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Re: The Human World [rp]
March 05, 2014 05:02PM
Police Headquarters

-After going over the findings with the rest of the unit David and Sam were in his office going through more of the files that had. Sam sighed and rubbed her temples-“This still makes no sense, everything point to a train showing up but there was not any signs of one, the manger has disappeared, and we almost had a pile up the would have killed almost three hundred people, that were saved by the vigilante, who has never done anything like this before”

-David could not help but smile and shake his head, he had never seen Sam this flustered-“Sam calm down and take a breathe you are going to give your self a stroke, we will figure this out we always do”-He smiles at her and she nodded. The problem was he knew what has behind this but could not tell anyone.Maybe the chief but he could do nothing either-

-David so no saint, he had killed plenty of people in his life time, some of witch did not deserve to die, and he knew not all vampires were bad, but if they were here to cause more harm than need be he would stop it, after all he was now married to a Celestial cat, he had to clean up his act just a bit-

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March 05, 2014 08:04PM
-there was a knock on his office door, the very woman he had mentioned was standing outside the door dressed in a causal business dress suit and looking as human as Sam was. Except for her eyes, they were a unnatural vivid green, anyone with half a mind might have second glanced them but, no one took a second glance. Today she had comb backed the ultra red hair and pined it down with a black head band to keep it from her face. She had in her hands two cups of steaming coffee one for Sam and one for David.

“hey you too, Sam you look ready to collapses where you stand,” she said.

Amber looked Asian just like her husband, she also worked in the police station down in the basement in the cold case files. She mostly did filing and keeping things organized having no interest in being out in the field like the rest of the cops seeing as she had her own ‘cases’ she would receive from her sister on the flip side. That and she had the job of tracking the visitors coming from the flip side and ensuring they have both a safe visit to and a safe trip back. Of course only the chief new about this, and it was a request from the chief though a needless and pointless request.

“any luck, I really hope this one doesn’t end up on my desk to,” she said and stepped into the office uninvited.-


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March 05, 2014 09:31PM
Vlad’s Penthouse

The cab ride back from the nightclub was a fairly quiet one, with Rheksas keeping a hold on his General, who had fallen asleep from drinking the intoxicated drunk’s blood. He must have been knocking back a lot of booze before she selected him as her prey, and now, she was paying for it. Her skin now had it’s beautiful lustre, but her cheeks were a little too pink. The heavy set Rheksas put his arm affectionately around her to keep her from falling forward when the taxi cab pulled up at the lights. He was always fond of the General, who rarely did anything like this. She was always so cautious, but for some reason tonight, she threw that to the wind. Was it due to the fact she was desperate to feed, or…was it because of the way Vlad treated her? The answers would come, probably a few nights from now.

In the lift Rheksas had to carry the General who had yet to wake, which in itself was unusual. She nestled into his broad frame, and murmured softly as the lift doors opened. Stepping out, Rheksas checked to see the coast was clear, before trying to quietly make his way to the guest room where Rheksas and Emilia had their own coffins. They shared a room, since it seemed pointless to have them apart, should something happen to the Count.

Thankfully, the Count had not opened his door. Maybe he was doing some reading, or trying to get more information on the artifact. Who knew? Rheksas knew that he was not going to be disturbing him with the sleeping general.

Entering their room, he calmly walked over and lay the sleeping General down on the bed that was still part of the room’s furnishings. Staring down at her serene face, he thought of how beautiful she really was. A diamond in the rough. Slowly, he started to take off her boots, each one he set down on the floor, again to not make a lot of noise. He didn’t really like the idea of having to dress her for the coffin, her resting place; but he didn’t want to put her down wearing clothes that stank of booze, cigarette smoke and foul human sweat. So he started undressing her, whilst trying not to get excited at her near naked form.



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March 06, 2014 03:34PM

“You know the answer to that, love.” he told her as he rolled to his feet. She admired the display of muscles along his backside as he moved, the rounded globes of his ass as he walked away. She licked her lips, itching to sink her teeth into him but he had a point. They had jobs to do and others depending on them to do it.

“Yeah.” she sighed, moving to her feet as well. She followed him up the stairs, going into the bathroom for a shower while he went into the bedroom, presumably, to start packing.

Once she felt reasonably presentable, she moved to the bedroom, just as Shane was pulling on his shirt. She moved to her bag and pulled out a white dress and some strappy heels.


She slipped her dress on over her head, not bothering with a bra, before slipping into a pair of thong panties and her shoes. She turned her back to Shane. “Zip me, please?” she requested.


Vlad’s Penthouse

Vlad heard when Rheksas and Emilia left. He trusted them to keep out of trouble and not draw attention to themselves. He had sat up his laptop and was currently browsing auction sites, looking for any hint of where his belongings might be. Antiquities they were, and he somehow always managed to find one or two items online.

But there was not a single blip. If Victor weren’t already dead, Vlad would have taken great pleasure in ripping out the man’s spine with his bare hands.

He had been at it for a couple of hours when he heard his Generals return. He didn’t move for some time, still looking through websites before he got to his feet for a break. He left his room and paused in the doorway. He frowned darkly, wondering why he was smelling human sweat and cigarettes. He noticed that the door to the room Rheksas and Emilia shared was open and he moved to see what was going on.

Rheksas was bent over Emilia on the bed in the room, removing the woman’s clothing. Emilia looked like she was completely out of it and Vlad growled low in his throat.

“What. Happened?” he demanded in clipped tones, moving into the room, “And do NOT lie to me.” He waited for an explanation from Rheksas and when it came, Vlad was not happy. “When she is sober, you will inform her I wish to speak with her.” He turned smartly and left the room.

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March 06, 2014 08:20PM
-David smiled at his wife and walked over and kissed her on the cheek and took his cup of tea. Sam took hers and just sighed-“I am going to get some fresh air, and maybe a bagel…maybe even a doughnut” She stepped outside.

-David closes the door, and looks at his wife-“I know what is behind this”, he says has he heads to his desk and sits down
and takes a sip of his tea-“The problem is there is nothing I can do about it, well nothing David Hamaru can do about it”
 he says with a grin-

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 06, 2014 08:37PM

With a mind filled now with concern about what Marissa wished to discuss with Shane on his return to the city, it took a minute for Carmen’s voice to register. He blinked as he saw her standing there, with her back to him, asking to be zipped up in a pretty white cotton dress. He had to admit, no one looked more beautiful than she did. Radiant, as always and clearly refreshed from their weekend away. “Of course, Love.” Shane uttered, reaching for the zip at the bottom of the dress and then slowly zipping it all the way up, before patting her back gently to show he had finished. “All set?” He asked, now that she was dressed and her bags packed.


He reached for both his and her bags, deciding to carry them back to the car while Carmen could do the lock up and…get the wolf. Shane had to wonder just how they were going to manage to make the wolf fit, along with all their luggage. This was going to be a cramped ride home.

Going down the stairs, he whistled for the wolf, who was probably in the kitchen.

“Come on, girl. Time to go to your new home.”

Knowing Carmen wouldn’t be too far behind, he left the cabin with the door open, and headed out down the stairs to the sports car, which was definately going to need a good clean when they got back.


New York – Vlad’s Penthouse.

Rheksas actually got a bit of a scare when he heard the Master demand to know what had happened to his General. Dropping her leg on the bed, which he half had her pants off, the large framed General stood upright, turning to face his Lordship. “No word of a lie, M’lord. Emilia made a bad choice when it came to her target. He must have been well over the limit…and she suffered for it.” It was clearly a bad move on the General’s part, who lay on the bed letting out a sigh as she turned over, still asleep.

“When she is sober, you will inform her I wish to speak with her.”

Rheksas nodded, as he watched the Count leave the room, then frowned as he looked back down at the sleeping General. “I don’t want to be in your shoes tommorow night, Em.” He called her by her pet name, and not General. She was asleep thankfully, and wouldn’t have known he had or not. Taking off the last of her clothes, he placed her gently in her coffin, and put her hands on her stomach, before closing the lid.

Rheksas..was tired. It had been a mammoth effort to get the Count safe to New York, and already Em and the Count were going to be at odds. He knew the girl could handle herself, but the Count’s temper was unpredictable. She would pay for her folly, no doubt. Rheksas got changed out of his leather pants and shirt, and placed them on hangers, before he himself got into a coffin beside the General’s. “Night Sweet Em.” He said, as the coffin lid closed, while outside a new dawn was about to break, on an unsuspecting New York.

~The Next night.~

Rousing from her sleep, the lid to Emilia’s coffin opened slightly, and you could see the wiggle of fingers, as Emilia stirred. Rheksas was already up and dressed, sitting on an antique chair with the paper.

“He wants to see you.”

“About last night, I take it?’

“Mhm. Get ready for a tongue lashing.”


Emilia rose up out of her coffin and scratched her cheek, yawning slightly, before smacking her lips. She had the most awful taste in her mouth, and figured it was from the bad batch of blood the night before. “Never again..” she mused, getting out and stretching as she moved around to the closet to find a change of clothes. Black pants, and shirt, the trademark fit for the General. With her hair brushed back, she left their room, only to have Rheksas shake his head and return to reading the paper.

Standing outside the Count’s room, the General coughed, before knocking on the door.

“I wish an audience, M’lord”


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March 06, 2014 08:47PM
-Amber watched as the door shut she didn’t say anything until she heard the click and she sighed and briefly removed her thick head hand to scratch at soft red fury cat ears that were sticking out. Then replaced them. “ I figured that was the case, do you plan on putting it on my desk after all, I’ve got a pride that’s been itching for a fight. It didn’t turn out so well on the flip side, I still blame that elf for those hell demons showing up,”she grumbled.

She pulled out a compact mirror and checked her face, reapplying some makeup trying to hide the jet black scar beneath. “ and well…I’m hoping David Hamaru isn’t planning on leaving Amber Hamaru out of it,” she chuckled and stepped closer to him, tugging his tie a little bit her fingers slipping beneath his jacket to stroke his chest through his shirt, her foot popping up a little bit in the air and she gave him a sultry look licking her lips a little bit.

“oh and before I forget, Kiyoshi, he burn down another tower in the ‘acadamy’,” she chuckled and poked him on the nose and stepped back away from him looking mischievous and apologetic sense there’s son’s fire powers came from her side of the gene pool-


Re: The Human World [rp]
March 06, 2014 09:02PM
-He smiled at her and then pulled her into his lap and kissed her deeply, hitting a button on his desk locking the door.-“Well Mr. and Mrs Hamaru are not going to do anything about it, and the pack on the flip side is going to have to wait as well.”

-He knew that statement would disappoint her. but the next one would make her very happy.“But Mr. and Mrs. Hakamaru are going to check this out, and see what trouble they can find”

-Hakamaru, his true last name the mane of his father, a man that he despised more the anything in the world. The name was the only thing that he had of his fathers, and that is all he wanted. His dad was an general to a very evil being, not only a general but his right hand, though he had never meet his father he hope that his soul would rot in hell for all eternity.-

“And Kiyoshi is just going through a rebellious stage that is all, i did when i was his age-“He chuckled to himself then looked into his wives eyes and said one word he knew that would get her blood pumping for a fight-“Vampires”

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 06, 2014 09:37PM
Vlad’s Room

Vlad had been awake since the setting of the sun, thinking on how to speak to Emilia when she came to him. He wasn’t angry persay but he was very disappointed with her behavior. She knew better then anyone of how to pick and choose specific targets. From what he was told, she was reckless…and that was dangerous.

A knock sounded against his door and he turned in his chair. He sensed her before she spoke and waited a few moments, letting her stand there and wait. “Enter.” he announced after a five-minute silence. The door was opened and he waited for Emilia to step inside. “Close the door, please.” he requested.

Once done, he sat forward in his chair, elbows resting on the desk, fingers linked as he stared at her. It was an uncomfortable silence, designed to make her fidget if she dared to. This time the silence lasted about 10 minutes before he spoke one word…an order.




As Shane took their bags, she walked around the cabin, makign note of any thing that needed to be fixed for the caretaker to find. She was pleased to see that the she-wolf hadn’t shed a single hair while she stayed with them. She follows outside, locking the door behind her. The wolf came from around the back of the cabin at her shrill whistle as Shane loaded their bags in the car. “Oh there’s plenty of room, baby. I don’t know why you were kicking up a fuss.” she snorted, moving her seat forward so the wolf could climb into the back. “And she doesn’t shed so get that thought out of your head, Mister.” she chuckled as she climbed into the car and adjusted her seat belt. She looked at him as he climbed in the car. He looked distracted and she touched his shoulder with worry. “Hey? What’s wrong? You look like someone died. Are the kids all right?”

Re: The Human World [rp]
March 06, 2014 10:12PM
Vlad’s room

~Who can you turn to now?~

Standing to attention in the center of the room, the General kept her silence, until the Master had spoken. There were very few times in her thousand or so years of service where she had failed him, and when she had, Emilia paid the price – or those she once loved suffered a fate unimaginable. Her devout service was ingrained, a part of her being. She existed merely to serve, her unlife in his hands and he could take that away from her at the snap of his fingers. From the bloody battle fields of Romania, to the fine castles of Scandinavia, to the high society clubs of London, the General had been at the Count’s side, and aided him in his quest to turn the underworld on its head.


But tonight, the General faltered, she slipped. In all honestly she completely fucked up. This was a danger, not only to herself, but to her Lord, and she knew it.

Instead of the screaming rage of an infuriated Count, he sat there in stony silence. Appraising her as she stood still. Waiting.


One word. Enough to make the very hairs of your neck stand on end. He did it with purpose and cunning. How he was ruthless in his handling of her.

Swallowing, Emilia finally found her voice.

“I failed. My choice in kills was…unacceptable. I await my punishment, M’lord.” She figured that Rheksas had filled him in, and the clues to what happened would have been painfully obvious. Emilia had picked a drunk as her target to replenish her need to feed, thus making her sick. A dangerous thing to do in a city like New York. Her eyes darted around, mainly at the floor, almost terrified to share his gaze. His disdain for her at the moment was like a knife twisting her insides. This was torture – waiting for his handing down of her sentence.

What would he decide her fate to be?


Shane’s car

Having started the car and taken off, Shane had eluded Carmen’s question for now. Only offering her the slightest glance as he tore along the country road, he finally uttered “Got a text from Marissa. Apparently there is something important that she needs to tell me, but can’t do it on the phone for some reason.”

The cell was connected to the car’s blue tooth. “Check my phone if you want. But I already let her know we are on our way back.”

Inwardly, Shane had a sinking feeling about whatever it was that Marissa wanted to discuss, but having promised to be up front and true to Carmen, he did his best to put her at ease, with what he knew.


“Bet you are excited to see the kids, huh? I just hope Jarvis managed to behave while we were gone, or there’ll be hell to pay.’