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Re: +Character+Biographies+
April 11, 2014 06:31PM
Name: Lord Horne
FC: “The Invisible Man”
Age: 999
Sex: Male
Race: Soul Reaper
Birthday: Not a clue

Hair Color: Invisible
Eye Color: Invisible
Height: Are you kidding? 6’8” at a pinch
Weight: Ahahaha, I don’t know.
Fashion Style: Bandages, a dark long coat, glasses, and hat.
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: Again..you can’t see it.

Personality: Aloof, dangerous, witty, conniving, dark, menacing, broody, calculating, evil.


Magical Abilities:
Strengths: Sucking the souls out of humans and other demons, invisibility, skinning people alive
Weaknesses: Collecting people’s face masks.
Likes: Souls, dead babies
Dislikes: Anything nice.


History: Born high in the standing of Lord, his parents would die mysteriously leaving Lord Horne to be raised by many nannies and tutors that were provided for by the family estate. A keen alchemist, who dabbled in the dark arts, soon made a fatal mistake, in a formula that he had been working on as a teenager, and soon his form was no longer able to be viewed by others. He became known as the Invisible man, and no longer could venture into society circles. Many thought he was dead as his estate fell into ruin.

Fueled by anger and hatred for all those that had served him, he came to do a deal with the devil himself and thus his taste for souls came to be. A murderous rampage would sweep across London, with only a card left in place of the bodies. A simple “X”

He learned ways in which to slow the aging process and bring it to a halt garnering the support and devotion of one Heiress. The Countess Sassoon, who would later discover that her deal with the Invisible man would cost her far more than she was ever willing to give up.