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Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 25, 2014 06:19PM
King’s Chambers

Sensation upon sensation crowed through her body as her husband continued to touch, tease and caress her.

He slipped a hand from beneath hers, sliding it down her body in a slow and teasing movement until reaching the apex between her thighs. Her knees threatened to buckle at this first intimate touch to her body and the gasp of air she released into the air was husky in the extreme.

His arms still around her, he rocked his pelvis back and forth against her ass, pressing his hardness deeper into her body. “Sirus!” she moaned.

Ignoring her pleas, his fingers moved further, deeper, sliding between her folds, slicking themselves in her dewy moisture. She cried out as he pressed against that little nubbin of flesh that caused her breath to catch and her knees to nearly buckle under the force of the pleasure now rolling like a wave through her body.


Sirus buried his face in her neck, his teeth nipping at her, his tongue licking across her sensitive flesh. Three different sensations attacking her body, lost in a sea of desire so heady, she didn’t know which end was up. She needed more…wanted more. Of their own volition, her legs spread a little more, giving him full and complete access to her body and all that entailed.

“Oh, please! Please! Please, my love!”

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 25, 2014 09:43PM
King’s Chambers

Lost in a sea of pleasure that came from the rhythmic rocking of the newly crowned royals, Sirus himself was having trouble with the slowly slowly measure of letting Tempest experience their first coupling. Tempest was like a rose bud, that was closed all through the cool of night, and then bursting open with dew dotted petals, as the rays of the Sun warmed her to the core. Little by little, her inner beauty was rising in it’s splendor. The new Queen’s cries for Sirus – begging him by name to go further, push onwards was like sweet music of a choir girl, with her arms raised in praise. For joy….

Sirus withdrew himself from her, pulling back. It was time she witnessed just what an effect Tempest was having on her beloved. If she dared to turn around, he would place a hand on the tie of his pants, slowly pulling it so the waist would become loose. Dropping low enough for her to see the small trail of hair that went down to an awakened bulge. Sirus let the pants fall so far, before running his own fingers across his wash board stomach.

“Now the game requires your hand….and you can grant me another kiss.” The new King teased.



Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 25, 2014 10:08PM
King’s Chambers

Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, everything stopped. Her eyes snapped open as Sirus stepped away from her, taking his body heat with him. She whirled around to stare at him, body flush with the desire he had heaped upon her.

His eyes, deep pools of want, pinned her in place and she couldn’t help but watch as his hand moved to the ties of his breeches, slowly drawing them open. She licked suddenly dry lips as the material loosened enough for them to ride low on his hips, giving her a glimpse at the trail of hair that disappeared into the waistline.

Her eyes went wide when she saw the bulge in the material.

The material seemed caught and fell no further as he ran his hand over his abdomen. She glanced away, blushing the whole time.

“Now the game requires your hand….and you can grant me another kiss.” he teased. Her eyes snapped back to his.

He wanted her to touch him?

She blinked. She’d never touched a man intimately before. “This is your husband, silly girl, not some stranger you met at the brothel. Time to put away such childish antics. Can’t you see he wants you? Look at him, you silly wench! Really look this time!”her inner voice chastized her. With eyes of a girl about to take a giant step into womanhood, she took time to look him over. His eyes, as blue as the sky on a sunny day, only had eyes for her. Down over his aquiline nose, cheekbones…he had his mother’s look…down over his pectorals…down across his abs…eyes catching on that quite prominent bulge…he really and truly wanted her, his wife, his Queen.

Nervously, she licked her lips before taking small, timid steps toward him. In his personal space, she could smell his musky scent and was overwhelmed by it…by him once more. She reached up a hand, letting out a small laugh at how shaky it was and lightly pressed it to his chest, her palm over his heart. A muscle twitched beneath her hand and she let out an “Oh!” of surprise, her eyes glancing up to his as she did so. There was that teasing smile on his face and he gave her a small nod, letting her know it was all right to explore to her heart’s content.

Licking her lips again, she pressed her other hand to his chest, opposite, feeling the strength of him beneath her. Gulping hard and keeping her gaze focused on her hands, she moved them over his body. Up and over his shoulders. Down his arms and fingers. Across his abdomen…here she sucked in a breath of wonder as the skin tensed beneath her hand. She dared not go any lower then his belly button. Instead, she smoothed her palms over his hips and around his back, feeling the play of muscles as he moved. This brought her into close contact with his body…and the hardness that was now pressing into her hip.

As for a kiss?

Inhaling, she leaned forward and pressed a small, but tender, kiss to his chest, right over his heart.

Her eyes snapped up to his and she had to swallow a few times to be able to speak properly.

“Twas that the kiss you spoke of, My Lord?” she whispered, her voice husky with desire and no small amount of nervous teasing.



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Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 25, 2014 10:31PM
King’s Chambers

Up till now, the King had been the one leading the dance of love. His gentle caresses and exploring fingers – lips that suckled the skin of her neck found the taste to be delicious to the senses. But what fun is there if his Bride could not explore him also. They say that a true dance is of two people, and he planned to let her take the floor. He knew this was her first time, and wanted it to be one that she would have emblazoned in her memory for all time. Sirus might have been teasing in the way he touched himself, strumming his chest, and then letting the pants sit just shy of his hips. So close to falling to the floor with a slow and gentle hand.

Sirus’s blue eyes shone as he watched her approach with a licking of dry lips, an almost doe like way about Tempest – nervous and unsure, but so full of want. Oh yes, he knew that the heat of flame had been stoked and that the embers burnt white hot beneath her flesh.

A single touch and his muscle instinctively flexed beneath her digit. Sirus continued to watch her, his head bowed as he took this all in. Finding a tremendous attraction in having her feel his naked flesh for the first time. Her nervous laugh caused him to chuckle softly. He didn’t speak however, not wanting words to spoil this moment. As her hands began to move across his body, from his shoulders down, Sirus released a moan of exquisite pleasure. So soft her fingers were. It took a great deal of will power not to seize her up and lay her down upon the bed. He rolled his shoulders and stuck his chest out proudly. His engorged member now lifting and twitching beneath the fabric of his pants.

At last, the young Queen dared to plant a kiss upon his chest. Supple lips of pink, so ripe, and when she had broken from this, and asked if this was the kiss he spoke of, he shook his head.

“I was after something…a bit…wilder.”

That said, he enveloped her, his hunger now reaching a point of no return. Gone was the sensual slow dance of their bodies, and his lips punished hers with a force that would dare take her breath away. A darting tongue entered past her lips, tussling with her own, as he walked her backwards, one eye on the bed, and then stopped as he broke the kiss.

Panting heavily, he untied his pants in a final gesture that now she was to see all of her King.

The pants which were made of a light fabric pooled to the floor, and Sirus was like that of a prize fighter. His muscles flexing, his cock thick and aroused. Sirus scooped his bride up and placed her on the bed, crawling over her -looming as his hot breath would be melding with her own. Her legs parted he lowered his hips down, and began to run his length between her moist folds, all the while watching her face. Teasing her…before he would take what always belonged to him….her virginity.


Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 25, 2014 11:03PM
King’s Chambers

Love is often gentle, desire always a rage.
~Mignon McLaughlin,
 The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966


Tempest stood with baited breath as she awaited her husband’s answer. He was staring at her with an intensity that nearly made her weak in the knees.

“I was after something…a bit…wilder.” he finally replied.

Before she could ask his meaning, he swooped down on her, his hunger for her past the point of no return and needing to be assuaged.

The kiss that he graced her with left no doubt in her mind that she would wake up tomorrow morning a woman at last.

His lips crushed against hers, his tongue plundered her mouth like a pirate raiding the seas, tangling with her own. She moaned into his mouth as he walked her back toward their bed and all she could do was hang on and pray she didn’t melt into a puddle at his feet.

He broke their kiss, panting heavily. It seemed he was not as unaffected as she was and the woman living inside of her did a little dance.

With a final gesture, he fully untied his pants and let the material fall to the floor. She wanted to cover her eyes as she saw her first naked man (who wasn’t her father) in her entire life. But she couldn’t look away if she tried.

He was thick and full, his balls hanging low between his legs. Her breath caught in her throat and words failed her at that moment.

But no words were needed as she was scooped into his arms and placed on the bed. He loomed over her, his hot breath teasing against her lips before they claimed her once more. Her body, tense before, went lax and her legs fell open before him, allowing for his body to snuggle between them. She gasped into his mouth as his full hardness pressed against her slick folds. He drew back to watch the emotions play over her face as he teased her thus.

Her eyes were closed, her breathing harsh, nipples hardened peaks brushing against his chest, causing shockwaves to flow through her. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, so placed them on his shoulders to anchor herself.

“Please…don’t make me wait any longer…be my husband…be my lover…be my mate…” she whispered, dragging passion-filled eyes to look up into his own. She was ready, her body was telling her she was ready. All it required was one final step…

She whimpered as she felt the head of his cock slowly begin to breach her body…

Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 25, 2014 11:20PM
King’s Chambers

“Please…don’t make me wait any longer…be my husband…be my lover…be my mate…”

“Be mine.”

Only two words…the last he would say for a while. With their foreheads pressed against each other, Sirus closed his eyes. The head of his cock was right in position – hovering over her hymen, the last part of her youth. The King’s brow creased as he started to push the smooth head, tearing her hymen in one movement, as her waiting inner walls would no doubt struggle with the incoming member. Thickening and expanding her insides. Blood and juices melting together to allow the slick insertion till he was in full.

Sirus brought his mouth to cover her own, and stifle her cries, as he felt the pain and erotic pleasure of finally being inside his most treasured. His full body covered her own, dominant and forceful. A King, through and through. He slowly drew back, his backside rising as he slid from within her, till reaching a point where he almost escapes, only to plunge back inside. His head rears back and he lets out a guttural roar. Eyes of blue wide open, his face a mix of emotions.

She was worth everything, worth the wait, and now he basked in the glory of her bounty. He could die at this moment, and be happy.

From here Sirus started slow thrusts, each one he would gaze down at her -stealing a kiss, then coming up for air. His chest rising, expanding as his lungs filled with air. Snorting out his nose as the fire was flaming through him, and he became lost within their combined passions. She no doubt would be trying to catch the rhythm, the pace he was setting. One thing was for certain, with all the foreplay that had gone on before, there was certain to be a very quick climax.


Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 26, 2014 04:04AM
King’s Chambers

“Be mine.”

Two small words that held a lifetime of promises. The only words spoken in the quiet of their room for some time to come.

Sirus pressed his forehead against hers and Tempest closed her eyes as she felt him press deeper into her body. He fetched up against her maidenhead, that last protective barrier against leaving her childish tendacies behind and moving foreward into womanhood. His muscles beneath her hands were tense.

She hissed out a breath at the slight pain.

It wasn’t supposed to hurt.

Before she could stop him, he pressed home in one fluid movement, his mouth covering hers as she let out a cry of pain, tears leaking from her eyes. Her inner muscles struggled to accept this new intrusion as she struggled with the throbbing pain, wanting it to stop.

He pressed deeper, trying to soothe away her pain with his kiss, whispering that the pain would vanish in a moment, hoping she would understand.

But the pain made her incoherent. She did not want this, she couldn’t do this. She just wanted it to stop.

Then the intense pain became a slow, dull throb and as he slid from her and pushed back in, the dull throb became a slowly building pleasure. As she had yet to open her eyes, she heard a gutteral groan above her. Was he in pain too? Did it hurt as much for him as it had for her?

She slowly opened her eyes to a most wonderful sight. Her husband’s face, slack with the pleasure he was seeking within her body. There was such a look of wonder and love in his eyes as he stared down upon her that it brought a tentative smile to her face, and a few more tears leaked from her eyes.

There was the slow build-up to pleasure as he moved against her, and a particularly sharp-angled thrust against her womb caused her to gasp out loud – not in pain – but in a way that there was no mistaking she was beginning to enjoy the process.

Her eyes fell closed as her head fell back against the pillows, her body’s natural instincts trying to find its own rhythm. Her left leg slid up the side of Sirus’s hip, allowing him to go even deeper and she cried out passionately at the sensations this caused.

There seemed to be no end to the spiraling feeling within her and as her body succumed to the pleasure, she clung to her husband with everything she was, feeling herself rocketing out of control.

A final thrust…and her world exploded…




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Re: (RP) Wintervine – House of Laegess – The Forgotten Lands
March 26, 2014 04:56AM
King’s Chambers

That moment…that wonderful moment when he saw the droplets of tears in his beautiful Tempest’s eyes – Sirus knew the pain she had just experienced, but he also knew that following that pain would be pleasure that reaped its own rewards. With her clinging to him for dear life, he let nature override his senses. Driving her body on…joining with her in the most intimate way. His breath ragged, harsh…and then sealing her lips with kisses as they molded together to become one.

In the hush of the King’s chambers, the gentle squeak of the bed frame went in rhythm with the cries and moans that escaped their lips as they were about to reach a powerful crescendo. Sirus kissed away all the fallen tears, but then felt her tightening. A quickening of the heart. She was almost there…he was so close.

Then the widening of her eyes, melding with the force of her inner walls pressing upon him as she released what would be her first ever climax. Grunting the King was to join his beloved, riding through the ecstasy of the moment, filling her womb with the seed of his love. Her face was so beautiful, when captured at this precise moment. Tempest was incredible, and as they both fell back from the dizzying heights, he professed his love for her repeatedly. Finally resting his face into the space between the crook of her neck and shoulder…..spent.