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Live Roleplay Session on the IMVU Client on February 12, 2014
Roleplay: “Ladies Night”
Players: KalypsoGrey (Kali), CharlotteCarrendar (Simone), LadyBelz (Pandora)

“Wild Encounters: Part 2”


Downtown Seattle Shopping District

LadyBelz: -Comes out of the store feeling pleased with herself.- And no silly pastel colors. -sticks her tongue out-
CharlotteCarrendar: “I’d bite that off, you know.”
KalypsoGrey: shakes head and sips her caramel frap- “Oh my god, I can’t believe the clerk almost shit herself….”
LadyBelz: “Hey, hey, hey. We can get frisky later. And Kali, you were the one who told that woman her ass looked like the Goodyear Blimp in those jeans.”


KalypsoGrey: LOL
KalypsoGrey: I had to be honest.
LadyBelz: “She looked like she tried to stuff two sausages in her pants.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “Be worse if you looked like two pigs fucking under a blanket”
LadyBelz: “The images! My eyes! They burn!” -Pandora was dramatic in her disgust, causing two old women to give her dirty looks- “Don’t look at me…fat people shouldn’t wear skinny jeans.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “And muffin tops shouldn’t be a reality”
KalypsoGrey: Bursts out laughing and practically spits out her drink-
KalypsoGrey: “Oh my god, Pan you can’t just say that to an old woman…”
CharlotteCarrendar: “She just did”


KalypsoGrey: “I know but…”- turns to look at the women who then gave her a disgusting look and began to say something.- “Uh, excuse you, at least I can fit through the front door of my house.”
KalypsoGrey: turns back to look at Pan.- “On second thought… let’s just get out of here.”
LadyBelz: -Pandora clutches at Simone, tears of laughter rolling down her face. The two old women stalk off…right for the donut shop-
CharlotteCarrendar: “Isn’t that what garage doors are for? Wide loads?”
KalypsoGrey: Turns to look over at Simone and shakes her head before then sipping again at her drink.- “Oh good lord, you did it now.”
LadyBelz: “Hey don’t look at me. Simone started it.” -chuckles-
CharlotteCarrendar: “Meh..I believe in euthanasia for people that are over 35”
LadyBelz: “Hey….I’m nearly there. Shaddap.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “Ooo I get to wear black.”
CharlotteCarrendar: -takes out her iphone and checks her appointments.-
LadyBelz: “As long as you don’t sing at my funeral.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “No…I would dance on your coffin”
LadyBelz: “All right then. I’ll come haunt you and posses your fucking machine.” -winks-
CharlotteCarrendar: “Great…with your libido, that should keep me happy.”
LadyBelz: “You’ll never want again.” -licks her cheek.-
CharlotteCarrendar: -is licked “I bet you’re going to use that line on Brock”
CharlotteCarrendar: “Is public sex a crime?”
LadyBelz: “Ah…I have a feeling he’d see right through that. And I’m pretty sure people get arrested for that.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “Pity…be fun to do it in the park.”
KalypsoGrey: Continues walking before then eyeing down a lingere store. Her straw still in mouth as her tongue rolled over the tip of it.-
LadyBelz: “Under the walking bridge? At night?”
CharlotteCarrendar: “No, on the picnic tables during fourth of july.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “You’d be the centre of attention…right next to the ketchup”
LadyBelz: “Kinky.” -sees Kali stop in front of the lingerie store and spots a black lace barely there babydoll teddy in the front window.- “Slap some barbecue sauce on me and nibble me like chicken. That’s sexy.” -points to the black lace-
KalypsoGrey: I know, I was just looking at it.
LadyBelz: “Go try it on.”
CharlotteCarrendar: -stares at the black lace.- “Pity they don’t stay on for long. Five seconds on….twenty minutes on the floor”
LadyBelz: “That’s the point, love. Drive the men to animalistic heights. Guaranteed to walk bow-legged for the next week.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “How big is this Brock guy?”
KalypsoGrey: “You know, what about you. Where is your man?” -looks around and points at Simone- “CAN WE GET THIS LADY SOME DICK PLEASE!?
CharlotteCarrendar: “Who said I want dick? i don’t mind a bit of puree pussy from time to time.”
LadyBelz: -looks at Simone- “You really do need to get laid.”
KalypsoGrey: -looks around-
CharlotteCarrendar: “I can get laid faster than both of you.”
CharlotteCarrendar: -goes into the lingere store-
LadyBelz: “Rub it in, bitch!”
LadyBelz: -follows her in-
CharlotteCarrendar: “Can I try on the pink set, with the pussy clips?”


CharlotteCarrendar: -the sales assistant takes it off the rack, and guides Simone to the change rooms-
LadyBelz: “I wanna see it when you have it on!” -Pandora calls out, browsing through some of the racks.-
KalypsoGrey: -raises a brow before then moving inside-
KalypsoGrey: -comes up behind Pan- “Oh she won’t come out… that sale’s associate..” -waves to the woman who’d helped Simone.- “That’s her way of showing us up. I give her 10 minutes… poor soul.”
LadyBelz: -Snickers- “Think she’ll go for it? I noticed she was staring at Simone’s tits when we came in.”
KalypsoGrey: “Guess we’ll have to wait and see..”
LadyBelz: -Snickers- “Speaking of…Hows’ the hubby? You really don’t talk about him much these days. Everything all right?” -Pandora could be serious when she wanted to.-
KalypsoGrey: Raises a brow before then turning to look at Pandora, Kali’s straw in her mouth again as she spoke to the woman. “Yea, we’re fine… we got into an argument before he left for his trip, but he’s fine.”
LadyBelz: -Nods- “He works too much.” -sees the sales woman sneak into the dressing room with Simone.- “There she goes.”
KalypsoGrey: “Yea… he does.” Follows Pan’s gaze before then shaking her head with a sly smirk. “Oh lord, I can’t wait….”
LadyBelz: -Pandora’s cellphone vibrates in her pocket and she pulls it out to see that it’s Cecil. She rolls her eyes and answers it.- “What do you want, worm?….What?…No…it’s my day off, Cecil! I get one fucking day off between you and school. Call Lisa….What? Oh for fuck’s sake! What about Desiree? She’s worked a double before…Goddamn it! Fine! I’ll be there!” -stabs the ‘end’ button and strangles the urge to throw her phone. “I have to work tonight…fuck me sideways!”
KalypsoGrey: Kali turned to look at her friend before then shaking her head and sipped at her drink. “I’m not even going to ask….”
LadyBelz: “Lisa’s got pneumonia and Desiree’s mother is in the hospital. I have to work a double shift. God I hate my life.” -Pandora wanted to bang her head against the nearest wall.-
KalypsoGrey: “Sounds like you’re in for a rough night.”
LadyBelz: “And that damn motorcycle rally is in town for the week. It’s going to be so much fun…groped all night by horny bikers with ZZ Top beards.” -Pandora rolled her eyes.- “Simone! Stop skullfucking that bitch and hurry the fuck up!”
KalypsoGrey: “Let me see your phone…” Kali smirked before then opening her hand towards Pan.
LadyBelz: -Pandora hands Kali her cellphone, wondering what she was up to.-
KalypsoGrey: Kali smiles and kisses the air before then going back to her drink which seemed to never end, and began scrolling through the phone.
LadyBelz: -Pandora stalks over to the cubicle where Simone was seen and peeks over the top. Tilting her head sideways, she has a curious look on her face.- “I did not know a tongue could bend that way.”
KalypsoGrey: moving from sight Kali found the number she was looking for and called it, waiting slowly for the dial tone to pick up on the other end.
CharlotteCarrendar: -comes out of the change room with a satisfied smirk. She then nudges Pandora for being a voyuer. “Oi… I am so charging you for that.”
LadyBelz: -Chuckles at the poor sales girl laid out on the floor, a dazed look on her face- “Did you get the discount?”
CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone grins- “Always.”
KalypsoGrey: Smiles and nods before coming from behind a rack of clothes and nods again while finishing her conversation.”Alright, sure… thanks.”
LadyBelz: “Atta girl.” -Pandora lightly punches her shoulder before looking at Kali, who still has her phone.- “What are you doing?”
KalypsoGrey: looks up after deleting the entry and handing it back to Pan. “Nothing…”
LadyBelz: -Pandora looks at her oddly.- “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”
KalypsoGrey: Makes a face. “Ugh, how old are you Fire woman… 5?”
CharlotteCarrendar: “She’s eternally 21.”
LadyBelz: -Pandora chuckles.- “Let’s go eat before I have to go to work. I’m not dealing with ZZ Top on an empty stomach.”
CharlotteCarrendar: -clutching her new purchase, Simone follows along behind-
KalypsoGrey: Kali shrugged and moved after grabbing something off the rack and dropping the needed money on the girl while then making her way out of the store, drink in hand. “Yea, what do you girls feel like having?”
LadyBelz: “Hmm…Thai?”
KalypsoGrey: “You know, oddly, that doesn’t sound too bad.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “Thai works.”
LadyBelz: “Let’s go then.” -Pandora links arms with her two best friends and they head off down the street, laughing and joking the whole while.-