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Re: RI- Bio Template
February 23, 2014 01:01AM
Lucy Bardwell

Face Claim: Gweneth Paltrow
Quote (if any): “Behind every successful man, is one hell of a woman.”
Theme Song (if any): Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child.

DOB: 17th of April, 1983
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green/brown

Hometown: Manhattan, New York
Current Residence: Seattle
Family: George and Mabel Bardwell
Siblings (if any): None
Occupation: Assistant to Maxwell Hines, The Light Box Art Gallery.

Personality: Determined, independent, fiery, confident, sassy, go getter.
Likes: Art, travelling, cars, weekends away, fine food
Dislikes: laziness, liars, tardiness, being late.
Marital Status: Single

Wheels/Weapons of Choice:

Abilities: Getting hot talent to show their creations at the Light Box, excellent communicator, party coordinator.

History/Bio/Intro: Lucy Bardwell, only child of George and Mabel Bardwell was born into the lap of luxury, and attended the best schools in Manhattan, with a desire to go to law school, and eventually enter politics. However, after a mid summer romance with artist Phillipe Garson, she found a love for the world of art and photography, giving up on her dreams as a lawyer and set to tour the world to learn more about art, and eventually be the curator for the largest art gallery in New York, Spotted for her talent in her younger days for her critical eye, she was head hunted by Maxwell Hines, and ended up becoming his assistant at the Light Box Art gallery in Seattle, a far cry from her New York base. Would she ever return to New York, and continue her dream?