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Re: Biographies : Humans
March 07, 2014 05:29AM
Ayakashi Sumato“The Serpent”

Given name : Ayame Musashi


Race : Human
Sex : Female
Age : 22
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Birthday : April 22nd
Height : 155 cm
Weight : 55 kgs
Tattoos : Serpent on her back
Skin : Light toned, Asian descent.
Family : All are thought to be dead.

Bio History.

A baby girl born to a family that would suffer from tragedy early on in life. Raised by her father, a General in the army, and with her older brother Miyamoto Musashi, Ayame Musashi was to never know the love of her mother as she died during giving birth to her. Ayame’s mother’s name was never spoken again. Their father was a celebrated swordsman, who was well known throughout the provinces of Japan.
During a violent uprising, Ayame was stolen from her father’s house much to his horror and taken away far from her homeland. Her brother would make it his life long quest to find his sister and reunite the family, the only one he had ever known. Ayame’s father – grief stricken at losing both his wife and young daughter so close together vowed to do all he could to teach his son, to pass down the mastering of the Sword, as he had been taught from a young age. Sadly, after many years of teaching, Miyamoto Musashi would come home one terrible night to find that his home village had been attacked, and his father had lost his life in the fight to save his people. Miyamoto Musashi then and there made a vow to do all he could, to find his lost sister, and search the lands seeking out injustice and defending those that could not defend themselves.

That was Miyamoto Musashi story…but what of Ayame?

Taken by a rival tribe of war like heathens, the small girl was handed over to the barren chief’s wife to be raised as a daughter of the leader – Nyuada Sumato. She was given a new name. Ayakashi Sumato.

The differences in the two tribes of people were startling, and the child was taught early on how to fight using the bow, and to ride. But her true talent lay in a different field entirely. With striking good looks, and a lithe physique, she was known to be a contortionist – her body so flexible, that she could be made to fit her entire body inside a small box. This made her incredibly useful to be a spy, planted into the middle of enemy territory, to gain access to the inner gates, and allow for the army of Nyuada Sumato to gain entry undetected. Ayakashi became known as the Serpent. She fought with the speed and agility of a cobra, and her hands were her greatest weapons. With a mesmerizing gaze, she unwittingly would be able to take down her opponent, by the simplest of moves, often striking the underside of their nose and ramming the cartridge up into their brains, causing instant death. Through violent methods of training, that included torture and beatings, she became as cold as a viper, her mind razor sharp, and her ability to control her emotions astounding.

(Further history to be recorded in character)