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Re: (RP) The Ronin & the Serpent.
March 11, 2014 07:27AM
The Ronin & The Serpent.


Part Two
“I used to be a sellsword like you, until i took an arrow to the knee”
CharlotteCarrendar: – Rikken rose from his opulent chair, with a loud grunt of exertion that comes from having difficulty baring the weight of his bulk upon stringy legs. He sniffs loudly, and coughs – clearly this man is in serious bad health, yet he is addicted to his excesses which is why this marriage of connivance for him. It is a one sided affair. With his hand extended, many a chubby finger with gold bands wrapped around them, he gestures for the Ronin to sit at the long table with him, where in behind servants await to bring him trays of food, and chalices with which to fill with wine. It made one wonder just how many meals a day this man has. Rikken Seiyukai sneers at his daughter, who has presented herself before the Ronin, then snuck back to the shadows like a frightened deer. “Children. Bah, thankfully I only have the one, and she will bring me great wealth through this marriage. But, enough about that. My reason for sending for you is clear. Word is some rag of a lad seeks my daughter, and word on the street is he is after my head. The procession of the Dragon, father of my daughter’s intended is to be today, and I want you to stand at my side, to protect me should this lad try anything.” At least Rikken was to the point. <3>

IceTe3a: – “Lovely place” It was expected when entering someone’s home, to offer gesture towards their house, even if this meant giving Rikken more to boast about. Shifting his weight so it’s more centered he adjusted his sword’s position for best gripping speed, allowing his arms to fall to his sides as his hues glance over the young female, looking back at Rikken the man was in appalling shape and health, how he could breath was beyond him, but he would not judge his client for his sins in life. “ I am to understand you have worry that this young man wishes to kill you for your daughters hand in marriage?” he said in a low tone just loud enough for RIkken and his daughter to hear if she wished to. Taking a seat near Rikken but not too close he glanced over the plentiful banquet before him, although none of this appealed to him, not like the street foods he was used to, (Street foods in Asian cultures are fast foods such as Ramen, Curries, raw seafood, Rice balls ect) . In the back of his mind he could not help but wonder why Rikken would be looking for a sellsword, with so many guards at his disposal they should be able to handle any small events that come their way. What exactly did Rikken have in mind for him to kill this young man if he attempted to attack Rikken?, who was he really. So many questions running in the back on his mind to many, causing too much distraction. Closing his eyes for but a moment he placed his palms inward facing each other making a small sign with his hand, breathing in deep and slowly his chest expanded as his lungs filled with nature’s gift, air the life energy of the world for without it nothing would survive. Exhaling sharply he opened his eyes, it was a simple meditation style that calmed and cleared the mind of everything allowing Ronin to focus on the moment at hand. ““So forced marriage I assume, at to what end? What do you gain from this Rikken I only ask to better understand the circumstances and how you came by this information” Ronin asked wondering what else he would know he continues to ask more questions “ Has the young man approached you before with such thoughts in his mind? How old is he exactly, and what exactly would you have me do if he attempted to attack you? Immobilize and bludgeon the boy or more simply, kill him” As he said the last part his eye’s sharpened into a glare as he glanced over to the young daughter, such talk of death always got Ronin in a strange eerie mood, a ‘ Seen it all look’ is said to fall upon his face.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taking his seat once more, he grunted just as loudly as when he had stood. Just by looking at him, you could see the discolouration in his face that showed he was suffering from a poor diet, and possibly kidney failure which meant that his life span was probably dramatically lessened than most. Blood shot eyes, and swollen wrists. It was a miracle this man was still alive. Placing his fingers pressed together as his elbows rested on the arm rests, he took a deep breath, and then released it. “This town has many eyes and ears all too willing to speak of treachery and villainy. I came to suspect there would be trouble, after I reneged on a deal for my daughter with a warlord known simply as Kaos Makao. News of my daughter’s beauty spread beyond the walls of our lands, and when the Dragon heard of her, he wanted her for his own son. I of course had already spent the money that Kaos had put forward as dowry.” This was a huge admission. One does not renege on a deal such as this and not expect a backlash. “The warlord’s son had met my daughter years ago, and pledged his love. From what I understand he is so infatuated that he will stop at nothing to get her, including ending me.” Rikken placed his hands down flat on the table, and then looked at the Ronin without the mask of pride. “I’m dying. But I rather die in my sleep, than on the steps of my house. I want my daughter wed as the arrangement with the Dragon. Then…I can die a happy man.” Looking back towards his own door, he then added something. “Kaos hired someone, to help his son. Rumor is…the Serpent is coming.” Did the Ronin know of the Serpent, and what this meant? <3>

IceTe3a: – Simple terms, by any means necessary words Ronin has come to hear a lot, of course the greedy old man caused this on his own by rights Ronin should not interfere with this as Rikken had done wrong and gone against his agreement with another, On a personal note Ronin disliked how Rikken treated his daughter palming her around like all she was worth was wealth, though this was expected in his lands and there was nothing to do about it, Ronin could not go against his own lands, the main point is never get to personal with a client or the job. Nodding slightly, his ears twitch hearing ‘The serpent’ another sellsword? Or perhaps hired assassin, either way the boy’s father was a warlord, this would make it safe to assume the boy knew his way around weaponry, leaving Ronin no choice but to give no quarter and this Serpent, a trained warrior unknown attributes what he was trained in, who he was all this was unknown to Ronin which was never good, gong into a job with half the information is going into a fight with a dull blade the outcome is never certain to say the least. “I have three rules that are to be followed if you wish me to accept this job, Firstly I take orders from no one, Understand this if you or one of your men attempt to force my hand, you will certainly lose yours I know how to do my job and I do it well, I understand the terms of the contract and you need not worry about giving me orders for I will complete the contract to the fullest of my abilities. Secondly Payment in full, Trying to cheat me of this will certainly forfeit your life and those who attempt to protect you from your misdeeds, lastly, If and when I ask you to do something I need not have you question it or hesitate such things in a battle make up that fine thread we know as life and death, if you wish to see morning dawn I suggest you heed my words and follow them.” In the back of his mind this job proved to be harder than what he first thought it be, A lad with rage and vengeance in his heart, doomed to never marry his love, only to take up arms in contest such a sad story with a moral to it, and a named warrior of unknown skills, who will most certainly prove more than a hassle. “If you accept my terms the deal is struck, and my sword will be yours until the job is done, If this is the case I must insist we talk more about your home defences”

CharlotteCarrendar: – As the Ronin spoke of the rules of his employ, Rikken reached under the flap of his coat and untied a pouch. He had believed that the safest place to keep his wealth was upon his own body – stuffed between the rolls and folds of his skin. Pouch in hand, with the agreed sum of full payment, he brought his hand out and dumped the coin pouch upon the table, within range of the Ronin. “I believe that is the second rule. Payment in full. As to my men, they will work soley under your guidance as they have been informed that I consider you to be my most valued of security measures.” Placing his hands on the arm rests, he started to rise again, and you could hear the tired creaking of his bones. Again with the strained grunt that was louder than before. Rikken nodded twice, before making the agreement with the sell sword. “Your word is law, till my daughter is riding from this land. The parade is in two hours. I shall summon you with the gong beforehand. Feel free to wander the home and grounds, and check for yourself that everything is in readiness. I wish to rest my head before this wedding. It will be the last chance I get.” Saying his peace, he withdrew from the large dining hall, leaving the Ronin with just two guards, and the frightened daughter of Rikken lurking in the shadows. Why was she not getting ready yet? A good question. Perhaps she wished to speak to the Ronin. Only one way to find out. <3>

IceTe3a: – Now that they were in agreement he was officially hired “ My sword is yours” he said quickly coming to a stand the katana with the red hilt drawn with lightning speed, he slowly re sheathes it upon it clicking into its sheath the top of the coin purse splits spilling the coins on the table “ All those who oppose shall meet my blades” he bows towards Rikken graciously low showing the respect he deserved, the example of his skills just moments ago, were a part of Ronin sealing the contract with his client showing off his sword skills and with such precision it was a reassurance to his client. He waits for rikken to excuse himself for bed to take his seat again and collect his coins adding them to his own coin purse he left the somewhat sweaty cut purse lying on the table. Before Rikken left the room he announced one last thing “Remember my contract is to protect you, no one else will be protected by my sword” One detail he thought was well known but he reminded his clients anyway. Fully knowing he wanted to discuss his defenses with Rikken, he allowed the old man to go sleep as it was not much use talking to a fat old man about strategies of war. Calling over one of the gaurds his eyes meet the somewhat undertrained guard “ I want all the torches lit and to stay that way, leave no shadows in this entire area unlit, otherwise your head will be my payment for such mistake, Double the guards, Insist all weaponry to be checked at the door excluding those immediately to do with the wedding and the guards of those of royalty.” The guard nodded and ran off to complete the orders, Ronin was sure they would forget something, although he was unsure what, there was always a back door. Fully knowing of the presence in the room, he glances over to the young woman studying her over from head to toe, “ What is it” he said simply as he made eye contact with her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The young girl – a shy yet beautiful child bowed low as the Ronin appraised her with the sweep of his gaze. “Forgive me, Ronin.” She said in a soft and gentle voice. Stepping out of the shadows, you could see she was barely over 14 years of age. She wasn’t a woman to be wed, but a child. “I know, I am supposed to do as Father said, but I am scared. This…Dragon. His son is old as my Father. How can I love a man that has children older than I?” It was an honest question. She was nothing more than a prize to be given to the highest bidder, and her Father had already broken the promise to an influential man. This procession was going to lead to the deaths of many. Instead of joy, there would nothing but heartbreak. For all concerned. “I have heard of the one my Father speaks of. The Serpent. They say, she is the General to the Warlord. A woman of great beauty but her heart is cold as ice. Frozen solid. They say, she strikes out of nowhere, like a viper. Her fangs filled with poison. Her spirit is that of a Naga.” The child said with a look of absolute fear. <3>

IceTe3a: – He listens to the young woman carefully to her questions, of course she would object to this, unfortunately it was her burden of being born into a rich family, Ronin was never one to hide the truth or not offer insult where it is needed, extending an arm in front of him he points for her to sit before bringing his arm back to the table “Life is unfortunate you will realize this sooner than later, the best we can do is make the best of what we are given in life. Your father is a greedy man, and life has cursed him for his sins and evil ways in the physical sense for all to see, He will pay the price for that in his own ways this you can be sure of” he stops to mediate on the questions she had “You are right to question this marriage although it only sees more title and coin into your fathers hand, there seems to be no actual need for this tie between families, if I am to understand your father is more than well off it is simply greed that drives him, this is his curse and your burden for being born into this family; hardly your fault but something you must live with. Weigh your options well young miss and give the man a chance, for life has its surprises in store.” He falls quiet for but a moment before gaining that sharp look back into his eyes “ You say this serpent is a ‘she’? How unusual, what more do you know of her, please do not hold anything back” Indeed the Serpent, would prove to be a harder foe than what he first thought, a female and a general obviously an extremely skilled warrior in her fields of combat, This will be an interesting night.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Ronin made clear that the girl was best to go with the agreed marriage, and give the man a chance to prove his worth as a husband. But a life without love, is a life half lived. The dealings of her father weigh upon his family and they ultimately pay the price for his misadventures. Surely on his death the daughter would stand to inherit great wealth, and perhaps then and only then build the life for herself, however at this point in time, it appeared that she would end up losing it all to the Dragon. Her lands would become his. But the news of the Serpent, did bring back the Ronin’s undivided attention. An unknown foe is a terrible threat. In order to defeat the unknown you must endeavour to find out as much as you possibly can. “A woman, yes. Raised by a gang of thieves and murderers. I heard the head of guards, who had been travelling in the mountains speak of tales around a camp fire of this woman. A mere babe, who went on to become the most powerful of the Warlord’s men. Taught to use the bow, and skilled in armed and unarmed combat. They say she has eyes that hypnotise you. A body so slender and lithe, that she can curl up so tight like a snake and be put in a box that you would think could barely fit an infant. I thought she was just a myth, but my love -The Warlord’s son said this was true, when I asked him, when I had run away from home.” By the looks of things, the bond between the Warlord’s son and this girl was a great one, and he was willing to die to get her back. <3>

IceTe3a: – The news of the new female warrior was one that constantly played in Ronins mind ‘The serpent’ he thought to himself it’s uncommon for a female to be in such a position, she must be extremely well skilled to gain the respect of her fellow men. He was sure about one thing, he would need to keep an eye out for her, but if he knew about her, do they know about his presence? He would need to make up a plan, Perhaps sticking to the shadows and wait for them to strike coming in at the last moment? But that would leave Rikken open to a long distance attack, as ‘The Serpent’ was skilled in the bow, he would need to keep close to deflect any arrows or even perhaps take a hit for the old man, But to make himself stand out, they would surely pick him from a mile away. That’s it, He would blend in with the crowd of royalty, Make it harder to pick out who he was, by arming the royal families and nobles with decretive katanas that would allow him to wear his without being the sore one out in the crowd. This is necessary if any of the rumors prove true, it is better to over prepare than be caught unprepared, He summoned the same guard from before who just returned to his post “ I want you to collect all the decorative swords in the building and hand them out to the noble families men and Royal family men that enter, do not ask why and do not give answer to those who ask, Just insist. This includes Rikken” the guard nodded and runs off to do what was asked of him, Ronin glances over at the young lady as a small smile appears on his face “Do not threat your path will show itself to you eventually, you are still young. Now I believe you are to start getting ready for the ceremony” He said in a low tone as the smile disappeared, he came to a stand, gave the young lady a respectful bow and awaited for her to leave, Surely the guests would start to arrive soon, Ronin needed to prepare for tonight’s events.

CharlotteCarrendar: – And so the guard did go about the large palatial compound, and gather together all the decorative katanas that could be found. They were to be worn by all nobles and dignitaries so the Ronin could blend in, and take the mark off his own hide, to allude the would be assassins, that were bound to strike in the midst of the procession, or the handing over of the bride to the Dragon’s son. The daughter of Rikken sadly nodded and then bowed to the Ronin. Though his words were wise they could not remove the sadness that swelled in her young heart. The girl left the room, and so to the procession would begin…very soon. :: The large battle drums on the gates of the township began to beat in a rhythm to alert the people that the Dragon and his men were approaching on horseback. Two rows of twenty men, with the Dragon and his son at the lead. Behind them a special canopy covered wagon that was to take away the blushing bride back to the land of the Dragon. The Dragon himself was wearing woollen armour with leather shoulder plates, and gauntlets. The old warrior must have been at least 70 years old, and his son, a man in his fifties, rode alongside him, wearing similar garb. The large wooden gates of the township opened, to allow the procession of the Dragon’s men through, while fire crackers sounded off to welcome the travelling party. Bright banners were held aloft with the symbol of the dragon fluttering proudly. Children and the young at heart waved and cheered to see such might, while coming along behind them was a travelling band of performers and circus artists. Musicians too. A very festive occasion. One girl was riding a white pony, doing tricks and handstands, while a fire eater continued to light up the air above him. Sword swallowers and snake charmers on carts. This was to be a celebration to remember. On the steps of the grand house, Rikken had returned, wearing his ceremonial dress, complete with hat, and large gold sash, his daughter, whose face was shielded by a veil stood well in back. Nobles and the royals, all wearing the decorative katanas lined the stairs. Everything was in readiness. <3>

IceTe3a: – Ronin was sin meditation when he heard the great noise and commotion signaling the arrival of the guests and the party to begin within minutes, he gave himself a small moment to complete meditation before coming to a stand, walking out to the balcony he viewed over everyone around the grounds that his eyes fell upon, he knew none of them, he hoped that Rikken would not advise his honored guests of exactly who Ronin was, otherwise news might slip and his cover blown, the guards did well for what they were worth, everyone who was to wear a decorative blade was wearing one, allowing Ronin to blend into the crowd. Walking past the guards he gave one last word of advice “Keep on your toes, blood will spill tonight” before walking off to join Rikken, who was no doubt already out amongst the crowd boasting his title and wealth to come into his hands, not exactly the type of place Ronin would be at if he had any choice, but this was a job to one that would help him find his sister, come morning once all was done he would ask Rikken if he knew anything about his sister. But for now he must stay on the job He knew what the young boy looked like and who he was, but this Serpent, was female she could blend into the crowd without anyone noticing, she could be standing right next to him and he wouldn’t realize it… his eyes shift to either side of him just to reassure himself, Or she could sneak in somehow, the possibilities of a skilled warrior was endless. Finally he joined Rikken at his side, amongst the crowd ready to defend Rikken at any given time, studying the crowd he said in a low voice so only Rikken could hear “ If you see any Female with a noble or royal that you do not know, you must tell me subtly as soon as you can” attempting to stop one way of entry although this would hardly be possible since Rikken would be to busy stuffing his face and boasting his title higher than it was.

CharlotteCarrendar: – So much colour and noise. People cheering, banners waving, and trumpets blasting. It only added to the confusion of the moment, when the Dragon and his men pulled up at the base of the stairs of the fine house of Rikken. Getting off his horse first, the Dragon stood proudly. His face was one of little emotion. He had seen and done much in his life, and this was merely a transaction to assure the blood line of the Dragon continue. The son’s other wives had failed to produce an heir. This was the whole point of the marriage. A son. The Son of the Dragon got off his horse as the soldiers they had with them remained on theirs. Eagle eyes watching in all directions for enemy movement on say the town walls, or the houses themselves. Rikken revelled in the fan fare, the music, the fireworks being blasted and of course the circus performers who continued to wow the crowd with their spectacular show. With the Ronin now at his employer’s side, Rikken felt a whole lot better about the situation. At least he could take comfort to know he would survive this meeting, and thus could carry out the deal that was struck. A priest, that had been chosen before the agreement came out from the nearby temple, and with him a procession of monks in hooded cloaks, that kept their hands pressed up deep into their sleeves. Heads bowed, the twelve monks were in two lines and they approached the stairs chanting an ancient hymn. The Son of the Dragon knelt and bowed his head to the bride’s father – who showed respect by bowing in return before calling his daughter forward. The child bride took the three steps forward and kept her head down. It was time. The priest mounted the stairs and then stood between the Son of the dragon and the Bride to be. He took out a book and started to recite in an old text that drowned out many of the crowd, who now wished to hear the priest’s words. At that precise moment, there was a whistling sound, and the Dragon who had been standing to attention suddenly jerked violently, before a metal prong jutted forth from his forehead. He had been shot with some sort of poisoned dart, and blood now trickled down his forehead as he dropped to his knees. The Dragon…was dead. Panic ensued, as the crowd started to scream and shout, trying to scatter, while Rikken let out a roar of protest. “BASTARDS!” The monks then threw back their hoods, and their cloaks, revealing katanas, and started to attack the nobles nearest to the Ronin and Rikken, as the son of the Dragon tried to grab the bride and drag her back to the canopy covered wagon. The Dragon’s men all started to fight the townspeople, as the whole scene was now turning into a blood bath. Standing on top of the white horse that had been with the circus was the beautiful horse dancer. She lowered the blow pipe and grinned. It was the Serpent. <3>

IceTe3a: – Everything seemed to be going as planned, for now at least, though if Ronin knew anything the tides could turn at any moment. So many things going on around so many people, it was almost too much, this was a circumstance that could not be helped he just had to deal with the issue once it arose. Suddenly all hell broke loose, a dart had hit the dragon in the head killing him instantly, this did not bother Ronin for the dragon was not in his contract to protect, the monks stripped their hoods back to reveal katana’s amongst other weapons, Damn the guards to hell for not checking them first, it was all happening so quickly the Dragons men were turning against innocent people striking in a blind rage to try and find the enemy and then, there she was ontop of a white horse, he had spotted ‘The Serpent’ for the first time, the rumors about her were true, all of them. Quickly he ripped off his kimono fully to show him wearing long black pants held on by a belt of sorts his chest was bare to show the scars of his previous battles this allowed him to move more freely whilst attacking, drawing a single katana deciding to use the Ittoryu fighting style ( Single blade combat) would be more than enough for now, Calling to Rikkens gaurds he bellowed above the screams “ Surround RIkken and protect him with your lives” grabbing the daughter out of her husband’s to be arms he pushed her towards Rikken then turned to grab the husband to be “ Keep with your father young miss, Guards surround them both keep close to me but out of my way” turning to the husband he glares at him before shoving him backward “Control your men’s top the onslaught of the innocent and bark orders for them to deal with these monks, It is your duty as Husband to be to honor your title by protecting your father inlaw and wife as well as revenging your father’s death, I will deal with the Serpent” With that he ran off into the fight hoping RIkken’s men would do as they were told “ SERPENT” he bellowed as he threw a shrunken towards her. Coming up to two of the faceless monks with katanas drawn he engaged battle with them, they were trained in the form but not as well as he as he glided through them cutting with precision to disarm and disable, he was sure the monks were not skilled warriors but he also knew the serpent and her other agent would be a lot harder than that of the monks. Moving in-between the dragons men deflecting their blows from killing the innocent he barks orders at them “ Listen to your General Go after the monks leave the crowd alone” as he tossed man after man aside hoping they would regain their senses. Picking up speed he jumped up on top of a wall to get a clear running path towards the serpent as he ran with full force, the circus how could he be so stupid to forget about the circus. Closing in the gap between them he was close enough to make a jump, bending at the knee’s he threw two shrunken this time but aimed them at the horses head attempting to hit and kill the horse, landing meters away from ‘The Serpent’ he stood tall “So you are The Serpent, A woman warrior”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The hira shuriken struck the horse’s head with deadly accuracy, causing the horse to rear up, with blood spewing out of from the embedded star weapons. The Serpent, who was incredibly agile did a double somersault backflip, that had her land upon the circus cart, which was filled with her men, dressed in brightly coloured costumes. The Ronin, who was now standing a few feet from the dead horse called to her. “So you are the Serpent. A woman warrior.” The Serpent simply held her head up proudly, as all around her was chaos and madness. “No…I am merely a distraction.” She was right, for as the guards surrounded Rikken and the bride, the fire breather had broken through the crowd, and with a mouthful of a volatile cocktail, he spewed it forth and the man known as Rikken caught fire. His fine silken robes turned him into a human torch, along with a few guards, who screamed in agony, while the bride had become separated from the pack. The son of the Dragon was trying desperately to get his men to listen and stop attacking the villagers, when the snake handler came up behind him and dropped a viper upon his shoulder – the snake biting down hard on the thick neck of the would be groom, who screamed and flailed, trying to dislodge the angered snake. The Bride was now running down the stairs, trying to get through guards and people, to reach the Ronin, when a man on a black horse, one of the Dragon’s own guards seized her up and pulled her onto the back of the horse. He removed his helm, and it was the Warlord’s son. Slamming his heels into the horse the pair spirited off towards the town gates, as the Serpent laughed. She spun on her heel and made a run across the cart, diving onto the back of an unmaned horse and tore off after the bride and the Warlord’s son at speed. The burning remains of the bride’s father – Rikken, were nothing but a bloody and smoking mess. Death..had come to town. <3>

IceTe3a: – Ronin had failed his contract, this was a well orchestrated attack Something Ronin was not able to stop with such poorly trained guards, and a fat man who was to greedy, it seemed life had taught Rikken his last lesson in life. He watched the daughter running towards him only to get pinched by the warlords son, they were now riding off into the distance glancing back at the serpent she was making her escape by horse too, all the commotion had spooked the horses as they all started running in the same direction as the warlords son and the serpent. Ronin hit the floor hard with each foot picking up the pace, slicing through enemies as he passed, not caring if it killed or disabled them, he had to catch up to them or at least the horses to stand a chance. Jumping on top of the outer wall he ran parallel with the horses although the wall was about to end soon, with a quick judgment and a bend in the knee’s Ronin flew up into the air, soaring into the dark skies leaving the bloody fiery mess behind him as he judged he landed smoothly on top of a saddled horse, standing on top of the saddled horse as it ran towards the gate within the same path as the serpent, Ronin jumped from horse back to horseback reaching the closet horse he could. “ A warlords son, and a Female assassin Running from the battlefield, how the rumors were wrong about the both of you, you both dishonor the way of the sword and the warlord himself!!” Ronin bellowed into the night sky in order to taunt the young boy to turn and fight. Taking control of the horse he galloped ahead attempting to close in the yards between them. He needed to catch up, he needed to get the daughter back at least, quickly grabbing three shurkien he tossed them towards the serpents direction and then again towards the warlords son, attempting to force them to turn and face him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Ronin was fearless and without a doubt an expert marksman to be able to throw hira shuriken with such accuracy whilst riding a horse at incredible speed. His cry that they had no honor, was to fall to the wind, for the Warlord’s son was not about to give up his bride, after being double crossed by Rikken in the first place. He had paid for her, and now she was his. The hira shuriken that were thrown towards the serpent, two hit her back, causing her to scream out in pain, while the other missed the couple as they now were going even faster to get free from the incensed Ronin. This was where the game changed. The Serpent now injured rounded her horse and then started to ride directly at the Ronin, again she was playing her role as a distraction, so ordered by the Warlord himself. A free hand she took out her blow pipe and then raised it to her lips, aiming for the Ronin’s chest, blasting as much air as she could, hoping to knock him from his horse. <3>

IceT3a: – The taunt had no effect on them as they continued riding on, finally some good news he heard the female scream out in pain, a sound he was all too pleased to hear, As she said she was the distraction. But how he figured it, she was also the information, he would settle for either one, she would give him what information he needed to know, watching her carefully as she turned her horse to ride directly towards him. “so this is the game we are to play so be it” Noticing she raised her dart and seeing the damage from it before, this was defiantly a dangerous weapon, most likely poisonous tips. As they got closer he sheathed his sword, got onto his knees on the horse waited until the gap was close enough. ‘ Breath slow.. Aim.. * Heavy heart beat* concentrate.. CONCENTRATE HARDER *wack against the back of his head* ‘ Memories playing in the back of his mind of his old master, Ronin jumps off the horseback into a spiraling spin dodging as many of the darts as he could, One hit his left arm that was for sure, he could feel it digging in. With open arms he was heading directly towards the serpent mid flight to tackle her off her horse. The poison would have to wait until later, If he caught her in his arms they both would be sent flying down towards the ground depending who won the spin would cause the outcome of who landed on top of who.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Ronin was one tricky bastard – sheathing his sword and prepared to leap from his horse with his knees bent to give extra propulsion. One of the darts did manage to strike the Ronin, but it was now a game of tit for tat. She was injured from the hira shuriken strike and so was he by her poison darts. He lunged at her with both arms open, and successfully caught her causing both to fall from the horse and roll onto the ground, where she dug her heel into the dirt and came up to land on top of him. The dart plainly visible in his arm, she knew that if he didn’t get treatment, he would die within the next two hours. Breathing heavily, she forced her weight on him and stared him down. “Death comes to you, my friend, and the antidote is at the town you just left. You have a choice. Die out here, or go back to that village and get saved. The circus snake charmer holds the cure. That Rikken must have paid you enough to buy it.” The Serpent watched his face to see if he was going to submit to his fate, or save himself. <3>

IceTe3a: – His arms wrapping around her as they both pummel towards the ground spinning from top to bottom, he could feel the effects of the poison slowly start to seep through his body, although she was also wounded, finally hitting the ground with a thud, he felt weird as if his chest was heavy opening his eyes to look up only to see the serpent sitting on top of him pressing her weight down onto him, a cure for his poisoned body, she asks him to throw away his honor, as if she knew anything about honor to start with. He grips under her thigh of her right leg using her weight against her he reverses the position, forcing her to turn down onto her back with his knees between her legs his free hand pressing down on her shoulder to add pressure to her back wound “I prefer the top, Two hours is more than ample time to deal with you” he said in a low and cold tone before flipping back onto one palm then again onto his feet and once more in the same order to get distance, by that time he stood tall his right hand behind his back with his katana drawn the blade ran up against his back and peered out of his left side as his long hair waved in the wind. He was in the fighting style ( Single blade combat) he would attempt to prepare the Hiryu Kaen style as stood there. Raising his left hand in front of him open palmed he gave a signal to come attack him. “ What is your goal in this, Where is she being taken”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Serpent let out a scream of pain as the Ronin rolled her over in a fantastic manoeuvrer that gave him a one upmanship against her. Stupid man, she thought. All this moving just makes the poison travel quicker through his blood stream. With the hira shuriken buried deeper within the Serpent’s back, she was in a great deal of pain. But her resolve had not left her. As he flipped to standing and unsheathed his single blade, he asked her simply. “What is your goal in this, where is she being taken?” But at that precise moment, a bowmen from the Warlord’s camp that had been waiting on the other side of the dune, fired an arrow at the back of the Ronin’s knee, sure to score a hit. This should drive him to the ground. The bowmen could have killed him, but if they did that, he would never learn anything. This is when the Serpent took up the Ronin’s horse and simply looked at him and said. “To a place where men do not go back on their word. Good bye…Ronin.” With that she leapt on the horse and rode off, leaving the Ronin there, as she joined the rest of the Warlord’s men, in taking the bride back to the Warlord’s lands. <3>