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Live Roleplay Session on the IMVU Client on February 18, 2014
Roleplay: “Ladies Night”
Players: CharlotteCarrendar (Brock), LadyBelz (Pandora)

“Never Knew Love Like This Before”

Apartment 7D – Pandora


CharlotteCarrendar: – Morning light filtered through the sheer curtains; a light breeze blowing them forward, while in the large bed that was in the centre of the room, we find Brock and Pandora fast asleep. Only thing is, they had gone from sleeping on different ends of the bed, to both being in the centre, with Pandora in Brock’s arms. Stirring lightly, his eyelids open slowly, only to see Pandora nestled against his chest. Her look was one of peace and he found himself smiling at seeing her like this.”Morning love.” He said, but just a whisper, planting another kiss on the top of her head. <3>

LadyBelz: It had been an interesting night to say the least. After dropping off to sleep, well aware there was a second, much larger body in her bed with her, Pandora tried to keep to her own side of the bed without crowding her companion. But as one does when they’re sleeping, bodies tend to move of their own accord. Somehow she found herself, her head on his chest and asleep in his arms. Her dreams had been the most erotic to date – full of naked limbs entangled together on silk sheets and Brock’s face looming over hers, his eyes dark with desire for her. Morning came, and with it, the end of her dreams. She stirred, surrounded by warmth and wondered at it for a slight second. A murmur of sound and a light pressure to her head had her slowly blinking her eyes open. She froze when she found herself eye to chest so to speak, one of her legs draped over his hip and an arm across his chest. His arms were wrapped securely around her, the source of the warmth. She drew back a bit, unsure if he was awake and found him staring down at her. “Morning.” she murmured, her voice still husky from sleep. “Um…how long have you been awake?” she wondered. His body heat felt wonderful and she did not want to move, returning her head to his chest.

CharlotteCarrendar: “Long enough.” Brock said with a smile as he reached up and stroked the back of her head. It was a nice feeling to have her warmth so close to him. The way her voice had that -rugged edge. Just waking up, it was so husky, and terribly sexy. He stirred slightly against her and no doubt his morning wood would be felt. “I had the most amazing dream” Brock said, as one of his hands moved downward and cupped her ass cheek. “It did involve sex though…and you.” He added, before winking and then looking at the digital clock. It was still pretty early, and he wasn’t sure what her daily routine was. If she went to the gym before breakfast, or a jog. Brock knew one thing for sure, he was going to find out. <3>

LadyBelz: She felt a hand traveling her backside and grinned, looking back at him. “Sounds similar to the dream I was having about you.” she smirked, feeling something poking against her leg. She shifted the limb slightly, receiving an answering twitch in return. She bit her lips when he squeezed her ass.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock laughed nervously, and eased back on his pillow. “I guess this is going to end up being fodder for your girl friends. The night with Brock…and no sex.” He released his hand from her ass, and mused to himself, staring at her. “I might take a shower, if that is alright with you.” He started to slide out from beneath the covers, and rose to standing, stretching his body out as he did so. “Towels in the bathroom?” He asked. <3>

LadyBelz: “The girls are persistent, yes. But they usually back off when I say so.” And this was truth. She felt that she had a chance with this man, and she didn’t want to mess it up by gossiping about it with Kali and Simone. “I keep telling them you’ve been nothing but a perfect gentleman. They seem to think you’re nuts.” She shrugged. He seemed nervous all of a sudden as he eased out of the bed, stretching his gorgeous form before her eyes. “Feel free. Towels are under the sink.” She watched him go into the bathroom and close the door. A moment more and she could hear the sound of the water starting. She dropped back to the pillows with a groan. It was so tempting to strip naked and join him under the hot spray. But would he go for it? It’s what she’d done in the past. “Nope. Not going to do that to him…unless he asks.” she affirmed, sliding out of bed. Not bothering with a robe, she made her way to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was slightly past 6 in the morning. She still had about 3 hours before she met the girls at the gym. She would enjoy those 3 hours, or however long he decided to stay, with Brock. She stood in the kitchen by the coffee pot, staring off into space and thinking about what he looked like naked and wet, one strap of her nightie sliding down her shoulder, unnoticed.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Leaning with one hand pressed to the cold tiles, as the hot steady streams of water ran down his back, Brock was wondering if Pandora might join him in the shower. He wasn’t trying to play any games with her, nor make her feel like that she was just a one nighter to him. In fact, he felt a lot deeper about her than he had any other woman he had in his life. He purposely kept her out from the watchful and annoying gaze of his brothers, since they were often too full on for most girls to handle. Being pestered by endless questions did have its limits on a girl. After a time, he figured she was probably in the kitchen, and finished off washing himself, as well as doing his hair. Turning off the taps, he stepped out and grabbed a towel, vigourously drying himself, before wrapping a dry towel around himself, and wandering out to see where Pandora had gotten too. Sure enough she was in the kitchen, standing there just staring. What her thoughts were, he had no clue, but she looked….amazing. The single pencil strap of her nightie had slipped, and Brock’s eyes were drawn to it in a flash. He found himself swallowing, before approaching her and coming in behind her. He smelt fresh and clean, with small droplets of water still on his chest. Brock couldn’t help but envelope his powerful arms around her. “Something smells good.” He said. <3>

LadyBelz: She smelled him the moment he stepped into the room, despite the shower he’d just taken, and she came back to herself when she felt his arms surround her again. She inhaled his scent, a small, pleased moan easing passed her lips. “You smell really good.” she couldn’t help but say. She turned in his arms to look at him. His hair was damp and he was wearing only a towel. Her mouth went dry at the sight of him. “Christ on a cracker, you are gorgeous.” she whispered, eyes wide. She couldn’t help her hands, running them up and down his naked chest, feeling the muscles tense beneath her fingers.

CharlotteCarrendar: Pandora’s whisper left Brock feeling a small swell below, and the towel was not about to hide it. “I could say the same thing about you, but that wouldn’t do you justice, Pan.” Brock said. The feeling of her fingers perusing his chest had it swell slightly, then tense. He had been trying so hard to behave..to act the perfect gentleman, but now it was getting harder..literally. A hand lifted lightly, and it toyed with the thin strap that had fallen from her shoulder, now exposing a ripe bosom. His mouth fell open slightly as Brock suddenly lost his ability to speak. His hand moved from the pencil strap to that of her nipple, and he tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger. Teasing lightly, Brock’s eyes found hers. It was clear the coffee had been forgotten. <3>

LadyBelz: “Oh now you’re teasing me.” she chuckled, smoothing her fingers along his pectorals and feeling his nipples harden beneath her palms. As they were standing close, she could feel him harden against her thigh once more. They really needed to stop now or there was no going back. And then it was too late as his fingers moved down to tweak and pinch her own nipple. She gasped in surprised arousal, her eyes caught by his. “Brock.” His name whispered, almost a plea. He was making her feel things she’d never felt with a man before and it was a heady sensation.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock’s eyes held her own, lost in her beauty. His fingers continued to tease her nipple almost absently, as she whispered his name. Her voice yearning, pleading almost. Brock was struggling to breathe. “Pan..” He uttered in return. The jug was boiling in behind them and the steam in the kitchen was rising, not to mention they were both hotting up for a totally different reason. His hand moved to cup her breast and start to knead it. This was no longer teasing, this was something else entirely. <3>

LadyBelz: The warmth of his hand on her flesh had her breathing hard. The rising heat from the coffee percolating on the counter had nothing on the rising heat between the two bodies standing in the kitchen, morning sunlight streaming through the curtains. To them, the outside world did not exist. She slid her hands slowly down his body, resting them on his hips, slightly above the towel at his waist. Her eyes, pupils dark, were filled with a need that it seemed only he could fulfill. Would he take that step with her? She wanted him to, wanted it with her whole being. He was nothing like the men she was used to. Mere child’s play in the grand scheme of things. This was what true desire felt like, what she was experiencing in that moment. To want something so strong, so quick, so passionately it was nearly suffocating her. She moaned deeply as his hand kneading her breast. “Brock, please!” she begged, shocked by it. She had never begged a man for anything, they were the ones usually begging her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Her cry that begged him came as something of a shock to Brock. He felt the press of her hands on his waist, just above the line of his towel that was now just hanging there. Brock had never wanted a woman as much as he wanted Pandora, but he wanted to treat her right at the same time. She deserved that much. But something inside of him snapped, and he reached around, seizing the cheeks of her arse and picking her up off the ground, so they were face to face. She would need to wrap her arms around his neck to help hold herself up. The towel gave way, slipping to the floor, as Brock held her in his powered grip. Her lips, so ripe and plump..they needed to be kissed. Hungrily, he went for her, kissing her with a passion unknown to him. He only broke the kiss to bury his face in the crook of her neck. “Fuck..Pan. I want you!” <3>


LadyBelz: Something seemed to snap within him then as he forcefully hauled her against his body by the rounded globes of her ass and lifting her off the ground. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his now toweless waist. This brought their faces level and he moved in to kiss her senseless. She moaned into his mouth, returning his passion with her own. After a few moments of this, he broke away, burying his face into her neck. “Fuck…Pan. I want you!” he had growled into her skin. She wanted to laugh as she was feeling the same way and told him so. “I want you, too, Brock.” she whispered into his hair. Her whole body was quivering as he pressed her into the counter.

CharlotteCarrendar: For once they were both on the same page. The tickle of her soft breathe to his ear, stating more or less the same as what he had said meant there was no turning back. She acknowledged and wanted him as he did her. She had no briefs on, not that he could feel anyways, and he pushed her backside to the counter, her legs wound around him tightly. Face to face, she would see the hungered look as he gave in to his desires, and pushed himself deep inside of her. A loud groan escaped his lips as his brow creased. She felt incredible- tight and intoxicating. There was no stopping him now as the dominant streak in him came to the fore. No more words would be said, their foreheads pressed to the other, as he slammed his hips to hers repeatedly in a fast action that would leave her crying for more. <3>

LadyBelz: There was no going back, only forward for them now as he pressed his hard length inside of her. She clenched tightly around him, head thudding back against the cabinet behind her at the incredible feel of him. He filled her like no other, absorbing his length within her as if she wanted to keep him there forever. His hips jackhammered into hers, causing her to grab tightly onto his shoulders and cry out passionately. Never before had she felt such pleasure. He was all man…the others mere children pretending to be men. Desire crashed over her in a wave, her breath exploding out of her with deep moans, interspersed with his name sliding from her lips as her body rocked against his. The pleasure – neverending; his thrusts – never stopping. The orgasm that stole her breath away could only be attributed to the man who held her so closely. She clenched around him tightly, riding the waves of pleasure he gave to her, his hips a blur of movement as she clung to him tightly.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was insane. Intense…almost brutal. The pent up feelings that had attributed to this moment. Brock had been patient, but that had its limits. He was lost to the feelings, spurring him on in this frenzy of fucking that even he didn’t know he was capable of. The thickness of his girth only being squeezed by her own inner muscles, till she reached the peak, and not a moment too soon, for he rode in the waves of her orgasm. The tightening had done it. Her cries matched by a loud growl to emerge from Brock as he released himself. Jerking and flinching, as he held her tight to him. Bodies fused together – both panting rapidly as they tried to catch their breath. His fingers dug into her skin, as he held her…not wanting to let go. “Was that real?” he uttered, his mouth dry and his voice near breaking. <3>

LadyBelz: She held him tight as he reached his own pleasure peak, their bodies covered in a fine sheen of perspiration, him still on his feet, her still pressed against the counter. His fingers dug into her skin, not hard enough to bruise (or so she hoped) but insistent enough to make her realize that what just happened…had happened. So his question of was that real didn’t surprise her. “Yes it was.” she whispered, her voice trembling with emotion. How did it come to be she felt so much for this man in so little time? She had no idea. She pressed her forehead against his hair, hugging him tight. She was surprised to find that tears were blurring her vision. She couldn’t remember the last time she had cried. They were not tears of sadness. These were tears of happiness, something she never thought she would be with a man.

CharlotteCarrendar: Though still inside her, he started to soften. Catching on that the press of his fingers was a tad too hard, he eased up and listened to her say that what had happened was so very real. There was a quake in her voice, that seemed to match his own. Their foreheads pressed together, Brock felt this urge to speak his mind. “I’m falling for you, Pan.” It was said with all he felt in his heart. He could see the tears in her eyes. Were they regret, or something else? He slowly let her down to her feet, his hands brushing back her hair. Eyes dark staring at her, wondering if she might slap him for being so bold. <3>

LadyBelz: His words, when they came, were a complete and utter shock to the fiercely independent woman. That it was Brock saying them…made her breath catch in her throat. He was falling for her? Her? A woman who didn’t know the first thing about commitment! She needed to think, but he was staring at her, such an open and honest expression on his face. Her eyes were caught by his, seeing everything he was feeling for her, and the truth of his words. The lock on her heart, something that had been in place just after her father had died, snapped open and she could swear she could hear metal bouncing off into the dark. A wonder filled her own gaze, love shining bright. Could he see it on her face? She had been silent for so long, it wasn’t a wonder he didn’t start panicking, thinking he had scared her off. For a moment, he had. But she then smiled, so brightly, it was as if the sun shone personally for him. “I never thought this could happen to me, Brock. But…I’m falling for you, too. I honestly didn’t think that was possible.” she murmured, a tear finally sliding down her cheek.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Her smile was as bright as the first rays of the morning sun. It came after the longest silence between them – where even he started to wonder what she was thinking. Course, she replied that she felt the same way, though knew not how it was possible. Guarded for so long, she had come to find a man that had been patient, and attentive. Brock spotted her tear, one of joy, and he smoothed it across her cheek with his thumb. “If this is all too sudden, please tell me.” He said, his face showing concern. He hadn’t wanted to rush her, but the longer he stood there with her in his arms, the more his heart swelled with love for her. He had just found the woman of his dreams, and was terrified to lose her from being over eager. <3>

LadyBelz: “Sudden, yes.” she admitted as he brushed away her tear. “But I often hear my mother in my head telling me that if you ever find a love so special that it pales in comparison to any relationship you’ve ever had in your lifetime, grab it with both hands and never let it go, no matter how quickly it happens. Damn her for not following her own advice.” she chuckled, swiping at her eyes. “I think I’ve spent a lifetime looking for this.”

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock tried to pull up Pandora’s nightie strap and give her a bit of modesty, as he smiled at her words. This was a one in a lifetime chance, and he was not about to let anything spoil it. “And now, maybe we have a new day to enjoy what we have found. But first…how about breakfast, and I am sure you have plans today, that don’t include me.” He bent down to pick up the towel that had fallen, and secured it back in place around himself. <3>

LadyBelz: She chuckled as he pulled away from her, giving him a chance to preserve some modesty between them, although it was probably far too late for that. She looked at the clock and saw that an hour had gone by while they’d been…occupied. She groaned, slapping a hand over her eyes. “I’m supposed to be at the gym in an hour.” she laughed as he wrapped the towel around himself. “But I won’t pass up a decent breakfast, if you’re cooking.” she grinned, sliding off the counter. “I’m….going to go…shower….yeah…” she murmured, eying him with a hunger in her eyes yet again. She stepped around him and headed for the bedroom, strongly resisting the urge to turn back around and tackle him to the floor.

CharlotteCarrendar: Watching her depart and hearing her mutter, Brock couldn’t help but chuckle, as he went to the fridge and see what was on offer. Bacon, eggs, some mushrooms, and tomato. Perfect. He went about pulling out pans and turning on the gas, while flicking the switch on the jug again to make coffee. Brock, was pretty handy in the kitchen, it was just the fact he was wearing nothing but a towel as he did it, that made it look comical. The sizzle of bacon and aroma of freshly brewed coffee was bound to waft through to Pan as she showered. A welcoming smell no doubt. With toast and then the delicious spread placed on plates with care, Brock went to find if his clothes had dried from the night before. Thankfully they had, and he got dressed quickly. Heading back out to the kitchen, he set the table, then waited for Pandora to finish her shower. <3>

LadyBelz: As she cleaned off, she could smell the food Brock was making and her stomach growled hungrily. She laughed in total amusement at this, patting her tummy with a smile. Smelling of lilacs, she exited the shower, toweling herself dry, noticing that Brock had come in while she was busy and retrieved his clothes. She was disappointed that he hadn’t joined her in the shower, but figured this was his way of giving her some breathing room. They were both new to this whole relationship thing and would find their way together. Smiling and humming a little tune, she dried her hair before putting it up in a messy ponytail. She then put on her standard gym gear, sports bra, offshoulder t-shirt and tight yoga pants that she liked to wear to show off her amazing ass and toned thighs. She sat to put on her socks and sneakers before grabbing her gym bag and heading back into the other room. Dropping the bag beside the door, she found a full breakfast set out on the table; bacon, eggs sunny side up, tomato and mushrooms with toast, coffee and juice. She was stunned he had managed to find all that in her fridge, but it smelled divine. “Wow!” was all she could say.

CharlotteCarrendar: Pulling out a chair for her, he was the complete gentleman once more. It was like the sexual tiger had been tamed…for now, anyways. Seeing she was already for gym, Brock at least wanted to make sure she went off with a full stomach and had the extra energy to work out. “Surprising what you can find. I’d join you, but I have an appointment with my Major.” He kissed the top of her head, and then grabbed his keys. “Call me…later.” he said, then left her apartment, to ponder and enjoy the meal. <3>

LadyBelz: “Later.” she grinned, watching him walk out as she tucked into her meal. And moaned with delight as the flavors burst across her tongue. “Oh I’m keeping him.” she muttered to herself, digging into her meal. It was nearing the time when she was to meet her friends at the gym and she quickly finished up, placing her dishes in the sink to be washed when she got home later. She had just grabbed her bag when her cell rang. Not bothering to check the caller ID, as she was in a hurry, she answered it. “Hello?” There was silence on the other end but she could hear slight breathing. “Pandora.” came a voice she hadn’t heard in a long time. “How the fuck did you get my number?” Pandora growled. “Pandora, please.” the voice begged. “You have nothing I want to hear, Denise. Stop calling me and lose my number.” She clicked off the phone with an angry punch to the end button and for good measure, put the thing on silent, shoving it into her gym bag. She made a mental note to go by her cell provider and ask for a new number. Snatching up the keys, she headed out.