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Re: The Human World [rp]
March 02, 2014 08:27PM
Central Train station.


The number 54 train from Linkinshaw was running suprisingly late. An old frieght locomotive that had not been in service for sometime had appeared on the schedule, much to the Central station Master’s surprise. He had been following its progress, as the train was running well past midnight and with a skeleton crew on at the Central station, there was really nothing much else going on. The usual commuters were all tucked away in their beds and the city slept. Well…most of the city. Standing on platform five was a dark figure who was about six and a half feet tall. Dark skin and a balding head, with a long scar across his right cheek.

Interestingly enough, security cameras on that platform….saw nothing.

The faintest of light was seen in the darkened underground tunnel that led to the Central station. On the platform, newspapers were whipped up by the surge of wind as a dull fog seemed to be now rolling across the platform all coming from the same tunnel.

Up in the control room, the blinking light again showed number 54 was on the move. the Station master eased forward in his seat – his cigarette burning low as he squinted at the large monitor.

“What the hell?” He thought to himself. It was going to stop on platform five, but that was a commuter train stop. Freight trains were meant to go on nine and ten. Curiosity got the better of him, as he reached for his hat and then stubbed out his cigarette. There was no on on platform five. None…that he could see. He pushed himself out of his chair, and taking his report chart and whistle, he left the control room and made his way down to the platforms, but as he left the room, all the train lights on the monitor, suddenly came to life. Two trains changed tracks, and were on a collision course.

Down on platform five, the mystery frieght train came rolling into a stop. The dark man grinning to himself as the wooden slatted freight carriage marked #115 stopped right in front of him. He slapped his gloved hands together and strolled towards the locked door of the carriage, and placed a large key in the brass lock. It opened with a grinding snap and unlocked. The man tossed the lock away behind him, while up ahead the driver got out of the main engine and started to walk down slowly, holding a red lantern. He walked with a noticeable limp and growled low as he approached the larger man who was trying to open the wooden door, which groaned and creaked as it slid on unoiled tracks.

Inside the carriage was a trolley and a large wooden box. It had Romanian letters down the sides and it was large enough to contain…a coffin. As the dark man entered the carriage to get out the box and wheel it with the trolley, the Station Master approached from the stair well.

“Hey! What is this train doing on number five platform? Where is your identification pass?”

He was speaking to the driver, who now ambled slowly towards him, but the faint light offered no clue as to the man’s identity. All he did, was growl in response. The Station Master was getting annoyed and pulled out his report clip board. Checking the time table, he shook his head. “This train should not be here.”

Suddenly a voice behind him said.

“It’s only…a hundred years late.”

Turning around, the man dropped the clip board as he saw a beautiful raven haired woman approach. She licked her lips, but it was clear as she came into view, that she had elongated fangs pressed on the outside of her full lips.

“That’s impossible.” The Station Master said, now starting to back up. He ripped up his whistle that dangled on his chain and went to put it into his mouth, as the woman darted at speed and seized the man by the throat with her right clawed hand. “Ah ah ahhh. No one..is going to hear you.” That said, she brought up her other hand to the top of his head, and then twisting forcibly, she broke his neck, letting his lifeless body fall to the ground.


Laughing, she took a glance inside the carriage and uttered. “We don’t have much time, Rhekas. Let’s get the box and get out of here.” The dark man nodded and tied up the wooden box to the trolley, and started to back it out of the wooden carriage, while the driver came up alongside the raven haired woman, and started to nuzzle her neck affectionately. She stroked his cheek as though she had some affection for him, then lowered her arm as she fell in behind the dark man, who wheeled the wooden box to the nearest lift. The train driver then grabbed the arm of the dead Station master, whose eyes were staring out soulessly, and took him back up to the front engine of the train.

The lights changed to green as the train started off again, while on another track that was in a populated area of the city, two passenger trains were on a collision course. With no one to stop it.