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.:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
March 30, 2014 12:58PM

The Roxburg Family of Demons resides here at Razor Hall. A dark mansion with many rooms that hold terrible secrets. If you wish to be a part of the Roxburg family, please submit a character request in the appropriate thread.

Father :Amos {Deceased}
Mother :Elizabeth ‘Bess’ Anne
Son(s) : Bart
Daughter(s) : Elvira {Lives in the Marulo Estate now}, Juliette {Deceased}
Cousin(s): Lorena


Maids/Butlers/Servants: Leonard Harvey, Lurch.

Re: .:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
March 31, 2014 01:36PM
The Roxburg matriarch had taken to wandering lately.
She would wander the halls, a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Normally it was done in silence, stony faced, dead eyed silence. However, lately, Bess could be heard cursing her mother to hell and back and then to hell again. Yet it was rare.
Today was no different, Dressed in a white nightgown and a red overcoat, Bess traveled from hallway to hallway, sipping from the glass in her left hand and drawing hard upon the cigarette in her right. It was early…not that Bess really knew, she hadn’t been sleeping much…she couldn’t sleep. Everytime she closed her eyes, her mothers laughing face invaded her dreams, Amos’ dying screams and her childrens loud wailing would fill her head and Bess would wake in a cold sweat with tears in her eyes. So she hadn’t slept in a long time. She had tried to be strong. She had to look after Bart and Elvira…but Elvira had her own family and she rarely saw Bart. So she descended further into her grieving.
Bess stopped outside her and Amos’ old room, her hand lingering on the handle. SHe wanted to open it and pray that Amos was inside, lounging at his desk or sleeping peacefully. Bess knew he wouldnt be…he knew he was dead she knew…but she till opened the door. The room was dark but she willed a candle on in the far side of the room. Dust had settled, over everything…over his desk, their bed…it was horrible to look at yet she found she could not look away. Bess wanted to weep, she wanted to wail and smash things….but she could do nothing but stand there, staring at the room she had shared with her love for years upon years. Tears formed and tears fell…yet she continued standing in the doorway, cigarette ash pooling at her feet and tears soaking her nightgown.

Re: .:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
March 31, 2014 02:31PM
Leonard was having a good sleep, quiet, not really getting bothered by nothing. Well there wasn’t much he could be bothered, this house was quiet, sometimes way too quiet, and he was already used to it. However, it seems he fell asleep, because while he was moving over the bed, he just fell from it, and te hit against the ground woke him up. Quickly standing up, Leo looked over his watch and saw that he should’e woke up thirty minutes ago, yes its not that much, but in here a minute is everything. He should’ve already start making the breakfast, or just fix everything in the dining room, or maybe clean some room that he didn’t yesterday at night. He used to clean stuff every night, even if there was nothing else to clean, he just done it for Bess.
Leo went wash his face from a small bucket that was besides his bed, and was finally awake, he cleaned the upper part of his body, then simple put on his servant clothes, which was simple dark formal pants, a white shirt, and then some sleeveless jacket, keeping the buttons closed. Leo fixed his hair and face, the best he could, then just rushed down the hallways to prepare everything however on the way he saw some light into some old room, he looked inside and he noticed Elizabeth, she looked rather upset, and he was wondering why she was awake, well he knew few times she couldn’t sleep, but it wasn’t still healthy for her, and he hated seeing her like this.
He knocked on the door before step in, and see the small ashes falling from her cig, and fallign down on her feet, she was going to hurt herself if she keep standing there, and getting things dirty, well this room was never that super clean either, but she didn’t seemed okay, she seemed rather far away from this world.
“Are you alright?”
He asked her with a concern tone in his voice, then stared down with his blue eyes, before look back up at her, he didn’t knew what to do at this moment other than just ask her if she needed anything.


Re: .:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
March 31, 2014 04:18PM
Elizabeth and Amos’ old room
Elizabeth turned with a start, her heart hammered in her chest and she eyed the servant up and down with a scowl. “Fine” she replied flatly, shoving past him and slamming the door shut before he could go in. She wouldn’t allow anyone else in there, it was her space…not anyone elses. Bess took a hard draw on the cigarette and flicked the butt into a random urn, she downed the rest of the drink and set the glass on a table in the corner.
It was then she was aware he was following her, his footfalls light and his eyes transfixed on her back. Bess stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face him. Leonard, the thought gently….it was not his fault, none of it was and he had been their family for so long, ever loyal and ever vigilant. She sighed and ran a hand through her curls “You’re up early.” she observed, eyeing him up and down. She even dared a smile, though it was small and sad. She liked Leonard…he had helped her with the children and she had never doubted his loyality to her and her family. Despite the wandering glances in her direction.
That had been a different time. She had a family..she had her Amos.
Bess licked her lips and tilted her head to the side “Leonard…” she said quietly “Escort me back to my room, and draw a bath…i wish to change, yes?” she said, turning on her heel and making for the stairs toward the guest room she was living with. Keen to get out of the open and keen to get away from her and Amos’ old shared space.

Re: .:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
March 31, 2014 11:35PM
Elizabeth’s Room


Leo took a step back when Elizabeth just shoved past him and slammed the door from the old room before he could even get him. He understood her in a way, so he wasn’t going to say anything more about that and just move on. He knew that room wasn’t one he could clean, she didn’t allowed him to, and he just obeys. He watched her finishing the cigarette and the drink so quickly, that even made him perk up an eyebrow, well he was used to this Bess, but today she seemed more off than usual. Leo just began to follow her, to make sure she needed something else, but he also was heading to the kitchen to prepare everything. When she stopped walking, he did as well, and he was ready to apologize to walk behind her, but it seems she was even daring herself to smile and be nice, her smile was small and sad, that could break anybody’s heart.
“Not at all, I should’ve woke up thirty minutes ago.”
He replayed her with a quick smile as well, as he stayed quiet on his spot. She was the one who woke up early, and its odd wandering around this house in the morning with somebody else, since he’s so used to be alone in the first hours of the day till the others wake up
Bess suggested for him to escort her back to her room and draw a bath, since she wanted to change, Leo didn’t said no, so he just stepped in front of her, and escorted her to her room, which was just a guest room, but she uses that one now.
“Sure, madam”
When they arrived, Leo opened the door for her, and allowed her to step in first.
“I will prepare the bath.”
He bowed his head a little, before head to one of the bathrooms, which was right besides this guest room. Stepping in, the first thing he done was to get her robe, and whenever that was done, he went back to her room, but he only opened the door to have space for his sneaky arm to get in and place the robe on the door knob, he didn’t knew if she was already undressing herself or anything like that, so just for her own privacy, he only allowed his arm to get in the room to place the robe, and then closed the door again.
Reaching the bathroom, he prepared the water, he made sure it wasn’t too hot or too cold, also prepared everything that she needed to clean herself. Whenever he was done, he went to wipe off his hands, but didn’t brought the sleeves from his white shirt down, he figured he would just leave it all rolled up to his elbow because he was going to need leave his hands dirty again. Now that everything was ready, Leonard knocked on the wall, loud enough to make Bess hear it in the room she was in, that’s how he told her that it was ready, without bother her with words or his presence. Then he just headed to the door, and stayed right on the door way, leaving it open and waiting for her.

Re: .:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
April 01, 2014 01:10PM
Lorena’s Bedroom


Lorena Roxburg rolled around in bed irritably, her dark eyes flashing with hatred towards the sun that was streaming into her room. Oh how she hated the sun…she hated it! Sometimes she wondered if she was more vampire than she was succubus with her blatant distaste for the sun and the outdoors. Then again, she hated having to put on a sweet charming face during the day when she could be naughty and in her element at night. Thinking about all the fun she could have in the evening, the succubus smiled diabolically as she shimmied her hips in her red lingerie.


The only thing ever allowed to touch her body was the finest silks and lace, and such was covering her caramel and voluptuous body now. It was a red brassiere and panty set she had bought on her first day in London…and it served her well. With a bored sigh, she muttered to no one in particular “Another dreary day in the Death Manor.” She hated how boring and gloomy it was around the Roxburg Manor. They were demon royalty, for crying out loud! Ever since the death of Amos, the Roxburgs seemed to be falling apart…and it drove her completely insane. She had come to London in hopes of taking part in a great awakening of demonic power…only to see that the greatest demons in Europe were drowning in their own sorrows. But Lorena would just have to fix that, wouldn’t she? It was why she was in London to begin with. Her plan to take over the Underground Salon and soon all of Europe was unfolding in her mind. All she needed were the right tools. Moments later, she flung her covers off and strolled towards her armoire “I’m up!” she snapped, and servants flew in from all over the room to attend to her. It wasn’t long before she emerged from behind her vanity in a dark red gown with her black hair falling in waves over her shoulder.


Though she was a succubus, she hated using her powers to accent her sensuality. It was much more triumphant for her when men tripped over her without her having to unleash her feminine demonic whiles on them. Much more satisfying…but no one could deny just how attractive and desirable she was. It was just in Lorena’s nature. Strolling towards the door, she yawned in a bored manner before stating “I wish to meet my aunt in the front parlor for morning tea. There is much to be discussed.” The nearest servant nodded once before following Lorena into the halls.

Front Parlor

Lorena wandered into the front parlor, a large smile on her face when she saw all the cobwebs hanging from the corners. “My devil, does no one even bother to clean here anymore?” Turning around to face one of the servants, she broke out in a fit of dark giggles.


The servants forced a smile but said nothing. Lorena seemed to delight in just how dilapidated the house was becoming without a strong Roxburg to lead it. Of course, she knew she must play her cards carefully if Elizabeth was going to tolerate her presence further. Truth be told, she adored her Auntie Bess. Bess was once the strong, confident, and completely sinister demoness she had looked up to. As a child, she loved visiting her in hopes of learning how to be a strong demonic leader as well. Bess had so much to offer…but now, her grief stood in her own way. Lorena would help her not only for her own selfish inhibitions, but to establish Bess at her right hand side. Such was how her mind worked. Sitting elegantly in a chaise, she waited to hear where her aunt was.

Elizabeth’s Room

The servant that was stuck with the duty of having to speak to Bess knew better than to just barge in. Clearing his throat, he knocked once before entering. Seeing Leo, he sighed in relief and crept over in hopes Elizabeth wouldn’t see him. Leaning towards Leo, he murmured quietly “Lady Lorena wishes to have an audience with Lady Elizabeth at her earliest convenience. She is in the parlor now.” With that, he crept out of the room as fast as he had come in.

Re: .:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
April 01, 2014 02:11PM
Elizabeths Chambers
Bess allowed her butler to do what he needed, finally, upon hearing the knock she stripped out of her clothes, not bothering with modesty. He had seen it before. She headed in past him and climbed into the bath, slipping down into the brass tub until the water hit her chin and soaked into her hair. Bes sat for a long time, until the bubbles disappeared and her skin had begun to wrinkle. A sudden wrapping on the end of the tub made the Demon crack and eye open in question. “Yes…” she drawled, arching an eyebrow in Question. It was Leo and it turned out, he had news. Bess sat up, reclining her arms against the back of the tub and regarded her butler in silence for a moment. The water lapped at her chest, her collar bone and the pink nipples that just about breached the surface. Bess snorted when he told her the news. “She’s still here…” she replied, sighing and almost rolling her eyes. “The girl can wait. I’m busy.” Bess replied, slipping back down into the water and closing her eyes “Stay” she said, not opening her eyes but directing the question at Leo. She even dared another smile “Stay…” she said again, her voice softer than before. The water cooled her, relaxed her ad made the Demon calm. It helped that she had Leo too…it always helped.
Finally, with her Butlers help, she stepped out of the tub and stood naked for a time, allowing the cool air of the bathroom to dry her somewhat. She turned to Leo, her stare cold as cut glass “Come. Help me dress” was all she said. Bess trusted him more than some of her ladies if the truth be told, besides..she was not about to send him down to Lorena, the girl was as Wanton as Bess was cold…yet the Roxburg Matriarch still had a soft spot for her underneath the hatred. Bess picked out a Black gown, she dawned her small clothes with Leo’s help and she had him lace up the corset in the back. She pulled on the gown and accented it with onyx stones around her throat and in her ears.
She slipped her feet into a pair of small black heels that Leo buckled for her, before Bess herself pinned her hair up and away into a neat bun at the top of her head. She turned to Leo and nodded gently, a glimmer of her old self then seemed to pass through those icy hues. “You shall stay at my side today” she told him before turning on her heelf and disappearing out of the door in a flurry of black satin.
Front Parlor
“Lorena” Bess cooed from her place upon the top step. She was standing at the top of the staircase, looming across the lobby like a shadow. She advanced then, once the girl had turned to look at her. Bess kept her eyes locked upon her, she was lion like in her approach, stalking down the stairs with a killers grace. “You asked for me?” she said, her tone obviously mocking as she glanced the girl up and down. Bess had never liked being told what to do, and the fact that Lorena had ordered the audience herself, made Bess almost seethe. Yet she said nothing. She remained somewhat stony faced and calm, yet those eyes did not stop their roaming. The undressed and redressed the girl, looking for weak spots with that glare Bess Roxburg was so famous for.

Re: .:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
April 01, 2014 02:11PM
The Garden

As always, Bartholomew was up at the crack of dawn. Usually this was the best time to go out on a hunt on the estate with his ever faithful man servant Lurch in tow. It was indeed a splendid morning’s hunt, with Barty bagging four pheasants – much to his delight.

“I just love shooting the bastards, Lurch. Foul things were born just for me to take a pot shot at…what?” Bart pulled on his woolen hat, as Lurch picked up yet another fallen bird, twirling it by the neck and then dumping it unceremoniously into a burlap sack. Swinging his rifle up onto his shoulder, he beckoned Lurch to follow him back towards the main house. As things stood, the old Roxburg manor was in a foul state of disrepair, but it would seem that Mother dearest was decidedly lacking in her duties as Matriarch. One would think she had gotten over the death of Amos by now, but no, she still languished in a perpetual state of grief and depression. It really did have an effect on the entire household, which was a shame really. Two others of the Roxburg were six feet under, not to mention Elvira was off reproducing with the shaggy Count Virgo. So much for family ties. It was indeed a thing of the past.

“I do bet you a whole pound Lurch, that I am the only one doing anything productive today.”



“My thoughts exactly. Be a good lad, and take the birds into the kitchen to have them plucked and stuffed.”Bartholomew flailed with his free hand. In all honesty he had no idea what the kitchen staff did with the birds. Perhaps they would be good in a feast for the evening. Maybe that would get his Mother to leave her room.

Lurch opened the door for his Master, and Bart strolled on in, as Lurch thundered past him, with the full bag of pheasant towards the kitchens. Taking off his woolen cap, he set it on the hat stand, and looked about for signs of life.

“Vampires are more alive than you lot!” The only surviving male Roxburg sung out boisterously.


He was surprised if anyone heard him.


Re: .:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
April 01, 2014 02:40PM
Elizabeth’s Room


Leo waited for Elizabeth and the very moment she stepped in, he allowed her to get in, he wasn’t actually surprised by seeing her body, because he had seen it already, yes, but never done anything, he respects her, and it seems she trusts him enough. The very moment she stepped in, Leo was about to leave, but then another butler showed up, telling about Elizabeth’s niece that wanted to speak with her, Leo was aware of the bonds between this family, and it wasn’t that famous, its like everybody hated each other, but Leo never dared himself to ask why or how, he just stayed behind and watch everything if he was allowed to. Leo waited for the butler to get away, and for Elizabeth to allow him to speak, and the very moment she allowed him, he just spoke.
“Well, it seems your niece wants to have a chat with you. She’s in the front parlor”
Leo watched Elizabeth’s expressions, and he figured out it was better just leave and let her be, so he could get something for her niece, or just prepare anything for the two of them once they was together.
But Elizabeth wanted him to stay, he heard the word stay twice, at first he didn’t thought he was hearing right, but her smile, her face, how peaceful she looked and relaxed, made him stay, like she wanted him to. He just watched her face for awhile, but if she looked at him, he just looked away, so he wouldn’t make her feel too uncomfortable, he wasn’t looking at her body, he was looking at her face, but still. Leo stepped closer to Bess, and helped her to get out of the tub, and then placed a towel over her shoulders, he didn’t wanted her to get sick because of the cold. Now he thought he was done, and was going to prepare some tea, but it seems she wanted him to help her dress. It wasn’t the first time, but still, when she allowed him to, it was a surprise.
He mumbled and followed her to her chamber, and helped her dressing, he knew she needed lots of help for the corset, and he made sure he wouldn’t tighten it way too much to hurt her, he would just tighten it enough to make her look elegant. When he was done with her dress, he just kneel down in front of her and picked up her shoes, slipping it in her feet, like a princess. He really took care of Bess, a lot, sometimes he thought if he wasn’t around this woman wouldn’t be the same, at least not in appearance.
Now that he was done, he just fixed his own shirt, by moving the sleeves down to cover his arms again, he looked at her and heard her words, she wanted him to stay with her today, he could be besides her when she was chatting with her niece, if that was her wish, he would done it.

Front Parlor

Leo stayed by Bess’s side, quiet, with his hands behind him, he stared around, just to make sure everything was alright, then he saw Lorena, there waiting for her aunt. Leo pulled a chair, so Bess could sit down, once she sat down, he just brought the chair a little closer to the table. 

Re: .:RP:. The Roxburg Manor
April 02, 2014 05:41AM
The Den

The gentle chime of the grandfather clock was not the only sound that Bart heard as he strolled along the corridor that would lead to his later Father’s den. Stopping momentarily, he paused to listen and sure enough, it happened to be the scraping of a chair across the floor, along with the high pitch voice of a certain cousin that had moved into the Roxberg Manor. Bart’s features became somewhat smug as he paused to continue to listen. “Lady Lorena….how wonderful.” Bartholomew thought to himself, and sure enough the added voices were that of his Mother and her lackey – Leo. Bart had another name for Leo. “The Creepy shadow.” The lingering buffoon who did all that his Mother beckoned him too. He could understand the need for company but found the fellow to be a tad..droll. So, they were all in the front parlor. Tea and crumpets, or cake and cordial? Either way, he was not in the mood to be prim and proper, not when he had such dastardly plans hatching in his twisted mind.

Mother barely paid attention to the lad, so he had free reign to do as he pleased. And why not, he was the first born male, and heir to the family business. His mother showed little to no interest, so the bulk of the responsibility had fallen back on him. A quick tug on his jacket lapel, and he continued on his way down to the dark part of the Manor – his father’s den.

Ah the delightful scent of old cigars, brandy, and of course the musk of a woman’s pleasure pit. Opening the door, he was delighted to see that the scullary maid that he had taken a shining too, was still trapped in her cage.


“My dear Lucy, I see you have waited up for me. Such a pet you are.”

The girl trembled as she brushed back wisps of her blonde hair from her face. Dressed in the barest of undergarments, she was struggling to maintain her modesty and failing. Her lily white skin was marked with the lines of the cat of nine tails, and a collar was tightly bound around her neck. She was barefoot, but still a picture in Bart’s mind anyways.

“My Lord..” She stammered, her eyes watering up as she feared what he had planned to do to her this morning. Bart took the crystal decanter stopper off the bottle, and then reaching for the ornate base, he tipped the decanter so it would pour him a generous nip of scotch. It was a little early to be drinking, but….he had all day. Turning around, the young Lord took a sip and smacked his lips together.

“You…and I are going to have a little…fun.”

His dark laughter became something maniacal, as Lurch lumbered past, and kindly closed the den door.