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Re: ~Auditions
March 06, 2014 06:28AM
My name is Char aka Jules. I’ve been role playing and doing collaborative writing for 7 years on IMVU, and I generally do a broad range of role play characters (about 90 to date). Today I am going to audition the part of Caroline


Open scene.

The party was in full swing, with pumping music and loud laughter and conversation. Katherine, posing as Elena was making her way through the crowd, as Caroline chased after her. Her mind was racing – trying to deal with the guilt of what she had done in the woods with Klaus. Finally, after calling out three times for her to stop, Katherine turned around to face Caroline, whose face was riddled with concern.

“Okay, Caroline, what is all this about?” Katherine asked, not really fussed with the party at this point.

“I did a bad thing.” Caroline lamented, keeping in close.

“I’m sure it’s not that bad.” Katherine was in a mad hurry to leave, and then Caroline cried out. “Elena stop, this is really important.”

Katherine did stop – rolling her eyes and then turning around, to face the distraught girl. ‘Okay, sorry.” She let out a huge sigh and paused a moment. Whatever it was the Caroline had done, it must have been bad. “Tell me, what happened?”

Caroline took a deep breath, looking at the ceiling as she gathered her thoughts, then let it out. “What would you say if I told you that when a certain influential person was in town…that I run into him in the woods and…sort of kissed him?’ At this Katherine could see what was coming and the more Caroline talked, the worse it got. “Well, kissed him..and he kissed me…and…he was…really good at kissing. Sooo I thought we would make out…but then…it felt really good to kiss him and then…we…I…totally..slept with him.” At this point, Caroline was holding her own cheeks in her hands, guilty as sin. Relieved slightly to have off loaded this juicy bit of gossip, but at the same time feeling really bad about it. “But I swear I totally didn’t plan to do it, and now I feel…terrible.”

The light bulb went off over Katherine’s head as she started to put two and two together. “And..the person we are talking about is…”

At this, Caroline finished her sentence for her. “Klaus?” Said almost as though questioning herself. She raised her shoulders up, and you could see that it pained her just to admit it.

Katherine’s reaction was one of…shock. “Oh wow…that’s..wow…Klaus?” She more or less had to ask if Caroline was sure of it. Naturally Caroline became a little defensive. “Do you think I would make this up? And that is why I need you to tell me, what an awful person I am.” It seemed rather comical that Caroline needed such, since it was obviously a one off thing. Or was it?