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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 19, 2014 10:10AM
Isabella’s Manor – Jason’s Room 

Jason stirred slowly as he felt the bed shift with weight of Isabella joining him before sleepily wrapping her up in his arms and drawing her as close as possible. As they slept Jason would keep Isabella pressed up against his well sculpted chest with his hands loosely wrapped about her slender waist. The day passed by slowly allowing the loving couple some much needed rest together after a night spent playing games with one another. It was true Jason had become a vampire but would he ascend to become a full vampire lord on his first hunt? Only time will tell and well that will come soon enough.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 19, 2014 10:13AM
Hot Spring

By this time, Shane had clamored out of the water and was now drying himself off, watching the wolf that Carmen was stroking warily. He was never ever really fond of dogs, and wolves were not exactly something he had encountered before, not like this. As Shane got dressed, Carmen discovered that the wolf had been shot. Instantly, Shane looked around him, wondering if the hunter or hunters were nearby. It was no longer safe for them to be out at the spring, and Shane moved closer to Carmen, but not enough to spook the wolf.

“We’re going to have to take her to the cabin and get the bullet out.”

“Carmen…we need to get inside real soon, and I can’t see either of us being able to take a bullet out of that wolf on our own within an hour. I am pretty sure vets don’t make house calls out here, especially if we are going to be locked in that house, and asleep.”

It was obvious he was concerned for their well being, more so than the wolf at this stage.

“We need to get a move on.” He urged.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 19, 2014 10:46AM
Isabella’s Manor – Jason’s Room

Isabella was the first to stir, as the shutters across the manor all started to open, to reveal the night sky with a full moon. The Vampire Queen stretched and gave a little yawn, before her eye settled upon her sleeping Jason. She pursed her lips and chuckled softly, knowing that tonight would be his first taste of human blood. Oh she had plans for him alright, and with a little help from her friends, she would make it a night he would remember. His arms were around her loosely, and she drew in closer to him, so he could feel the press of her chest to his, and she kissed his shoulder softly, before withdrawing.


“Rise and shine…it’s sunset/”

Isabella crawled out of bed, and slipped on her black robe. There was a lot she wanted to do to Jason, but the truth was, she needed to feed, and the cravings were getting so, it was starting to hurt, though she hid it well. Gesturing to his closet, she said.“Get ready, Love. I am taking you to a wonderful little club, where the drinks are free, and the entertainment is mind blowing.” Isabella blew a kiss, before sashaying out of his room, and heading to her own to get dressed.

There would be no dinner made, and Luther was no where to be seen. This was purely Jason’s night, and Isabella wanted to make sure that nothing would spoil it.


Isabella got dressed up to the nines, in an off the shoulder red cocktail dress, that truly brought out her eyes, and wore her hair down; flowing in an abundance of natural curls. The dress accentuated her figure, and with matching shoes, she looked a knock out for a night on the town. Snatching up her matching clutch, she sung out to Jason.

“Time to take your baby for a spin” By that she meant his favorite car. She had the directions down pact, of where she wanted to take him. A club called, “Jackson’s Tits & Ass Show.” Run by a long time friend of Isabella’s, she was allowed a VIP room, where her every whim and desire was catered for. Tossing Jason the keys, she would follow him down the stairs to his car in the garage, and slide in beside him. As he started the car, she would purr.

“You are going to just love this, Jason. I promise you.”


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January 19, 2014 11:07AM
Isabella’s Manor – Jason’s Room 

Jason stirred feeling the bed shift yet again before sitting up with a groan before slowly shuffling from the bedroom and into his master bath where he stripped down to nothing as he turned on the scalding hot water. Once he had scoured his body with hot water and soap he would step out of the shower and walk to his closet to rifle through the clothing that was doubtlessly stocked there. Silent as a wraith he would dress in a pullover black in color along with matching black Khaki’s before selecting a black leather jacket. He would then don a pair of a black loafers after slicking back his hair for the night Isabella had planned for him. He would then walk from the room after Isabella before entering the garage. Once in the garage Jason would chuckle before raising his hand to catch the key’s Isabella tossed him only to slip into the driver seat and key the engine to life, which produced a deep throaty rumble that Jason happened to love. The young Vampire would then put the car into gear before driving out of the garage and tearing down the road towards where ever Isabella wanted to take them. After ten minutes driving time which was mostly spent doing the speed limit which happened to be seventy miles an hour he would pull the dodge charger r/t into a parking lot having followed Isabella’s direction to the letter. Jason would step out of the car before darting over to be a gentlemen and open Isabella’s door for her as well as help her out. They Had arrived at a club called “Jackson’s Tits & Ass Show” which caused Jason to raise a brow in question as to why they had come here.



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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 19, 2014 01:04PM
Jackson’s Tits & Ass Show


The music was pumping through the speakers, creating a wall of sound, as Jason led his Queen of the Night; Isabella into the club. This club was chosen for a very good reason. Run by a man known as Stan Jackson, he was a long time associate of Isabella’s and always provided her with a good night’s entertainment. He instantly spotted her as she entered the club, and made his way through the crush of patrons, before sidling up to her and smirking. Stan shot a look at Isabella’s new sire and said loudly.


“Isabella…you look gorgeous as ever. I take it you want your VIP suite?’ He air kissed the diminutive diva, before snapping his fingers, as two burly bouncers came over, to escort the couple to one of the back rooms. Isabella threaded her arm through Jason’s and nodded towards Stan. “I want the everything on the menu, Stan. Jason and I are…really hungry.”She licked her top row of teeth before giving a dark laugh, as Stan bowed and said. “Have I ever let you down?’

The two bouncers escorted the couple through the club, till coming to a series of doors, that had frosted glass panels either side. You could see from each one that there was some pretty hot sex shows going on within. The strobe lights flashed and illuminated the patrons, and if one took the time to notice, many looked…pale. Was this club exclusive to Vampires?

The door was opened, and Isabella walked in first. There was a large curved black couch in suede in the room, with a large table in the middle, complete with pole for the pole dancers, and then to the side, there were straddle cubes, with straps for locking down your “entertainer” and having your way with them any way you wanted. There was also a harness swing, as well as bottles of lube and clean towels, plus a silver trolley, that had glass decanters filled with blood.

The door closed on the couple and left them alone, as Isabella threw down her clutch, and rounded on Jason. She purred as she placed her hands on his chest and then said.

“Now…I want you, to completely let go, of everything you have ever felt and thought. Let the beast out tonight.”Isabella kissed his lips sensually, before pulling back, and making her way around the table, to take a seat in the middle of the couch, as she waited for the first course to arrive.


Right on cue, the door opened, and Stan led in three of his latest dancers. A guy, who was a dark blonde, wearing just a thong, and two girls, a red head, and an Asian girl with long flowing hair.. The music changed out at the DJ booth, and Stan bowed before Isabella, before leaving the room. The red head went for the pole, and began to do an erotic routine, while the man walked around to stand in front of Isabella, and begin to do a private dance for her. Edging closer, he would straddle her, and try to place her hands on his chest. This made Isabella chuckle, and throw her head back, as the game was going to be very easy. As her head came back up, there was a golden glint to her eyes and she stared directly into the stripper’s eyes.

“You shall feel no pain….” Her voice a whisper, but she was cooing towards the dancer who became mesmerized by the Vampire queen. She licked her lips, as she used her right hand to bring a claw down and scratch a huge line into the male’s chest, as he gyrated, letting a nice flow of blood run down his torso. Isabella became like a kitten, and started to lick the blood from the man’s wound, as he groaned in pleasure, unaware this was just the start. She planned to take so much more.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 19, 2014 11:03PM
Jacksons Tits & Ass Show 

Jason raised a brow watching the sensual dance as the red head bobbed and weaved on the pole. This of course caused Jason’s blood to literally sing as he kept the beast under lock and key for the moment. Slowly his restraint began to slip as he watched the Asian bombshell began to prowl towards him as Jason’s eyes flickered briefly. Oh yes his restraint was definitely slipping from his grasp. First his eyes became flecked with gold tint as he spoke in a mesmeric voice that was sensual and seductive in its quality. “Why don’t you come here darling and show me what you have got in store.” Having the Asian under his sway he would watch her sashay her way to him before plopping down in his lap and gyrating her hips upon his own in an erotic tease. As the Asian teased Jason with her sensual movements he would lean forward and kiss her neck after brushing her hair away from her neck and drag his slowly elongating fangs across her skin leaving a red weal on her neck that caused the Asian to shudder in delight. ” I see you have a fetish for being bitten eh?” Jason would whisper huskily against her neck before striking like a snake and anchoring his fangs firmly in her neck to feed. Slowly Jason drained the dancer before pulling away leaving her weak from blood loss but not enough to kill her. Oh no Jason had other plans for the Asian dancer as well as the redhead. Slowly Jason would rise from the couch leaving the Asian dancer sprawled out on the black leather. Once standing he would prowl over to the dancing redhead before stopping her routine and kissing the back of her hand tenderly as he led her back to the couch before he too fed from her leaving her weak and unable to move. Though he had left them weak he kissed them both on the forehead tenderly. “Sleep well my pretties…”Jason would whisper before slicing his wrist and allowing a drop of his blood to drip into each of their mouths before he looked over at Isabella and watched her languidly. He knew not what he had done aside from establishing a bond with his two blood dolls that he had claimed. As Jason watched he would mental take notes on how to entice one’s victim into getting ever closer. He knew that this wasn’t Isabella’s first feeding and was determined to learn from her.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 20, 2014 12:52AM
Hot Springs

“Carmen…we need to get inside real soon, and I can’t see either of us being able to take a bullet out of that wolf on our own within an hour. I am pretty sure vets don’t make house calls out here, especially if we are going to be locked in that house, and asleep.”

“I know, but I’m not going to leave her here for some poacher to find.” she growled. Continuing to soothe the wolf, she bent her knees and got her arms beneath the wolf’s stomach. The she-wolf yelped once more when Carmen accidentally pressed against her injury and Carmen apologized for that. Once the wolf was situated in her arms, Carmen headed back to the cabin, not even caring she was still naked, or that she’d left her robe back at the spring…or that she was still buck naked.

Cabin in the Woods – Living Room


Carmen entered the cabin and made directly for the livingroom, placing the wolf on the rug before the fire. She went into the downstairs bathroom and began rooting around in the drawers and cabinets. She didn’t state what she was looking for, but the sounds stopped and she came back out holding a pair of tweezers, a towel, a bottle of disinfectant and some bandages.

She looked at Shane.

“I need you to come and keep her calm. Hold her head, talk to her in a soothing voice, and try to keep her from seeing what I’m doing.” she begged him. She didn’t know why, but she felt that deep down inside of herself, helping this wolf would be beneficial to the both of them.

She knelt next to the wolf and poured the disinfectant onto the towel before gently dabbing at the wound. The she-wolf whimpered slightly but remained still as Carmen treated her. She dipped the tweezers into the hot coals of the fire to sterilize it, waiting for it to cool before she began to dig out the bullet. She was slow and gentle in her movements and inch by inch the bullet slowly emerged.

“There’s the sonofabitch.” Carmen whispered as the bullet appeared. Getting a good grip with the tweezers and ignoring the blood staining her hands and the rug, she pulled it the rest of the way out, dropping it on the coffee table beside her. Nodding with satisfaction, she poured more disinfectant into the wound a little at a time, waiting until the bubbling was clear before she proceeded to stitch the wound closed.

She went to wash her hands before returning to the wolf’s side to wrap the bandages around the now-clean wound in order to keep it clean and dry. Once done, Carmen sat back with a sigh of pleasure. The wolf surprised her by licking Shane’s hand, the pain in those blue eyes practically gone.

“I’ll take her to the vet when we return home…make sure there’s no infection.” Carmen stated. “But I’m going to find the sonofabitch who did this and rip his goddamn throat out.”

An alarm sounded in the kitchen and there was a click and whirling sound as the shutters began to close over the windows.

“Sunrise.” she yawned, suddenly tired. “Let’s go to bed, darling.” She stood and held out her hand for her mate.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 20, 2014 04:13AM
Jackson’s Tits & Ass Show

While Isabella was enjoying the chest licking from her own private dancer, it turned out that Jason was not going to use his full Vampire beast, but rather take on two blood dolls. This actually had Isabella stop from what she was doing, and peeked past her “meal” to see if it was really happening.


“Hmm!” She made the hmmph sound with a shrug. Slightly dissapointed, since she didn’t usually come to the club to play with her food. But, all to their own. If he wanted sex toys, he was more than welcome to have them. Course, there were rules to that in her coven, but he was going to have to find that out on his own. Isabella simply smacked her lips and then smacked her dancer to hop off her lap, for it was now her turn. He obliged of course, since he was under her hypnotic stare, and then sat back on the couch, writhing, and motioning with his finger for her to sit on his lap.

Isabella chuckled as this was like taking candy from a baby. He was mesmerized and caught in her web. Isabella straddled his lap, and did a little bounce, that got the male dancer excited beneath her. Isabella’s eyes traveled down to his neck, where she could see his main vein pulsating, ripe with blood. It was time to say goodnight to the fair prince, for he had entertained her just enough. She reached for the back of his head and with her sharpened nails extended, she ripped his head back. Hard enough for you to hear a cracking sound. Her ripe red tongue slithered out between her lips, as the dancer began to cry out in pain. He sounded so sweet and scared. Isabella’s jaw extended, with her white elongated fangs now predominantly on display, and with a swift movement, she bit down hard on the dancer’s neck, as he writhed in agony beneath her. Isabella was of course a lot stronger, and used her thighs to pin him down, as his blood gushed into her mouth. Sweet, rich and hot, she gulped it down hungrily.


Soon his body stopped jerking and fell limp beneath her, as she drew her head back, with blood running down her chin and all over her slender digits. Isabella ran her tongue across her teeth and laughed, as she climbed off the dead body and went to get a towel, to clean up her face.

“A bit sweet, but a good year, none the less.” Isabella joked, before becoming serious seeing the sleeping “girls”. She casually waved her hand at them both and asked Jason;

“So…what exactly do you plan to do with your meals? She reached for a goblet of blood and took a sip, before continuing.“Starting your own little coven at home?”


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 20, 2014 04:41AM
Cabin in the Woods – Living Room

Having picked up Carmen’s robe at the hot springs, and followed Carmen back up to the main Cabin, Shane couldn’t quite understand all the fuss over a wolf. It was a wild animal and certainly didn’t belong inside. Course, when Carmen made up her mind about something, she always got her way.

Following her into the living room, he draped her robe over a nearby couch, and was about to go and get ready for bed, when Carmen implored that he help hold the wolf’s head while she played Doctor Doolittle on the Wolf’s bullet wound.

“But..” That was the only word he got out, cause Carmen had already gotten a start on finding implements and the right gear to carry out this task. Sighing, Shane knew there was no way out of this, and got down on his knees at the head of the wolf, who was whimpering the whole time. Shane cradled the wolf’s head on his lap, and got a fairly good hold on the beast, while Carmen set to removing the bullet safely. Shane started to sing a song to the wolf, which happened to be “Little red riding hood, you sure are looking good.” It was the only song he could come up with, and surprisingly, it got the wolf’s attention long enough for Carmen to remove the bullet safely, but not before she swore like a trooper about who did this to the animal.

“Good…doggy.” Shane said, patting it as the last of the operation was finishing, with Carmen wrapping up the stitched wound with bandaging. The Wolf started to lick Shane’s hand, and he said. “Don’t lick me, I was just the support crew.” Typical Shane at the wrong moments.

“I’ll take her to the vet when we return home…make sure there’s no infection.” Carmen stated. “But I’m going to find the sonofabitch who did this and rip his goddamn throat out.”

Shane yawned as the shutters started to engage and the alarm went off to show it was Sunrise. “Mkay…you can do all the ripping you like…after we sleep.” He rose to standing, and then grabbing Carmen’s robe, walked with her to their bedroom, not checking back to see if the wolf was following.


As he turned the corner to go in their bedroom, he asked.

“How are we going to fit a full grown wolf in my sports car? I just had the upholstery cleaned.”


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 21, 2014 07:50PM
Jacksons Tit’s & Ass Show 


Jason shrugged slowly as he answered his lovely Isabella’s question directed at his choice to take the two as blood dolls.“They have a purpose my love not as just sex toys but informants and many other things there’s a reason to why I do things..” Just then out of the corner of his eye Jason happened to notice a lone male walk in with a slight stumble as if he had tripped before he returned his attention to Isabella who had her back to the door and continued to watch the male silently. This male happened to be a complete drunkard who was literally drunken to the point of not realizing where he was as he moved towards Isabella and forced his hand up her dress to grope her. This of course did not go unnoticed by Jason who offered a soft hiss of warning before slowly standing up and walking towards the male and his mate. As Jason walked towards the male he would rub her hooch teasingly as he spoke with a slurred voice. “Come here whore and let daddy fuck your hooch good…”As the fledgling vampire lord listened he would raise a brow before something snapped within him. Slowly Jason’s eyes became flecked with red until they where a crimson coloring while his nails elongated into rending claws. His canines had elongated into bone crushing fangs Then in a blur Jason tore across the room to collide with the drunken male and bear him into a wall with enough force to crack the entire wall section from floor to ceiling. Jason then chuckled softly as the male wailed ineffectually at Jason’s chest trying to get free. “Lemme go you dirtbag!!” The male would shout before Jason caught the males fist in his mouth and with a savage jerking motion tore the fist from his arm causing the alcohol rich blood to spray over the room. The now absolutely enraged vampire then turned to spit the severed hand out before being cracked across the temple by the drunken male with a bottle that shattered on impact covering Jason in alcohol. Oh that was the last straw as Jason literally hissed in anger that rivaled the eruption of Pompeii. Nothing would stop him from literally turning the drunken male into nothing more then a pile of bones with blood painting the wall. After a few moments of flashing claws it was done and Jason had completely flayed the unfortunate male alive with him howling all the while though thankful the room was soundproofed. With a sated hiss Jason would slowly come down from his unparalleled rage only to walk over to the bathroom and mop the blood that caked his face up as well as wash his hands. With a soft grunt Jason would look at his handiwork with a cold distant expression on his face as if his emotions where on complete and total lock down for the moment. He would continue to stand there silently and stiff as a statue as his eyes took upon their normal coloring once again though if one where to look closely there where still some flecks of red within his pupils. Of course he was still highly irritated and ready to snap a second time as the girls he had taken as blood dolls still slumbered on the couch unaware of the recent killing committed by Jason. The fact was Jason was more then willing to kill for Isabella and would do such again if needed. Oh he was loyal to her and her designs.