in place, suckling at her breast once again. She felt him swell within her a moment before there was a pulsating warmth. Her head fell back and she cried to the heavens as she reached her peak.

“Usstan tlun elggor! Xal l’Quar’valsharess dormagyn uns’aa!” (“I am dying! May the Goddess save me!”)

Something quite unexpected happened as she reached her own orgasm…there was an itchy, spiky feeling that suffused her entire body that grew steadily worse the longer he pumped his seed into her.

She clenched around him tightly, as she experienced another gut-wrenching sensation and she cried out as a light glow, her magic, lit her skin like a candle. There was a snapping sound and the bracelets around her wrists snapped in two, falling to the ground with a light thud.

At the same time the glow was lighting Ilyra’s body, the Shaman woman’s cries of completion ended her spell, allowing for the bracelets that Ilyra had been wearing for 10 years to fall free. The Shaman collapsed beneath the Njada male behind her, breathing heavily, pleased that her spell had worked.

Free for the first time in over 10 years, Ilyra’s magic exploded within her, causing her to cry out in shock. The magical backlash she experienced, as her magical pathways regenerated and healed her body, mind and soul caused the poor slave girl to collapse in the arms of her Master, unconscious.

As she succumbed to the darkness…she sensed a second aura aside from her own. A tear slipped from her eye, as cool and bright as a snowflake. For the first time…she was to produce an issue from a union with a Master.

And that it was to be born of the man who freed her made her happier then she ever thought possible.

She could not return to her homeland. Tagor and his people…they were her people now.

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January 27, 2014 02:29AM
Tagor’s Tent 
Tagor felt his woman fall limp in his arms as she succumbed to the end of their mating ritual. So light was her frame, that he gently lifted her, then placed her down in the middle of the furs, where he would then lay beside her. Her face was so serene and one thing he noticed was that her bands or binding had fallen off. Was this significant in the producing of a child? Had the seed taken hold in her womb? Either way, Tagor was pleased. A woman that was so supple, she could be molded to his girth, and then experienced with him the joy of their sex. She was worth so much more than the price he paid…so much more. Lovingly, he brought her to lay partially on top of him, her leg draped over his own, her head resting on his chest. It was now, that he could sleep peacefully. His release had brought about completion of the pact. He did not believe in slaves…he believed in finding the right woman, who would bare the next son of Njada riders….who would one day conquer the world. The child of a Njada and Winter Elf…was a strong one. With his mind filled with the ideas of a new son, his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.
https://p.gr-assets.com/540x540/fit/hostedimages/1386702073/7423014.gif~The Next Morning~Normally, Tagor goes to check on the horses first thing as the sun rises over the hills, but this day he continued to sleep. The day before had been filled with many highs and then the consummation of his relationship with IIyra. He didn’t normally bed down on the furs with women. Years past he sent them to a communal tent for slaves. But IIyra was different. Something passed between them the night before, and not just his seed.

Outside his tent Jamai was pacing back and forth, too scared to enter. This was so unlike Tagor. A few other men had not gotten up either to tend to their horses, and this was most uncommon. Jamai decided that the servants would have to put in the extra work load…at least for today. That in mind, he headed off to the stables, leaving the two guards stationed outside the Leader’s tent.

Back inside, Tagor was starting to stir. His eyelids opened, and then he felt the warmth of Ilyra’s body upon his. A smile creased his features, and he placed a kiss upon her head. This would be the first day of the rest of their lives together.


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January 27, 2014 05:36AM
Tagor’s Tent
The Following Morning…It had been many years since Ilyra had slept so peacefully. Nestled in her Master’s arms, she felt warm and cherished, something new she would have to get used to. Everything was so new this day.There was a slight pressure against her head and it brought her swimming to wakefulness. Her arm was draped across Tagor’s strong chest and in the light of day, she could see the black down of his hair as it crossed his chest and down his body. She let her eyes wander, curious now about the man who’d taken her so thoroughly the night before. Her eyebrows disappeared into her hairline when she got a glimpse of his manhood, currently limp and draped over his thigh. Even limp it was impressive.“That had been inside of me!?” she exclaimed within her mind, staring longer then appropriate. Movement caught her attention and the stroke of a hand down her backside made her bring her head up. Once again she found herself caught in Tagor’s dark gaze. There was a small smile upon his face as he stared at her, that she felt the need to return.

“Good Morrow, Master.” she whispered to him, unware of the fact that with her magic now free, they could understand one another. “Last night…was simply wonderful. I’ve never experienced such sensations before.” She then noticed her bracelets were missing and her eyes lit up with delight.

“I am free.” she stated in awe. Feeling brave, she pressed a light kiss to his chest in thanks for her newfound freedom. There were still some lingering aches from her magic being returned to her but for the most part, she was feeling grand. She gave herself a once over before something made her pause. She doublechecked…and discovered a second aura overlapping her own. Examining it more closely, her eyes went wide and the memories of what occured just before she collapsed flashed through her mind and she gasped, sitting up quickly beside him, a hand splayed over the still-flat planes of her stomach. She could feel the aura of the new life within her against her hand. She turned her head to look at him, eyes filled with wonder. “I’m to have a baby…”

She would be surprised to know that he understood every word she said.

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
January 27, 2014 06:03AM
Tagor’s Tent
The dark tanned Njada leader smiled at his new woman and actually understood what she was saying. The night before with the spiritual connection and their joining did more than create a new life, it also broke the language barrier between them. So whereas before he would speak to her in a series of deep grunts and words that made no sense, now he made perfect sense.He reached for her and pulled her on top of him, as he then squeezed her ass cheeks tight together; kneading them as he replied. “You are good for Tagor. Master is pleased.” If she hadn’t noticed before, his limp member had grown in size and was now tapping her inner thigh* “Tagor want more.” This said, he started to kiss her hungrily, right after she said she was free. and with child. It was all he hoped for. It would be hard for the other servants and Njada slaves to fathom, that this girl had managed to be turned from a slave to free woman over night, but to Tagor that was their problem.From the outside of the tent, to those passing by, they would hear the delighted grunts of the Njada leader as he began to take her again. He simply could not get enough of her, even rolling her over, and kissing all down her chest and belly, before taking to her folds and savouring the liquid sex between her legs. This was something she would need to get used too. He would bring her to climax, before then picking her up and turning her over, so she could ride him cowboy style, till he roared with power as he emptied into her more of his seed, flooding her canal. Finished, he would rise and then start to dress, before ordering Jamai to send for servants to bring waters to clean his woman and dress her in the finery of a Njada woman.He simply grinned at her, content, then left to deal with the horses.

Two young servants of the Njada came in, one carrying pitchers of water, the other with a bag of clothing and then they descended on their knees before Ilyra.

“Togar wants you clean and dressed, Ilyra of Njada.”

What would her reaction be?


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January 27, 2014 07:32AM
He reached for her in reply, pulling her on top of his body as his hands went to the rounded globes of her bottom, kneading at her supple flesh once more. Her face flamed at the same time her body throbbed in remembrance of the last time she’d been in such a position.His mouth opened and she could see the white of his teeth as he spoke to her. She expected more grunts, what she got were actual words.“You are good for Tagor. Master is pleased.” he grinned, surprising her that she could understand him.”Then I am pleased for Master.” she whispered as she felt him press against her thigh, hot and hard. Her eyes widened in surprise.“Tagor want more.” he grinned just before he pulled her into a hungry kiss. She gasped against his lips, allowing his tongue to slip into her mouth as he pushed into her once more. Her cries of passion echoed outside the tent, surprising Jamai as he waited outside. Tagor had never been with a woman for more than a night and it seemed this one was special to him in some way.

Inside the tent, he had rolled her over, moving down her body until his lips and tongue feasted hungrily between her legs. She cried out in shock, a whole new set of feelings crashing against her as he lapped at her inner folds. Her fingers slid into his hair of their own volition, gripping tightly as she rode the wave of passion. Limp and sated, she could barely function as he turned her over and rode her hard to his own climax, filling her to the brim with his virile seed, roaring with completion.

They were both breathless, shivering and trembling against each other, his forehead pressed against her back, an arm around her waist as they came down from their clouds of desire. He pulled away from her after some time and began to dress. She watched him, her naked body covered in the furs of his bedroll. He looked at her one final time, a grin on his lips, before releasing the ties on tent flap and stepping out into the light of day. She could hear his deep voice ordering Jamai to have servants come and help her clean and dress.

A short while later, as she was finishing her breakfast, two young servants entered, one carrying a ewer of water, the other a bag of clothing as they knelt at her side with a short bow. She frowned at this. She was as much a slave as they were. Why would they show her such respect?

By claiming her as his, Tagor had effectively announced her changed status as his mate and mother of his future children. She was unaware of this fact however, something the servants that had come to her were sure to inform her of.

“Tagor wants you clean and dressed, Ilyra of Njada.” the one on the left spoke. Ilyra’s eyes widened.

“Why do you call me such?” she wondered, genuinely curious. The two servants looked at one another in surprise.

“You do not know?”

“No.” Ilyra shook her head.

“You are first woman, slave or not, who has captured our Master’s interest since previous woman died trying to give birth to his child.” Ilyra’s mouth dropped open in shock.

“How long ago was this?” she wondered.

“Many moons now. Woman long gone to dust beneath the earth.”

“And the child?”

“Died shortly afterward.” the servant on the right stated. Ilyra pressed a hand to her lips, saddened for her Master.

“Do not shed tears for Master, Ilyra of Njada. You are Tagor’s woman now. Bear him fine sons and daughters. Make Tagor happy again. We wash and dress you as befitting a mate of Njada.” Stunned with these revelations, she was subjected to their tender care. They washed her body with the finest of cloths, paying careful attention to her sex. He had been rough with her, but not too rough to cause injury but there was a lingering soreness. She would get used to that over time until it would no longer matter.

Once she was clean and dry, they dressed her in a free flowing gown of midnight blue that went beautifully with her skin and hair. It had no sleeves and draped in such a way as to show off her markings as a Winter Elf. Next they combed and treated her hair to scented oils until it glowed with a natural light, making her eyes stand out within her face.

One of the girls carried a small box, which she presented to Ilyra with a small bow. “As you are of Njada, you must wear this.” She opened the box to reveal a claw-shaped pendant. Etched along the side were protection runes.

“It’s lovely.” Ilyra nodded. The pendant was removed from the box and clasped around her neck and she was suffused with a sudden, familiar warmth. She touched a hand to it. “This is Tagor’s.” she stated with conviction. The servants shared another look.

“Yes. You will do, Ilyra of Njada, Elf of the Winter.” the young servant nodded. “Come. Master waits, for we begin our journey home. One day, one night we travel.” The girls waited for Ilyra to leave the tent before following behind her. It was something she wasn’t used to but she supposed she would have to, now that she knew what was expected.




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Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
January 27, 2014 08:34AM
Horse chorale
Already there was talk amongst the men about what Tagor had done, by buying a woman for two horses and a bag of silver. But one thing about Tagor was he was very good at getting what he wanted for the right price. It was no misconception, the point of why the Njada came down to buy their women here to take home. The mountainous land from which they came suffered from extreme temperatures, from the hottest days, to the coldest nights. Many women simply could not handle the environment, and so their life expectancy was always much lower than the males.Jamai was of course curious with the Master as to how the girl fared as far as pleasing the Master, but of course, he was too scared to actually come out and ask him directly. Instead, he followed along behind a few paces,and judged Tagor on his demeanor and what he intended to do in the long trek home. Would Ilyra be walking the long way back with the other servants and slaves? The day would bring the answers to that and so much more.Tagor was looking over the many horses in their keep, and then smiled as he went to a particular white mare at the back. A beautiful specimen and with a long flowing mane that would need to be braided back. Its coat shone, the whitest white, and this was when Tagor made up his mind. He had a boy get the horse ready and then nodded to Jamai as he went to go get a meal at the large eating area of the hotel. Many of his Njada men folk were there, some with sore heads from the festivities, others skiting about the many women they had rutted with. Some had bought slaves that they were taking home, but none were as beautiful as Ilyra. Tagor kept smiling to himself, when others asked where his slave was. He simply sneered at them, and ate his bread and wine. Such mystery surrounding this woman, it brought whispers from all around. Perhaps she had used her magic on him, to bewitch him into making her free.They would all find out soon enough.

As Illyra emerged from her tent, she was in full view of Tagor, who snapped his fingers and spoke in a dark tone.

“Bring her gift.”

A boy brought out the white horse and it was then paraded around in a circle as Tagor got up from his seat and walked across to the boy, who stopped and handed Tagor the leather reigns. Tagor then gestured to Illyra.


One word…that meant so much. To give her a steed that she would be riding home on. Riding along side the leader of the Njada. It was more than an honor…more than privilege. It elevated her status to that which would be like a Queen amongst the Njada.

Many of the Njada whispered. The woman now looked stunning in her blue gown and claw tooth necklace. No longer wearing the binds of slavery. The slaves themselves were in awe. How had she managed to attain this and with the leader of the Njada no doubt. It was sure to be the talk of the people as they prepared to head home later in the day.



Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
January 30, 2014 07:25PM
Outside of the tent
Ilyra paused just outside the tent as the full caravan turned to get their first glimpse of her in the light of the new day. There were many gasps and jealous looks as her beauty outshone even the prettiest of Njada women. She gulped hard as many eyes stared upon her, some hostile, and some not. But she held her head high, as befitting her new status as their clan leader’s mate. If she was nervous, she didn’t let it show on her face.Her gaze landed on Tagor, who moved fluidly to his feet and snapped his fingers.“Bring her gift.” he demanded in his gruff tone. She bit her tongue on her retort. He had already given her so much, namely her freedom and a home, and someone she was becoming to care for…and a family. She didn’t think she needed anything else.A young boy brought forth a horse, pure white, it’s coat gleaming with a fresh brushing. She gasped in surprise as she walked forward. Tagor met her at the mare’s side and she looked at him as he pressed the reigns in her hands.

“She’s beautiful.” Ilyra whispered, brushing a hand across the mare’s neck.


“Yours.” Tagor simply said. There were murmurs and gasps of surprise around them as the full meaning of what he stated hit home. A simple slave had gone from warming their leader’s furs and slaking his lusts, to having a horse of her own and riding at his side. There had to be some kind of magic involved with this. A few of the Njada women were glaring at Ilyra with outright hostility. She ignored all of this in favor of gracing Tagor with a bright smile.

“Thank you, Master.” she stated. More whispers surrounded him, those within hearing range surprised that she still called him “Master”. And yet she did not wear the binds of slavery. What was going on? Had she truly bewitched him? Or was there something more deeper going on between their leader and the Winter Elf?

As he was easily taller than her, she had to tug his beard in order to bring his head down to hers so she could give him a light kiss upon his lips.

Re: The Central Kingdoms: Noriand [RP]
January 30, 2014 07:54PM
The Ride to the Njada lands
All around them, the murmur of the Njada people grew, when Ilyra pulled down on Tagor’s beard to openly kiss him in public. Gasps from the other slaves, and hisses from some Njada women that were jealous, were soon whispering, after Tagor ran his thumb down Ilyra’s cheek, and reached for her waist, to put her up on the saddle, high above the others. He turned to the women that had made such sounds and then spoke in his own tongue.“Fra lo dah ke wyaa….doo tugi ne ka.” (which means, “Next woman who opens mouth, loses tongue.”)This silenced the women, and many of the Njada men urged them, and not in a nice way, to pack up the tents into the caravans to be taken back to the Njada homelands. With much gold and supplies done with the trade of the fabled horses, they were now ready to make their way back. Tagor’s black stallion was brought around by a small boy, who received a light head pat from the Njada leader, before mounting his horse, that was wearing the coat of the Njada leader’s symbol. He whistled loudly, for the procession of horses, men, women, slaves and caravans, to make their move, as the Sheik came out to wave farewell to his honored guests.

Riding alongside Tagor, Ilyra was at the height of Njada society. Only his brother had ever held such an honor, and never a woman. What Tagor had not considered however, was one of the usual rites that happened on the return home of the caravans of trade. When Tagor had in the past brought home a slave, his brother was one of the first men, to share the woman around. This was a time honored tradition, and one that Tagor had not even considered, when he found himself falling for the Winter elf. Surely when they returned….Marmut would want his turn at Ilyra. The question was…would Tagor allow his mate to be sexed by another man, even if it was his brother?

The great train of horses and caravan were underway for the two day journey home. Tagor rode with his eyes looking straight ahead, only ever now and then stealing a glance at Ilyra as she rode. When he did watch her, seeing the movement of her hips upon the saddle, it made his groin heat significantly. No doubt when they camped for the night, Tagor was going to want to have his woman ride him….as hard as she could.


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January 30, 2014 08:38PM
Ignoring the hisses around them from the jealous women of the clan, Ilyra drew back from their kiss as Tagor ran a thumb across her skin, staring her in the eyes. No words passed between them, their eyes and body language saying all that needed to be said.His large hands easily encompassed her waist as he hoisted her up onto the back of her horse, turning to the women who were grumbling with a warning that he would cut out their tongues if they stepped out of line again. Once she was settled, she was passed the reigns by one of the small boys. There was a bruise at his temple and he winced every time he moved his head.”That looks very painful. May I see?” she asked him in a kind voice. Eyes wide, the young boy turned to look at another man, whom she assumed was his father. He eyed her warily for a moment before he nodded his head. If this woman had their leader’s trust, then who was he to argue over a simple request.The young boy moved to Ilyra’s side, tilting his head up toward her with a small his of pain. She placed the palm of her hand gently over the bump on his head and reached out for her magic. There were gasps as her hand began to glow a pure white color, warming the young boys injury beneath her palm. It was only a moment but it was long enough for her to heal his injury. Finished, she withdrew her hand and nodded with satisfaction when she noticed the boy’s injury was no more. He smiled brightly at her before running to his father’s side. The father nodded at Ilyra in gratitude, which she returned before Tagor announced it was time to leave.He whistled loudly and the caravan began to move, The Sheik coming out to wave goodbye to them and reminding them to return for a visit as soon as they could.

The day was pleasant and the ride was smooth and Ilyra had not been blind to the looks she was receiving from Tagor every once in a while. She could feel him undressing her with his eyes and her face was in a constant state of flushed under his heavy gaze. She had a feeling she would not be getting much sleep when they made camp for the night. If she had been privy to his thoughts as he looked at her, the saddle rubbing against her netheregions would most likely have been an issue.

What she was unaware of…was the practice he had with his brother upon their return of sharing their slaves…

What would happen when they reached home?