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Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 25, 2014 09:15PM
-Nerothst cracked a wide grin that curled from ear to ear again, he flipped over onto this stomach laying his head on one arm while the other dangled off the tree branch his tail curling into a question mark loop while he kicked his feet back and forth in the air slightly. His wings were folded tightly against his back so as not to get in his way.

They were still chatting, and oh, what was the little female doing. Getting closer to Joffery, rubbing those luscious breasts against his arm…oh did she just lick his ear. Nerothst licked his lips, this was getting interesting in deed. Now she had his attention.

“Do you want me? “ Nerothst heard her whisper, his feline ears turning fully towards there direction to pick up every sound.

Oh but that silly silly boy was trying everything he could to avoid the situation, Nerothst continued to grin like the Cheshire cat, that wasn’t any fun. Nerothst decided he wanted some entertainment.

“You know…I always had a problem with sex on the beach…and I don’t mean the cocktail…Get it? Heh. I…always hate getting so much sand wedged in my ass crack…..OOO…must you do that? I…I say..uhm…err. You know the cat man…uhm.. *He points up at Nero who was watching this circus unfold.* “I am pretty…pretty sure he doesn’t want to watch my lily white ass going up and down as I let you have your way. I’m kind of private like that. Don’t want to let all my secrets out. I has a reputation, you know…and…oh god….woman why are you doing this?” 

he was wilted under her ways and it was such a neat little show, Nerothst was actually purring! The low rumbling sound would carry over too the two of them.

Nerothst waved his loose hand at them his void-less dark eyes flashing to life with a soft glow of fire, “oh Don’t mind me at all, I’m very interested to see the outcome of this, as for your Lily white ass Princey….well…I’ve been having to stare at it sense you decided to go fishing…so why stop now” Nerothst chuckled deeply allowed his purr to grow louder.-

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 25, 2014 09:46PM
It was clear that the demon man, whom she now knew to be named Joffrey, wasn’t as unaffected by her nearness as he liked to play off. She could clearly see, by glancing at his lap, that he was totally interested.

“Good.” she smirked to herself.

“You know…I always had a problem with sex on the beach…and I don’t mean the cocktail…Get it? Heh. I…always hate getting so much sand wedged in my ass crack…..OOO…must you do that? I…I say..uhm…err. You know the cat man…uhm.. *He points up at Nero who was watching this circus unfold.* “I am pretty…pretty sure he doesn’t want to watch my lily white ass going up and down as I let you have your way. I’m kind of private like that. Don’t want to let all my secrets out. I has a reputation, you know…and…oh god….woman why are you doing this?” 

Qi pouted a bit, looking up at Nero. He was staring down at them, clearly amused by the whole situation.

“oh Don’t mind me at all, I’m very interested to see the outcome of this, as for your Lily white ass Princey….well…I’ve been having to stare at it sense you decided to go fishing…so why stop now”

She returned her gaze to Joffrey.

“See…your friend is enjoying this. You should be too.” she whispered, placing her hands on his cheeks. She made to draw his head toward hers for a very heated and desirous kiss that would quickly curl every hair on Joffrey’s body. If he shoved her off, then she would know her siren powers weren’t very effective on certain demons. But she sensed his lustful thoughts, even though he tried to hide them. She wasn’t one to give up so soon. As she kissed him, she would take his hands and press them to her breasts, hoping that would be all the incentive he needed to take her right then and there.

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 25, 2014 10:09PM
The Beach


The Ultimate Fun bags


Cherry tipped jello molds

Yes, many words have been used to describe a woman’s mammary glands. An almost fatal attraction for dear males, that when they touch, suck or go for the grope, something inside their being snaps. Insanity perhaps? The closeness shared with their maternal bond? Needless to say, when that skanky mermaid got hold of Joffy’s hands and placed them on her mountainous salt covered breasts, something….gave way.

The demon had been so good…so very good in trying to keep the temptress at bay, from calling her names, tossing plant life at her and even trying to think of dead cute animals to kill his erection and libido. But the mermaid wouldn’t stop. She clearly was Miss Aquatic Nympho 2014 and wasn’t going to leave the beach till she was saddle sore.

“See…your friend is enjoying this. You should be too.” Oh how her kiss made his toes curl all the way back. His all too tender and engorged member looked ready to blow its top, and there was little the demon could now do to stop the rising tide of insatiable lust that lay dormant since he last fucked his wife. He shook his head, and yet his clawed hands started to pull and tug at her tits, and then he let out a roar that would shake the very coconuts from the trees. With a superhuman like strength, he got up off the sand, and pulled the mermaid with him, forcing her to bend over where she was standing. Growling at the shameless cat, he reached for his tail and gave a good pull, then in one swift and forceful movement, he rammed the cat’s tail up her anus, as he moved in himself behind her and cried out.


and then…it began….the demon of Brax began to hammer her like a taffy pulling machine at the fair. His cries and lustful growls scaring the wildlife silly. A few token seagulls landed on the beach to watch the spectacle, as with powered hands he was almost pulling Nero from the tree as he got them to double penetrate her till she was a quivering mess of scales and semen….and not the kind you find in the navy.



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Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 25, 2014 10:59PM
-Nerothst was completely shocked at what had occurred the boy done gone and snapped. After just getting a little kiss and a little groping of the breasts, the demon was unleashed. Oh but that dark energy felt warming all over his skin.

He had the wench on her hands and knees in two seconds flat and his cock rammed in her pussy. But the blasted demon wasn’t through, the next thing Nerothst knew he was ripped out the tree by his black tail. Nerothst shrieked quite girlishly from having his tail pulled and he made the most curious little hissing sound.


Then his poor tail…well it was put in a place that was a lot warmer then he was really use to you know. Furious he snarled ready to Turn teeth and claws on the demon but he paused in thought. And wiggled his tail, realizing that it was placed quite deeply into the mermaid’s ass.

Mmm, he did want entertainment then..fine he would go along with it. He slide to the females front letting his tail move in weird ways that matched the rhythmic pumping of Joffery’s hips. He watched her face for a moment judging what to do next.

He reached out and grabbed her breasts that were probably swinging back and forth in the air and twirled the peaks between his clawed fingers and even brought one nipple to his mouth to bite down on and suckle while still pawing the other breast with one hand.-

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 29, 2014 09:55PM
Qi got the reaction she was waiting for when the demon roared to the skies and hauled her around, slamming into her with the force of a sledgehammer. She squealed with delight and nearly leapt out of her skin when something furry was pressed into her backside.

“Oh…the Cat Man!” she giggled as she was attacked from all sides, especially when the Cat Man suckled at her breasts.

“Yesssssssssssssssssss!” she hissed, sibilant tones teasing from her lips as she was bent this way and that way between the two non-human males. She fed from their sexual auras, feeling a power suffuse through her body in a way that feeding from a human male had never done.

And she loved every minute of it. She jerked her body between them, reaching out to stroke the Cat-Man, in time with the thrusts of his tail in her backside as Joffrey continued to pound into her fiercely.

“Oh, Circe!” she cried out a few moments later as she reached her completion, liquid honey flowing from her netherlips in a fountain to splash against her legs and the ground beneath her feet.

(She was a squirter…who knew? LOL!)

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
January 30, 2014 04:22AM
The Beach – The Aftermath

It was like something out a sick twisted hentai. The moans, groans, and meows coming from the three on the beach, as their bodies contorted into odd positions to reach their ultimate goal, which was of course sexual satisfaction. The mermaid, that wicked nymph had been feeding off the men’s lust and found herself turning into an aquatic sprinkler, by spraying the ground and her legs with her own liquid sex. It went everywhere. The wayward and hapless Joffrey was to come in second in this race, purely because he found her sweet snatch to be tantalizing tight. He bellowed like a bull in the midst of a herd of cows, and then finally pulled back to stare down at what was now his shattered willy. His balls shrivelled and were still damaged from the crab bites, so it was safe to say that the demon was going to have troubles walking in the next few days.

He left the cat’s tail up her arse, since he simply could not be bothered to pull it out. The cat was helping himself to her milk jugs, so Joffrey scooted back on his sand riddled ass and leant against the nearest tree. Sure enough, after all the bare bottomed fishing, crab hunting, and mermaid sex….he was exhausted.

It wasn’t long before you heard the tell tale snore of our Joffrey, whose mouth was agape, and he sat with legs spread. Glistening streaks of sex down his inner thighs.


Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
February 03, 2014 11:34PM
-fem spunk all over the sand, legs, and Joffery’s dick, the mermaid and the demon prince had both reached sexual satisfaction.. But Poor Nerothst felt he had been used more like a sex toy, then getting any action himself. He did however, give Qi points were trying to jerk him off. Though, he found suckling the mermaids tits to have been rather nice, who knew her skin would have that fishy taste the cats just loved…hehe…oh would that be rude to mention…mmm he’d keep that to himself.

Joffery through now, just went ahead and snuggled up against a tree and fell asleep snoring. Nerothst plucked his tail from the female but and released her breast from his mouth with a lovely popping sound. He sat back on the fallen tree trunk that she had previously been sitting on to garner there attention.

“you have fun girl…” Nerothst said placing an elbow on his knee and resting his head in his upturn palm. While Joffery was limper then seaweed Nerothst after all the action he missed out on, was hard as a rock and just a tad above average in size, not Joffery sized, but he made a girl cry out more then once in his time.

Fire flared in his black soulless eyes and he crocked a finger at her with his spare hand, “sadly though, you might have to work harder with me, unlike our demon friend there, I’m not sex deprived,” he said curling his mouth into a wicked little grin the razor sharp teeth on full display-

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
February 08, 2014 09:19PM
Qi laughed darkly as Joffrey snuggled up to a tree and promptly fell asleep.

“Poor demon man. Must have been some time since he’s had that much fun.” she chuckled. Nerothst moved to the tree she’d been sitting on, his own erection prominently displayed and she licked her lips as she kept her eyes on his lean body. He settled back and her gaze traveled lower, lighting up in delight as she spied what awaited her.

“Sadly though, you might have to work harder with me, unlike our demon friend there, I’m not sex deprived.” Nerothst grinned, crooking a finger at her.

“I don’t mind a little…hard…work.” Qi smiled, running her hands over her naked body. She had decided the moment she spied the two men that she was not going to kill them. They held her interest like no human man had every done before. The fact that they were otherworldly creatures was a bonus. She sauntered toward him, a lioness hunting her prey.

But who was the hunter…and who was the hunted?

She slithered around him, pressing her naked form against his back and lightly scraping her nails over his pectoral muscles. His skin was lightly covered in fur and tickled her skin pleasurably.

“Will you play with me?” she whispered into his ear.

Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
February 09, 2014 04:44PM
The Beach

Joffrey awoke, with a loud cough and wiped his lips that were coated in his own drool. Groggily he glanced around only to see the cat man, Nerothst having an enormous boner, and the mermaid girl about to do him a favour. Was this girl for real? Joffrey looked down at his saggy excuse for a member, and it didn’t even flinch. Yes, the girl had done him like a dinner and killed his libido. Who would have thought? Not wanting to have to be front row to the next sex show, he pushed himself to standing, and muttered about his lack of pants. Sand had formed a nasty layer of crust on his ass cheeks, as he staggered off in search of his missing pants.

You would think being on a tropical deserted island that it would be like a holiday, a chance to relax, unwind and enjoy the climate as well as the attractions. Well, he no longer found fishy girl attractive, and the swimming? Well, you could count that right out. His trick of using his willy as bait worked a little too well.

Staring out at the horizon with not a cloud in the sky, nor any sign of ship, or other land mass he let out a loud sigh before resting his hands on his naked hips. He knew that there was no way he was going home to the Night lands and the cat man had promised him an empty castle in the Lands of Old, but…truth was he was kind of missing the one in his life, that had always been his favourite. Tempest. He had to wonder what on earth happened to her? Was she still alive, and if so, was she happy?

The realization hit him, that he may never find out about her. Especially being stuck on this island hell. Joffrey glanced back over at the cat man and fish woman and cringed. They were sure to be at it again the way she was teasing him. So, rather than be a third wheel on the bicycle, he continued on his way for his pants.


Re: Sea of Tribulation[RP]
February 16, 2014 12:07AM

-Nerothst watched her closely, oh she seemed to think herself some sort of predator, but this was much more….He wasn’t prey, he was the lion, he just lacked the great mane.

She wound herself around the back of him and plastered herself against his backside her ample breasts squished against his back in-between the folds of his large black wings. Adjusting them he tilted them more out of the way. There texture wasn’t like that of birds, not quite feathery, in fact they were more like stiff fur, but oddly soft to the touch.

Her nails scraped across his chest, grinning he allowed a soft hiss to escape his lips, his hands moved to grasp her arms. His black tail slithered it’s way in between her legs and wiggled against her sex coating the fur with her still dripping pussy.

“Will you play with me?” 

hmm, did she really need to ask? He leaned forward tugging her arms lose and allowed her to roll across a wing till he was able to pull it out from under her. He would then twist her around in his arms his hand curling around the back of her neck catching a fist full of hair. Nearly trying to yank the female into his lap.

“I should ask, if you really want to play with me,” he said, black void-less eyes zeroed in on her lips.

He didn’t wait for an answer and went to plaster his lips against hers sucking the plumpness of her bottom lip into his mouth, she tasted like salt and he just about sank his sharp canines into the soft flesh of her lip, would she draw away in fright, or thrill at the idea of him trying to draw blood from her?-