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Re: RI- Bio Template
February 23, 2014 01:40AM
Maxwell Hines

Face Claim: Hugh Grant
Quote (if any): “Money makes the world go round.”
Theme Song (if any): Money’s too tight to mention, by Simply Red.

DOB: 30th of September, 1979
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Current Residence: Seattle
Family: Baz and Mary Hines
Siblings (if any): Rory Hines, Jack Hines, Sissy Hines, Rianna Hines, Toby Hines, and Felicity Hines
Occupation: Curator, The Light Box Art Gallery.

Personality: Fun loving, easy going, ladies man, articulate, lazy, casual
Likes: The finer things in life; wealthy women, fine food, cars, travelling
Dislikes: Being told off, snobbery .
Marital Status: Single


Wheels/Weapons of Choice: E type Jaguar.

Abilities: Ability to get sponsors from the city’s wealthy widows and managing to keep all his affairs discrete from the other women he is swindling.

History/Bio/Intro: Youngest son of Baz and Mary Hines, he grew up in abject poverty always being the one to wear the hand me downs of his older siblings. His parents could not afford decent schooling, so he was taught at home, and grew up watching a lot of television. He fell in love with Bond films, and always tried to emulate his charismatic idol, James Bond. He soon had a knack for getting the ladies attentions, and became a toy boy for a rich aristocrat the widow Mrs Lewis, who left him enough money to start his dream and move abroad, where he soon was being invited to all the A listers parties. He wound up in Seattle and after dating a wealthy artist, Marianne Deshea, who died of lung cancer at the ripe age of 52, he was left with the Light Box art gallery, as it was her pride and joy in life. Knowing nothing about the art business, he head hunted Lucy Bardwell whilst on a trip to New York, and now with her help he runs the most well known Art gallery in Seattle.