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Re: The Town library [Bios]
March 26, 2014 07:57PM
Enara Queen of Kaliohttps://i2.wp.com/31.media.tumblr.com/f025b2d6c5e49efdaef0a3d4e784d120/tumblr_mwukc5vGIG1s3ulybo2_500.gif

FC : Cate Blanchett

Race: Elf

Height: 5’5”

Skin: Ivory

Gender: Female

Hair color: White calf length ussually braided to the side

Eye color: brown

Body type: curvy and soft in all places that count. Her arms are toned from years of archery

Homeland: Dhima

[b]Status: Queen of Kalio



King Alexei


Eldest son: George
Second eldest son: Charles
Middle son: Demetri
Youngest son: Micah


Personality: she is very down to earth and very in tuned with the animals that live throughout the central kingdom. But even with her deep connection she can have this odd detachment from prey that she only experiences pain after a kill has been made. She can be light hearted and carefree at times. She is fiercely loyal to her husband as much as he is her. She has no problem placing an arrow in the chest of a person that threatens her husband’s life. She dotes on her son’s and wishes more than anyone for a Child of Eliles to become a part of her family, if only so the feline would always stay with them in some way. She was broken hearted when Eliles moved on instead of staying with them after she saved their lives. She will plead with her husband to answer any of her requests depending on what they are. She is a vegetarian.


Likes: fruits, most vegetables, music, singing, archery, flowers, animals

Dislikes: meat, slavery, child abuse, long court meetings, and most perfumes

Weapon: she has a magnificent bow that she crafted herself from birch trees. Its handle has special meaning to her as it came from the horn of her beloved familiar, a great elk, which died in one of the many skirmishes with warring countries entering the Central Kingdoms. It’s carved with the elks name and intricate carving’s telling of the elk’s life up to its death.


Elven immortality
Master archer

weakness: Mortal wounds

History: Enara was the daughter of a elven guard in Dhima and trained alongside Dhima wolves in the skill of archery. She later joined the central kingdom’s guard under the command of the wolf’s first guard. It was during a massive war with The Forgotten Lands that she fought alongside the Prince Alexei. The pair had battled so well together that even in the middle of battle Alexei had kissed Enara with from the thrill of the battle. When all was through he asked her to marry him. His father had approved the match. It was after that his father became cruel and corrupted. Alexei was soon crowned when the Dhima wolf leader slayed the former king. She was Maraska and Olivia’s mother.

The burning of Mirari was a great loss to her, loving the lush forest that covered the land; she had felt the pained cries of every animal that night as they burned away in the flames. When Eliles was brought to the kingdom she knew automatically that Eliles had no hand in the destruction of Mirari, and instead knew she was something more even when Eliles didn’t. She loved the little she-cat on first site, though claimed it had nothing to do with her connection to animals.

After Eliles saved their lives she pleaded with the feline to remain in Kalio, she would have a home with her. But she had to let the female go with reluctance knowing the feline needed to journey to rediscover her memories.

Later when the war started she was furious with the people of the central kingdom and her husband, but could not change is decision. She only prayed that something would occur and change their path. When Noriand was discovered to be the villains they were, she was overjoyed. Even more when it was Illyana that came to represent Mirari in court. She had never thought how beautiful Eliles children would be and continues to beg Eliles for an arranged marriage even though the cat continues to refuse.