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Fifty Shades of CRAY CRAY

Live Role play on the client of IMVU 19th February, 2014

Ladies Night

Writers :

Location : Balls of Steel Gym


LadyBelz: Pandora got to the Balls of Steel gym about 20 minutes after the time she was supposed to meet Kali and Simone. She darted into the locker room to stow her bag in her locker before going in search of her friends. She found them on the exercise bikes and found a free one between them. She started off slow to warm up as she greeted them. “Good morning, sexy people.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Simone was already in her element, wearing hip hugging nike white jogging pants, and tight skivvy. She had arrived about half an hour earlier to catch a hold of one of her favourite trainers, Jervis; who was one of the gym’s leading studs. Having dumped her kit in the locker room, she strutted out with a pink headband, hair tied back in a fashionable ponytail, and sporting a water bottle. Jervis was lifting a particularly heavy set of dumb bells and Simone made a kitten like growl at him as she passed, causing him to drop a dumbbell on his big toe. “Good Morning, sexy people” It was Pan. Simone sucked on her water bottle and chuckled. “Okay…you’re way too chipper. Let me guess, Adults plus had a fifty percent sale on their blow up Thunder down under collection dolls.” <3>

LadyBelz: “You wish.” Pandora chuckled, staring at the blonde woman. “And I’m chipper because I got a good night’s sleep for once.”
CharlotteCarrendar: “Sure. And I’m a nun.”

LadyBelz: “Think what you will.” Pandora chuckled. “Oh. I got a text from Ame this morning. She’s in Milan on a work assignment and won’t be back for a few weeks.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Lucky bitch. She could have least told us first. Would have put my order in for one of their gorgeous hand bags. I don’t know what it is about italians…and leather.” Simone hummed as she bore a crooked smile.

KalypsoGrey: The night of the club was surely one she wouldn’t forget for a long while. “Good lord…” She’d said when she made her way into the gym the next morning. Kali had showed her membership badge and had immediately waltzed into the locker room to get into gear, her hands moving about to the back of her head as she slowly tied it in a bun when in the moment of then getting out of her bra to change a young man had entered. (NPC) “Woah… hey there…” Kali blinked before then turning on the man and raised a brow. “See something ya like?” The man nodded and smiled wide like a puppy with a bone. “Well too fucking bad, you either get the fuck out or I grab the head honcho to relieve you of your membership.” By this time the man didn’t hesitate in leaving the room. Kali smiled and nodded before finally sighing heavily and making her way to the treadmill, passing by a few members who were checking out her ass; both men and women. “Keep it up you fucking dips… I dare ya.” Her head shook and she couldn’t even find it in herself to actually do anything about it but move on and say hello to her girls, the conversation they’d been having reached her ears from many a different corners. “Hey babes… and Milan, I was literally there just 3 months ago.” She bragged while then pointing to her designer gym clothes and shoes. “Where do you think I get all, well…. most of my clothes from?”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Walmart.”

LadyBelz: “Lucky bitch would be this one over here.” Pandora tossed a thumb toward Kali. “Probably lay around on a nude beach somewhere, hubby drooling all over her perky tits.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone then skipped off towards the weights-

KalypsoGrey: “Ha-ha, says the cheap whore that sleeps around.”

KalypsoGrey: “Lucky, no… I don’t think so. I just look at it as… well me being rich.” she shrugged and then eyed as Simone skipped away to the weights.

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simply grins as she starts to chat up one of the heavy weightlifters, while slides her index finger up the side of her nose at Kali-


LadyBelz: Pandora jumps off the bike, feeling sufficiently warmed up and moves to the punching bag. “I blame that husband of yours. He’s made you a kept woman.”

KalypsoGrey: “Now, now don’t go blaming Kristian. He just… he cares for me. I mean, he is my husband after all.” She smiled and moved her leg over the bike before dismounting it and moving to the weights in the back near Simone.

LadyBelz: Stepping away from the bag, she followed behind, dropping to the floor to do some push ups. “Husband or not, he spoils you rotten.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Sees the designer clad Kail coming her way. Huffing, after the cutting remark that she was a /cheap/ whore, Simone starts to bench press some weights, so as not to get into it with Kali. Glancing over at Pandora, Simone notices something…well different about her. “So how is that guy…Brock?” she asks.

KalypsoGrey: “Yea… how is he.. Brock, I mean.”

LadyBelz: Pandora tried not to blush, she really did, when Simone mentioned Brock’s name, but it was not to be. Her face flamed redder then the flames of the hottest fires of hell and she had this huge grin on her face. “Brock…is Brock.” she stated, not bothering to elaborate.

CharlotteCarrendar: -This had Simone stop lifting weights and she sat up. “Woah…what is with your face?”

LadyBelz: “Nothing.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Bullshit”

KalypsoGrey: Kali eyed the reddened cheeks of Pandora and dropped the weights almost crushing herself in the process. “Ugh.. fuck..” She ducked under then. “Woah, no… I call BS bitch. Spill.”

LadyBelz: “Nope.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone grinned. “Wait…wait wait.” She stood up and waved her water bottle at Pandora. “You two did it!”
KalypsoGrey: sighs and grasps ahold of the edge of one of the weights. “I will hurt you…”

CharlotteCarrendar: “No no…look at her.”

LadyBelz: “We did NOT!” Pandora denied, rather fiercely, blushing to the roots of her hair.

CharlotteCarrendar: “Ahahaha. Denial.”

KalypsoGrey: Blinks and then drops the weights, walks over and eyes Pandora down. “What in the actual fuck…”

LadyBelz: -Backs offa step- “Nothing happened.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Yeah right.”

LadyBelz: “Honestly!”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Pssh. Don’t lie, Pandora.”

KalypsoGrey: “You fucking liar. I could smell the thai coming from a mile away!”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone doubles over laughing-

LadyBelz: “Kali…shut up. You do not know what you’re talking about.” Pandora scowled. She was starting to get a little pissed.

KalypsoGrey: “Hey, I can’t tell you to not stop having Thai…”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone chewed her bottom lip, then took a sip of her water. “Cat fight in five.” She knew when Pandora was getting riled. If this meant the designer clad Kali was going to get a black eye, Simone was willing to stand back and let it happen.

LadyBelz: “It’s not funny, Kali.” Pandora growled, gearing up to defend her and Brock’s relationship. This was serious to her and she didn’t want it turned into some kind of joke for her friends to pick over. “Okay, yes, Brock spent the night at my place. I won’t deny that. But we did not have sex. We may have slept in the same bed, but we did NOT have sex.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone simply raised an eyebrow at that one. “If you say so.” Seeing the treadmills were free, she wandered down there.

KalypsoGrey: “But you had thai food…?” She questioned before then rising from the weight area and moving down the stairs back to the treadmills. “You know we are just joking with you, take it easy and relax.” Honestly she could see the fury in her eyes and was not about to get down with Pan in the middle of the gym. Doing so wouldn’t be pretty for either of them, nor the gym and it’s members. So she simply… let the situation go. Hoping that Pan knew her and Simone meant well.

Morinehtar: “Your membership card, miss. Have a lovely workout!” said the attendant. Taking the flimsy piece of plastic in her hand, Roisin replied dryly: “Thanks.” Why had she walked into a gym again? Right. Because those tarts from the Colts were kicking her teams ass and the coach had less than subtly suggested that she and her teammates were less than capable of outrunning an old man in wheel chair. At least that was the reason she gave herself. What fucking ever. Fine. Strolling into the treadmill hall after some half-hearted exploration, she strode through the first few rows of gawkers towards the back only to hear a cadre of manicured prissies arguing about who slept with whom. Not at all caring that she might well be about to cause a scene, Roisin called out: “Can you teenagers stop arguing about who bagged whose boyfriend so the rest of us can work out in peace?” Roisin hadn’t even stepped onto a treadmill yet.


CharlotteCarrendar: “Teenagers? Girl, you just paid me the compliment of the year.” Simone actually stopped on the treadmill…sliding back and then jumped off. “I am so giving my plastic surgeon a bonus.”

KalypsoGrey: “Excuse you?” Kali huffed before then finally hopping onto a treadmill and resuming her work out. “Sounds like someone has their panties in a bunch.”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone actually checked hers- “They’re fine.”

LadyBelz: Pandora sighed and followed behind. “It’s not like that at all. I like him.” Pandora’s voice had gone all soft and dreamy. “I might actually love him, now that I think about it. He’s funny, passionate, a gentleman….and one hell of a cook.” Pandora chuckled. “And he really didn’t want to do anything without asking me…and I wanted him…badly…I’ve never wanted a man like that before. I feel like I’m that one girl in high school who finally gets noticed by the hot jock.”

KalypsoGrey: “Bitch I didn’t mean you… shit.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Why does she get the happy meal man package?” She said, thumbing to Pandora, who seemed to have hit the jackpot with Brock. “Can I rent him for the weekend? Pretty please?” she joked. Course she knew Pandora would say no. Sounded like her claws were in deep.

KalypsoGrey: “Wait… baby doll, you hardly know this man though… are you sure you love him?” Kali raised a brow as she turned back to look at her best friend. “So long as you’re happy, it’s all Simone and I want for you. Honestly.”

Morinehtar: One of them, a blonde replied that she’d been complimented. Was she dense? “I wasn’t stating it to praise your *youthful* appearance.” The way she said “youthful” made it clear she didn’t quite consider it applicable. “You should get a refund.” Roisin ignored the bunched panties comment. That was the best she could do? Then the other kept whining about how she thought she was in love with him: “Oh boy, sounds like a recipe for happily ever after.” Finally placing a foot on the treadmill, she turned it on and began jogging.

LadyBelz: Pandora looked at her friends, a spark of happiness in her eyes as she realized that despite how quickly it happened, she had their support. Until the other woman spoke. “Bitch, what the fuck is your malfunction?”

Morinehtar: “Your voice.”

LadyBelz: “You wanna take this shit outside?”

CharlotteCarrendar: -Simone ran off to the locker room. “SCRAG FIGHT, LADIES!”


Morinehtar: She really just challenged her to a fight? Roisin laughed heartily, totally sure that the barbie at the other end couldn’t throw a punch to save her life. “I’d do it for free, but I doubt you want me rearranging your face.”

LadyBelz: “Bring it bitch! I got your fucking free right here.” Pandora scowled. Who did this slut think she was?

KalypsoGrey: Kali raised a brow as she stopped and hopped off the treadmill, her brow raising at her best friend to the woman and then Simone. “You might not wanna pick a fight with Panda.” By this time she was fully ready and began to let her hair down while then making herself very aware of how the situation might go down. “Trust me… this isn’t going to be pretty.” She said as she slowly made her way to Simone’s side.

T1Legend: ” Excuse me, ” rumbled the velvety baritone adjacent Roisin’s treadmill. ” You dropped this. ” A massive right arm extended in her direction—-veins snaked their up and down the forearm, around the bicep. He was clearly flexing. His hand held a single slip of paper betwixt index and thumb. ” Your ticket. ”

T1Legend: ” To the /GUNSHOW/. ” Flexflex.

T1Legend: Scrawled on the paper was the following phone number: 867-5309

CharlotteCarrendar: “It’s okay. I got my iphone. I can call 911 if it goes bad. Besides…I got money riding on Pandora.” Simone whispered to Kali, as she slipped out her phone and bounced eagerly.-

T1Legend: ” Hey, hey, baby. If we were squirrels……would you let me stick my nuts in your hole? ” Brow waggle—even THEY had muscles to flex.

KalypsoGrey: Kali shook her head and raised a brow before looking at the insane woman. “Bitch, if this gets bad you and I are stepping in… we don’t call the fucking cops.”

LadyBelz: Pandora rolled to her feet and approached the woman. “You got something to say, bitch?” she scowled, fists clenched and ready to pound someone into mincemeat.

T1Legend: ” Was your daddy the meat burgler? ” He stopped his treadmill.

Morinehtar: She thought she could take her? Alright then, Roisin kept at it. One of the other plastics recommended Roisin not start anything, but balls. She might as well have some fun if she was here. Before she could reply, a bulky chap on her right said she’d dropped a ticket. She realized it was a ploy. Eyeing him skeptically, she indicated her open gym bag and turned back to the barking bitch: “Then by all means prove it. Come at me.” She rolled her eyes, ignoring the idiotic statement the meat head had made.

T1Legend: ” Because it looks like somebody stole two fine hams and shoved them down the back of your pants. ” :D

LadyBelz: Oh it was on! With a cry of rage, Pandora made for the woman’s hair, hoping to grab two fistfuls to drag the rude bitch to the floor.

KalypsoGrey: “Oh fuck…”

T1Legend: Immediately pulled out his phone and started filming, pausing only long enough to check himself in the mirror.

CharlotteCarrendar: “Oh my god!…Hair pulling. Go for the wedgie, Pan!” Simone squealled, rolling her arm. “Woot woot.”

KalypsoGrey: “Wedgie was so 3rd grade… do the choke hold!” Kali chimed in suddenly before rolling her own arm and then noticing she shouldn’t have said anything. “Wait, why am I condoning this…”

CharlotteCarrendar: “Cause you love gutter violence. That’s why.”

Morinehtar: Strike! The ditz actually took the bate. Grinning like a maniac, Roisin laughed as the woman flew towards her. Naturally, the woman tried to grab her hair. Pff. Jumping off the side of the treadmill opposite to the one the woman had jumped on, Roisin moved out in front of it teasing her. “Hair pulling, really? You’re so middle school.”

LadyBelz: Pandora snarled, moving around to try and get in the woman’s personal space. Once she was in range, she would make a move to tackle the unknown woman around her waist to tackle her to the floor.

KalypsoGrey: “You gonna let her talk you down like that?” Kali chimed in as people started to gather in a crowd like an auditorium. Some people speaking about. “Booooooo” And another in the far back saying something as the room grew silent. “She doesn’t even go here!”

T1Legend: Obviously, this chick was a lesbian. That was the only logical explanation. Neither of them were getting naked—-catfights were so over-rated. He hopped off and strolled over to Simone. He smelled like old spice and baby oil. ” Hey, baby. Don’tcha know I have a pillow with a hole in it? I named it after you. ”

T1Legend: ” I’m the biggest lady killer from Buffalo since O.J. Simpson. ” ;D

CharlotteCarrendar: “The fuck? You named your pillow named after me?!” Oh that was like waving a red flag at a bull. She got her pointy finger and started to ram it towards his right pecks. “I don’t know who the hell you are, but the only ladies you been killing are from the Sunny Vale retirement home. Now, get outta my face, so I can film this fight.”

Morinehtar: The “Panda” snarled, turned around to face Roisin as she stepped towards Roisin. The woman’s pouncing stance was unmistakeable, so Roisin, knees bent, remained where she was with her every taunting grin on her face until just the right moment. Just as the woman leapt, Roisin would step to her right, throwing herself out of range of the woman’s flailing arms. Assuming the woman landed on her face as Roisin expected, the latter would then fall onto the woman’s back, pinning her down with Roisin’s knee and grasp for her arms to twist them behind her back.

T1Legend: When she poked his chest, he took the opportunity to make his pecks—man titties if you will—-dance the maccarana. ” Was your daddy a cement mixer? Cos you makin’ me awfully hard right now. ”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Simone placed her hands on her hips and did a saucy head wobble. “Was your name Pinocchio, cause dude, the only thing growing is your nose.” She glanced down at what would be his package, and she was pretty sure it was a folded pair of socks.

LadyBelz: Pandora missed and fell to the floor, knocking the breath from her lungs. A moment later the woman was on her back and trying to twist her arms behind her back. Oh that was it for Pandora. She was mad enough to spit fire….and that’s exactly what she did. A carbon smell began to permeate the room and if the woman continued to hold Pandora’s arms, she would feel the heat of Pandora’s body temperature spiking to a high degree, hot enough to possibly burn the woman’s fingers and thereby releasing Pandora from her grip.