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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 21, 2014 08:17PM
Jackson’s Tits & Ass Show

Having just fed and topping up with the crystal glass of blood, Isabella let her inhibitions go a little, doing a little dance as she drank. She had asked Jason what his plans were for the new dolls, and he pointed out that he was not just going to use them as sex toys, but other things like informants, and doing his bidding outside the coven. This seemed to please Isabella enough, to think that they were not a threat to her hold on him and she continued to sway to the beat of the music that was pounding from the speakers outside the VIP suite.


Everything was just fine…until Isabella felt a drunken man come up behind her. Caught off guard in her blood drunk state, she could hear him speak in her ear as his hand shot up her dress.

“Come here whore and let daddy fuck your hooch good…”

Isabella let out a gasp of shock, as the crystal glass slipped from her hand and smashed on the floor. But before she could react, Jason had zipped past her and pushed the drunken man right into the wall behind him. The Vampire Queen spun around, and saw that Jason finally let the beast within him loose on the hapless groper.

“Lemme go you dirtbag!!” The man cried, but Jason was beyond reason, beyond saving this soul. He would pay for touching his Sire…in the worst possible way. The look on Isabella’s face…triumph. Her beautiful Jason was about to become the creature he was destined to be. ~Kill him…KILL HIM!~ Her thoughts racing if Jason could hear her. Whether he could or not, didn’t seem to matter, he was going to in spectacular fashion.

First strike, the man’s hand ploughed into Jason’s extended jaw, that locked down and in one violent tear, he tore the arm right from the man;’s socket, causing a spray of foul tainted blood to fly across the room. Isabella was now panting, salivating as she watched on hungrily. Her excitement was mounting at this sickening bloodshed, and she could barely contain her glee. With the severed hand spat from his mouth, the next few minutes was the epitome of the frenzied attack, that saw the man’s flesh being torn from bone, blood spraying over the walls to create a work of art. By the time he had finished, the man was nothing more than a sick pile of blood and bone. Isabella’s eyes glinted in the reflection of the windows and lights, as her prize then went to the bathroom to wipe the blood from his hands.

As he came out, Isabella slowly walked over, stepping over bits of bone, to come before her dark Lord. She stood before him and then knowing he was still in a fit of rage, still high from the kill, she put her arms around him ever slowly. Moving in close and then she brought her head to his chest, purring softly in a way that could soothe him. He had his Queen, he had her love.

Glancing up she drew her hand up and caressed his cheek softly.

“My Lord has awakened, and he is powerful.”


She kissed at his neck at first, then his lips. Practically curling her body around him like a serpent.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 21, 2014 08:38PM
Cabin in the Woods – Bedroom


Night finally fell and with it, the ending of a long day of sleep for Carmen and Shane. As usual, Carmen was the first to wake as for some reason, Shane always enjoyed a bit of a lie-in. He wouldn’t be fully awake until he smelled coffee brewing.

Carmen eased herself from beneath the arm across her stomach, leaning over to kiss his shoulder as he continued to sleep. Getting to her feet, she took a moment to stretch the remaining stiffness from her body before heading for the bathroom across the hall. Before she could, a horrible stench assaulted her nostrils. She stood in the middle of the hall, again – naked, trying to determine what it was and where it was coming from. She heard muffled voices coming from downstairs.

She then remembered the wolf she and Shane had left sleeping in front of the fire and grew enraged. If he was tuned in to her emotions, Shane would have been able to feel the rage coming off of his wife.

Light on her feet and blending in with the shadows of the darkened hall, Carmen went to the railing that overlooked the living room and in direct line of the fireplace. From her new vantage point she could see the entire living room…and the two drunk men dirtying up her furniture and eating her food. The wolf was nowhere to be seen and she feared the worse.


“Hey Bo? You sure this place is deserted?” the man sitting on the couch wondered, letting off a loud belch followed by a gaseous sound that assured her she’d be burning the couch in the near future.

«That was my favorite couch, too!» she snarled in her mind, her fingers biting into the wood of the railing hard enough to splinter.

“Been eying the place since I seen it ’bout a month back. Never seen no one about. Garage locked tighter then my daughter’s asshole and that was hard enough to crack.” the man known as Bo chortled. Carmen’s eyes narrowed dangerously, red bleeding through.

“What about that purdy sports car we done seen out front?”

“Hikers probl’y.” Bo shrugged, not really caring. “We’ll give it a once over when we leave.”

“What you suppose happened to the wolf we shot?”

“Up ‘n died, probl’y. But don’t worry yer purdy little head on it. We’ll find it. Pelt like that’ll make some bucks on the black markets.”

Hearing that, Carmen growled low in her throat, hunched down like a lion about to pounce upon their prey. It was the only other sound heard in the silence of the cabin and carried easily to the two poachers invading her home. Bo ignored it, but Clarence heard it clearly and was suddenly scared. There was a heavy presence in the air, dark and oppressive that wasn’t there before. He looked around for the owner of the sound, even looked up to the railing at one point, but his gaze moved past Carmen, her aura cloaking her form.


“B-Bo, m-maybe we sh-should leave.” Clarence stammered. Bo swigged one of his beer and let out a loud, disgusting belch before glaring at his friend.

“Clarence, maybe you should shut the fuck up and pass me another one of them beers!” Bo snapped, clearly annoyed. “Sissy ass momma’s boy!” he grumbled, causing Bo to flush red in embarrassment. But Bo shouldered on. He didn’t want to remain in this cabin another second.

“But Bo-!”

“Clarence, blow it out yer asshole before I fuck you in it! You bleat like my daughter when I poke her in the rear, too!” Bo snarled. That was the last straw as far as Carmen was concerned. She leapt over the railing, her form morphing to that of her vampire as she closed the distance between her and the two men. Clarence, seeing a shadow moving from his peripheral, looked up and caught sight of the face that until now he’d only seen in nightmares. His mouth fell open, a scream locked in his throat, ready to be released but it was too late. Carmen tackled Clarence, both of them flying over the back of the couch to the floor, Bo staring at the place his friend had sat moments before in shock. The attack had been super fast.

Her claws dug into his shoulders, drawing blood as her fangs tore into his neck. Then he did scream as a wave of unimaginable pain hit him. Bo surged to his feet, a hunting rifle in his hand as he listened to his friend’s screams.

“Clarence?” Bo stammered.

“BO! GET HER OFF! OH GAWD IT HURTS! GET HER OFF’N ME! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Clarence’s screams trailed off into a gargled silence as Carmen ripped his throat out, spitting away the rapidly cooling flesh. Blood dripped from her mouth and chin in a torrent as she savored the kill, licking her lips.

“C-Clarence?” Bo whispered, not wanting to know what happened to his friend. Carmen popped up from behind the couch and it was Bo’s turn to be afraid. He didn’t know which to look at first: the blood dripping from her chin or the naked tits waving in front of him.

Carmen pinned him with her gaze and he could see the malicious glint in her eye. He brought his rifle to bear. “D-Don’t move!” he stammered.

“You’re on private property, you son-of-a-bitch!” Carmen hissed, preparing to launch herself at Bo.

“I said don’t move!” Bo exclaimed, feeling braver now that his gun was aimed. Snarling, Carmen launched herself at Bo…

The sound of a gunshot echoing through the cabin was sure to rouse Shane if he wasn’t awake already.

The barrel of the gun let off smoke as Bo and Carmen stared at one another. Carmen stared down at the smoking hole in her chest where her heart used to be, Smirking, she looked at Bo, as the bullet slowly slipped from her body, falling to the floor with metallic ping. Shocked, Bo watched the wound in Carmen’s skin seal itself. It looked as if she’d never been shot.

He fired again, this time aiming higher. Her head snapped back at the impact and she staggered slightly. Bo smirked, thinking he’d finally won…but nearly shit his pants when Carmen brought her eyes back to his, a malicious grin on her face as his second bullet also fell from her, before the would healed itself.

“Please sir…may I have another?” she laughed, a dark and evil sound. She saw Shane standing on the walkway over their heads and tossed him a wink. “Are you hungry? We have take out?” she asked him.

Bo, who thought he was the one being asked, shook his head, unaware he was about to become a vampire meal…

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 21, 2014 08:42PM
Jackson’s Tits & Ass show 

Jason’s eyes flickered down to Isabella’s as he kissed her back while his fangs still peeked over his lips. Slowly though he came down from his high if it could be called that before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath to calm himself before speaking with a confidant tone. “I indeed have awoken and now my queen let us relax with that interloper having been dealt with.” It was quiet clear that Jason was satiated and needing a comforting embrace as he returned to his senses. Slowly he walked over to the couch before laying down with his left foot just barely touching the ground. It wasn’t long before Jason was completely still as he feigned being dead to try and lure Isabella to him. Should she fall for the ruse he would strike like a snake and grab her wrists before swiftly pulling her down atop him and into a fiery yet loving kiss. Although Jason’s back was to the twin doors that allowed entry to the room. Even though he might have seemed relaxed and at ease he was far from it as he had carefully positioned himself in front of a mirror that gave him unrestricted sight to see as to who entered and left the room they where in. The reason for that? Jason was not going to have a repeat of an unwanted visitor coming in and spoiling their night together. Silently he held Isabella in his arms while kneading the small of her back teasingly while lavishing teasing nibbles and bites upon her neck. Oh he was going to torture Isabella and leave her wanting for the time being.


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Re: The Human World [rp]
January 21, 2014 09:23PM
Cabin in the Woods – Bedroom

Shane did like to sleep just that little bit longer than Carmen did. Bad habit, I suppose. So it came as a surprise when he woke to hear muffled voices coming from down the stairs. His hand glided across the bed to where Carmen slept and of course, she wasn’t there. This had the Vampire sit bolt upright, his brows knitting. Why would there be voices, unless the wolf started talking. The more he listened, he could pick up some hick like accents, and what they were saying had him grit his teeth. Some poachers had broken into the cabin while they were sleeping. Like a flash, Shane shot out of bed, not even bothering to get dressed. He stole himself out of the bedroom, and followed the shadows down the hall till reaching the timber balustrade.

The view from this angle, was of Carmen now attacking one of the hunters, with another standing close by with a rifle. ~Hell no~ he thought to himself. as the first man was having his throat torn out by his naked and enraged wife. Shane’s body erupted, morphing into the full vampire, with wings spreading out behind him, pumping with vamperic blood.

One shot fired hit Carmen in the chest, which miraculously was pushed out of her body, only to have it seal over. The wonder of being undead. The second shot fired hit her head, and it snapped back hard, only to have her bring her head around again, the bullet popping out of her forehead, at first leaving a hole, before sealing up. That was it. Shane gripped the timber railing, and it snapped within his powerful claws, as Carmen called out.

“Are you hungry? We have take out?” 

“Southern fried..chicken. Half baked. My favorite.”

With that he swooped down making a god awful screech, as he grabbed the hunter by the arms, lifting him off the ground. The gun was fired repeated times, only to have the bullets simply fall out of his back and onto the ground, making soft tinkering sounds. The gun out of bullets, the man named Bo screamed for mercy.

“No…no…please….I have kids.”

But it was too late, Shane head butted the hapless hunter so hard, that his skull was fractured sending bone fragments into his brain. The Vampire’s jaw descended and then in one bite he shattered the skull completely, raining down bit of pink matter, while the hunter’s body went limp. Shane drank from the top of the man’s skull, as it spewed out and down the onto the floor beneath him. Probably going to ruin the carpet, but Shane was beyond caring. In a rage, he threw the corpse at the fire place, where it ignited in a fire ball that seared the walls.

Flapping his wings, he came down to land, his face covered in blood, bone and brain matter. His chest heaving as he looked at Carmen with red fueled eyes. In a deep base voice he asked.

“Where’s the Wolf?”


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 21, 2014 09:44PM
Cabin Livingroom

Carmen grinned in amusement as she watched her husband dispatch the other poacher with ruthless efficiency before he landed before her.

“Where’s the Wolf?” he asked. Carmen glanced around the room and noticed the curtain she had draped over the closet was moving slightly. A moment later, the she-wolf hobbled into view, walking right up to Carmen and sitting at her feet. She didn’t seem to be afraid of the two fully-formed vampires. Carmen rubbed her clawed hand gently over the wolf’s head.

“Smart girl.” Carmen nodded in approval. She looked at Shane. “We can’t leave her here, Shane. Please?” she begged. “Please say yes, love. I’ll do whatever you want, no questions asked.”

She knew that was probably the wrong thing to say, giving him carte blanche to make her do whatever he wanted…but this was important to her. It was as if she and the wolf were connected on some level. She had to wonder if she’d somehow found her familiar…or her familiar had found her.

Rage calmed and the need to feed abated, she morphed back to human while still petting the she-wolf, awaiting Shane’s verdict.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 21, 2014 09:44PM
Jackson’s Tits & Ass Show


The newly created Vampire lord knew just how to woo the Queen into his arms, by simply playing dead. She sauntered over cautiously, as he lay upon the couch, not far from his sleeping dollies. Left foot almost touching the floor. At first Isabella hung back a bit. Was this a trick? She then let out a hiss as her fangs stayed extended, and she moved to hover over him, but only allowing him to strike her in a lightning move, locking his hands around her wrists and pulling her astride of him, before claiming a passionate kiss. Isabella felt her defenses crumble as the kiss seared her lips, and she writhed about on top of him in a sexual nature.

Oh so that was his plan. Hold her down and toy with her. She tipped her head back as he teased, but all the while making her hips move in a circular fashion, teasing him right back. The room reeked with blood, and alcohol. It was enough to make any vampire giddy. Jason’s teasing bites and nipping had her growl in frustrated pleasure as he held her down.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 21, 2014 09:55PM
Cabin Livingroom

As Carmen pleaded for Shane to let her keep the Wolf, Shane was still in full morph and trying to work out how the hunters actually got into the house in the first place. No doubt they followed the wolf up here, but that didn’t account for them breaking in. The security measures at the Cabin were going to have to be strengthened. They couldn’t afford a repeat of this, certainly not after what they had happen with Vincent.

“Please say yes, love. I’ll do whatever you want, no questions asked.” 

Carmen was giving Shane a real doggy eyed look as she patted the Wolf. Clearly she wanted this wolf so much she was willing to beg. That was something new. Normally she begged for sex, but never another being. Shane thought for a moment, then he could only imagine the kids reaction back at the house. A whole lot of trouble. He folded his arms, and then said sternly.

“You need to take her to a Vet. Then…you are going to be fully responsible for this creature at our home. Remember we sleep during the day, and what if she tears up the media room. I can hear Bianca screaming now. Just promise me that you will make sure that wolf does not upset our home life any more than it already is.”

That seemed fair.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 22, 2014 02:15PM
Jackson’s Tits & Ass Show 

Jason continued to tease and torture Isabella as a slow smile crossed his lips. Oh he was definitely enjoying this moment to its fullest before he kissed her deeply and passionately while lowering his body atop hers. His hands would intertwine with hers before pinning them above her head with a swift motion. The Vampire Lord then pulled away from his Queen’s lips before hissing softly and allowing the beast to come to the forefront once again as his eyes became blood red. Oh he was going to claim Isabella fully and completely. “ssssstrip my Queen and let me appease you…” Jason would hiss into her ear before pulling away slowly so as to allow her to get to her feet. Jason of course was sitting there with his left leg placed atop his right while waiting for his Queen to make her decision. As he waited Jason would flick his eyes over to his blood dolls as they continued to sleep and recuperate from Jason’s feeding. His blood red eyes would then wander over to the corpse which brought a twisted smile to his face. Oh he was ready to stake his claim to the Queen even though she had pledged her love to him, now he wanted to consummate their love that they so openly shared.

Re: The Human World [rp]
January 22, 2014 05:18PM
Jackson’s Tits & Ass Show

“ssssstrip my Queen and let me appease you…” 

Jason’s voice was like a deep throated growl, as he allowed her to stand before him. Telling her that he wanted a private performance of his own. The room was now a macabre setting, with sleeping dancers, and two dead bodies; one was her own kill, the other the drunken sleaze that had tried to have his way with the Vamp Queen. Isabella slid off her lover and went to stand, a wicked grin upon her face while her eyes darted about at the blood splattered walls, and the way it ran slowly down to small pools on the floor. Heaven help whoever the cleaner was.


Picking up the sultry strains of the music being played out in the club, Isabella began to swivel her hips, as she snaked her arms up over her head, before reaching for the zip in back of her dress, and pulling it down slowly, as she pivoted on her left foot, allowing Jason to see her skin becoming exposed. The zip went all the way down to the base of her back and you could just get a hint of ass. Demurely she let her straps slink off her shoulders, and the dress naturally fell from her form, spooling on the floor at her feet. She stepped out and then bent over, as she rolled off her stockings one at a time, after un-clipping her garter belt. Everything was done slowly, to ensure that this was as tantalizing and teasing as she may dare. Isabella wore no panties, so she was putting on quiet the show, as she stepped up on the pole table, in just her necklace and high heels.


Gripping the pool, she went into a drop with her legs spread, knees bent outward, before rising up slowly, her body hard up against the pole. One hand released from the pole, she walked around it, before curling her leg around and then using it as a brace while she bent backwards, and ran her fingers through her hair. All the while staring at Jason, with eyes of crimson flame. She was a natural on the pole, performing twists and spins that showed off her voluptuous curves.


Re: The Human World [rp]
January 22, 2014 05:53PM
Jackson’s Tits & Ass show 

Jason chuckled softly as he watched contently as he began to shift in his seat slightly. Oh he was enjoying watching his Queen tease him as he had teased her. Soon enough though his pant’s where tenting as he hissed hungrily wanting to mate his Queen all the more as he watched her flaunt her stuff upon the pole. Slowly Jason stood after watching his beloved Isabella dance upon the pole for a good five to ten minutes. As he stood he would hiss softly before silently stealing towards the cart to grab a chalice of blood to sip on as he watched his lovely Queen contently. He then plucked something from his pocket before walking to her side and kissing her deeply yet briefly as he whispered softly into her full lips. “I think its almost closing time my love and we had better get ready to head home soon it will be dawn unfortunately…we’ll continue our fun at home my love and i’ll make it well worth your while” After speaking he would kneel to pick up her dress before standing once again and nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck. As he waited he would hold his Queen’s dress out for her to get redressed before heading for the doors and casting a love filled gaze upon his Queen. Jason would then walk over to wake the two sleeping blood dolls before coming back to his queen while putting his leather jacket back on having taken it off when he first entered the club.