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Live Roleplay Session on the IMVU Client on February 15, 2014
Roleplay: “Ladies Night”
Players: KalypsoGrey (Kali), CharlotteCarrendar (Simone & Brock), LadyBelz (Pandora)

“Hot Town, Summer in the City”

Code Red


LadyBelz: Pandora steps up to the club entrance where security is checking IDs and sending the idiots to the back of the line. Head grunt, TJ Calhoun spots her and points a finger. “LaRue…I was wondering when I’d see your ugly mug.” Pandora rolled her eyes. “Hey, Calhoun. How’s the truck?” … “Acting like a bitch in heat, as usual.”…”Bring it to the shop Monday. I’ll give it a look.”…”You got it. Head on in. Saw your friends at the usual spot. And Pete’s holding a cage for ya.”…”Thanks.”

CharlotteCarrendar: After having her afternoon delight with Hugo, Simone was dressed up to the nines, and made her way straight to the Code red, where she got to watch the other girl’s dance for once. Her ride was a chauffer driven car, since Hugo had an appointment, and wanted to at least get Simone to her favourite hang out on time. Dropping her off, as he sped off to his next call out, she sauntered in past TJ and headed for the usual table to wait for the girls.

KalypsoGrey: Kali had waved goodbye to Simone as she’d left the penthouse practically taking all of Kali’s alcohol to go for the road. A sly smirk played across her face before she shook her head and called out. “Oh that’s fine, you’ll owe me tonight.” Of course she was speaking about their second hang out. The Code Red night club. It was the hottest joint to be at second to The Poisoned Tongue, and as Kali closed her door not a second later did her husbands Bodyguard, Jayson, come up behind her. Kali gasped in excitement before then smiling at him and listening to him speak to her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you Mrs. Grey, I was about to see if your friend wanted a ride home, but it looks like she already took off.” Kali nodded to him before she walked to her and her husbands room in the penthouse, her fingers motioning Jayson to follow her. He listened and moved with her, following her strides before then stopping at the door. “I know you’re scheduled for the nightclub tonight, would you like me to drive you?” He’d asked her. She raised a brow before then placing a dress to her body and looking up at him. His nod approving of the outfit before she then gave her own nod and shooed him away. “Thank you, Mrs. Grey.” He said before then exiting and letting her know they’d leave as soon as she was ready. }c{

LadyBelz: Pandora entered the main room, feeling the beat of the music coming up through her feet. She couldn’t help but start moving her body along with as she looked around for Simone and Kali. She did have to wonder about Ame, though. The poor woman worked too hard and really needed a break. Nodding, she pulled her cell from her pocket and dialed Ame’s number…only to get a voicemail. “Ame, it’s Pan. Meeting Simone and Kali at Code Red if you feel like swinging by. We miss seeing your face. Let me know if you’re okay. Call me.” She hung up the phone and finally noticed Simone sitting at their usual spot. Pierre always made sure to reserve that particular table for them as it had a view of the entire dance floor. She made her way over and had no sooner say down beside Simone when one of the waitresses was bringing her a beer. “Thanks.” she nodded, taking a drink. She looked at Simone. “Where’s Kali?”

KalypsoGrey: An hour later and she was dressed and all ready for the club, her hair flowing neatly across her back and falling gently over her shoulder while she made her way to the penthouse door; which was opened by Jayson who stood by idly waiting for them to leave. Her eyes followed his and she grabbed her purse and needed items before then exiting from the penthouse and letting him know to lock it before they made they’re way to the garage where not only her car, but many of her husbands cars were parked. Her heels clicked along the ground as they paved way towards the car Jayson had picked out, his own feet moving faster than hers to grab her door and hold it open. He stood at attention while doing so and motioning her inside. When she’d gotten inside he closed the door for her and made his way to the drivers seat, cap on and immediately placed the car in drive and exiting the garage. They’re destination… Code Red. }c{


KalypsoGrey: The drive to the club was shorter than expected as Jayson made his way through the busy streets of uptown Seattle. The cold air brushing her face before she closed the window and noticed the car had parked. “We’re here Mrs. Grey.” Kali noted that fact and opened the car door before noticing the long line for entry to the club. “Looks like it’s a busy night tonight, huh?” She spoke out loud to no one in particular. Her smile faded before she then gave Jayson a nod so as to let him know he can go and she’d call him when she needed to get picked up, if at all. And instantly as if a helicopter light shined down on her, she was spotted by the clubs top security. Calhoun eyed the woman and practically shouted into a man’s ear who was trying to show his i.d. to her. “Grey! get in here, girls are waitin’ for ya.” She’d said while motioning into the now slowly uprising, upbeat club with her thumb. “Heh, I never could get anything past you, could I Calhoun?” Kali smiled at the woman and instantly dug through her purse and pulled out a hefty tip of $400 for doing her service. At this point Calhoun shook her head and almost handed the money back, but instead tucked it inside one of her bra pockets and motioned for Kali to get inside. “Thanks…” Kali whispered before moving inside and looking out for her girls. “Now, where are they?” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: “I have absolutely no idea. Maybe…her husband finally decided to slip her a hot beef injection….I dunno.” Simone said, casually picking up her cocktail and sipping through the straw like she was the Queen of Sheba. “Bout time too. I swear that girl needs to get laid and bad.” A wry grin, and Simone then added. “Just like you and…whatshisface.”

LadyBelz: “Whoa whoa whoa. When did this come back to me getting laid?”

CharlotteCarrendar: “It always comes back to you. Everything revolves around your cobweb encrusted vayjay.” Simone said, before coughing like she swallowed something nasty. “I hate pulp…gak.”

KalypsoGrey: “It’s always been about you, or didn’t you know?” Kali laughed as she approached her girls and smacked their asses. “How’s it hangin’ girls?” She’d added.

CharlotteCarrendar: “Hugo’s was a 12″.” Simone said without thinking. “Hung like a Mexican donkey in Summer.”

LadyBelz: “Sick, woman. Just sick.” Pandora looked up as Kali finally joined them. “It’s not always about me, you know. Oh…gave Ame a call. Got her voicemail so I left her a message that we’d be here. Whether she comes or not is another story.”

KalypsoGrey: “Oh good lord….” She facepalmed while then placing her purse on the side of the chair like a sling. “Oh great.” Kali added in response to Pan’s call to Ame. “I’ve been wondering where she’s been at.”

LadyBelz: She looked at Simone. “12 inches, huh…You got the Grand Canyon of vaginas to take something that large.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “What can I say? I like a big dick.”

LadyBelz: “Wait a tic….Hugo’s that Swedish massage guy you keep harping on about, isn’t it?”

KalypsoGrey: Kali laughed before then waving her fingers in a beckoning motion to one of the bartenders, her idea to practically have him bring her a drink. “Oh yea, I think I remember him…”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Mhm…went from feet to …..that.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “He has huge hands…..ten digits of…mmmm.”

LadyBelz: “Well shit, bitch! How’d you get so goddamn lucky? First guy I actually like and he runs off like his ass is on fire. And here you are boinking a guy with a pecker the size of Florida. What is wrong with this picture?”

CharlotteCarrendar: “I have a picture perfect pussy….and know how to give off signals, I suppose.”

KalypsoGrey: “Uh… if you haven’t noticed… It’s Simone. Come on now?” By this time the bartender had gotten her a drink and she’d slipped him a $20 before shooing him off for the time being. “Speaking of being Simone, where is your little sidekick you have at your beck and call all the time? You know, the fairy.” She raised a brow waiting for her response.

LadyBelz: “Am I so far out of the dating loop that I don’t know what signals to give off?” Pandora signals for another beer before looking at Simone. “Yeah, where’s Wally?”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Oh him? He got engaged to this interior designer from the east side. I haven’t been able to get a hold of him on Viber. My guess is he is in the throws of a new relationship….and basically riding the wagon every night…or is that the bull? I dunno, but last time I saw him at Starbucks, he walked odd, and wore a crooked smile.”

KalypsoGrey: “Oh sugar cube…” Kali sipped at her drink before continuing. “Maybe he’s gay…”
KalypsoGrey: “Wait.. he walked funny?” Kali looked at Simone before shaking her head. “See, even he is getting laid.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “I think most are getting laid. A few need…help or maybe a councellor. Maybe…even, a sex therapist.” Simone said, winking at Pandora.

KalypsoGrey: Kali laughed at this practically choking on her drink at the same time. “Oh good god, that is funny…”

LadyBelz: “Good for Wally.” Pandora nodded before thunking her head on the table hard enough to hurt. “Just my luck. All the good ones are gay, married or uglier than sin.” She raised her head from the table, tipping the man who brings her another beer. She takes a couple of swallows before the music changes to something with a sensual beat and she could feel it calling to her. “I’m going to dance.” She takes another drink before sliding from the table. A few of the guys, who recognize her from The Tongue call out a greeting to her. She waves before finding an open spot on the floor and begins grinding to the music.


CharlotteCarrendar: -At the door, Brock and some friends had arrived, after hearing good reports about the club. Apparently, the fact his date with Pan was a bit of a downer, had his friends try to cheer him up, by taking him to this club. He was dressed casually, in jeans and a t shirt, but clean looking and even shaved. He headed up to the bar, not seeing Pandora and her gal pal squad, but Simone spotted him. “Kali…look…its…Pan’s fail guy.”

KalypsoGrey: Kali had followed her gaze to Pandora and the floor before shifting movement to look at the direction Simone was pointing to. “Kali…look…it’s…Pan’s fail guy.” She’d said. “Look what the oark dragged in…” Kali laughed before then motioning for a bartender to take the order of Brock and his friends, letting him know the drinks were on her. “I can’t wait to see how this plays out… Right Simone?” She questioned.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone licked her straw and simply nodded. Her eyes glowering as she turned her attention back to Pandora, who was doing her thang on the dance floor. :: At the bar, Brock was relaxing and chatting happily with some of his air force buddies, happy to get away from his brother’s endless questions.

LadyBelz: Pandora had yet to see Brock and his friends as she twisted and grinded her way around the dance floor. Her body never stayed in one place and it was like watching poetry in motion as she dipped, bended, twirled and dropped it low. One had to wonder why she didn’t dance professionally as good as she was. She saw Pete waving to her over at the DJ booth, pointing to an empty dance cage. She nodded and started making her way there. She always did enjoy dancing in the cage. It hung slightly above the floor and had a view of the main floor, where everyone could see her. He changed the music to “Carry Out” by Timbaland and Justin Timberlake and Pandora let the music move her body.


KalypsoGrey: Kali turned her head to look at Pandora again, and it was obvious the woman was enjoying herself, much like the way Simone enjoyed her toys and drinks. But little did the others know, rain was coming. Kali felt it in her bones and instantly her headache started to kick in, her eyes then growing foggier by the second as her drink spilled from her hand and dropped with an audible shatter upon the ground. Kali then moved her hands from her waist to her head as if trying to properly adjust to the newest form of her abilities. The cloudy grey pools of energy sweeping over her vision as she shook her head and blinked. She was back to normal, the gasp that had escaped her lips was not heard by anyone around her, except possibly Simone; given she’d paid any attention. “It’s going to rain…heavily” Kali spoke while crouching down in her dress to pick up her drink.


CharlotteCarrendar: “Really? Fuck…I don’t want to walk home in the rain…My hair will frizz.” Simone complained. She really hated her look to get wrecked by the elements. “Might have to see if I can bum a ride home…or..” she then took another look at Brock, and thought to herself, he wasn’t bad looking. The group of guys got an order of drinks from Kali, and they all looked at the table, where Simone suddenly had a wicked idea. Pushing out of her chair, she wandered over through the crush of dancing patrons, and sidled up to Brock saying. “Sooo Mister tall dark and…tall. You must be Panda’s man.” Brock looked at Simone oddly, and said, “Excuse me?” Simone nodded then pointed to Pandora who was doing her thing in a cage. “That..Panda.” Brock looked on over and then nearly choked on his beer, as he saw the way Pandora was dancing. “Err..” Simone could see he was tongue tied. “Ain’t she something?” Simone teased, and Brock let out a breathless “yeah”

LadyBelz: The song ended and Pandora left the cage, heading back to the table for her beer. Kali was the only one at the table. “Where’d Simone vanish to? She find her next meal for the night or something?” she chuckled.

KalypsoGrey: Kali glanced up as Simone had made her way through the rowdy crowd, having heard what she’d said her eyes then moved to Pandora and instantly noted to the now semi-seemingly flirtatious Simone. “Oh yeeeaaa… she found her next meal alright.” Kali grinned and laughed before then pointing directly at Brock, then looking at Pandora to see her reaction.

LadyBelz: Drink in hand, ready to take a sip, Pandora turned and instantly spotted Simone’s blonde head…standing next to Brock. Her mouth dropped open in surprise before a slow red haze of anger covered her vision. She slammed her drink on the table and turned around, heading in the other direction. Oh that wasn’t good.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock ran his fingers nervously through his hair, as Simone oozed sexuality. I mean, the girl was a walking sex bomb, and knew all the signals, all the right words to have a man slamming her to the nearest wall. Brock…looked like a possum trapped by the oncoming headlights of a semi. “So…tell me, what happened with you and Panda? I mean….you two a thing still?”

KalypsoGrey: Kali blinked at the scene playing before her, it was clear now… Pandora was no longer a Panda. She was furious and could easily be seen with a slow gathering red haze over her skin, layer by layer slowly building as the fire within her burned ever bright, her feet making way in the opposite direction. “Wait… Pan, I’m sure she doesn’t mean anything by it.” Instantly she moved and made her way to comfort her, purse in hand.

LadyBelz: “She broke every rule in the Girl Code, Kali. She knew I like him. I mean, what the fuck?” Pandora growled, her skin glowing red in her anger as she stalked toward the back exit. She was not going to sit there and watch one of her supposed best friends practically hump a guy she liked in the middle of a club. “That’s wrong on so many levels.” She slammed open the back door of the club that lead to a vacant alley and let off a fireball of epic proportions. The heat from the fire melted the side of a big metal trash bin.


KalypsoGrey: “Look, I understand, hun. But what if she isn’t even hitting on him. I know, I know… It’s Simone. How can I even say that, right?” She sighed and watched as she practically broke the back door and made her way outside. “We don’t know anything… not until we-” And there it was, after moving through to the open air, the vacant alley now barren with cans of trash were now burnt to ashes. “Hey… cool your saucers Magma.” Kali shook her head as she looked up into the sky, the sound of thunder raging off in the distance while she tried to calm Pan down. “Take a deep breath woman… I’m serious. Don’t make me get Calhoun over here…” She added.

CharlotteCarrendar: Meanwhile at the bar, Brock is trying to back away from the voluptuous Simone. “I…well, I don’t think she is to into me. I mean…I tried all the things that guys are supposed to do with a girl, and she didn’t seem to be to ….I don’t know.” It was clear that Brock was getting uncomfortable talking about the relationship. Simone grinned, and then reached for his hand. “Come sit at the table with me and the girls and maybe you can sort this out with her. A fresh start…I dunno. Just seems a shame…a guy like you….you know.” Brock coughed and started to walk back to the table with Simone, but the girls had gone. “That’s funny, they were right here.”

LadyBelz: “It’s Simone. Duh.” Pandora snorted. But she had to admit that Kali had a point. She was being a bit irrational about Brock. “I just…really like him…” she stated, feeling embarrassed about how angry she was. “Maybe there’s something wrong with me? I just don’t like playing games with men like that. Maybe that’s why he’s thrown off. It’s just not me. I’m not into games. Either like me or don’t, but at least fucking tell me to my face. You know?”

KalypsoGrey: Kali could easily see how upset Pan was, and by speaking to her about the situation she’d hoped to calm her stress and shun her fears. “Hunny, it’s alright. I know how it feels… I had the same thing happen to me when I was into Kristian. And trust me, it was not pretty. Her name was Elena Robinson… but you think I let that get in the way of Kristian and I? Hell no…” She smiled before then moving forward to envelop Pan in a hug. “I know exactly what you mean.” Kali rubbed her back before moving and giving space between them. “Besides… Mrs. Robinson, is a whole other story, trust me… you don’t want to hear about it.”

LadyBelz: Pandora accepted the hug and sighed. “I’m an idiot, aren’t I?” She turned back toward the club. “Better go back in before Simone wonders what we’re up to.” she groaned. “Besides…I came here to dance and drink, and not necessarily in that order.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Looking bewildered Simone tells Brock to sit, as she goes off to the girl’s bathroom to see if that is where Pandora and Kali had gone. This left poor Brock sitting there at a table with girly looking cocktails, and a confused expression. In the loo, Simone was banging on every door. “Pan…I know your in there.” “Fuck off, I’m trying to pee.” Some random girl called, as Simone flipped the bird and kept trying.

LadyBelz: Pandora headed back into the club, very aware that Kali was hot on her heels. Moving around the floor, she got to the table first and stopped dead when she saw Brock, sitting alone with a confused expression on his face. Taking a deep breath, she slowly approached him. “Um…hi.” she would state if he looked up at her approach. “Fancy seeing you here.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Brock looked up to see Pandora standing right in front of him, and he quickly got up to stand, the distance between them merely inches. He did the typical thing, of racking his fingers through his hair and nervously said “hey…” At this Simone emerged from the bathroom and stormed over. She put her hands on her svelte hips and said in a firm voice. “Where have you two been? Leaving Stud muffin here sitting by himself.” At this Brock piped up. “Name’s Brock.” Simone waved her hand dismissively and said. “Yeah, I knew that. Look, you and Panny here need, a serious intervention. You’re good looking, and Pandora needs a good…” the waitress comes along and bumps Simone before she can finish.-

LadyBelz: “Simone!” Pandora exclaimed, embarrassed. How is it just the thought of this man was making her blush like an invisible teenage girl with a crush on the popular high school jock? Her confidence always seemed to fly out the window when she was around him. How does that happen? “Ignore her, she has had way too much time on her hands, and the sense that God gave a mule.” Pandora sighed.

CharlotteCarrendar: “Pish posh, I know what I am talking about. Come on Kali, let’s leave these two to do the ma ma mambo.” If Kali followed along, that would mean that Pandora was stuck with Brock at the table. He didn’t know what to make of Simone, except to say she scared him a bit. “I uhm…well, this is a surprise.” Brock said, not sure what to really say. He then found himself blurting. “You..look great in a cage, by the way.”

LadyBelz: Before Pandora could stop them, Simone had grabbed Kali and dragged her off to God knows where. Slightly nervous, she eased into the booth beside him, toying with one of the empty glasses so as to keep her hands occupied. “I wasn’t expecting to see you…here…of all places.” He made mention of seeing her dance and her face flamed. “You saw that? I probably looked ridiculous.” she chuckled.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Brock shifted over to allow Pandora to sit down and watched her face flush as she toyed with one of the empty glasses. She was acting like a freshman all of a sudden. The raunchy barmaid, with a killer smile and could do it better than Madonna in a cage. “Yeah, i saw that. Actually, I don’t come to this place much, but it was either this, or be berated and interrogated by my brothers all night. I thought this was less of the two evils.” He then let out a sigh, and reached for her hand as she toyed with the glass. “Pan…I just want to apologise… you know for the picnic and if I made you uncomfortable at all.”

LadyBelz: Her pulse jumped when he grabbed her hand and apologized for the afternoon. “No. I wasn’t uncomfortable. I had a really great time with you.” she admitted, looking down at his hand over hers. “I’m…just not…used to decent men treating me the way you did.” She looked him in the eye. “My track record with men hasn’t been the greatest. So when you came along…I had certain…expectations. And you blew my preconceived notions right out of the water with all the force of a torpedo.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Now Brock was really confused. She had a great time? And here he thought he had been like some kind of hopeless romantic. Turns out she was just not used to guys that put her first. He let out a nervous laugh, and said. “Well, that’s a relief. I guess I am not exactly great at knowing what a woman wants. But you saying that you had a good time, kinda means a lot.” He nodded in affirmation, and then stared back into her eyes. “I’d..really like to see you again, Pan.”

LadyBelz: Pandora’s inner teenager was jumping up and down and screaming “Yes! Yes!” over and over again when he made the offer of wanting to see her again and she had to clamp down tightly on the urge to giggle for real. “I’d like that too, Brock.” she stated, taking a chance and entangling her fingers with his. His palm as warm against her skin. The music changed again to something slow and moving and couples took to the floor to dance. She looked around at them all before looking at Brock. “Did you…uh…nevermind.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Did I what?” Brock asked, as the music tempo changed, and it was more for couples to enjoy. He wasn’t the best at dancing, but he wanted to try. “Pan…dance with me?” he gestured, hoping she would say yes.

LadyBelz: She wanted to dance, she enjoyed it. It was the one thing in her whole crazy world that made her feel like a woman…and human. She had wanted to extend the invitation to dance to Brock, but thought it would have been too forward of her, which wasn’t like her at all. But he was so different then her usual men and it was refreshing. And he looked cute when he was all embarrassed. Then he asked her to dance, clearly uncomfortable with it. That he wanted to try, said a whole lot. “I’d love to dance…with you, that is.” She slid from the booth so he could get out and waited.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock slid over and then got up to standing, reaching for Pandora’s hand, and leading her out onto the dance floor. The song was soothing and at the same time romantic. Brock brought Pandora in close, and with his arm reaching around, he pressed his hand to the small of her back, and kinda swayed in time to the music. Every now and then looking down at her, with those brooding eyes of his.

LadyBelz: When she felt his hand on her back, the touch of his skin to hers sent electric shocks through her body and she almost gasped at the sensation. He simply pulled her close and began to sway to the music. She rested her hand on his shoulder, slightly inhaling the scent of his cologne. It was musky and dark, but not overpowering. Some men liked to bathe in their cologne, choking the life out of the women they came across. Brock’s was subtle. She caught him looking at her and gave an amused frown. “What are you thinking when you look at me like that?” she asked.

CharlotteCarrendar: -He managed to keep the tempo of his swaying to that of the music, but he was no Fred Astaire. Brock couldn’t get over how she felt, holding her close as they moved together in the throng of all the other couples. She caught him looking down at her, and asked what he was thinking. He appeared to swallow before replying, “What it would be like to kiss you.” At that moment it was the end of the song, and it was if the world had stopped turning.

LadyBelz: Pandora blinked, opened her mouth to say something, anything, and drew a blank. Well wasn’t that just an interesting tidbit of information. He wanted to kiss her, she could see it in his eyes. The song had ended but Pandora hadn’t noticed. Her world view had narrowed down to the man standing in front of her. “Okay.” was all she could think to say.

CharlotteCarrendar: The one word. Okay. Who would have thought Pandora could be brought to near silence by this man. Brock appeared to hesitate, as the other couples were leaving the dance floor. His buddies at the bar, and then Simone with Kail could now get a clear view of what was about to happen. Simone stuck her fingers in her mouth and blew a loud wolf whistle, and the guys cheered, as Brock took the chance, and pulled Pandora tighter toward him before tilting his head down and kissing her deeply. Publicly.

LadyBelz: There was a roaring in her ears as his lips slipped over hers. She could barely make out Simone whistling and catcalling or the cheers of his friends. Her world view had narrowed down to the touch and feel of the man who’s arms she was currently occupying. Her arms slid upward over his chest to wrap around his neck, her fingers sliding into his hair, as a slight moan escaped her. Dear Lord, this man could kiss!

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock only found himself being captivated by Pandora, as she let herself succumb to the kiss, winding her arm around his neck, and then dragging her fingers through his hair. His right hand slid down from her back to her ass, and without thinking he squeezed it, before releasing her from the kiss, and staring at her breathlessly. Pandora was incredible. The gentleman inside of him was falling back, as he found himself wanting more of her. The music changed to a faster beat and the regular dancers came back on the floor, as Brock wanted to take her somewhere private.

LadyBelz: She gasped as she felt her ass squeezed and as he drew back, she had a smile on her face. “I knew you couldn’t resist my ass.” she quipped, hoping he wouldn’t be offended by it. She wouldn’t have thought him human if he hadn’t grabbed her ass at least once. Maybe there WAS something there for them…if that kiss was anything to go by. He was staring at her again, the look in his eyes dark and deep and her breath caught. “You’re thinking again.” she mused.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Brock let out a half chuckle, and then looked around the club, before taking Pandora’s hand and leading her from the dance floor, to a dark corner up the back of the club, straight past Simone and Kali, who were now watching the events unfold, like it was their favourite soap. “Yeah…I am thinking.” Brock said, as he pushed her to a wall in the dark corner. Now his body was pressed against hers, and he had a crooked smile that could barely be seen. “You’re right…I want your ass.” He said, crushing his lips against hers, before they trailed off down her neck, his hands doing their own thing, running up and down her body.

LadyBelz: He grabbed her hand and pulled her after him, past the grinning faces of her friends and into a dark corner where they could barely be seen. He pushed her into the wall, not hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough to make her heart beat fiercely in her chest. She recognized the look in his eyes a moment before he crushed his lips to hers. This kiss had NOTHING on the one he planted on her in the middle of the dance floor. She gasped at the sensation, his lips leaving hers to trail down her neck, his hands running up and down her body. She was feeling hot all over, and not because of the club lights. “Oh fuck!” she groaned, her head dropping back to thud against the wall.


CharlotteCarrendar: The heavy bass of the music, that thudded through the very chests of the patrons, Pandora and Brock were now making out in the darkness of the club’s corner. Brock let his inhibitions go, from his calm and collected gentleman persona, to that of a man that was intoxicated by Pandora. He broke the kiss and was panting heavily. Brock wanted her so badly it hurt, but this…this wasn’t the place. He hated to think that she might be under the impression he was leading her on, but he had some morals. “Pan…” his fingers caressed her cheek, before he let his hand fall. “I..really want you, but not here.”

LadyBelz: Pandora was breathless when he released her from his passion-fueled kiss. His claim that he wanted her, but that this wasn’t the place caused her to agree. “I may be an exhibitionist but I am so not into public peep shows.” she nodded. “And I don’t need to give my friends any more gossip fuel then they already have.” she chuckled, looking over his shoulder at Simone and Kali, who had large grins on their faces. “Smug bitches.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone wiggled her fingers and then slyly looked at Kali. “She’s so getting fucked tonight. Look at him. He must have one hell of a boner.”

KalypsoGrey: Kali had been chatting away with one of the bartenders before brushing him off and moving her sights to look on at her friend Pan.”Good god… if my husband touched me like that…” She smirked wickedly at the evil thought plaguing her mind. “She is really into the guy.” She added before turning her head and lifting her fingers in the air with a small snap to it. “I mean look at her, he’s all over her, and just… Wait what?” Kali eyed them and their conversation as she was well versed in reading lips. “Yea, no duh, dip shit. They’re leaving, come on…” In that instance Kali moved to grab her purse just as another round of drinks appeared while she was on the run… destination, Pan and Brock.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock was so taken in by Pandora, he had no idea that Kali was heading towards them like a heat seeking missile, with Simone in hot pursuit. “Leave em be, you twit.” she sung out.

LadyBelz: Pandora saw Kali headed their direction and knew this was not going to be pleasant. The woman was way too nosy for her own good. Grabbing Brock’s hand she tugged him away from their spot against the wall, hoping to avoid Hurricane Kali for a few moments longer. “She’s going to give you the third degree if we don’t get out of here now.” she chuckled.

KalypsoGrey: Kali moved fast while she set her eyes on the lovely couple, her pipes practically perking up when she spoke upon arrival. “Oh, hey guys…having a good time. She had asked. “Leave em be, you twit.” Simone had sung into Kali’s ear. And instantly then a man could be heard not far off in the distance, being thrown into the gutters of the now raging rain storm. “Great…just before I could get in on what was good and what wasn’t, this happens.” Her eyes darted to the couple and then back to Simone as Kali made her way to the front entrance, hair bouncing merrily along her back while she sashayed through the crowd of now upbeat dancers.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock was shocked at Pandora’s own strength, as she pulled him clear of cyclone Kali. Together they headed to the fire exit and the back alley. Now outside the club, Brock was looking for his truck, as the heavens opened and they were both getting incredibly wet. “Let me take you home, Pan.” he urged-

LadyBelz: Pandora had actually walked from The Tongue since it was only a few blocks away. She didn’t have her bike tonight, choosing to leave it at home so she could drink, taking a taxi instead. As the heavens poured down on them, she groaned. “I’m wearing leather, for fuck’s sake!” she shouted skyward. A flash of lightning was the answer she received. She looked at Brock. “Do you know how hard it is to get out of wet leather? It’s damn near impossible.” she snorted. He offered her a ride home. “That would be great, thank you.”

KalypsoGrey: By the time Kali had reached the entrance, a number of thugs and under aged teenagers were trying to make their way into the club. Her eyes darted between the roughed up baby faced teen and the now sprawling wet thug upon the floor not far off. “Calhoun, what in the blazing hell is going on here?” The top notch security woman said nothing and simply motioned to the two who’d been going at it. “Oh goodness gracious. Calhoun, please, go take a break. You’ve earned it, I’ll deal with everyone here for a moment.” At this point Calhoun didn’t bother trying to explain to the million dollar baby and simply put her hands in front of her and responded as Kali took care of things and she left. “Alright doll, but be sure to take care of that mug over there.” She was referring to the man in the water not far off in the distance. And with a nod of her head she positioned herself standing before then eying the now dying down crowd. “Alright, listen up, you want in… I need to see I.D.” She’d shouted to the crowd, which soon followed by a number of responses. “Who the fuck are you?!” A man had said, followed by a woman thereafter. “No one cares… let us in.” Kali grinned and turned to the boy who looked too young to even be here. “Call your parents, or I call my personal security.” She then motioned to Taylor who was calming the back of the crowded line. “Got it sweet cheeks.” He nodded and moved off pulling his phone from his pocket while Kali then followed the line to the voices she’d heard earlier. “And to answer your question… I’m the one who practically owns half of Seattle… don’t toy with me… understand? Taylor, let em in if they got I.D. the rest… go home.” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: The idea of peeling wet leather off Pandora was enticing, and Brock took Pandora’s hand and led her over to his truck, that wasn’t parked to far away. Starting up the engine and the windscreen wipers, he looked at her and said. “Your friends won’t mind us just leaving like this?” Unsure how Simone and Kali would react. Either way, it was getting cooler and Brock felt more at ease about taking her home now.

LadyBelz: “Nah. We have an understanding like that.” she stated, not going into details about how if either Simone or Pandora left with a guy, it was understood they were not to be contacted for at least 36 hours. He lead her to his truck, a beautiful piece of machinery that an auto buff like her could appreciate. She sat back and put on her seatbelt, worrying slightly about getting his seat wet. “Sorry about your seat.” she muttered, running her fingers through her now wet hair.

KalypsoGrey: By the time the crowd had moved to but a few people Kali turned her head to look at the man who looked hurt in the water puddle he was laying in. “You rough up this club again, and you’ll have me to deal with, got it?” Thunder roared in the air and a flash was seen with the color of Kali’s now shrouded grey eyed vision and her sopping wet hair falling over her shoulders. “Now leave…” The man nodded probably scared by her and left that instant, her body coming back to full height as she sighed and made her way back inside as Calhoun moved back to her spot looking at the now 7 lined crowd. “Jesus, Grey, what’d ya do?” She asked in regards to the now low occupied crowd. “Ya flashed your tits huh, I always thought that was scary…” She barked with laughter wildly before then joshingly laughing along with Calhoun and waving it off while going back to Simone. “Ha-ha” The weather was roughing it up in the sky as torrential looking clouds built a nest overhead. “I should try and do something about this weather…” Kali had said as she approached Simone once more. “Wanna take off?” She’d said to her while pointing lazily in the area Brock and Pan had been, so as to say they’d left already.