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RP – Carrendar Island
February 27, 2014 09:39PM
https://i2.wp.com/img.photobucket.com/albums/v20/Blackcat666x/IMVU/Ladies%20Night%20RP/CarrendarIsland_zps30780697.jpgHome to Izu & Tessa Carrendar and his 5 sons.

Re: RP – Carrendar Island
February 27, 2014 09:44PM
Live Roleplay Session on the IMVU Client on February 20 & 27, 2014
Roleplay: “Ladies Night”
Players: CharlotteCarrendar (Brock), LadyBelz (Pandora)
“Island Paradise”

CharlotteCarrendar: – It had been a long day at the command centre and with Brock only having one thing on his mind, and that was of course, Pandora. Soon as the clock hit five he snapped closed his study books and turned off the light on his desk, moving around the perimeter of his office and grabbing his flight jacket off the hanger. One of his mates was passing his office and peeked his head in, as Brock was putting on his jacket. ”Yo man, fancy coming down the Docks to have a few beers and play some pool?’ It was good of Mick to ask, but Brock only smiled and shook his head. ”I got the best looking gal in town waiting for me. Maybe some other night.” Mick saluted casually, before joining up with his buddies, while Brock ran the opposite way down the hall, to get to the carpark, and find his truck. :: Half an hour later, he pulled up in front of Pandora’s apartment building, with a big bunch of roses, and his flight bag. Locking up his truck, he made his way inside, thinking to himself of how he had to try and hold himself back and not try anything before he unveiled his surprise for the evening. Coming to her apartment door, he knocked, before standing back, hoping she was home. <3>

LadyBelz: It had been a long afternoon for Pandora…dealing with that twat at the gym, Kristian’s stupidity and Simone’s temper had put her in a foul mood. Of course, sitting through 4 hours of class on the inner workings of a Volkswagen Beetle didn’t help any either. By the time she got home from classes, she had the mother of all migraines. She got on the phone and called Denise, telling the woman that she owed her for covering for her ass the week before. Denise reluctantly agreed to take her shift at the Tongue that night, which made Pan grin in satisfaction. After taking something for her headache, she settled in with her books at her kitchen table, a cup of coffee near one hand and a cute pair of glasses perched on her nose, as the pain was affecting her ability to keep her contacts in. It wasn’t often she wore the glasses, but this was just one of those days. She was deep into an essay on combustible fuel when there was a knock on her door. Sighing, she set down her pen and got to her feet. “Coming.” she called out. She undid the deadbolt and chain before opening the door. Her smile was bright when she saw Brock standing on her threshhold, an arm casually placed behind his back. “Hi.” she stated, happy to see him.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock’s face illuminated, just by seeing her standing there. He then remembered he was holding something behind his back and brought them round in a fluid movement, presenting them for her. ”Wasn’t sure what your favourite was…but I figured girls like roses.” He said with a bit of a sheepish grin. They were blood red, about a dozen of them surrounded by baby’s breathe. If she took them, he would then wait politely to be invited in. <3>

LadyBelz: Seeing him smiling back at her, made the whole ugly day simply vanish, along with her headache. So when he pulled the roses from behind his back, her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open in shock. No one had ever given her roses before, and she had to admit that the woman that she was sat up and took notice. She took them from him, inhaling their scent before stepping aside to allow him to enter. She was entranced with the flowers, sniffing their scent as she closed the door. She took them into the kitchen to hunt for a vase (remembering that she had purchased one as an impulse buy when she was shopping for groceries) and placing the whole arrangement in the center of her coffee table. Once done, she turned to look at Brock, standing in the middle of the living room and she had to thank him for the flowers. Sauntering up to him, she slowly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in to a hot and steamy kiss. Drawing back, she smiled. “Thank you for the roses.”


CharlotteCarrendar: – The kiss was one that would curl the toes off most men. For Brock it was one hell of a thank you. He had spent much of the day thinking about her, and how to spend the evening with her, but now he had her in his arms, which he wrapped around her instinctively, Brock was lost to her once again. Just like the morning, where in the kitchen they had consummated their love…and fast. The kiss broken and her words of thanks, he blushed a little, and said. ”Well, that is just one of the things I had in mind to get for you tonight.” What was he hinting at, she may well have asked. His flight bag was still near the door. ”I ..uhm want to take you somewhere very special for dinner. “ He said, a twinkle in his eyes. <3>

LadyBelz: Her curiosity was peaked as he made mention of more surprises for her. “Oh? Am I going to need to change?” she wondered, pointing to her “Made4Porn” Tshirt and jeans.

CharlotteCarrendar: Chuckling, he simply winked and walked over to his flight kit and picked the bag up, bringing it back over to the dining table, where he placed it down and undid the zipper. He pulled out a female flight suit and then presented it to her. “I’d love to see you in this.” he said with a smile.

LadyBelz: That was the last thing she expected and she took the suit from him, looking at it and then at him. “Do I need to be naked under this?”

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock simply let out a satisfied growl sound as he let his eyes cruise over her svelte frame. “A nice…lacy bra twin set would be nice.” The very thought of her being naked under the flight suit had him swallow hard.

LadyBelz: Grinning deviously, she draped the suit over her arm. “And where are we going, Mr Flight Jockey?”

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock merely swatted her backside playfully, and answered. “It’s a mystery…I could tell you, but then…I’d have to fuck you silly.”

LadyBelz: She grinned as he swatted her off to her bedroom. “Wanna help me…undress?” she winked before ducking into the next room with a laugh. She looked through her bureau, deciding on what to wear beneath the suit when her eyes landed on something she hadn’t worn in some time. Grinning, she quickly stripped out of her current clothing and slipped into the little two piece before pulling the flight suit on over it. It fit her perfectly. Pulling her boots back on, she decided to toss an extra set of clothes into a small bag before tying up her hair in a ponytail. Ready, she headed back to Brock and struck a pose in the doorway. “How do I look?” she smirked, the suit clinging to her svelte form like a second skin.

CharlotteCarrendar: How did she look? Like a Top gun pin up girl. The kind airmen fap to every night. “Like you were born to fly.” Brock said, grabbing up his kit bag, and then reaching for her hand. “This will be a night you won’t forget.” He intended to make that a promise. Leading her outside her apartment, and then allowing her the chance to lock up, he walked her to the lift, explaining to her that they were going to be heading to the private airfield that was owned by his father. It was about twenty minutes drive from the city, so while they were on their way, he would explain to her the safety aspects of what it was like to be on one of the family jets. This was not to do with the government military. Brock’s father was a keen aviator, something he had passed down to his son’s; each of them specializing in flying different kinds of craft, from jets, to actual rockets. :: Reaching the security check point, Brock stopped the truck and handed over his pass to the patrol officer. It was rigorously checked and then the boom gate raised as his truck was allowed to enter the top secret grounds. In the distance a huge grey aircraft hanger. There were at least six of them scattered across the vast air base. Pulling up outside hanger three, Brock leaned over to Pandora after turning off the engine. He whispered to her. “Trust me when I say this, you are the first person I have ever brought home with me.” <3>

LadyBelz: Happy just being with him, she allowed him to take her wherever he wanted to go, eagerly following him to his truck. She was bubbling with anticipation, wondering what the big surprise was as he drove them through the city. After pulling up to the gate outside an airfield, he drove them past the security checkpoint and toward an aircraft hanger. After stopping the truck, he told her that she was the first person he’d ever brought home with him. Her mouth dropped open in shock. He was taking her to his home? Her insides felt like jello as she stared at him. “Will your…family be there?” she gulped. She wasn’t sure she was ready for the whole “Meet the Boyfriend’s Family” thing yet.

CharlotteCarrendar: Undoing his seat belt, Brock shook his head. “Dad is on his honeymoon, and my brothers are all here at the flight academy. If they knew I was doing this, they would want front row seats.” Brock joked, stepping out of the truck and coming around to get her door. Opening it and offering his hand, he simply smiled. “I just want this to be about us.” His words filled with emotion, as he then pressed a sequence pad on the outside of the hanger. A huge roller door starts to rise and inside a jet that was of a kind no one had ever seen before. Built by his own father, the jet was a passenger one; a smaller but streamlined craft. It was the colour of titanium, with the markings of a spider on the tail. The interior lights of the hanger all came on in succession, as Brock led his lady to the side door, which began to detach and allow a series of stairs to lower. It was state of the art….in fact it looked futuristic in design. Brock gestured for Pandora to climb the stairs, as the ground crew emerged to help guide the plane out onto the runway for takeoff. <3>

LadyBelz: Nodding about the fact that they’d be alone, she undid her seatbelt as he came to escort her. She was seriously impressed with the plane as the hangar doors opened. The mechanic in her wanted to crawl into the engine and poke around its inner workings. A series of steps lowered and he indicated she go ahead of him. She smirked as she planted a foot on the bottom step. “You just want to look at my ass.” She stated, grinning. Putting an extra wiggle in her walk, she went up the stairs into the main cabin.


CharlotteCarrendar: Brock wolf whistled at her saucy wiggle, and climbed the stairs on after her, the door coming to close as the stairs retracted back into the craft. Brock placed his flight bag in an overhead compartment, before leading Pandora to the cock pit, where there was the spare seat near his. Brock was truly in his element, as he ran through a pre flight test, and all the indicators and switches came to life, as air traffic control buzzed the plane and Brock gave off his flight details so that he could taxi out. “This is Spider three requesting permission for take off.” He said, starting up the jet engines, as the ground crew started to wave flags to guide the plane out of the hanger. He eased forward on the controls, as the plane’s lights all came on, swirling under the wings and the tail tip. The plane rolled out slowly, but the roar of the engines was quite powerful. “Spider three, you have clearance, on runway two. “ That was all he needed as he taxied the plane out and turned it round, with the front now looking down the long runway, that was showing off the lights that led to the very end. The jet engines were turned up full, as the plane started to vibrate and then with a burst of power the jet took off down the runway, zipping past the other hangers before taking off into the sky, the wheels carriages being pulled up and locked into position as the craft went on a hard right tilt and then punched through the cloud cover going up to 25, 000 feet before switching to a cruising speed. At this Brock relaxed somewhat, as the radar blip showed their destination. The island. <3>

LadyBelz: Pandora had never flown before, as this was a whole new experience for her. She was unsure how she felt sitting on top of what amounted to a bomb on wheels. When the engine rumbled to life, vibrating everything around her, she felt her heart rate spike and clenched the arms of her seat. But Brock looked confident in what he was doing and she had to remind herself he did this every day for a living. She began to relax…that was until the plane started down the runway. She gasped at the sensation of being pushed back into her seat as buildings and land went by the windows in a blur. She grew excited as the plane slowly left the ground, a humming sound indicating that the landing gear had retracted. Once the plane was at a safe altitude and flying smoothly did she fully relax. She looked at him. “And I thought riding motorcycles at 100 miles an hour was a rush. That doesn’t even compare to this.” she chuckled.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Looking across at Pandora, who had white knuckles from gripping her arm rests made him smile. So this was a first for her? One of many he started to think, but seeing her excitement made it all the more enjoyable. “It’s in a field all of its own. Maybe we should see about getting you your wings.” He joked, before reaching across to take her hand and then bring it back to kiss it, before he went back to checking the controls. It was such a smooth flight, with the moon and stars as the backdrop, the night one of beauty to be flying above the clouds. Brock gave off little hints of where they were going, but soon enough the beeping started to show they were in range and approaching their destination. Brock started the descent through the clouds only to have them see what was the outline of an island. The Plane then started to do something very odd. With a burst of power, it started to slow in the air, before it began to hover. The most bizarre thing, it just stayed like that, as far below a large section of the forest seemed to give way to show a landing pad. The jet slowly lowered down till it touched down on the pad, the jets finally easing back to nothing. They had arrived. Brock started to turn off the aircraft, before he could see the tell tale light of someone approaching the plane from a small pathway that came from a large dome house like structure. “And that will be our one and only companion tonight. My father’s associate; Lady Bunton. She lives here when the rest of the family are on the mainland.” Sure enough it was. The well dressed woman who had her hair tied back in a bun, was holding up a large torch and peering at the jet. As the door opened, and Brock started down the stairs, Lady Bunton squealed. “Brock James Carrendar. What on earth are you doing home during semester?” But before she got her answer, she then spied Pandora. “We have a guest?’ she asked incredulously. Jemima looked back at Brock, who broke out a wide grin. “This…is my love, Pandora. I brought her home for dinner.” Lady Bunton was in shock. This was a first, even for him. She approached Pandora and smiled. “You must be very important to young Master Brock here. By the way, I am Lady Bunton, but you can call me Jemima.” She said, offering her hand to shake. <3>

LadyBelz: They had finally reached the island and Pandora had to wonder how he was going to land. All she could see were miles and miles of trees. She got her answer a few moments later when the plane went into some type of hover mode. Looking out the window, she was shocked to see a section of trees split apart to reveal a landing pad of some kind. She whipped her head around to look at Brock, as if seeing him for the first time. “What are you? Some kind of James Bond spy guy?” she giggled as the plane landed. A woman was waiting for them as they disembarked, scolding Brock from being away from school. She introduced herself to Pandora, who returned the gesture. Jemima was giving Brock a weird look, but Pandora didn’t notice as she was staring up at the large house-like structure. “Tell me that’s your house.” she whispered in awe.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock placed an arm around Pandora and said simply. “It’s the family home. This is where I grew up.” Hi voice joyful as Lady Bunton led the pair to the main house. Lady Bunton had to ask. “I’ve already had dinner, but if you two want to take of the kitchen, be my guest.” Brock led Pandora into the expansive house, that was like one great building divided into section. The walls were a tepid glass that was not available anywhere on earth but there on that island. It was incredibly peaceful with next to no noise except the roar of the waves from the beach. “Hope you’re hungry, Pan.” Brock said, going into the kitchen to get out ingredients for dinner. <3>

LadyBelz: She looked around, eyes wide at his family home. It was definitely something she wasn’t used to seeing. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and lead her inside behind Ms Bunton, who told them they had free run of the kitchen. She held up her bag. “Is there some place I can change? This flight suit is a bit stifling.” she wondered, looking down at herself. It was hot on the island and she didn’t think she’d be comfortable wearing it the entire time.

CharlotteCarrendar: “You can change in my room. Just to the right of the kitchen, turn left and its the third door on the right.” Brock said, as he headed to the fridge to check for the ingredients he hoped to find. Being back home, there was a certain amount of freedom for the Carrendar boys, even if Lady Bunton liked to play Mother to them at times. Old habits die hard. Standing leaning against the fridge door, he hummed to himself as he surveyed the contents, then started taking out vegetables and chicken fillets. Carrying them over to the bench top, he set down the ingredients and reached for a cutting board. The knife block was to his right, and he went for the filleting knife to start on the chicken first after he had washed his hands. <3>

LadyBelz: Nodding at his directions, she left him to his work and went to change. His directions were easy to follow and she found his room on the first try. It was a nerd paradise. Every wall was crammed with books on rockets, science, and aviation. There were models of rocket ships and airplanes on whatever surface happened to be free from the massive amount of computer equipment that remained. She chuckled, amused as she dropped her bag on his bed, causing it to ripple. “Oooo, a water bed!” she grinned. There were numerous pictures on the wall of him and his father and brothers, and a really cute one of him holding some kind of science fair award she was going to ask him about. But there was a picture on the wall that really captured her attention. A young woman holding an infant child. The caption beneath the picture read “Palm Springs, 3 months old”. This had to be his mother, a real beautiful woman. Turning away with a sigh, she took off her boots so that she could remove the flight suit. Standing in bra and panties, she took out the clothes she would change into, making sure to brush out her hair. Checking her appearance in the mirror, she pronounced herself ready and returned to the kitchen, where the delicious smells of chicken cooking penetrated her nose. “Smells delicious.” she announced her return as she stood in the doorway.


CharlotteCarrendar: Brock had been slicing the chicken extra fine and started with browning it only a low heat, as he started to chop up the vegetables. In the midst of this, he grabbed a pot of water and started it on the boil for the pasta, which he would add last. The scent of the spices and herbs he was using would start to permeate through the air, and reach Pandora of course as she came back through from changing out of the flight gear. “Smells delicious” She said, as she stood in the doorway. Brock had a smug look as he chopped the spinach finely. “Well, let’s hope it tastes as good.” He was a master of this dish, and you could see by the way he moved around the kitchen, it was truly his domain in the family home. Taking a packet of fettuccine pasta out of the cupboard, he added that to the boiling water and kept a watch on it, then went to toss the vegetables and pine nuts in with the chicken pieces. Knowing Pandora was watching, he said. “Why don’t you help yourself to a glass of wine, and put something on the entertainment system? Dad keeps a heap of old records from when he and mum were dating.” <3>


LadyBelz: He didn’t even glance up as he worked, and she knew for a fact she looked damn good. Oh he was going to be swallowing his tongue later, she was sure of that. “Wine sounds delicious.” she agreed, turning to hunt down the entertainment system. It was an impressive piece of work, taking up an entire wall. She found the records Brock had referred to and looked through them all before selecting an old blues album by BB King. As the soft sounds of “Lucille” echoed around the room, Pandora found and poured two glasses of red wine for them. Dancing along with the music, she took both glasses into the kitchen, setting one down near Brock as he continued to work. “Your dad has quite the collection in there.”

CharlotteCarrendar: With the chicken and vegetables about done, he prepared the sauce which was a mix of cream and tomato with a dash of garlic and chili. The pasta was just about perfect, and he went to strain the fettuccine in a colander, while checking the meat. It was pretty clear that he loved to cook, and the fact that Pandora had on an eye popping number had managed to slip under his radar. Getting out two large pasta dishes, he set them to the side, before mixing through the pasta with the chicken and vegetables, then lastly adding the sauce. Tossing the ingredients all together, he filled the two plates with the steaming pasta dish, and popped a small garnish on the top of each. It was only then he raised his head as he heard the strains of BB King’s song Lucille, that he noticed Pandora. He actually coughed loudly, so surprised to see what she had on. “My dad? Oh..my dad’s collection. Yes, he is an avid music fan. Loves pretty much everything, save for country music.” He walked out from around the breakfast bar, and took up the two plates heading for the outer deck, where there was an outdoor table setting, that had been set by Lady Bunton earlier. Candles and the view of the sea was the perfect backdrop for dinner. Setting down the plates, he then waited for Pandora to join him, so he could pull out a chair for her. <3>

LadyBelz: She actually smirked when he finally got a glimpse of her, almost choking on his own spit, and the woman inside of her was doing a happy dance that she elicited such a reaction from him. He took up their plates and she grabbed their wine to follow him out to the outer deck, where a candle-lit table had been set up for them. With the view of the sea, it was a lovely scene to dine by. He set down their plates and pulled out her chair for her. She smiled at him over her shoulder. “Thank you.” She set down the two glasses she’d been holding and waited for him to sit before she took up her glass again. “Should we make a toast or something?” she wondered, new to this whole dating thing, unsure of what the proper procedures were for first dinners.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taking up his wine glass, he charged the air a moment, and thought about what to say for the toast. “To a beautiful evening…with a gorgeous woman.” He then went to tap her glass with his before taking a sip of the wine. Setting down his glass, he took up his fork and spoon, then watched her expectantly as she was about to try his dish. “It’s Chicken and Spinach Fettuccine Mona Lisa.” That was a bit of a mouthful, and hopefully Pandora liked his cooking. <3>

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taking up his wine glass, he charged the air a moment, and thought about what to say for the toast. “To a beautiful evening…with a gorgeous woman.” He then went to tap her glass with his before taking a sip of the wine. Setting down his glass, he took up his fork and spoon, then watched her expectantly as she was about to try his dish. “It’s Chicken and Spinach Fettuccine Mona Lisa.” That was a bit of a mouthful, and hopefully Pandora liked his cooking. <3> (last post)

LadyBelz: She sipped her own wine after the toast and took up her fork. After he announced what it was, she was hesitant to try it, but she was nothing if a rebel and put a forkful into her mouth. The first taste of flavor across her tongue made her eyes go cross and she looked down at her plate as if she’d never seen food before. She took a second bite to make sure she wasn’t imagining things and she nearly moaned. “This is delicious!” she exclaimed, looking at him. He seemed tense, as if he was waiting for her verdict. “Why didn’t you become a chef instead of a pilot? You could put some of those gourmet places out of business!” She wondered as she continued to eat. Pandora was not a woman easily impressed…but Brock had managed it in no time at all.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock’s cheeks flared at the mention of her really liking his dish. He was chuff about her comment, but what she said after that required him to explain why he had chosen a different career path to that of a chef. Setting down his fork for a moment, he braced his elbows on the table and said simply. “When the family is all into aviation, you kinda go with the flow. Dad has certain expectations of us, and …being a chef is not up there. Not in his opinion. But…I get to cook whatever I like when I am home, and my brothers sure as hell don’t complain.” Brock watched her tuck into the meal with gusto and he had to wonder how she would cope if he did a five course meal. This was just a simple dinner in his mind. “Do you cook?” <3>

LadyBelz: “Do you cook?” he had asked, right when she was taking a sip of wine. She nearly choked and had to turn her head away to keep from coughing all over the place. Once she’d gotten herself under control, she looked at him. “Darlin, if I tried to cook, I’d probably burn my apartment down. I do the occasional spaghetti and meatballs…but beyond that, not at all.” she chuckled. “Mom wasn’t exactly forthcoming with the cooking lessons and I loathed home economics in school. I told my councilor that I wanted to take auto shop class or I was going to drop out of school.”

CharlotteCarrendar: Pandora’s reaction was something of a surprise. Well, that and he thought she was going to spit the full glass of wine all over her clothes. Turns out she wasn’t one for cooking, and her mum wasn’t exactly forthcoming with teaching her the basics. Brock could see the humor in it, and then he twirled some pasta on to his fork with his spoon, and held it up, saying; “Least one of us can.” He had a point. “Well, how about we strike a deal. You fix my truck when it needs a service, and I cook you meals…like this.” Fairs fair. <3>

LadyBelz: “Deal.” she grinned, going back to her meal. “So…tell me about the science fair project you won first place for.” she grinned.

CharlotteCarrendar: “How did you find out about..?” Brock started, then realized she had gotten changed in his room. She must have been looking at his family wall. The one with all his pictures and mementos. “Yeah…” He set down his fork and eased back in his chair casually, both hands going behind his head as he recollected that. “I had to build a scale model rocket for class. Dad…decided to make it a little…too realistic. Scared the heck out of my Science teacher when it actually blasted through the roof. Hole was about…two metres across. Heh, Johnny Meyer’s whole face was like…black with…burn marks. But..yeah, I won that year. Dad..he couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. He did pay for the new roof though.” It was quite the tale. <3>

LadyBelz: Pandora listened to this tale, amusement sparking in her eyes. She laughed out loud as he described putting a hole in the roof and his father’s reaction to it. “Your dad has been a big part of what you do, huh?” she mused, finding no fault with it. She wished her own mother had been more supportive, more “there” for her and her brothers growing up. Pushing thoughts of Denise from her mind, she returned her attention to the man sitting in front of her. “I could tell he’s proud of all of you.” she nodded. She then looked at him shrewdly for a moment. “If there was one thing you could want in the entire world, that no one could take away from you, what would it be?”

CharlotteCarrendar: “My mother.” Brock said simply.

LadyBelz: “How old were you when she died?” Pandora asked in a soft voice. She could hear the pain in his voice when he gave her his answer and it made her heart hurt.

CharlotteCarrendar: “Six months. I think. Dad…tried his hardest to make up for her, not being there. I guess that is why he is so big in our lives. Trying to be two people, instead of just Dad. Must have been hard. Five boys, as well as his career.” Brock brought his hands out from behind his head, and reached for his glass of wine, just rocking it back and forth as though deep in thought. Perhaps she had just found his weakness.

LadyBelz: She reached across the table and placed her hand over his wrist. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories for you.” she murmured, kicking herself for asking such a banal question.

CharlotteCarrendar: Brock placed his hand on top of hers and offered something of a weak smile. “It’s really okay, I mean…..this is the family home, and you would have seen by the family wall what they mean to me, even my four brothers.” He knew she meant well and was trying to show understanding in what was a loaded question. “Lady Bunton was around a lot, though she is not really mother material, more like…a nun in Gucci. Personally, I think she had something for Dad, but he was so busy with us boys, I don’t think he really noticed. Course, Dad is married to Tessa now, so…I guess Lady Bunton missed her chance.”

LadyBelz: The music on the entertainment center changed to something slow and romantic and feeling a bit womanly, Pandora had the urge to slow dance. She wiped her face with her napkin and got to her feet. Brock needed a distraction from the melancholy thoughts and she was just the woman to provide him with one. She went around to his side of the table and held out her hand to him. “Would you honor me with a dance?” she asked.

CharlotteCarrendar: “Of course.” Brock said, placing his napkin over his plate and then rising to standing as he took Pandora’s hand. Her hand was so small compared to his own, and he towered over her. The music was now definitely slower and mellow, ideal for a slow dance. He took her in his arms, in a typical dancer hold (hand to the base of her back and left hand holding her right). The night air had a freshness about it; the salt of the sea and the tropical flowers combined gaze off a heavenly scent. With the candles and torches blazing, it created an ambiance that was hard to describe. Somehow though, it felt right to Brock. He tilted his head down to look at her and said. “I’m really glad you came out here tonight.” <3>

LadyBelz: Even with her heels on, he was still taller than her, but she fit into his arms as if she was meant to be there. “I’m glad I accepted.” she smiled as they moved together. “My night probably would have been spent doing homework in front of the tv with a box of pizza. But this is so much better.” she grinned, her hand toying with the hairs at the base of his neck.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Brock chuckled. “Hey, no knocking pizza. My brothers used to think we were ninja turtles as kids…much to my Dad’s horror, and we were always trying to order pizza. Mind you, the pizza store had no idea how to find us. Those frozen ones are pretty crappy though.” Brock made a bit of a face, and then continued to sway with Pandora in his arms. She was teasing his hair on the back of his neck with her fingers, and he reacted by pinching her right ass cheek. <3>

LadyBelz: When he reached down to pinch her cheek, she gasped and reacted by poking him in the side, on the off chance that he was ticklish. “Evil man.” she grinned, pressing a lingering kiss to his cheek.
CharlotteCarrendar: Pandora, being coy? Even Brock found this amusing when she kissed his cheek. “Now, now I won’t be able to wash that side of my face. I will need a big Tshirt that says, “Pan kissed mah cheek” Course, people would have to wonder which cheek he meant. The wine had loosened Brock up a little, and he did a little spin and dipped Pandora before planting a kiss on her nose. <3>

LadyBelz: Laughing, Pandora was twirled in his arms and dipped, nearly falling out of her suit top as he kissed her nose. The smile slowly slide from her face as they resumed their dance. “I am having a really great time this evening, Brock. Thank you for inviting me.”

CharlotteCarrendar: “My pleasure. Oh..I almost forgot.” Brock said, releasing Pandora for a moment, and then digging about in his jacket, before pulling out a black velvet box. It was from an expensive jewelry store in the big city. “I…got you something.” He said, offering her the box. It wasn’t a ring box, it was too big for that. <3>


LadyBelz: She was surprised when he mentioned he’d gotten her a gift. She hadn’t been expecting anything from him except dinner and excellent company. Wary, she took the box and slowly opened it. Setting on black velvet was a silver cuff bracelet with a large black onyx set in the center. She gasped at the beauty of it. It was something she would have definitely picked out for herself. “Oh my god, Brock! It’s exquisite!” she exclaimed, lifting it from its velvet cushion. She slipped it onto her right wrist, marveling at how comfortable it fit. “I love it. Thank you.” she stated, wrapping her arms around his neck and drawing him into a kiss.


CharlotteCarrendar: Pandora’s reaction. Priceless. Brock couldn’t get the grin off his face as he watched her slip the bracelet on. The jeweler said that it would be the perfect gift for a woman on the first real date…so to speak. He was shocked however, when she drew him into a very passionate kiss, and he easily wrapped his arms around her and gave himself to her. Kissing her back as eagerly, before pulling back and catching his breath. “You’re welcome.” He said, almost breathlessly. <3>

LadyBelz: Unknown to Brock, they had somehow ended up near the pool and feeling a bit sneaky, she decided to have a little bit of fun with her (dare she say it?) boyfriend. She stepped away from him and removed the sarong she had tied around her waist. “So…what do you think of my swimsuit?” she asked, her voice going deep and seductive all of a sudden. It might just put him on his guard at the change in her behavior. But a girl had to try, right?

CharlotteCarrendar: “Oh..myyy.” Brock did an impersonation of his favourite sci fi show star. She was certainly being saucy in her teeny bikini. He was almost tempted to say, where is the rest of it? He stepped towards her and pulled the sarong slowly from her hand and tossed it over his shoulder. “I didn’t know you could swim.’ He joked, as he tore off his shirt. <3>

LadyBelz: She actually purred like a feline when he took his shirt off, his broad chest and shoulders catching her eye. “Mmmm…I swim very well. I work as a lifeguard at the beach during the summer.” she grinned, turning around so he could get a very good look at all her…assets, before she faced him again. “Question is…can you swim?” she smirked, pushing her hands against his chest, hoping he wouldn’t realize he was right at the edge of the pool and would fall in.

CharlotteCarrendar: She pushed just hard enough for Brock to actually fall backwards into the pool….with his flight pants on. He vanished under the waters only to come up, his hair plastered to his head. “Well that was dirty tricks.” He then blew a small amount of water from his mouth. <3>

LadyBelz: Pandora couldn’t help it. Seeing him in the water with his hair plastered to his head, she broke out into gales of laughter, clutching her arms around her stomach as tears rolled down her face. She didn’t realize that she herself was standing at the edge of the pool and it was only a matter of him reaching out to grab her ankle if he dared.

CharlotteCarrendar: And reach out, he did. As her eyes were filled from tears of laughter, he gripped her by the ankle, and then reefed her so she would be off balance enough to fall in. <3>

LadyBelz: With a squeal, Pandora went arse over kettle into the pool with a loud splash. She came up for air a moment later, spitting and sputtering and her soaked hair in her face. Her mouth was open in shock. “Brock!” she exclaimed, swiping her hair from her eyes. “Oh you are so going to pay for that.” she grinned, splashing water at him.

CharlotteCarrendar: Her screaming his name was worth it. Oh she looked like a drowned rat – an adorable drowned rat. “But…dear, you are wearing a bikini and the whole point of those is…to get wet.” He said with a broad smile, taking the splash with a flick of the head. “Oh stop…please. You deliciously wet thing you.” <3>

LadyBelz: “Hardy har har. Smartass.” she chuckled. “Besides…you like it when I’m wet.” she winked at him, before turning and swimming for the other end of the pool. It felt good to stretch her muscles in such a way. It wasn’t often she got to swim like this, between school and work her free time was limited.

CharlotteCarrendar: With a crooked smile, Brock mused. “That I do, Pan…that I do.” Enjoying watching her swim to the other side of the pool, he started to plan what he was going to do to her…when she got out. <3>