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A Page in Time

Chapter One

Going Home



~Journal of Nadia Chronis~
4th February, 2014
CharlotteCarrendar: – ~Looking out my window of my Mother’s home, I see the same boring weather that London is famous for. Grey clouds and drab skies. How I crave the warmth of a summer’s day. I still remember the early days of my childhood, spending the summers at my father’s villa. Seems like a lifetime ago. It was the only time my mother would allow me to visit, course that was before she shipped me off to boarding school and married her Ski instructor; Raul. It was at that time that I lost contact with my Father. Word from Mother was that he was off on another expedition to Antarctica. Did he ever stay in one place more than six months? I remember asking Mother, what on earth it was in Antarctica that he hoped to find. She was dismissive of course, believing that my Father’s love for adventure and archaeology was what ended their marriage. I think it was because she was sleeping with his best friend behind his back. Such a sordid tale – but true. Now school is but a distant memory for me, as I have started working in a promising new law firm. The years of study had paid off finally, and whilst I decided to take a room at my Mother’s house while she was off in Switzerland, I hope to soon have an apartment of my own. I have been looking, but everything is either way too modern, or in need of a bulldozer for all the wood rot and termite damage. I have the day’s paper so I plan to hunt more houses soon. Fingers crossed. ~

A light ringing of the door bell, had Nadia sit up from where she had just finished writing in her journal. Closing the book and setting it on her nightstand, she padded out of her room and down the long flight of stairs. In the door window, Nadia could see the outline of what looked to be a courier. Nadia opened the locks and then swung the door open, to see a gentle looking man wearing blue suit and cap. He gave Nadia a light bow, then handed her a yellow envelope. “Special delivery Miss. If you could sign please.” Formality for a simple letter? Nadia furrowed her brow, then shrugged, as she took the clip board and signed it, before then being given the letter. Thanking the delivery man, she closed the door, and started to walk back down the hall, slowly tearing open the letter. The first few lines…had her stop dead in her tracks.

“Miss Chronis, it is with regret I must inform you of the death of your Father, Con Chronis. I have included instructions as well as a plane ticket for you to come to Greece and be read your father’s last will and testament. Signed, Mr L. Galanos, Chronis family Solicitor.”


Nadia’s eyes started to fill with tears, as she slowly sank to the floor and wept.


After getting over the initial shock of the death of her father, Nadia knew that she would have to call into her law firm and get emergency leave. Her secretary Miss Carson was more than understanding; delaying and in some cases, handing Nadia’s work load off to her partners, rather than have the clients waiting. It would take a good day before Nadia would be ready to leave for Rhodes, the island on which her father had lived. Nadia telephoned her mother of course, and also had to send her mother’s dog Rufus to the local boarding kennel, as well as stop mail services for a time. In her heart however, she was feeling truly broken. The young lawyer had no idea of the state of his health, or even how he came to pass on. No doubt there would be his family over there to explain everything to her, but it pained her to think he may have died alone.

The flight over to Rhodes was a fairly smooth one, though Nadia had packed lightly, and only taken her lap top, cell and purse on board the flight. Two suitcases were in the cargo hold. She did rush her packing, but it was not like this was going to be a holiday or pleasure cruise. She was going to deal with her father’s estate and then return to London; at least that was what she thought. Little did she know what was waiting for her.


IceTe3a: Feet resting on the headrest in front of him slightly disturbing the passenger in front of Dante, but they’d never complain about it after seeing Dante with their own eyes, he gave off a quite scary feel or so he has been told; he was leaned back into his own chair on the plane resting the entire flight. Dante was heading back to Rhodes Greece, this would be the first time he had been back into his birth country in years but the loss of no adventure around for him for the past 3 weeks forced him to return. Of course his family had all but moved on by now as he lost all contact with them which he never really minded was for the best since he could never stay in one place for too long. Some background noise could be heard but he had his earphones in playing his tunes in his sleep loudly currently on the ipad was Laugh I nearly died by the rolling stones, one of his favourites as it basically summed up his life into one song. “Sir… Sir..” his arm was moving as harshly his earplugs were pulled out of his ears “SIR, you need to get your feet off of the passengers chair and sit upright we are trying to land and can’t whilst your seatbelt is on” the upset words of the flight stewardess rung in his ears, his eyelids open slowly allowing his piercing green eyes to glare into the young stewardess’s eyes, giving a simple nod his thick black leather combat boots hit the floor with a thud, pulling his char upright he glanced at the young lady “What..” he said in a low tone as she gave a huff “Honestly it’s a wonder you can look after yourself!!! You’ve held us up at least 20 minutes” she bent down and did his seatbelt up pulling on it tight as he shifted his weight “Careful with the goods love” he said with a half cocked smirk, she rolled her eyes as she wondered off. A few minutes passed as they landed, with a light sigh he finally got off the plane with a stretch and a salute to his home land “Home sweet home” he said as he wondered off to pick up his luggage ignoring the judgmental eyes of the other passengers obviously pissed off about him holding them up. Grabbing his suitcase he walks down the hallway only to have a hand stop him in place “Sir may we check your baggage and your persons?” It was two security guards, lifting his suitcase up with one arm he threw it into the first security guards arms sending him back a bit with a stumble. “Against the wall sir” as he complied knowing what came next he stretched out as they padded him down, finding a 9 inch bowie knife strapped to his waist which was hidden under his leather brown jacket, a Rope, a rugged and torn bag with tools and survival gear, his Passport among other. “Sir what are all these for? And did you declare your knife when travelling to visit; we may have to confiscate it? We understand you’re a tourist sir” Dante turned on his heel gripping the 5’9 slightly obese security guard by the shirt and picking him off the floor “You’re going to do what now Malaka? (Dick Head)” he said in a deep threatening voice as the second security guard was glancing over his passport, “I need my knife, for personal reasons. Wilderness survival” he had forgotten he had a slip stating customs allowed him to carry his knife for that exact reason it was located in the passport as the second security guard packed everything up and placed it next to Dante “Everything is in order here sir, Welcome home” Dante placed the security guard down, grabbing his gear he noticed that a bunch of people had walked passed him at this point, some even stopped down the hallway to see what was going on. Grabbing his suitcase he walked off from them “I’ll be at the main pub. I’m an adventurer I’ll find adventure there hopefully” he smirked as he walked out of the airport and took a cab to the local pub.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia dressed conservatively for the flight. In a snappy charcoal grey suit with silken shirt beneath, a knee length skirt and dark grey pumps. She wore dark tinted shades and had her hair pulled back into a tight pony tail with only the lightest of makeup and jewellery. Beside her on the flight, she did encounter the roughest looking chap she had seen in a long time. He looked like he just emerged from the Jungles of Borneo and boarded the plane to Greece. Tanned, scarred and with heavy set boots, that he had pushed up against the seat in front of him. The looks back from the passengers in the next row showed that they held nothing but contempt for the man, who was wired with his iPod and enjoying some music, that she was actually able to hear. Nadia shook her head and then went to looking out the window down at the blue of the ocean far below, and her upcoming destination. Rhodes. The instructions that came with the letter said that her father’s man servant; Giles would be waiting to pick her up from the airport to drive her back to her Father’s estate. She wondered if she would still recognize Giles after having not seen him for nearly 12 years. She always thought he was old when she was little. Now, he should be ready for retirement. Maybe this was his last job for the family. Either way, she was touched that he would be there for her. Soon the stewardess had to act, after the people in the seats in front of her had complained. He made a bit of a fuss, then was very cheeky about having his seat belt refitted over his junk. Nadia tucked her bag back under her seat and held on tight to the arm rest, as the plane came into land. :: At the terminal, Nadia stood watching for her Gucci luggage, that was specially labelled to come around the baggage area. Seeing the bearded man swagger past and then get pulled up by customs, she had to chuckle. “I wonder what they find in his luggage.” She mused to herself, finally seeing her bags. She loaded them onto a trolley, and went to wheel her bags outside to where she hoped Giles would be waiting. Sadly, it was raining outside, and there were many cars lined up to pick up tourists and passengers, but no sign of Giles. She looked around hopefully, and then thought it might be quicker to take a taxi. Getting into one of the nearest ones, she tried to say where she wanted to go, but the driver either wasn’t paying attention, or didn’t understand her. Instead, he took her to the nearest pub.


IceTe3a: Already been at the pub for awhile he had a few rounds as he caused a lot of trouble, two broken tables, 3 chairs and a busted window lay claim to his trouble making ways “You what mate?!” he said as he took another hit from a random man, he let that one slide as he let out a low growl his friend came from behind as Dante grabbed the rogue arm and tossed the man over his back to his front onto the floor the man’s back slamming against the floor as he let out a loud cry in pain, leaning down quickly he let the man’s face have a solid right hook, hearing the man’s nose shatter as he passed out; Dante then turned his attention to the last man who stood there in shock “What are you?” he said to Dante who just smirked as he leaned in giving a good one two jab landing right in the man’s face, blood splattered all across Dante’s face and chest, as he came to a stand both men laid before him on top of each other the manager was going to call the police if this hadn’t been sorted out soon, the manager looked pissed as Dante stood there all bloodied, not his own but from the two now unconscious men who laid on the floor before him. A group of 7 men grabbed Dante from behind “Right, time to leave” One of them said as they threw him head first out the pub door, he went flying in the air and landed face first belly down in the mud sliding slightly, he came to a stop as his chin rested on a pair of female shoes, his eyes looked at the shoes as he followed the legs up and there she was a female standing right in front of him as he laid on the muddy floor in the rain.


CharlotteCarrendar: – The cab driver was speaking at one hundred miles per hour whilst pointing at the pub that he was now parked in front of. Nadia was already slightly damp from waiting to get into the taxi, now he wanted to drop her off at the drinking establishment. “You don’t understand, I am trying to get to Bethesda. See?” She tried showing him the address on the envelope, but he was now demanding payment. Growling under her breath, she paid him the ridiculous amount of euros and got out of the cab, as he marched round the back and more or less hurled her luggage at her, before saying something colourful in Greek and driving off to his next fare. What was it with the people here? She thought to herself. Looking around Nadia was truly out of place. She went to get her luggage out of the mud, and then set them on an outside table of the pub. Inside, there appeared to be a brawl going on, by the raucous sounds of people being hit, furniture being broken and glasses smashing, along with a lot more swearing. The more Nadia thought of it, the more she was in a hurry to deal with her Father’s estate and get the hell off the island. Just then, her cell rang, and it was Giles. “Dear, why are you not at the airport?” His voice full of worry and concern. As she replied, people were being thrown past a window right behind her in the pub, with more glass smashing. “I’m…at…err…Niko’s Taverna…err…eek and there is fighting going on in there.” As soon as Giles heard this and the background noise he was quick to respond. “I be there in five minutes. You wait outside.” Course he hung up as she cried. “It’s raining.” Right then a sudden thump at her feet shocked her to the core. That man…that same man on the plane, was now lying at her feet, bloody and bruised. She stared down at him with her mouth open. “You!” What a way to meet up again. <3>

IceTe3a: *groans* “Ugh, those Puta’s are going to get it for that one” as he rolled onto his back the back of his head now resting on her feet as he had completely ignored her being there, the rain falling down on his bloodstained muddy body washing away the dirt as he opened his eyes once more to hear a “You!” he glanced up noticing a female gobsmacked and staring right at him, that’s when he realized he was laying on her feet. He’d be perfectly fine just laying there but not to cause any more trouble he rolled over next to her and came to a stand, towering over her as the tip of her head came up to his pecs. His shirt all torn and bloodied he still hadn’t addressed her as he ripped his shirt off and threw it in the mud, “Ugh my hat and jacket” he said as he glanced back into the pub his hand scratching his naturally formed six pack for a second before dropping to his side, his military tattoo’s showing on his body stating “USA Army Scout Sniper” with a sniper rifle pictured under it, and on his pec was a “Delta Squad SF” with a skull in crosshairs. “Im’a have to go back in and get my shit back”, finally he glanced down to the female still standing in front of him, so short and formal “What you looking at? Never seen an adventurer before?” he arched a brow as he looked around giving her a once over with his eyes he came to realize she wasn’t from Greece “Not from here huh, Tourist? Little girl’s should stick with the tour group” he said as he shoo’d her off with his hand waving at her, turning his back to her he took a couple of steps his heavy combat boots stomping in the mud, coming to a stand his head cocked backwards as he let the rain caress his bare skinned upper torso and face, enjoying the rain a lot he lost track of time.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia didn’t know if she was shocked by what he said to her, this muddy and wet man before her, or if it was the way he looked as the rain washed away a lot of the muck on him. His shirt all torn revealing military tattoos as well as that washboard abs – she had to blink and focus for a moment, since when he went to stand, he was a hell of a lot taller than her. She actually had to close her mouth and then come up with a quick retort when he asked her what she was looking at, like she was perving on him (Which she was). “Course I have seen an adventurer before. My father was one, only…he didn’t get into bar fights.” Those were famous last words as a man with an umbrella came up behind Nadia and coughed. “Your father was constantly in fights, Miss. I know, I was often the one to drag him out of them.” Dressed smartly and barely a drop of rain on him, her late Father’s man servant Giles was smiling as he watched Nadia and the young adventurer trading words. “Giles!” Nadia said as she turned around, hugging the man, as he grimaced since she was wet. “A pleasure Miss, your car awaits to take you up to your father’s estate.” Finally she was going to be getting out of the rain, and hopefully into some dry clothes. Giles then spoke to the young adventurer who had just shooed Nadia for thinking she was lost from her tour group. “Do you need a lift to your hotel, Sir?” Clearly he saw something in the young man that reminded him of his former employer, Con Chronis. <3>

IceTe3a: He glanced back as she said she’d seen one before and in fact her father was one, arching a brow as his hand came to rest on his belt buckle, his thumb sliding down on the inside of his jeans “Is that so” he said as a man seemed to come from nowhere, a well dressed butler holding a umbrella, stating that her father had indeed gotten into fights “It’s the adventurer’s way to get into pub fights kiddo” he smiled agreeing with the man now known as Giles, he watched as the lady ran and hugged him, must have been a butler from her childhood either way she was from rich birth and hardly able to take care of herself or so he thought. The butler asked if he needed a lift to his hotel as he arched a brow, he had forgotten about booking a hotel room as a guy calls out his name “Dante” throwing him he brown leather jacket and brown hat, Dante catch’s them giving the guy a wave, ripping off his shirt, he was now fully bare-chested as he placed his hat on top of his head, sliding his jacket on he left it unbuttoned allowing his ‘washboard’ abbs to show with his ‘rock hard’ pecs “Actually, I don’t have a hotel I just flew in” rubbing his chin he smiled as he knew he’d rough it for the night something he’d do constantly and enjoyed immensely “Thanks for the offer, I’ll just rough it for the night find myself a nice dirt patch under a tree somewhere” he nodded as he glanced down to the female “You’d do well to stay within your kind’s area’s little Miss” he had copied Giles calling her miss but added Little in front in a teasing gesture, as he grabbed the tip of his adventure’s hat and tilted it up and down slightly in a gesture.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The man known as Giles actually found the young adventurer’s sense of humor to be quite funny, and chuckled at the way he was regarding Nadia. She truly was out of her element. Raised by nannies then boarding school at a young age. The times she came to Rhodes was when she was very little, probably too young to remember much. Nadia had to tear herself away from staring at the young Adventurer who introduced himself to Giles as Dante. Quite the name for such a rugged looking type. He mentioned he didn’t have a hotel to stay in, and that he just flew in from overseas. No set destination except maybe a nice dirt patch under a tree. The man servant thought about that for a moment, then said. “That patch is going to be ten inches of mud since this weather has set in. Why not come with us anyways. Miss Chronis has come to the island to deal with her late father’s affairs with the family solicitor. The estate is rather expansive, and a wonderful view of the harbour. Better than a mud hole.” Giles made it sound very tempting, while Nadia didn’t like the idea of the barbaric Dante sharing her father’s home. She gave him a gobsmacked look to which he placed a finger on her nose. “Your father always was generous to his fellow adventurers that came to Rhodes, I think this would be honouring his memory to help this young man out.” Grumbling, Nadia went to get her cases and head to the car, as Giles turned after her. “It’s only a short drive Dante, up to you.” <3>

IceTe3a: Standing there the rain caressing his tight muscles as the drops of water rolled down his body, his wet hair falling down around his face as he looked from the female to Giles, as Giles started to talk about the weather he knew the old man had a knowledge of the weather. Glancing up in the sky and back to the ground he had to agree with Giles assumption, he’d sink into a mud pit before he knew about it, this rain was set in although he didn’t mind the weather. He watched as Giles defended his choice to invite Dante to stay the night as they both walked off “Sounds interest, I could explore the grounds in the morning I suppose” he said as he tried to make everything into an adventure these days. Taking his long stride walks he caught up to the two in no time as he picked up his backpack with everything he needed with him in it, walking past the female’s he grabbed all her suitcases in one hand and threw it to lean on his shoulder as he walked towards their car “Where you want them Giles” he said as he came to walk next to the old man, obviously hitting it off with Giles was simple since the old man seemed to know a bit about being an adventurer and perhaps has some stories of his own. Either way this was going to be an interesting night, he was going to see how the other side lived and he knew he wouldn’t like it but it was somewhere he could get a good night’s sleep for once without having to be on guard, unlike out in the wild where he’s been awoken by critters of all kinds crawling upon his body.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia was not enjoying this at all. She could feel the chill of her wet clothes now starting to get to her skin and her bottom lip had turned a strange shade of blue. Giles and Dante had hit it right off. This strange Neanderthal of a man now going back to her Father’s estate with them. She truly wondered if Giles had perhaps lost a bit of sense in his older years, but the truth was he was as sharp as ever. Gesturing for Nadia’s cases to be put in the trunk, he then opened a door for Dante to sit in the front, meaning Nadia would take the back. He was right about one thing. The trip from the Taverna to the estate was a fairly short one. It must have been years since Nadia had been to her father’s primary residence, and it looked exactly the same as she remembered from her child hood. The only difference was that her adored father was not going to be on the front steps to greet her. The house had 8 bedrooms, a large study and trophy room, as well as smaller rooms that he kept his antiquities in. On pulling up outside the main entrance, Nadia placed her hand up to the glass of the car window. She closed her eyes momentarily and played back in her mind that her father was standing there, his arms opened to her welcoming her back to Bethesda. She only snapped out of her day dream when Giles opened the car door. “Home sweet home Miss.” Stepping out, she went up the stairs slowly and opened the front door. Inside the foyer were massive statues, all of which were of the Greek Gods. Her father was one for Mythology and there was no inch of the house that didn’t show that fact. From paintings, to the various art and sculptures that lined the walls. Once upon a time she ran up and down the stairs here, and was told grand stories about her father’s travels and his tales of the Gods. All so fanciful. What she wouldn’t give to hear his voice again. To feel his arms pick her up and carry her on his shoulder out into the expansive grounds. Giles came in behind her and set down her cases. “Just as you remember?” He asked, knowing full well by the way she just stood there and stared, that it was. “What happened to him?” At this point, the man servant coughed, and then he said the most unexpected thing. “I wish I knew. The search was aborted some time ago. For all accounts he is dead. But….” He paused and this had her look at him oddly. “What do you mean?” Giles looked at her, never more serious in his life. “His last adventure….he simply vanished.” <3>