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Re: The Lands of Old (RP)
February 04, 2014 06:19PM
The Village Square

As Valkrik waited outside the Shackled Inn for his father, the Chieftain; it seemed there was a disturbance within the village square by the arrival of a strange looking man. He stood out not just by the clothes he wore, but also by the fact he had oddly shaped ears. Clearly, this being was not human, nor a Norseman.


Already a large group of vikings that had been unloading the ships, could see this man standing looking lost in the village square, and the interest in him was mounting. Though the Vikings were generally considerate and welcoming to traders and travelers, this particular fellow stood out like dogs balls.

With shield in hand, Valkrik approached the lost looking individual, and then spoke with heavy norse accent.

“Here to trade, or are you lost?’ It was a perfectly logical set of questions, though not exactly welcoming. Already Valkrik had had the worst day of his life, and his patience had already been pushed beyond it’s limits. A few vikings in the back ground bared their teeth at the elf man, as Valkrik awaited an answer.

The Shackled Inn

Though Valkrik had left his father in the Inn with the Vollan woman, he was still interested to hear why the plight about the werewolves was so dangerous, he did suddenly find that Natsiya was after trade of silver based weapons, that could be used to fight off the werewolves. Their own mountains were depleted of silver threads, and Honrick happened to know that the ship Valkrik had sailed back on, was loaded with weapons and bounty, including silver based weapons, such as spear tips, and swords. This was one of the reasons the voyages were always profitable for the vikings. Not only did they get slaves, goods, and weapons from the dead on the battle field, it also meant that they were viewed as a much stronger trading partner.


“Come down to the boats, and you will see what we have available. I think you will find what you are in need of, and I would gladly take the hunting wolves as payment.”

The chieftain rose from his wooden bench, and then gestured to Natsiya for her to follow him outside the Inn.


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February 04, 2014 07:25PM
Village Square

Ernil was about ready to draw his bow at the snarling men, but their leader seemed to be decent enough. He very quietly drew out an ornately folded letter on pristine paper with the seal of Celandiam keeping it together and bowed. “Message for the Chieftain from the Lady of the Last Homely House, sir.” It didn’t matter to the Elf that this man might not even be anywhere near the ruling class. He wanted to be home as soon as possible. He was tired of carting around messages, and this trip (though it was his first outside the hidden city’s walls) was no exception to his lack of enthusiasm. He looked up at the stranger through his long lashes as he waited for the Viking to take the letter from him, praying to high heaven that he would. Letters from Celandiam were always heavy, both with the burden of knowing it was an important message and the fact that his beloved Queen like to use a lot of words. A lot being an impressively massive understatement of understatements.

Re: The Lands of Old (RP)
February 07, 2014 09:42PM
Back to the Village

Despite the activity going on around the village, Eyyrs made it back to her hut without incident. She slipped inside and immediately began to gather her things, shoving them into her travel sack without bothering to make it neat. She needed to put some distance between herself and her…well she didn’t know what Valkrik was to her now. She just needed to be away from him.

Once her things were packed, she set the sack near the door next to her shield before she sat down to check the sharpness of her blade. It was dull in spots and she set about sharpening it as much as she was able.

She knew things were going to be rough for her, being out on her own.

“No good can come from you laying with HIM!” the Shaman woman’s words haunted her thoughts once more. She shook her head.

“I will not think of it any longer. It’s for the best that I go.” she whispered to herself.

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February 13, 2014 06:45AM

Amid the hustle and bustle in the great dining halls there was a single Valkyrie who stood by Odin’s side in complete silence obviously she meant a great deal to Odin who was engrossed in conversation with a lesser Valkyrie who nodded before walking away and out of the great hall where the fallen where brought. It was then Odin turned to the Valkyrie at his side before he spoke with a deep baritone voice. “Go find Valkrik of Ghar and watch over him…Luna….” Luna nodded silently before she opened her voluminous wings and took flight leaving the great hall. As she left the great hall Odin would watch her intently before shrugging and going back to resting in his throne. Once Luna had left the great hall she would make a stop at her humble abode which was not a few feet away from her god’s great hall for the fallen. While there she grabbed her trusty long sword and her shield as well before making her way down to Midgard the realm of the mortals.

The Village Square 

A sudden gust of wind blew through the village square where Valkrik stood as the clouds in the skies parted to allow the passage of a great being. Slowly on wings of white down Luna descended into the village square her sword drawn and shield at hand, though both hung at her sides for the moment. The Valkyrie was dressed in a low cut leather tunic and leather leggings both brown in color. Her helmet carried upon its sides a pair of wings signifying the power she carried within her body. Speaking of her body it was well toned and lithe in its grace as she walked towards Valkrik while speaking with a voice laden with power and authority. “Which one of you is Valkrik of Ghar?” As she spoke her emerald eyes would scan the crowd as they backed away in fear of the mighty Valkyrie. Such fear brought a slight smile to her face before she spoke again this time with a slightly annoyed tone. “I said which of you is Valkrik of Ghar….I wish to have words with the warrior….” It was quite clear that Valkrik had better step and soon or the Valkyrie would leave in the same way she had come. As she waited in the midst of the square looking about her wings would ruffle slightly before folding against her back for the time being.


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February 13, 2014 12:02PM
The Shackled Inn
-she smiled softly and was glad she saved an extra roster of trade able hunting wolves (that didn’t include there breeding stock of course) to bargain with for the weapons they needed. Honrick stood up now and gestured for her to follow him.

“Come down to the boats, and you will see what we have available. I think you will find what you are in need of, and I would gladly take the hunting wolves as payment.” 

Natsiya nodded and slide off the bar stool as well. Men glanced at her rear end the wolf tail obviously notable, but her skirts were also made with fur, so many, just brushed it off as extra fluff. She walked just a couple of steps behind Honrick letting him lead the way out of the Inn tavern and into the village.

She noted a commotion forming down near the docks, she spotted Kazia watching the commotion curiously. She sent a mental shout to her pack mate, “What’s going on,” she asked Kazia responded back, “looks like a elf wandered in…think he’s lost, no…looks like he’s got a envelope of some kind, want to me get closer,” 

“please, were allies here, but something bad happens to this village, it effects us to,” she responded back with her thoughts. Kazia nodded to her from the distance and she could see the Ice-wolf female dismount her riding wolf while uttering a command to the two males.

Natsiya turned her head towards Honrick and wondered if he saw what was going on as well.

Village Square:

Kazia elbowed her way through the crowds of people her long black hair actually getting tangled on people’s armor and weapons. Finally the thin woman made it to the front of the crowd and spotted the poor elf bowing to the large Viking that looked very comfortable holding his weapon. Perhaps to excited to use it.

“(stupid elf, are you trying to get yourself killed wandering into a place like this),” Kazia said out loud, she was very versed in most elven languages, though as for which one this young man spoke she wasn’t sure, she just went with the first one that came to mind.

She didn’t know if he had heard her but he was now holding out a thick parchment, a letter with a seal on it,“Message for the Chieftain from the Lady of the Last Homely House, sir.” he said.

Kazia glanced at the man who she saw earlier approach him, he had come out of the Inn where her pack leader also had arisen, perhaps this was the chiefs son she had been hearing whispers about. She waited with baited breath now to see what would happen next.

That was when the most unexpected of event’s occurred, a Valkyrie of all things swooped down into the village Square. Was it just her, or was this a strange day for…creatures. She was going to have to talk to Natsiya about coming to this village a few days AFTER the trade ship arrives, because with all these other supernatural things around, it’s a lot harder to hide the fact that they themselves are supernatural, not including there ability to cast ice spells weren’t known to some degree.

While people were distracted Kazia approached the elf cautiously and reached out to try and grasp his arm with a harsh whisper into his ear, “(They don’t like creatures like us, you should come here openly showing what you are. Come with me, I’ll be sure the chief gets his letter, but in the mean time…your in a very dangerous spot…especially with that here),”she said pointing at the Valkyrie speaking entirely in elven.-

((((( “(sentences written like this are talking in elven),” ))))))))))))

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February 13, 2014 06:31PM
Village Square.

By now, the center of focus for many Vikings both male and female, was on the elf that had wandered right into a very dangerous position. “Message for the Chieftain from the Lady of the Last Homely House, sir.” One of the larger Vikings, Asgaut stepped forward, as Valkrik was about to accept the letter from Ernil.


“Who be the fool with such pointy ears to expect the Chieftain to read words from a Elven Queen, hmm?” Asguat, who happened to be Valkrik’s cousin rubbed his stubbled chin, and sneered at Ernil. “Valkrik…could be a trick. I sense treachery.” the beast of a blonde man growled, ready to shove the elf to the ground with his spiked shield. Already with many out in the square, this was turning into a spectacle, that could end two ways. A dead elf, or…a very badly beaten up one.

Just then Honrick emerged from the Shackled Inn with Natsiya, only to see the disturbance, and then ogre like Asguat looking set to start a fight.

“STEP ASIDE, ALL OF YOU!” The Cheiftan bellowed, as he pushed his way through the fur and leather clad throng. Finally getting to the center of the action, he saw the envelope being held by Ernil and asked his son “What is this?’ Valkrik replied with little emotion. “An Elven messenger with a death wish. he brings word from the Lady of the Last Homely House.”More or less recited word for word, so that nothing was missed. The Chieftan raised a hairy brow and then snatched the letter, tearing it open. He muttered loudly and then turned to one of his advisors, a short statured man with a large staff. “I can’t read this!” He roared, now getting more than just annoyed. The advisor, who was a well travelled man took the letter and started to read it to the Chieftain.


With the matter now in the hands of the Chieftan and the council advisor, Valkrik withdrew from the crowd, no longer seeing himself as needed in such events. Clearly, he was over the whole supernatural show that was taking place, and it only made his insides churn for his own secret was now barely able to be concealed. Course…when it rains…it pours.

“Which one of you is Valkrik of Ghar?” 

The voice was one of authority, however it was that of a woman. A woman who was dressed in in a low cut leather tunic and leather leggings both brown in color. Her helmet carried upon its sides a pair of wings signifying the power she carried within her body. She was a Valkyrie

“I said which of you is Valkrik of Ghar….I wish to have words with the warrior….”

Stepping out from the crowd, which would have heard the woman without a doubt, he approached her, whilst still holding his shield, a perplexed look on his face.

“I be Valkrik of Ghar. We shall not have words here, but in the council village hall.”

That said, he started to walk back towards his Father’s hall, leaving behind the crowd, his father and the elf with the message. Asguat spotted Valkrik walking away, and hurried off after him. This Valkyrie looked to be trouble, or at least that was his thoughts. Valkrik walked at a brisk pace, wondering who the hell he pissed off, to be having to deal with all this….today. Had the death of the Quartermaster brought about all these creatures?


He was about to find out.


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February 14, 2014 06:44PM
The Village Square

Ernil simply stared at the girl as Honrick took the letter, before turning his eyes to the Chieftain, the other man already forgotten. “My duties given by my Queen are done, my lord. If you do not require me to bear a response at the moment, I should be returning. She bid me say unto you that if you desire the meeting to be here in your village, it will be done, but that the halls of the Last Homely House are always open.” The elf bowed his head, but he itched to fly. There was no way in all high Heavens that this Viking lord would already have a response, unless he was more ignorant than Ernil believed. He looked at the female’s hand still on his arm, and cleared his throat slightly, in a way that only an Elf would know was directed at her. Habits will do as they do, and he hadn’t even the awareness to hope that Honrick didn’t think he had anything else to say.

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February 21, 2014 09:57PM
Just outside the Village Council Hall 

The Valkyrie had followed Valkrik silently before she smiled faintly. It had honestly been some time since she had last had a smile grace her full sensual lips. Luna’s eyes carried the power of her bloodline and that of her heritage as well as the mournful sorrow of untold centuries of combat and watching her friends and ally’s fall. With a soft sigh she would look upon Valkrik’s back without a sound waiting for him to open the doors. Silent as stone she stood waiting for those doors of oak to open before walking in behind the viking warrior. Slowly she sat down on one of the oak tables and crossed her left leg over her right before gazing into the viking’s eyes silently. She knew it was bound to be highly unnerving as few could look openly into her icey eyes without wetting themselves. As she stared at valkrik in complete silence she would tap her left index finger against her chin while pursing her lips in thought. Even though she was an elder among Valkyries this was Luna’s first time actually visiting the human realm of Midgard.

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February 24, 2014 10:25PM
The village square
-Natsiya was left in the dust after all the commotion, as for Kazia. Well, the elf man cleared his throat after saying his piece with the chieftain. As if this comely male had any right to tell her, a alpha bitch in her own right of a ice wolf pack, what to do.

Instead her response would have been to grip his arm harder maybe to hurt him, maybe to show her strength but she had no way to judge how strong he really was, her teeth bearing only slightly, to anyone else but probably him it might have looked like a grin, but it was a show of her sharp teeth, and at there close range he would have been able to clearly see the brief instant of her pupils turning into thin slits before rounding again. Only after she felt she had asserted her dominance in that regard, she released his arm and backed away, leaving him to the ‘wolves’ (haha…puns).

just outside the village council hall

As for Natsiya, she watched the young man, Honricks son, lead the Valkyrie to the council hall. Seeing as Honrick was busy, and she still intended to trade him the hunting wolves for the silver weapons, she felt her wild side tug her towards the strange encounter that she might be able to glimpse happening between the viking boy and the low level goddess like creature.

She followed at a distance watching them more curious then anything else, and as they entered the council hall she leaned casually outside the doors against a wall, and listened carefully hoping to catch some of the conversation with her heightened hearing. If anything else, she was hoping he might be able to show her what there was to trade on the ship sense Honrick seemed busy now.

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February 25, 2014 06:37AM
Village Council Hall

Valkrik sat himself down on a large wooden carved stool, the walls behind him covered with various pelts of fur. He held in his right hand a bladed axe, and watched as the Valkyrie sat herself down, and then tapped her lip. Merely watching the Viking. How odd. Was it not she that called for this meeting, and had words that she wished to say to him? For right now, all she did was sit with one leg crossed over another and remained silent.

One of the council hall staff brought over a mug of ale and handed it to Valkrik, who toyed with the bone made mug. The staffer backed away, but it was clear this meeting was drawing a crowd, from those that were not bold enough to enter, but watch through the windows and at the door. Valkrik’s eyes went from each opening of the hall, and if looks could kill they would all be dead. How he hated gossip mongering braggards that loved nothing more than to spread the word of gossip carelessly before any fire in the village.


The Viking took a sip of his ale, before setting it down on the table beside him. Seconds seemed like minutes and the Viking’s patience was running thin.

“Would you do me…and everyone listening a favour and speak what it is you have to say.”

He was blunt and to the point.