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Re: The Human World [rp]
March 02, 2014 09:21PM
-On top of a roof stood a lone figure cover from head to toe in black, he stood at 5’9″ and has a excellent well toned build. His shoulder length black hair was up in a traditional Japanese warriors tail. His shirt was skin tight witch showed ever muscle and was sleeveless, his pants were tight as well but lose enough to give him the mobility that he needed, and he wore tabi ninja shoes witch allowed him to be silent when he moved. On his back was two Ninjatos, and a Yumi bow and arrows. around his waits was a belt of kuni throwing knives and a pouch of throwing stars. He had a wakashi strapped to each thigh, and on his ankle was a hand gun, just encase he needed it. He also had another wakashi on his hip but that was for emergency only.-He watched the night life of New York, the city that never sleeps, the city he watched over. He was in no way it’s protector, he did not go out of his way to save anyone, no matter how much they needed it, no he a instrument of vengeance, he hunted those who needed to be punished and gave them their just dues, even if it meant their deaths. As he stood there he saw something, two train heading straight for each other, he knew they would collided, normally he would not bother but this did not feel right to him, with a few hand gestures he disappeared and appeared at the train station,he quickly ran into the control room and saw it empty, thinking quickly he sat in the chair and started messing with the controls, it took him a few minutes but he was able to divert the train on to different tracks.-

-He gave a sigh of relief and stood up, he quickly left the station avoiding the cameras and headed back to the roof tops, he could not shake the feeling that something was there before him, he could feel the evil and wickedness and the hate, and he knew it would not be long before what ever it was ran into him, and he would be waiting for it-

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March 03, 2014 06:27AM
Manhattan – A Penthouse fit for a King.https://i2.wp.com/www.franstouchofclass.com/images/On%20Land/Manhattan%20Penthouse/penthouse_c006_large.jpg

Manhattan – Where the rich and powerful of the world live and play. The streets are alive day and night, though many enjoy the city more by night. A sparkling spectacle, that harbors a deadly secret. How the humans would be shocked at just what and who walks among them. The living dead.

A U-Haul van pulls up outside a ritzy fifth avenue apartment building. It’s well over sixty stories high, and home to some of the most wealthy in the city. The door man sees the truck take up what should be the parking place for limos and dignataries- Presidents and stars, and comes down the velvet carpet and stands with hands on hips as he stares into the driver’s side window.


“You can’t park here.” He says with a nasally New York accent. He starts to gesture that they park up the road further, but the door on the other side of the truck opens, and Emilia hops out, dressed in her black leather trench coat. Almost stopping traffic she walks around the front of the truck, as another man gets out and goes to open the roller door at the back. Emilia shows a cocky smile at the Door man, and takes out a fist full of notes, and hands it to him.

“Special deliver for the Penthouse suite. This was pre-arranged by our employer. Either his prized collection comes in this door, or we sue for breach of contract.’ You could tell by the way she stared at the Doorman, that she meant business. When his eyes went from the roll of greenback to her eyes, he suddenly could not look away. It was almost like her eyes were hypnotic. Well, truth was they were.

“Oh…sure, yes, by all means. Here, let me get the door and alert the Concierge that you are making the delivery.”The Doorman was now under her spell, and she patted his coat before going back to see her assistant was now bringing down the large Romanian marked box on the hydrolic platform. Emilia was keeping a close eye out, to see if they had been followed from the Train station, and thankfully it appeared that they had managed to make it this far undetected.

At the door, there was now a bustle of activity as they opened the doors up wide enough to allow for the box to be brought through. As far as they were concerned, they thought it was a piece of art or furniture that was being delivered. Little did they know what was inside.

The box was now on the trolley safely and being wheeled up to the door, with Rheksas following behind. He sneered at the Door man, who tipped his hat at the large dark fellow. Emilia shook her head and followed the men inside, leaving the truck parked at the entrance. That would be driven away later, but first thing’s first was getting the box safely up to the penthouse.

Wheeling it into the service lift, they all got in, and Emilia pressed the P button, then folded her arms as the doors slid to a close. Rheksas glanced at the hired help. He was another that had been put under Emilia’s spell and would come in handy again later, but for now he was in charge of bringing the box into the Penthouse. Neither spoke, as they reached the top floor, and the doors opened to the most extravagant apartment in all of Manhattan. It was enough to make your jaw drop, but of course, Emilia has seen this sort of abode time and time again in the old country.


The U-Haul driver rolled the box into the center of the room, and started to undo the trolley, as Rheksas went to check all the rooms, and the security system. Emilia however stood guard and watched the driver, till he had the box off the trolley and was ready to leave. As he passed her, she said.

“When you have taken the trolley back to the van, you are to get in and drive to the harbour. There, you are to drive the van off the wharf and drown yourself.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good boy.” She patted his shoulder as he continued on his way, leaving the way he came as Rheksas came out of the master bedroom.

“You sure he will do as you asked, General?” He was concerned, but he could see when the doors were closing that the driver had a punch drunk expression. Emilia, didn’t even have to look.


“They always do. Now, help me open this crate.”


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March 03, 2014 08:08AM
Inside the Crate“How many of our daydreams would darken into nightmares, were there a danger of their coming true!” ~Logan Pearsall Smith, Afterthoughts

Eyes as red as blood peered into the darkness, seeing everything as if it were the light of day. No breath was drawn but yet there was an awareness. Muffled sounds reached his ears as the snaps of the locks on the crate were undone. The lid was lifted and the red gave way to hazel eyes that held a deep intelligence. He smiled as his eyes landed on his generals. Emilia who’d been with him since the beginning and Rheksas, who had come to him later and proving his worth as a member of his clan.

He moved for the first time in well over 36 hours, slipping from his coffin with a smooth sort of animalistic grace. As he stood upon solid ground, his most trusted bowed low in his presence.

“Rise, my Trusted. There is no need to bow before me.” His deep voice rumbled across their skin. He left their side to move about the apartment, checking to see if things were as he requested. Room darkening curtains were across every window and he nodded with satisfaction. He turned to face them, imposing in his dark finery.

“Victor is dead.” he announced, having felt the man’s death across the miles that seperated them. “We must find where he has hidden my treasures and retrieve them posthaste. Any who defy my will shall suffer most greviously. I, Vladimir Dracul, will see to it personally.” He snarled, showing his fangs for the first time.



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March 03, 2014 03:54PM
Vlad’s PenthouseAs soon as the Master started to slink from the coffin, both Rheksas and Emilia went down on one knee – their heads bowed in reverence of their Lord, their Master. Emilia’s arms were held down to her sides, fingers curled into fists as she awaited his word that she may move. Ever his humble servant, he was the only man or beast that she would ever bow too.

“Rise, my Trusted. There is no need to bow before me.”

Head still bowed, with her hair having fallen forward like a silken veil, Emilia spoke softly with a strong Romanian accent.

“Ever your servants, M’lord.”

Slowly she pushed to standing, as too did Rheksas, who towered over both her and the Count. At this point he was checking out the apartment, to see if they had fulfilled his wishes, and of course, they had done so to the letter. With special room darkening curtains that were ordered, even the staff who installed them believed the owner of the Penthouse must be a bit of a night owl. That was certainly an understatement. No expense was spared, nor should it be. The Count was an incredibly wealthy man.

“Victor is dead.”


Both stared at each other in shock, for this was news to them both. The Count continued. “We must find where he has hidden my treasures and retrieve them posthaste. Any who defy my will shall suffer most greviously. I, Vladimir Dracul, will see to it personally.” He snarled, showing his fangs for the first time. 

Emilia was the first to step forward. She was his General, and when he gave orders such as this, she paid heed.

“No stone shall be left unturned, M’lord.”

She could not take her eyes off his grace, seeing the glistening set of fangs that now protruded from his upper lip. He was truly angered that Victor had betrayed him and stolen his treasures to the new world. Now…with the help of his elite Generals he was to get them back, along with starting a new reign of terror to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public.

There was a small knock at one of the doors and Rheksas smiled.

“I ordered…room service.” Emilia knew what that meant and smirked before watching Rheksas go to the door and open in. A beautiful young maid was standing there, holding a tray that had only a napkin on it. She looked a bit bewildered as she brought the tray in. “Room service ordered that I bring up this…napkin.” Rheksas closed the door behind her and he gestured towards the Count.


“Our Lord wishes to dine, and has very specific tastes.” He took the tray from the girl, while Emilia headed for a nearby window, to stare out at the Manhattan skyline. No doubt the Count would enjoy his…first meal in the city.



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March 04, 2014 12:28AM
Vlad’s PenthouseAfter making his announcement, Vlad was pleased to note that both Emilia and Rhekas were set to go out and hunt down his treasures. It was always good to have people he could count on and trust to watch his back.

There was a knock at the door and intrigued, Vlad smiled devilishly when Rhekas told him he’d ordered room service. Vlad waited in the center of the room, his hands linked behind his back as the door was opened and a maid was escorted inside. She was dressed in a maid’s uniform and was very attractive to his roaming eye. She held a tray with a single napkin upon it.

“Room service ordered that I bring up this…napkin.” The woman looked confusedly between the three of them. Vlad approached her slowly, pinning her with his gaze.

“An unusual request, I suppose.” he smiled. “But my dining needs are a bit…eccentric.”

The woman got a whiff of his scent and seemed to melt into a puddle of lust at his feet.

“Um…well…eccentricity is underrated.” she breathed, fidgeting in place. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Emilia and Rhekas leaving the room to enjoy his meal in solitude. He stepped into the woman’s personal space, taking the tray from her lax fingers.

“What’s your name?” he asked, walking around behind her.

“D-Darla, your Grace.” the woman stammered, finding his nearness intoxicating. He pressed himself against her back and placed his cold hands upon her neck. Her pulse was racing and he could practically feel her blood flowing in her veins. She trembled at his touch.

“You may call me Vlad.” he whispered, brushing his lips across the back of her neck.

“Vlad.” the woman moaned, her eyes slipping closed. She never expected a man would have been driving her insane with lust when she came to work that evening. This was the stuff of dreams.

His hands slid down her arms to wrap around her wrists. Again he felt her pulse, judging the right time for him to make his move.


He had discovered over the centuries that lust, desire and passion made a woman’s blood taste like a fine wine…like an aphrodisiac. She didn’t know it, but Darla was in complete thrall under him. He could command her to jump out an unopened window and she wouldn’t hesitate.

But no…Vlad had something much better in mind.

Releasing her wrists, his hands slid up her body, unbuttoning the front of her uniform as he did so. The material pooled into a puddle at her feet, but she was too far gone to notice. He pushed up behind her, forcing her into movement until her thighs were pressed against the arm of the black leather couch he had requested for his new home. He bent her over at the waist, ripping both her bra and panties from her body in his haste.

She moaned as the rough material of his pants brushed across her naked backside. With a grunt, he shucked away that item and rammed himself home into her waiting body. She gave out a lustful cry as he rutted her from behind. His eyes bled red and his fangs elongated as he could practically smell her sweet blood through her pores.


He wrapped a hand around her throat and brought her body upright and pressed tightly to his own. His other arm, he wrapped around her middle, keeping her immobile while he continued to screw her six ways from Sunday. Her keening wails echoed around the apartment and he knew she was close.

“Yesssssssssss.” he hissed, mouth open wide like a snake prepared to strike. The moment she clenched around his turgid member in orgasmic bliss, his fangs sank into her neck, her life’s blood filling his mouth and making him moan hungrily. He sped up his own thrusts, wringing every last drop of sweetness from her pumping vein. A final thrust home and he achieved his own pleasure.

Darla fell limp in his arms as he continued to feed. Draining every last drop of blood from the now dead maid, he retracted his mouth from her skin, tearing dead flesh before carelessly dropping the corpse to the floor.

Stepping over the body, he retrieved the napkin and began dabbing at his mouth and lips, removing whatever excess blood remained.


“Exquisite.” he hummed with delight. Not even bothering to retrieve his pants, he moved to the windows and looked out on the city lights. “This city is ripe for the taking…and we shall rule them all.” he grinned, sensing his generals returning to the room. “Dispose of the body, you know the drills. Tomorrow night…we shall hunt for what was taken from me.”

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March 04, 2014 01:17AM
Vlad’s Penthouse – StudyVlad’s two generals did leave the room, to allow the Count privacy to enjoy his evening meal. This was something that was done without so much as a word from either. After serving the Count for this long, it was ingrained and expected. Entering the study and having Rheksas close the door, so that their voices didn’t travel, Emilia let out a sigh – one of relief in effect. They had managed to pull off getting the Count from the train to the Penthouse without incident. The van and the train that they used had both been disposed of and now they could begin the mission that Vlad had come to America to compete. The finding and retrieval of the artifacts.

Rheksas was pleased with himself, for coming up with the goods – aka the tempting maid in the skimpy number. He had to admit, she was a looker. To Emilia however, she knew she was just a blood bag in a pretty bow. The cries of exctasy from the maid were so loud however, that it was heard through the walls.

“I thought this room was sound proof.” Emilia said with something of a disgruntled look. Rheksas actually went over and put his ear to the door, a lopsided grin appearing. “Oh he really is enjoying this one.” Clearly he found the Count’s meal times to be very entertaining. He placed a hand to the door and licked his lips eavesdropping. The General shook her head and wandered over to a window, just staring out till they were to be summoned.

Rheksas noticed her quiet behaviour and looked back at her. “When was the last time you had a feed?” It was a good question, and the truth was shocking. “A week.” She replied, dropping her hand from the window. Rheksas was shocked. “You know you are to keep up your strength. The Count will have a fit.”

Angered she rounded. “Who do you think spent the last WEEK making sure that he arrived in this country in one piece? Hmm? Do you have any idea how hard it was cooped up on that ship?” Her eyes flashed red and you could see her clawed hands drawing into tight fists. It was clear she took her role as the Count’s chief General very seriously, even at the risk of herself. Rheksas sighed and then pushed himself away from the door, approaching her as she did a double take, then turned away from him to face the window. The giant of a man placed a hand on her shoulder and she flinched slightly. The fight always in her. She hated being touched.

“After the Count has fed, and we do the clean up…like always, you and I are going on a hunt, and I won’t take no for an answer. The Count I am sure will want to watch…Fox sports or something, not sit and listen to the likes of us.”


Emilia let out a half chuckle, though her lips remained closed. A snort almost at the humor Rheksas was trying to get across. Right on cue…the murder of the maid and the feeding was over, as the mind link with the two generals alerted them they were required.

On entering the room, the Count was standing – pantless and dabbing the napkin to his lips. He was clearly satisfied.

“Dispose of the body, you know the drills. Tomorrow night…we shall hunt for what was taken from me.”

Both moved in, with Rheksas effortlessly lifting up the girl and taking her into the large kitchen that they had to the right of the main suite, while Emilia picked up the maid’s clothing and folded them up neatly. The Count was staring out at the city, obviously making many plans on how he would rule them all. No doubt he would, unless there was someone out there that could stop him. Emilia stood and started at the white globes of his ass, before going into the kitchen herself, where Rheksas had donned an apron, and was going about starting to cut the girl up into easy store pieces. He also had what looked to be an industrial sized mincing unit, like they use for large animals to make pet meat with. Chopping away with a wide smile, and dumping large chunks into a large plastic drum, he was humming to himself, as Emilia placed the maid’s uniform in the laundry shoot. She then wiped her hands together and returned to watch Rheksas start the machine and tip the large bucket of body parts into the silo at the top. Thankfully, the kitchen was relatively sound proofed, and the job of disposing the body was almost complete.

“What do you plan to do with the…maid mince?” Emilia asked. Rheksas grinned and then said.

“Sell it to the local pet store. Not bad huh?”


Emilia shrugged, and walked out of the kitchen, feeling weakened by having to smell the bloodless remains of the maid and still having not fed. This left Rheksas to clean up the mess. Once all the remains had been minced and then bagged, he labelled it with fake cat food tags and stuck it in a large freezer, till the next night when he had time to do a drop off. Rheksas figured that if the Count was going to be having meals at home, he needed to be inventive in how to dispose of the remains. It was pretty hard to just toss a body out a window and not have that be noticed.

Rheksas cleaned up all the spill and muck from around the kitchen, and decided to fufill his word to make sure that the General got to have a feed. It worried him that she was not taking care of herself, and cared more about the Count, then her own need to feed.

Rheksas emerged, having taken off the apron, and then asked of the Count.

“My Lord, I request I take the General out for…a drink.” Rheksas was certain that if she didn’t fed tonight, she was not going to be any use to anyone on this planned mission.


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Re: The Human World [rp]
March 04, 2014 05:23AM
Upon their return to the living room, it would have seemed like Vladimir hadn’t moved from the window…except for the fact he was now dressed in a short robe of black silk with a matching pair of sleeping pants. He had gone to shower the grime from his long sleep and the blood of Darla from his body while Emilia and Rheksas were in the kitchen.“My Lord, I request I take the General out for…a drink.” came the request from Rheksas after a few moments of silence. With a frown Vlad turned to stare at the smaller of his two confidants. His gaze was like chips of frozen amber as he stared at Emilia.

“Leave us.” he commanded Rheksas, not even looking away from Emilia. He waited while Rheksas left the room. “You are starving.” It was a statement. He waited for her nod before he continued, moving to stand directly in front of her. “Emilia, why do you do such things? Your health and well-being is important to me. You are important to me. I would not live if something were to happen to you, either through your own negligence or outside forces.” He gently chastised her, brushing his hand across her cheek as he did so, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “I need you in peak condition at all times. Despite what you think, you do not have to undertake every single detail on your own. Allow Rheksas to assist you, it is why he is under your command as well as mine.” He tucked a finger beneath her chin to bring her head up to look at him. “No more holding back.” he warned her, his tone firm. And before she would be able to reply, his hand went to the back of her neck as his lips moved to seal over hers, drawing her into a most shocking kiss.

Vlad was by no means a stupid man. He had fought hard and long over the years and had many victories under his belt. He had known for quite some time that Emilia had feelings for him. He just never acted upon them until now.

His lips were cool against her skin, but his kiss was fierce and demanding, wanting her submission to his will and desires. He bit at her bottom lip, not hard enough to draw blood, as he did not need to weaken her any further then she already was. He then teased the sting away with his tongue. He kissed her hungrily, like a man thirsting for water after days in the desert before he pulled away. His eyes were ember fires staring upon her.

“You are mine, Emilia. As it has been from the beginning. Never forget that.” He released her from his grip and strode away to his room, closing the door behind him and leaving the stunned vampire staring after him.

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March 04, 2014 06:13AM
Vlad’s Penthouse – Living roomIt was when the Count stared directly at Emilia and demanded that they be left to speak alone, that Emilia knew she was in trouble. Not for anything bad she had brought against her Lordship, but the fact she had pushed herself to go on without feeding to ensure that the Count arrived safe and sound at his new destination. Rheksas did the right thing, leaving the room without question. He knew that the General could hold her own, and that this was to be expected, given the fact her position to protect the Count meant that she was required to maintain her sustenance – the blood of innocents.

She stood regally as the Count approached. “You are starving.” There was no denying it. You could see by the sickly pale colour of her skin that she was in desperate need of a feed. Slowly, she nodded in response, not wanting to raise her voice or deny what they both knew was true. “Emilia, why do you do such things?” This was a good question as well, and he knew her long enough to know the answer. Emilia always put him and his needs first. “I am your General, M’lord” She spoke with honesty, appealing that she felt her duty was to serve him, and fend for herself after. But the Count made it crystal clear, that her well being was important to him. Their eyes locked on one another, and you could see the wavering in her own. Her steely blue irises swirling, flickering, as he chastised her, brushing her cheek and then pushing back her hair behind her ear. It was so rare for him to touch her, and she had not been in contact with a man in so long that this had her almost tearful. She swallowed hard, and felt her head tip forward slightly. Submissive to him. But then a finger was brought up under her chin and she was forced to look at him again. This was almost like torture.

“No more holding back.” A warning, or a promise by him? Before she could answer, he grabbed her neck and pulled her into a kiss. Powerful, cold and dominating. He bit at her lip and teased with his tongue, and she had to stop herself from falling. She couldn’t afford it, she couldn’t be THAT girl. When he pulled away he made his decree.

“You are mine, Emilia. As it has been from the beginning. Never forget that.” 

With that, and not a second look back he left the room going to his own room and closing the door. Emilia was left standing there, visibly shaken. Her chin twitched as she sniffed and shook her head. ~Damn him.~


Rheksas appeared from one of the smaller rooms, and he couldn’t help but have overheard what had transpired. He could see the bite marks in her lip. Sighing, he grabbed his coat and put it on, taking up Emilia’s and walking towards her. Rheksas offered it to her, and she put it on slowly.

“He owns us both…you know? We are just his servants. Don’t lose your heart to him.”

“I lost my heart to him…the night he killed me.” Emilia glanced up through the veil of her fringe, before starting for the door. The Count would be safe in the apartment, having the latest security measures in place. Together, his Generals left the penthouse and went to the lift, down to the lobby and into the night.

Roxy’s Nightclub


The Generals entered the nightclub at about 2am, at least two hours before the club was officially to close. By this time of night, many of the patrons were so intoxicated, they were easy prey for the likes of the Vampires. The music was pumping through the speakers, and Rheksas found a bevvy of young office workers, that had come for a hen’s night. There was much laughter and cat calling going on, and Rheksas winked at his General, and sung out. “Found the perfect party. Hens..how I love them. They love the big black cock!” He danced over to the table, much to the girl’s delight, and this left Emilia on her own. Already being eyed off by a guy at the bar. He was your typical grey suit, probably married, about 35. She could spot the mark of a wedding band on his left hand. Emilia wandered over and took the empty seat beside him, as he immediately snapped his fingers and tried to order her a drink. She was already weak, and this was going to be an easy score.

“Come here often, baby?’ The drunk crooned, as his blood shot eyes wandered over her breasts and back up to her smile. “I am liking what I am seeing.” Yep, this guy was off his face. The barman set down a scotch and dry before Emilia, who simply toyed with the glass. “I’m sure you do. And to answer you, no…this is my first time.” The drunk laughed and then reached out to squeeze her ass. One thing the General hated was being touched. “That’s going to cost you, buddy.” This was said with a touch of aggression, which was met with a “Oooo” from the drunk. “Frisky…I like it. Tell you what, why don’t we cut the bullshit…go to a booth and we can get to know each other better. I know you want it.”

Emilia actually started to laugh at his last comment. “Well, you got that right. I do…want it.” Thing was, he had no idea what it was. She got up with the drink and started for a booth, far in back. The drunk made a rather pathetic score fist action, before following along behind. Sliding into the booth, she set down the drink and waited. The Drunk, though barely able to stand, managed to join her, though almost spilt his drink on her. Emilia rolled her eyes, but offered a weak smile, as he said. “Oops. Nearly made you wet.” What a comedian?

On the other side of the bar, Rheksas had all the girls wrapped around his fingers, with the bride to be, already bouncing on his lap. He sure was right about being the prize cock. Emilia turned her attentions back on the drunk, who was now trying to feel her up, with his hand sliding under the table and resting on her thigh. Emilia bit her lip and then she started to make her move.

“I bet you like girls that bite.” She whispered in his ear, tugging on his earlobe and reaching herself under the table to start stroking his bulge. Shocked at her daring, he gasped loudly as her lips started to travel down his neck, as she felt for his vein with her tongue. Oh, he was a ripe one. “Hell yeah I do. Bite me bitch.” So he was actually urging her too.

“With pleasure….”


At first the bite was playful, and the drunk was getting off. The beat of the music got louder, the heavy pounding of the base, as Emilia licked his neck, her eyes flaming red as he cried out. “Fuck..do it!” With the power of a viper, her jaw extended and she bit down hard, her mouth flooding with his rich blood. Her right hand seized his cock through his pants and gripped it so hard, that he was starting to spasm. Emilia was far stronger than him, and pinned him into the seat, drinking as much as she could, while his life was seeping from his body. Eventually, the vibrating and jerking stopped, as Emilia licked his neck like a cat, sealing the wound, before using a single finger to push him over.

The General reached for a serviette and patted her chin, finally satisfied to have fed, though the blood alcohol level was rather high. She hiccuped, and then scooted out from the booth, leaving her dead companion, as she staggered towards the exit, unsteadily. Rheksas, who had fed from two of the hen’s party girls and left them enough blood to survive, saw his General trying to leave. By the way she was walking…something wasn’t right. “Did she pick a drunk?” He thought to himself, gathering his coat and making a dash to catch up with her.

Out on the street, he grabbed her arm and turned her around. The look on her face…priceless. She was drunk.

“Heh…what a party.”

Shaking his head, he picked up his General, and carried her to the nearest waiting cab, to take her back to the Penthouse. No doubt, she was going to need to sleep this off.


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March 04, 2014 09:40AM
Train station Next Morning-The Train station had been closed off as police were all over it, looking for anything that could explain what had happened the night before. The night manger was missing, two train almost had a head on collision, and the masked vigilante appeared to stop it. a woman sat in the main office watching a video tape of last night, she had long blond hair , which she had tied up, deep blue eyes,and pale white skin she stood at 5′ 6″ and was wearing a green short sleeve shirt, and pair of jeans with Nike shoes and a long brown trench coat, and around her next was a her badge.

” None of this makes sense, how did he know about the trains?” she said out loud. “I think the question you should be asking is how did the trains get on a collision course to begin with?” She herd said behind her,when she turned around there stood her partner, he stood 5’9″ had shoulder length black hair he had tied back. He looked had Asian black eyes and was wearing a black shirt jeans and trench coat with a pair of Rebocks, and holding two cups of coffee one he handed to her.-

-She smiles at him and took the coffee-” Your late David, she said and took a sip. he just shurged,” Traffic is terrible right now with the station closed Sam , I live on the entire other side of town” ,he laughed and look at the monitor?“Anything other than the vigilante showing up?“Sam shook her head, and he kept watching-“Why don’t you take a break I will keep watching” -Sam nodded and walked out. He closed the door behind her and took out his contacts, his black eyes now were red. he watched the beginning of the tape now able to see all, he saw everything he knew the manger was dead and that these people were involved, when he saw the box being taken out the train one word escaped his lips