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Re: *SS* RP [Gehenna]
December 21, 2011 03:45PM


‘ The dance of kings 

Proserpine: Picking up on the slightest of mumbles from the young Zephyr, did bring some amusement to the daemon Proserpine, who followed along behind him, the light tinkle of her jewellery, charm bracelets and anklets, making for a musical tune. Asked of her intentions, Proserpine continued to hold up high her chin, and pass the question off as it was of no real importance so slyly. “Well, take a look at Ice just up ahead, how he is wooing those around him with his full on approach. Can you see how they are all falling at his feet, ready to worship him for the god that he is?” -She held her hands together in front of her, fingers interlocking, her head tilted ever so slightly to the right, a twinkle in those jade green eyes of hers. “He….is the reason I am here, and my intentions, are to ensure that his will is done. So…as those around him are seeing for themselves how great and powerful he is, I am here to back him up, so to speak. For behind every great man….there is..*she would grin*…a woman.”

Zephyr: What he heard next made him sick, all of this unwarranted building Ice up. He was thankful at least that Ice was out of earshot, it wasn’t as if he didn’t have a universally large ego already. (Zephyr) “Ohhh yeahh, he’s definitely….. something..” he said dully scratching his head. He knew there had to be more to this than pure love for Ice. Was that even possible, loving Ice? (Zephyr) “I was actually referring to your plans for this evening, although now I suppose you’ll want to worship “the god” over there” he snickered. Turning to her as she finished speaking (Zephyr) “What exactly do you hope to gain from this?” he questioned puzzled by this statement. What exactly did she mean, was a woman always behind a man shouting orders at him? Or perhaps she meant to play puppet master with the gullible marionette which stood behind him. (Zephyr) “I suppose he wouldn’t allow you to leave his side anyway, I wouldn’t imagine you’d question the authority of the almighty at any rate” he said devilishly, he wondered if perhaps Proserpine had a weakness which would allow him to better understand her character. (Zephyr) “Suppose there’s only one way to find out” he muttered to himself.

Ice: He was a few meters away from Proserpine and Zephyr, dusting his shoulders as he worked his way down his coat, he stood up straight again, stretching his arms with a slight yawn, he could over hear other daemons chattering about him, as they slightly glanced towards him trying not to be to noticeable about the whole ordeal. Shaking his head slightly as his arms flopped down to his side, he arched a brow as a devilish smirk would appear across his face (Ice) “That’s right, I am back get over it fast or I swear blood will spill” the chatter would stop momentarily as they all rushed to continue on with their daily habits, his hues fell upon Zephyr and Proserpine once more who seemed to be in some sort of conversation again, (Ice) “How boring, To much talk not enough action.” He said with a sigh. He had decided to walk back to the two eventually and figure out what the next move is, raising his right hand up to the side of his face, he would click his fingers as a fireball exploded into existence it was beautiful, as it could take a life or cause havoc and destruction, something he lived for. With a smirk he hurled it towards Zephyr just a meter away from his feet, if he where to move in the wrong direction Zephyr would surely be burned slightly from the small explosion,(Ice) “Head’s up kid” ‘ got to keep him on his toes, in this place’ he had though to himself with a devilish grim only growing wider. After hurling the first one, he was slowly walking towards them keeping his glowing white hues on them both, as he started juggling three fireballs in the air with his right open palm, this display of brute power shocked the market people, even if it was a daemonic realm it still wasn’t always blood, fights and what not, completely opposite to what he stood for and was. (Ice) “So, shall we continue or die from old age standing around?” he had yelled out to them both, as he continued to slowly walk towards them juggling the fireballs in one hand, almost half way there now.

Proserpine: So, Zephyr was acting rather miffed, his tone something along the lines of distaste, or was it…envy? Oh, Proserpine knew all about envy. She was envy personified. She licked the top of her lip as she watched eagerly as this young lad was going to great lengths, to describe how Ice was “something” and insinuating that Proserpine would probably wish to worship Ice the “god” for the entire evening. How presumptious of him? Proserpine thought to herself. He could not read her mind, and she certainly had not acted like Naamah, using her feminine wiles to try and captivate the masculine Ice. No, she knew exactly the type of woman he would seek to keep his furs warmed in the night. But that was for her to know, and no one else. So, she continued this lovely game of cat and mouse, continuing to taunt and tease, with words like honey, but undertones of venom. “Plans….why I have not so much thought about what oils to use in my bath let alone what I shall dine on. And as for what Ice has in store, the night is still young, and he has not so much taken note of me, I am not the beauty that captivates the males and turns their loins to fire. Who he takes to be by his side, remains to be seen. I just hope to be…behind him.” -Take it or leave it, that was all she was going to divulge at this point in time. Now, Ice had grown bored with the market place and decided to put on something of a show. With a smirk and a wicked look in his eyes, he created a ball of fire from his hand, with the click of his fingers. (Prosperpine)”Mmm things are about to get “hot” ” she teased, side stepping from Zephyr and then lettting out a throaty chuckle as the ball of flame was thrown towards Zephyr’s feet, leaving a scorch patch on the grass. With more balls of flame being made, and Ice going to juggle, Properpine smiled sweetly, though her green eyes were now much darker than before. (Prosperine)”Don’t look know Zephyr, but I do believe Ice is about to sing a rendition of Great balls of fire…and it might be your balls he intends to release them on.”

Zephyr: He didn’t really understand her reply, whilst he was quite intelligent he wasn’t exactly well versed in proper language and thus all this talk of oils and loins had confused him. “You aren’t like those of the mortal realm…” he said as a fireball hurtled toward his feet exploding beneath him. Turning to Ice he the look of displeasure on his face would make the bravest of knights lose control of their bowels. “Oh lord this doesn’t seem its going to end well” he sighed. He knew what Ice was like and his boredom usually meant a great deal of pain for Zephyr. As Ice walked toward the pair with fireballs in hand he turned back to Proserpine, ensuring he remain alert to his surroundings, especially Ice. “I suppose your business isn’t mine and minding others business isn’t exactly something which would create progress in life, unless of course I wanted to be a luggage boy…” he replied putting a great deal of effort toward his statement. He wanted to sound intelligent, although he couldn’t really understand why, its not as if he wanted to impress her, or rather that wasn’t his intention, more as if he wanted to seem as something of interest to her. It was almost like he was jealous she was paying so much attention toward Ice. However at the same time he just wanted to leave their conversation where it was. She was, after all… not a nut that could be cracked. Turning back toward Ice and his small collection of pyrotechnics he said “You’re not going to start throwing those at me are you?” He knew this to be a mistake as soon as the question left his mouth, why did he think giving Ice more ways to torture him was a good idea? “Damn” he muttered to himself, no one knew what lay in store but he knew it couldn’t possibly come of any good.

Ice: He would grin as his hues watched the explosion near zephyrs feet, yawning softly as he continued to juggle the balls of fire with one open palm, he had finally reached the two and came to a stop, arching his brow as he heard Zephyrs next reply ( Zephyr) “You’re not going to start throwing those at me are you?”, with a devilish grin his lips would part, as the balls of fire launched up and down in motion, forcing the right side of his hair to dance violently, (Ice) “Great idea kid, Perhaps not right at this moment, since you expect it, but in near future sure! Think of it as a on going… never ending training session. Perhaps I’ll even launch a fireball at you in your sleep!” His hues flickered over as they met with Proserpine’s smirking slightly he hit the three balls up high into the air, as they collided with each other, causing a rather large explosion, only to send small speckles of hot char ash, gently floating down in the air over the three of them, as the chars fell he would give her a wink with his right eye (Ice) “So I suppose we could either start the lessons in running this place.. and all that other stuff, I refuse to wear some kind of suit.. Will not happen.. Never!” he said the last part with a slight growl, as an attempt to say ‘I dare you to try’ a few seconds passed as speckles of hot char ash would disappear finally, he would glance around with his white hues and them meet Proserpine’s jade green hues, they seemed very welcoming and would draw in almost any man, He had to admit she was a smoking female, though he knew better then to let his guard down, he never lets his guard down after learning it the hard way years back, (Ice) “ Or we could go to the tavern now, and discuss matters in a more fun environment, and perhaps a dance” as he said dance he struck a salsa pose, his two arms raised to his right side above his head as he clapped in rhythm for a mere couple of seconds.

Proserpine: Damn is right. Ice was moving in on the young Zephyr with one fire ball already sent in his direction the scent of burning grass wafting upward, and it wasn’t terribly nice. Proserpine started to pat her curls, as she stood with a slight slant, her right hand resting upon her svelte hip, and bemused clearly with the goings on. As Zephyr was predicting the future or making an attempt, Prosperpine said simply. (Proserpine)”Dear Zephyr, you do have that squishy pink matter between your ears, why not use it? He is seeking to play a game with you, juggling balls of fire, why not…..counter it, instead of the whole “woe is me, about to lose my balls” -her tone had a touch of sarcasm, but could you blame her? I mean, if he wanted to he could of picked up a passing peasant as a shield and simply thrown him in the path of the circling balls of flame. “You’re not going to start throwing those at me are you?” Zephyr said, stating the obvious, and of course, Prosperine shot a look at Ice, and then grinned as the three balls were all spun so fast, they would then collide high in the air, showering all in smoking hot ash, that seized the oxygen glowing till finally meeting with darkness and extinguishing into flakes of nothing at all. She suddenly felt Ice’s eyes upon her, and if one could see into the irises, drowning in their depths. He seemed bored with the idea of having lessons, and rather that they went to the tavern and discussed ways and means to make the area, more entertaining. Proserpine clapped twice and then she sauntered up to Ice as he made his salsa pose, his two arms raised to his right side. Prosperine drew her right foot back, and assumed the position of a spanish dancer, her eyes sharp as knives, as she said with a delicious tone, “Do you know, of the paso doble?” (In the Paso Doble, dancers take strong steps forward with the heels, and incorporate artistic hand movements. The forward steps, or walks, should be strong and proud. The man should also incorporate apel, a move in which he strongly stamps his foot, much like a matador strikes the ground in order to capture the attention of the bull. All moves of the Paso Doble should be sharp and quick, with the chest and head held high to represent arogance and dignity) The market square band singer started to sing in spanish as some of the men started to clap, and in a time to a 1 -2, 1-2 rhythm (The tempo of Paso Doble music is usually a brisk 60 beats per minute.) Proserpine’s arms started to snake up together, her breath just passing through parted lips, as she awaited Ice to dance the dance of kings.

Zephyr: He was caught off guard by Proserpine’s next remark although it made sense, what was the point in trying to keep everything in order. Its not as if Ice would simply tire of harassing him “You know I think you’re right” he said with a devilish grin, it was about time he stopped being so out of the way he would think as he transformed his left arm in to its usual role, that is of daemon form. Ice hurled the three fire balls up above him, colliding and causing a great outward explosion, showering the market square in hot flakes of ash. This seemed to capture the attention of the citizens of Gehenna who wondered aimlessly through the market square. Although it was something they would have to get used to. Conjuring a small greenish ball of violent wind above the palm of his daemonic arm he held it behind his back as he said devilishly “Hey Ice…” although he had missed his opportunity as for now Ice and Proserpine had decided to head towards the local tavern but not without first putting on a grand performance for its patrons. As the pair prepared to dance he sighed “Suppose I’ll save that for another time…” As the lesser daemons who were apart of the market square’s “band” began to clap in time and sing in Spanish. “Or perhaps not…” he muttered as he stepped slyly out of sight. For now he had a grand plan, it would sure beat watching all this unfold at any rate. He had reached the back of the main vending tent one of the merchants had set up “Hey, pal” he whispered to draw his attentions before hitting him full force in the face with his daemon arm, although for its force it was deathly silent blow. Dressing himself in the citizens cloak he moved toward the other side of the market square to where the band was playing smirking with a devilish grin he muttered “Lets dance”

Ice: He arches his brow as he watched Proserpine’s body flow with grace, a devilish smirk spread across his face once again, as he ignored Zephyrs smug sounding call out to him, he had noticed Zephyr walk off slightly but took nothing off it, reaching into his coat, he pulled out a red rose, as he lifted it to his nose taking in it’s sweet scent he could not help but compare the rose to Proserpine, beautiful but dangerous, simple really, his lips split slightly as he placed the stem of the rose in his mouth. Suddenly with a loud ‘Thud’ ice would stomp his right heel down into the ground, as his muscles tensed, his rather toned chest would puff out, wiggling a single brow for a mere moment he flicked his head up high into the air to state his position, Raising both arms up high above him in the air, he would start dancing around her with sharp but precise movements quickly changing after she joins him he start dancing in a strong and proud state of manner, his movements would be sharp and quick as he danced as if the two of them were telling a story through body language. With each step he took would follow a strong ‘Thud’ from one of his heels, keeping in rhythm with the beat, and with Proserpine, making sure that he used her body movements to the fullest ability of which he could, his foot work was fast and tight, never leaving from under his body, keeping a straight form as they kicked up small piles of dust, changing his footwork from a heavy heel thud to small timed taps, the moment of dance seemed to go on for ever, his breathing was heavy as his chest heaved in and out, but it never slowed him down, nor would it ever stop him, more of a state of passion in the dance then lack of endurance, as they displayed a culture of fighting in the form of a dance, they continue to dance, it looked more and more as if he where a lone bull fighter and her his cape, fighting a rather large animal with sharp dodge’s and close twirls. Working in elegance with each other he would switch roles from time to time, though always ending back at the role mostly known as a ‘matador’ never would he let his glowing white hues fade away from hers unless it was to spin or another movement requiring movement away from her, only to be brought back into her gaze, he seemed lost in the moment. Coming to the finish he would add in his own touch, as he spun her around twice and with a sharp movement of his right hand he would place his hand behind her lower waist to support her, as his left hand rested on her back right shoulder blade, all in one strong motion he would pull her close to his body, bend and arch her back up ending it with a rather larger stomp of his right heel with a loud ‘Thud”. (Ice) “Ole~”

Proserpine: The sudden stamp of Ice’s boot, digging into the dirt, the determination in his eyes, narrowing as he zeroed in on his prize. The matador of the dance, he began with the flourish of a Spanish King, the rose whipped out and he inhaled its beautiful scent, before placing it between his teeth. Proserpine stood, her right leg drawn right back, allowing the delicate folds of her gown to flow like that of his cape. The bull..the beast he wished to slay was unseen, but it was the dance of the Matador. The musicians played their guitars, as a singer went solo, and with each stamp of Ice’s boot, did Prosperpine turn, with the grace and poise of the finest spanish dancer, swirling around him but then on the stamp of his foot, reversing and spinning back around. They danced as if the air between was charged with the electricity sizzling and sparking as the fires would burn in the surrounding pits. Faster and faster, his boots a blur in the dust, as the fair Proserpine continued to match him in his movement, almost like liquid, flowing effortlessly, but keeping in time to the beat. When he brought the dance to a dramatic close, spinning her round twice, before he would place his hand behind her lower waist to support her, as his left hand rested on her back right shoulder blade, all in one strong motion he would pull her close. Pressed hard to each other, their faces inches apart, and he finished it with the loud ‘Ole!’ the entire market place of daemons and folk alike roared with applause and approval….Ice had won them over, showing his dominance in this dance, captivated not only their hearts but their minds. Such strength and power displayed in something so simple. The dance of the Kings. The paso doble.

Zephyr: He watched the pair dance in unison, it was something of beauty he had to give them that, but he was to disregard this dance. If Ice wanted to play with fire, he would get his wish. The whole market square was drawn in by the grand performance and as such he thought it appropriate to provide it with a matching end. Just behind the band he began to conjure daemon doors, not full sized about half a metre each way, on after another, numbering ten in total, each about thirty centimetres apart and just behind the last one, so that they all angled toward the centre of the crowd where Proserpine and Ice were now dancing. This seemed like the perfect way to vent what seemed to be jealousy, although he was bewildered as to what had caused this sudden jolt of covetousness. “That should do it” he said stepping back a second to admire his own handy work, “Now, on to phase two…” He began to conjure the small greenish ball of violent wind once more above his palm although now he had transformed his other arm, twisting the small ball with his razor sharp, blackened fingertips into a powerful jet of air and holding it in front of his face. “This ought to do the trick” he whispered as his hair jumped about violently on his face from the power of the tiny tornado he held in his hands, it was quite quaint; something you could name and hold as a beloved pet, although it was best not to waste time on such trivial thoughts. He then proceeded to place the jet in between the first set of daemon doors, proceeding to create one after another and repeat this step. “Ahh there we go, one daemon powered sling shot ready to go” he said with a devilish smirk. Conjuring a small fireball in his right hand not more than thirty centimetres in diameter he threw it up and juggled it along his fingers, flicking it up over each one so that it bounced almost playfully across his hand “Batter up…” he would say. He thought it best to remove and real potential danger from the situation before he let fly the little fiasco which was about to unfold, “Proserpine, please be sure to move” he said rather loudly before hurling his small fireball through the first daemon door and conjuring another of his own to escape through. As the ball of flame passed through each door and in turn each air jet its speed increased tenfold through both accelerating at an astonishing rate. Such would be unblock able even for Ice who, at his peak, could move quicker than a blink. The ball of flame would hit Ice dead in the face just as the pair finished dancing, of course he wouldn’t take to kindly to such a display of affection and so he decided it best to find the throne room from here. Jumping through his daemon door quite quickly and abruptly closing it behind him he breathed a sigh of relief, Ice wouldn’t be able to kill him, not just yet anyway.

Ice: As his ears burn from the roar of the crowd he could feel Proserpine’s chest breathing in time with his, their two chests breathing heavily as one he could feel her heart beating against his skin, it seemed like they stood that way for an endless amount of time, suddenly rudely awaken as he copped a rather fast fireball flying at immensely fast speeds to the side of his rugged face, leaving a slight black scorch mark, only to be healed seconds later, it took a second to realize what just happened as a shocking gasp came from the crowd, he knew who it had come from (Ice) “Oh… no he did not just try that shit on me..” he said with a loud growl as he felt a daemon door open and close quickly. His hues were still deep in view of Proserpine’s as they slowly turned to a glowing a bright red shade removing any traces of his once white hues, his muscles would almost double in size as they were more defined then usual, they pressed against Proserpine’s body pushing at her with each heavy breath he was taking. The middle of his hair slowly turned black as the dark colour slithered like a snake down towards the tips of his hair; Changing his usually entire snowy white hair, into a jet black colour. A light growl came up from deep in his chest as his teeth gritted, he was pissed that Zephyr had done that and ruined the moment he was having. Standing up straight as he pulled Proserpine up as well, releasing his grasp of her, his rugged fists clenched digging his digits into his palms as black, blue and red electrical sparks engulfed the outside of his body in a almost aura form, they would appear one moment creating a whipping crackling sound and disappear, only to reappear moments later somewhere else around his body, his whole form had changed now, as he looked and acted differently, any little sense of mercy or morals he had was now shot out of the window, he was in his other side his chaotic side, a rare thing to see indeed. With a rather loud and angry ‘Roar’ he whipped his arms to each side tensing them as buffering winds started circling his immediate surroundings a meter away from him, the market place people had already ran and hid, for shelter as the whole place seemed like a ghost town by the time he had fully changed. Turning around towards Proserpine with the ball of his foot almost instantly, (Ice) “I’ma find him, Then I’ma kill the little fucker” he said in a threatening growling tone, as idea’s of what he would do to Zephyr once found ran through his head. He heard footsteps pattering away from him, as well as the sound of heavy rushed breaths just in view behind him was an average daemon looking back at him, as he tried to run away from the scene of chaos. Raising his right arm up to his ear level with a open palm he clicks his index finger and his thumb together all other sound seemed to cease, as the ‘Click’ would echo, the daemon’s entire body would instantly be engulfed into flames, cries of pain echo throughout the market place, and with another click of his fingers the daemons body would explode into pieces sending them into the air, causing it to rain down blood, covering the entire market place in the daemons blood. Ice’s face was slightly covered in blood as was his chest, the droplets would slowly descend down his muscle’s, curving at every point before dropping to the floor. His face showed no emotion and was not phased by what had just happened, the entire time his glowing red hues were glancing deep into Proserpine’s jade green eyes.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The glory that befell Ice as the daemons and traders shouted praise and applause it would consume all that had witnessed the dance, and the two who were in the centre of this, stood so close that each felt the other’s heartbeat. How was it that this dance would give power to the Master, the minions in the market overwhelmed by the show, all except one, Zephyr, who had already shown himself to be one with a jealous nature, a streak of green that would run from the back of his neck to his ass. But all good things end too soon, and before a word could be uttered, Ice would cop a fire ball to the side of the head, its heat enough to blow back Proserpine’s curled locks, as he released her from his hold. She turned with him towards the door where the cheeky Zephyr had vanished into. Now its one thing to attack, but a whole nother thing to attack and flee, that was not cricket, and certainly wasn’t sporting. A flash of those green jade eyes, yes they had a secret behind them, something vile, and something powerful. Ice spun around to face her dead on once more, roaring his plans, that basically, when he was found, he would be killed for such outrageous behavior. Standing true, not moving for she held no fear, only that of envy herself which didn’t even come into play here, she whispered. (Proserpine)”He is a boy, a youngling…he must learn that his balls of flame are no where near as big as yours, Ice.” – Hmmm maybe true too, after hearing the door slam. Taking out his aggression on a very unlucky daemon, who was in the wrong time and in the wrong place, causing him to explode, raining down blood all around the lands outside the tavern, had Proserpine positively giddy, for if this was an example of Ice’s powers, she wanted to see more, and more. Prosperpine did not let her eyes leave Ice’s as blood trickled down her cheek, a spray running across the awning behind her. (Proserpine)”When you catch him, do me a favor. Turn his testicles into earrings for me. I love to have something no one else has, and…Besides, after that stunt he pulled I am ready to cut him a new asshole.” Was she the perfect partner for Ice…?Stay tuned…Same Bat time…Same Bat channel-