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April 02, 2014 02:00PM
Front Parlor

Lorena caught the mocking lilt in her aunt’s tone and tried not to smirk. Bess was so easily ruffled these days but she would not push her luck so early in the morning. She needed Lady Roxburg’s help after all and did not want to start off on the wrong foot. However, she was ready to play dirty if need be. Folding her hands in her lap, she finally allowed her own smile to match the sinister politeness Bess was showing her “Indeed I did. And don’t you look ravishing this morning.”


It did not escape her notice how her aunt looked her up and down like meat to be devoured and when Bess was finished, she merely flicked her eyes up and down once as if not wanting to be bothered to look at her at all. Where Elizabeth Roxburg was known for her infamous looks, Lorena was known for her blatant disinterest.

Pausing to look towards the hallway where she could hear Bart blustering on, she couldn’t help but snicker. Bartholomew never failed to keep himself amused in the manor, no matter how dreary her mother acted. She liked that. If she did not have to speak to her aunt, she would have flounced after him to see what had him in such a good mood. However, she had her own plans for the day.

Turning back to her aunt as her eyes flicked to Leo curiously, she let out a quiet purr “Hello, Leo…” She held her hand towards the servant as if expecting him to kiss it, her dark eyes undressing him right there in the middle of the room. Her succubus body let off a delicious scent of desire but she kept it mostly stifled. It would be rather rude to pounce on her aunt’s servant with her in the room. Turning her attention back to Bess, she crossed her legs rather licentiously in her scarlet gown before speaking“So…have you any news from the Underground Salon? It seems like the Demon society has been rather quiet lately…does that not bother a Roxburg as it should? We should be in power, in control…and yet, all I hear is silence and see no attempts to remain in control of the plague that is ravaging our town.” With that, she smiled once more and tilted her head, curious to hear if Bess planned on actually doing anything other than moping around the manor.

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April 02, 2014 03:53PM
Front Parlor
Bess regarded the girl silently for a while.
If only Lorena had been her daughter. If only she had birthed a child who took as much interest in the demon world as Bess once had. Yet she had her girls and son. One married a wolf, a disappointment that had Bess seething for days. The other was nothing more than a playful sadist, Bess would be more impressed with Bart if he actually put his skills to good use.
The 3rd child…Bess had practically forgotten. Juliettes betrayal had cut her deeply, so when the girl had died Bess hadn’t been truly bothered.
Yet Lorena stood here, more than willing to get her hands dirty and see their race in their rightful place once more. It made the old Demon want to smile
She did not however, she remained silent and stony faced even when Lorena spoke to Leo. It made Bess’ blood boil to see, but she still said nothing. The demon practically ignored the girl as she sat down in the chair Leo offered “Thank you” SHe told him “Tea would be lovely also.” Bess said, glancing to the little serving maid who stood by the stairs, the girl bowed and nodded before turning to do as she was bid. Bess arranged her gown under the table, fixing the jewels at her throat next before she finally gave Lorena her attention “You make valid points. I’m surprised.” Bess said flatly, she placed her hands on her lap, her jeweled fingers curling around one another “A plague…” Bess snorted a laugh and eyed the girl over again “A plague can not be stopped with force, these are not simple angels or vampires. This must be dealt with gently…smartly. We need a cunning mind and not a mailed fist Lorena” she said, glancing to the maid as she returned. Bess was handed a cup a few moments later. She sighed and sipped gently “If i should take your council” Bess said with a small smirk “What would you have me do?” She tilted her head as well, mocking the little gesture “You speak of control and power….you want to rule…it is plain to see. Yet do you have what it takes. Tell me. What would you do…”

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April 02, 2014 07:01PM
Roxburg Manor – Front Door

Due to the fact that Elvira was still pretty tired from giving birth and Virgo was still bonding with his children, it had fallen to Sally to deliver the news of the twins’ birth to what remained of the Roxburgs still living at the manor.

Gerard had offered to accompany her, not knowing what kind of reception her news would receive and he did not want his wife alone with those people.

Peter brought around the Marulo Family Carriage and waited until both Sally and Gerard were inside before he took off for the Roxburg Manor on the other side of town.


Arriving at the Manor, Gerard escorted his wife to the manor doors and knocked before he waited patiently at her side.

“How do you think they will take the news?” he asked his wife.


“I’m unsure. She and her brother did not part on the most amicable of terms and her mother…well…Lady Roxburg wasn’t exactly fishing for Mother of the Year awards.” Sally replied.

“Tis a shame, then. Family is important.”

“Maybe this is the news they need to start the process of healing.” Sally sighed, taking her husband’s hand.

“One can only hope.” Gerard leaned down to kiss her cheek, just as the knob turned on the door.

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April 02, 2014 07:45PM
Roxburg Manor – Front entry

Lurch had just closed the door to the den when the sound of knocking was heard coming from the front door. As Lurch was the chief family butler, having served Amos faithfully till his untimely death, it was he that would be the one to answer the front door. Walking with his shoulders hunched, the towering butler, who still had a few pheasant feathers stuck in his jacket pockets, opened the door slowly. The low yawn sound of creaking hinges indicated that he had been lacking in his duties to keep the house tip top.



His long loud moan of welcome would not be unfamiliar to Miss Sally, who had been in the Roxburg employee for many years. Seeing the couple on the door step, he then bowed, gesturing for them to both enter. He was keen to remove Gerard’s hat, but his scent gave off alarm bells, that touching the man servant of Virgo to be a bad idea.

“Thissss wayyyy.”

Knowing that Lady Roxburg was busy entertaining her niece in the front parlour, Lurch thought it best to take them through to the den, where Bart was entertaining himself.

Knocking twice, Lurch thundered.

“MIss Sally and strange man to see you, Sirrrrrrrr.”

Inside the den, Bart suddenly stopped poking the naked maiden in a cage with a red hot poker.

“Eeek..now? One moment please.” Bart cried, with something of a distressed tone, to be almost caught out having one of his masochist trysts. He brought his finger up to his lips and made a hush sound to his captive pet, then covered her cage, much like you would if you owned a giant canary in a very big cage. Pleased she was now out of sight, he straightened his jacket and waltzed up to the door. Opening both with a spectacular grin at seeing the old maid Sally, and her…friend, Bart blurted.

“SALLY….and…the man I have not met yet. Please, won’t you come in.” He gestured for them to enter the drab den, as he winked at Lurch. “Thank you for knocking first, Lurch. Be a good lad and go get the tea trolley.” Lurch shook his head and lumbered away as Bart turned around and clapped his hands together loudly.

“So…how are things up at Wolf manor? Hmm? Rabbit season got the Count excited?”

He was such a cad.


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April 02, 2014 08:00PM
Roxburg Manor

The door creaked open and Lurch’s large form was framed in the doorway. He instantly recognized Sally and growled in acknowledgemnt of her presence.


“Hello, Lurch. I’m here to speak with Lady Bess or Lord Bartholomew if they’re available, please.” Sally stated. He looked between her and Gerard for a moment before nodding.

“Thissss wayyyy.”

He lead them through familiar halls until he came to the closed doors of the den. Sally recalled this used to be the senior Lord Roxburg’s private place and it was only right that his son now make it his own.

Lurch knocked twice before he announced them. “Miss Sally and strange man to see you, Sirrrrrrrr.”

There was the muffled sound of Bart’s voice on the other side of the door and strange noises that Sally didn’t want to know the orientation of.

A moment later, the doors to the den were yanked open and the master of the house grinned at them.

“SALLY….and…the man I have not met yet. Please, won’t you come in.” He stepped aside to let them enter before he sent Lurch off for tea. Once they were alone, Bart started in, making Sally frown in anger.

“So…how are things up at Wolf manor? Hmm? Rabbit season got the Count excited?”

“I will have you know, young sir, that Lord and Lady Marulo are in excellent health and I will thank you to hold your demon’s tongue about them around myself.” Sally snapped. Gerard placed a hand on her back, calming her considerably. She took a deep breath and looked at Bart. “This is my husband, Gerard.”

“Pleased to meet you, Lord Roxburg.” Gerard nodded as he stood behind his wife. He went silent and allowed Sally to handle things as he looked around the room. There was a slight smell of burnt flesh in the air, coming from the large draped object in the opposite corner of the room. Gerard thought it wise not to comment on this.

Sally got to the reason for her visit. “It has come to myself to inform you and your mother that Elvira has recently given birth to twin children. A girl and a boy. She wished for the both of you to come by the estate when you are free for a visit so that you may meet your niece and nephew.”

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April 03, 2014 01:18AM
Front Door


So this was it. Andrew was finally at the Roxburg Manor, his first day of work was going to be here, and he was going to work as a servant, how he was hating this already. But he wanted money to be able to just get out of this damn country, and go to another place. However today he wans’t only here to start working and get ready. He was also here to give some bad news to his uncle, Leo. He was going to tell his uncle that there was two death’s in their family. That his mother was dead, which was his uncle’s sister, and that his aunt was dead as well, who was his uncle’s ex-wife. They had a weird death, something horrible that Andrew was still recupering, the funeral was last week, and his uncle might get upset to him to take too long to tell him, but Andrew was still trying to get over it, even if he was such rebel kid, he still adored his family, even tho his aunt wasn’t in her best mind. She had alzheimer, so she forgot everybody as the time passed, that’s why his uncle Leo isn’t around her anymore, she didn’t wanted him to, she always thought he was a stranger and pushed him away, despite the all years he “wasted” on taking care of her like she was a small child, but life was never easy so. About his mother, she was another who wasn’t well in her mind, but she never had such serious problem like his aunt, his mother was just troublesome, it was her nature.
Andrew walked through the small trail that was leading to the front door, and whenever he arrived, he actually didn’t knew what to do, either to knock or just run away. He was still in time to turn around and leave, but he was tired of running away from problems, so it was better to just man up, and do something right. Maybe this crazy house will make him wake up and stop being so rebel. The idea of working as a servant still couldn’t leave his mind, that would be such horrible job he didnt wanted to, but now he was forced to do it. If he had behaved in the army, he could have stayed, but he didn’t, so now here he is.

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April 03, 2014 01:30AM
Front Parlor


Leo watched Lorena, she was another tiger in this house, when she spoke to him, he just bowed his head slightly, till she raised her hand up, he figured he should do what a gentleman always do. So he took her hand in his, and kissed the back of her hand, it wasn’t actually kiss, it was just poke his lips against her skin. Then he allowed her hand to go, and stepped back, standing right behind Bess. He allowed the women to talk, since it wasn’t his business, and he wasn’t going to pay much attention to their conversation. In this house there was no secrets, you was basically forced to not hear what you shouldn’t hear. Since he already lives long enough here, he knows how this works, and he will never get in trouble, at least he hopes so.
While they were talking, Leo noticed somebody walking outside, the large windows in the front parlor, could show him there was somebody heading to the front door, he knew that person, it was a young boy, it was his nephew. He finally showed up, he was suppose to come here a week ago, but its better late than never, right?
“Excuse me, ladies.”
He was talking to both of them, then he tilted his head down, closer to Bess’s ear, so he could talk to her.
“It seems my nephew finally showed up. Andrew, the one I told you about, he’s working here as a servant just like you wanted to. I will go get him, he’s at the door.”
After telling this to Bess, he just stepped away from the front parlor, and went straight to the door. Opening the door slowly, he saw his nephew, formal enough with few bags on him. Leo gave a small smile, he felt like scolding Andrew and wonder why he took so long, but Andrew’s face wasn’t that happy either, and Leo got a bit worried, so he just looked inside, before step outside and close the door behind him. It seems this was going to be personal, and he’d rather talk about this outside than inside.
“What’s the matter?”

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April 03, 2014 01:53AM
The Den

Bart leaned against his father’s oak desk with his arms folded, as Sally gave him the run down on how things were with the Marulos. Bart hadn’t exactly been over friendly with his sister since she went to live with Virgo, and sadly did not even bother to attend her wedding. He was pretty sure he hadn’t been invited to that either.

“I will have you know, young sir, that Lord and Lady Marulo are in excellent health and I will thank you to hold your demon’s tongue about them around myself.” 

“Hold my tongue? My dear, I do believe I have behaved ever so graciously since your arrival. I even sent Lurch to get us some tea. As for the news that my sister and her…husband is it? Smashing..splendid. I couldn’t be happier for them…really.” For a demon to hold their tongue, took a great deal of discipline. Something Bart was lacking.

Watching Gerard come forward to place a hand on Sally, Sally introduced him to the young Lord.

“This is my husband, Gerard.”

“Ah, so your the one that tamed Sally. Good man. Fancy shooting at all? I do like a good hunt in the morning.”

Least he was trying to make small talk. The girl in the cage groaned slightly, and Bart tried to cover for that by coughing loudly and looking at the door. “Where is Lurch with the tea? You’d think he got lost.”

There was a reason to this unannounced visit, and one that was sure to shock Bart to the core.

“It has come to myself to inform you and your mother that Elvira has recently given birth to twin children. A girl and a boy. She wished for the both of you to come by the estate when you are free for a visit so that you may meet your niece and nephew.”

“Ahahaha. She what? Kids? Twins? Oh god, don’t tell my mother. Can you imagine? Ahaha. Nanna. Ahahahaha!”

He doubled over in laughter just at the thought of it. “Oh…my ribs. I can’t stop laughing.” He waved a hand in front of his face as he tried to catch his breath. “I…I think that is wonderful news. Capital. Oh…please, allow me to tell my Mother. I want to be the one to see the look on her face! Ahahahaha!”


Clearly, this was the biggest laugh Bart had had all year.

“Oh, I’ll come see them. Uncle Bart. Has a nice ring to it.”

Well, least someone was pleased.


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April 03, 2014 05:24AM
Bart’s Den

Sally had to admit, when she first came to Roxburg Manor, she was unsure how her news would be received. Anger, sarcasm and a bit of rudeness she expected from the eldest Roxburg child. But outright laughter? That she did not expect at all. She was unsure she should be offended on Elvira’s behalf or not.

“Ahahaha. She what? Kids? Twins? Oh god, don’t tell my mother. Can you imagine? Ahaha. Nanna. Ahahahaha!”

“Elvira wanted her family to know of the new editions to their line. I really don’t see the humor in this, sir.” Sally stated, struggling to be heard over Bart’s laughter.

“Oh…my ribs. I can’t stop laughing.” He chortled, struggling to control himself. Once he was able to, he looked at her. “I…I think that is wonderful news. Capital. Oh…please, allow me to tell my Mother. I want to be the one to see the look on her face! Ahahahaha!” And he was off in laughter land once more. Sally refrained from rolling her eyes and Gerard wasn’t fairing much better.

«”Is he always like this?”» Gerard thought to his wife.

«”Worse when he’s had a bit of drink in him.”» She nodded.

Bart was finally able to control himself and he looked at the two of them with large grins.

“Oh, I’ll come see them. Uncle Bart. Has a nice ring to it.”

Unsure how to take his agreement, Sally simply nodded. “I shall let your sister know of your intentions to visit and she will deliver a message of when a good time to come shall be. You will pass this news on to your mother?”

After Bart agreed to do so, Sally and Gerard excused themselves to return to Marulo Estates.

As they were traveling, Gerard looked at his wife.

“Was there a reason why that young man had a servant girl locked in a cage?”

“You smelled that, too?” Sally looked at him.

“Aye. But I thought it impolite to mention it.”

“Good thing. Seems the young Lord has developed the similar tastes that his father once had.”

“How in the nine levels of hell do you explain Elvira then?”

“She’s more like her grandfather then probably she’s even aware of.”

“Ah.” Gerard nodded, pulling his wife close for a snuggle.

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April 03, 2014 02:12PM
Front Door

Andrew stayed quiet on his spot, still anxious, he actually wanted to turn around and just leave. Maybe if he run, he could catch the train and just disappear. However, when he was about to turn around, the door finally opens and it was his uncle. Andrew looked up at him a bit nervous, and forced a smile, he knew his uncle probably wanted to scold him for taking so long to show up, but it was for a good reason, well, he couldn’t actually call it good, because it was an awful thing.
It seems his uncle noticed the look on Andrew’s face, and decided to have the talk outside.
Hearing his uncle asking him what was wrong, and closing the door, Andrew licked his lips, looked down for a second then looked back up at him. Andrew was wearing some formal pants and just a white shirt, he had still hsi scruff on his chin and cheeks, he forgot to shave it, and got lazy as well. But it wans’t that big, so it was okay.
“Well…I don’t know how to tell you that, so I will be as direct as possible.”
Andrew was known to give bad news in the most cold way possible, he just didn’t liked to start with good and kind words, when in the end it was a horrible new.
“Mom and aunt have passed away..There was some fire, in the house, it seems the both left the gas on when they went to sleep, so when mom tried to have her night cig, everything just burnt..”
Andrew still tried to sound calm, it was hard. He knew it hurt his uncle, he lost a sister, and a loved one as well. His aunt could have alzheimer, but it was obvious that his uncle never took well this all illness thing, and was pushed away from the love of his life. Maybe he’s fine now, but with this new, he might go back down again.
“I’m sorry..”
It was all Andrew could say, he had a week to make himself better, and look more decent, but it was still hard to take. 

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April 03, 2014 02:17PM
Front Parlor

As Bess called for tea, Lorena smiled and nodded at the maid expectantly, not bothering to request tea. If the maid valued the sanctity of her virginal hole, she would bring the succubus her tea. It did not escape her notice that her aunt was less than pleased with how she looked at Leo like that. She would have to be more careful if she was going to get what she wanted. Rolling her eyes slightly, she smiled “Don’t be so surprised.”


She was pleased her aunt seemed interested in her questions, but Lorena was even more interested in Bess’s answers. She didn’t give Leo anymore attention once her hand was returned, her eyes locked solely on Bess. Receiving her own cup, she took a sip and smiled at her aunt over the mug before continuing “My council? Well…here’s what I think.” Setting her mug aside, she crossed her legs and placed her hands on her knee daintily. “Uncle Amos seemed to believe his power alone was enough to match the angels and whatnot in London. Apparently he over-estimated himself and under-estimated Lillith, wherever that sack of wine is.” She let out a small titter of laughter before continuing “What we need to do is establish a strong army…strong alliances. Gather resources, intellect. Slowly climb back on top with both our charm and influence, not our brute force as you have already suggested. Amos seemed to prize his own strength more than anything. Now…Katherine Valentia has been weakened by the Bianchi angel. No doubt she is seething and looking for her own revenge. She will be easy to mold in our hands and to use. The queen has an excellent knowledge of the underground market, and has a strong army of her own growing. Perhaps we ought to start there…” Reaching for her tea, she waited for all of this to sink in. She didn’t know how this would affect her aunt, especially since she wasn’t speaking too favorably of her uncle. But Bess asked for Lorena’s opinion, and it was given. After a moment, she then smiled sweetly and asked “Any news from Elvira?” She had barely noticed when Leo left, nor did she seem to care. All her focus was on Bess.

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April 03, 2014 03:24PM
Front Door

Leo stared at his nephew waiting for him to tell him what was the matter in here. It seems it was actually something real serious, because Andrew didn’t even knew how to tell him that, and he would be direct, not actually caring if it was a hard new or not, but Leo knew how his nephew was, so he would take it. However, when the real new showed up, he never thought it would be that. Leo took awhile to take it all in.
Then his eyes started to get red, as they began to get watery and a tear simple fell down over his cheek, against his own will. He looked down, and licked his own lips, before gulp. He didn’t wanted to cry, a man doesn’t cry. At least doesn’t cry that hard, but he felt like smashing things and just crying out loud, but he can’t act like that in front of people, he had to control himself.
“You sure?..”
Leo asked him, just making sure his Andrew wasn’t lying, of course he wouldn’t lie about this, but he actually didn’t wanted to believe it, however Andrew’s look was only making the reality hit Leo even more harder. His ex-wife was gone, yes it was ex-wife, but the way she left his life was horrible. She had alzheimer, and he took always care of her like she was a little kid, till the illness got worse, and she forgot about him, she started to think about him as a stranger, and she didn’t wanted him closer, he even tried to pretend he was a medic or something, but she still didn’t wanted him closer, so Leo just left for his wife’s sake. He thought she would be happier, but this was her end. And knowing that they were basically burnt to ashes, there was no body to see, there was only a burnt horrible body, and that’s something nobody shall see.
“Lets just go inside and prepare everything for you.”
Leo wasn’t even talking about having them to chat about what happen to his own sister and his last love, he didn’t wanted to talk about it, he wanted to just void it, but he had to ask Andrew when did that happen, and then he was going to visit them in the cemetery. Leo open the door, and stepped inside, began to wipe his both eyes, and just leaded Andrew upstairs, hurrying him up, so they wouldn’t bother Bess and Lorena.

Leonard’s Chamber/Andrew’s Chamber

“There you go, this is my chamber. But you have yours right besides mine.”
Leonard stepped away, and opened the door of Andrew’s Chamber.
“This one is yours, its small, but its good, so don’t complain about what they give you. Put your things away, and then we will talk.”
Leonard told his nephew, as he placed him in his chamber and closed the door. Then Leo stepped to his own chamber, and sat down on the chair, palcing his elbow over the arm of the chair, he began to rub his face, and tried to control his emotions, still thinking about this. It was going hunt him forever.

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April 03, 2014 07:41PM
Front Parlour

“Any news from Elvira?” 

What a delightful question to be heard coming from the sweet lips of the fair yet cunning Lorena. Bartholomew had left the den after bidding the Marulo staff a fond farewell and decided that now was the time to pass on the delightful news about his dear sister and her flourishing new family. Looking smart in his hunting attire, he strolled with a light whistle emerging from between pursed lips. Cruising past an ornate gilded framed mirror, he stopped to momentarily fix his hair, with the light lick to his finger, then sweeping it back in a nonchalant fashion. Continuing on his way, he couldn’t help but note that there had been heavy footsteps and light banter of voices coming from the servants quarters. So, there were to be more in the Roxburg manor. Magical. Wasn’t like they had enough on staff for the whimsical needs of the female side of the Roxburg line. It always made him chuckle at their taste in men, though he himself didn’t exactly measure up to his father’s likeness. Must have been something murky in the gene pool.

Reaching the doorway to the Parlour, he mused to himself with a sinister look as Lorena begged the question of her aunt in regards to the fairing of Elvira.

Smacking his lips together, he could barely contain the glee within himself at what he was about to disclose.

“Elvira…is doing ever so well. Just had a visit from her hired help. You know, Miss Sally, and her husband Gerald.”

Moving into the room with a pronounced swagger and tugging on his own braces, he continued.

“Can you believe they actually have staff on hand that are useful, and are not just for fucking?” He let out a loud snort of laughter and winked at Lorena, before continuing.


“But enough about such pursuits as chasing the servants…turns out that Elvira and Virgo were married. AND to if that is not juicy enough for the pair of you, she has just given birth to twins. A boy and a girl. Isn’t that just smashing?’

He looked at his mother with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“You’re a Grandmother twice over. Congratulations. I am sure that all the ladies in your needle point circle are going to just LOVE that tit bit of gossip.” Oh he was enjoying this all way too much, as he leaned against the banister near the fire place, and took out his pipe.

“That’s my bombshell for the day. So, what is the news from the underworld? Still trying to set London on fire?”