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Re: (RP) ” A Page in Time.”
April 13, 2014 07:06AM
A Page in TimeChapter Five

Deep Blue



CharlotteCarrendar: – The water was surprisingly clear and this gave Nadia her first real look at the magical reefs that teemed with such colourful aquatic creatures. It was incredible and Nadia’s wide eyes could be seen through her mask, as she followed Dante down to the very bottom of the ocean floor. Bubbles escaping from her air hose – slowly rising to the surface. The only way to communicate was through hand gestures and this was when that Dante had seen a shark nearby but it was not the kind to get alarmed about. Nadia gave a thumbs up that she understood what he was trying to convey. She equalized again right on cue and now they were about to embark onto the final part of their underwater journey in to the caves that had been on her father’s map. With the mask lights turned on, it was becoming much easier to see as they came closer to the cave system. The taking off of Dante’s larger air tank and replacing it with the smaller one, did have Nadia worry for a second. He didn’t really explain this, but by all accounts he seemed to know what he was doing. He then knelt on the sea floor for Nadia to wrap herself around him, so he could help take her up into the cave system as he feared she would not be able to fight the current alone. Nadia was quick to act, knowing time was limited. Her arms around him – he would know she was set and ready to push off. <3>

IceTe3a: – On the bottom of the ocean bed Dante’s knees dug into the white sandy floor as his body swayed with the slight current slightly kicking up sand from time to time from his body movements as he awaited Nadia to wrap onto him. After a few seconds he felt her arms wrapping around him as he pulled her arms right around him making sure she held on tightly, checking the dry bags were strapped and secure he pointed as he showed her where they were going and what kind of turns they would expect. Grabbing her legs he wrapped them around his waist and crossed her feet together for extra strength Dante knew the current system under here was strong and only went one way, if one was to fall into the currents eternal grasp they would be pulled deeper into the wrong way eventually their oxygen would run out and they would drown. Giving the ready signal he pushed up with his knees as they both rose mid level in the cave system, kicking with his legs he was able to support all the extra weight he had on him as they came to the first passage of the underwater cave system, as he could feel the drag of the current being there just behind the wall, he gripped the wall with his right hand as he slowly entered them into the current system, they shot off as the current was stream lined and fast passing through the cave with speed he had to account for Nadia being on top of him as he leaned in to the turns of the cave as they missed the wall’s. It took a lot of diving experience to navigate and control a current like this as they were making great ground Dante watched as the sea life flew straight past them from fish to stingrays even another shark was dwelling on the bottom layer stalking its prey. Glancing down to his GPS system he watched the longitude and latitude as he knew where he had to get off the current, his eyes were awake and sharp as he kept an eye out for a mark as he turned them leaning to the right there it was the opening coming up on the left this was going away from the current and once you’re in a current it’s hard to pull one out of it, there was only one way to do this as he opened his hand’s up he leaned to the left of current purposely going towards the wall as it came up closer and closer he braced himself as he had set himself for a crash course with the wall it was the only way to fling them out of the current, Spinning around her forced Nadia to be in front of his chest as he pushed her into him with force their chests were touching firmly, he kicked her legs up into his stomach region and her arms in front of her chest as he was going to take the blow with his back, His eyes watching hers through the mask as he counted down 3… 2… 1… *THUD* His back crashed into the wall of the cave system as his lips parted slightly in pain he let out a “argh” his breathing apparatus falling out of his mouth as the water behind him turns a murky red, he had suffered some injuries from the force of the blow to his back no doubt some deep gashes as they both sunk to the ocean floor he placed his breathing apparatus into his mouth and blew out the water as he got his breath back. Placing Nadia down on her knees on the ocean bed he made sure she understood to stay low and not go higher as he reached around to feel his back, He had definitely suffered at least 2 small but deep gashes and what feels like a quite deep and large gash that’ll need stitching at a later date, although he showed no pain on his face nor allowed Nadia to see he was hurt that bad as he made the ok signal to her he had forgotten they were under water as the water behind him had a misty blood cloud, he signaled her to move on in front of him and that they were going this direction that he pointed as he didn’t want her to see the gashes on his back through the rips of his dive suit.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia knew that the risks of diving were great. What she didn’t realize was just how dangerous the currents were that far down and to be able to reach the cave entrance and to enter would mean that if they were to fall into the current’s external pull it would take them beyond what they were able to fight and they would lose oxygen and drown. With Dante ensuring that she was well secured around him – both arms and legs, he powered off with a hard kick, and as soon as they hit the current the speed altered dramatically, with the schools of fish becoming a colourful blur. Nadia felt like holding her breath, the force was so great and she did all she could to hang on tightly to her partner, who was doing all he could to swim hard and leaning into the curves of the cave’s internal tunnels. The fact the walls were starting to get terribly close were now becoming alarming, and that was when disaster struck. Knowing they were in danger, especially Nadia and her tanks, he spun around so she was now on his chest, and pulled her in tight. Nadia’s face looked panic stricken in behind the glass of her mask. What was he doing? Her mind was racing, but then just as quickly as he had her secure, she felt the horrible impact of Dante hitting the wall. She was face to face with him and saw him lose his breathing apparatus. The water all around them turning the colour of blood. He’d hurt himself! She screamed but it would be silent under the water, the bubbles rapidly escaping through her air pipe. Without his breathing apparatus he would surely drown, and the pair slowly sank to the bottom where he picked it up again and forced the water out. She knew he was hurt; the blood in the water was unmistakable. He made signals to Nadia that he was okay, but he was lying. It was impossible not to tell cause of the blood in the water. Surely this would attract sharks, and she knew flailing about was a bad idea – the tremors in the water only attracting more fish to the area. They needed to get into the cave and soon. Nadia did as instructed, and got in front of him to go in the right direction, but inwardly she was already fighting the wave of rising panic that was consuming her. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as his eyes never left hers he knew she was worried about him but Dante knew if she started to panic her heart rate would go up and she would waste her oxygen faster leaving less dive time, his watch beeps signaling she had half a tank left, as he glanced over to her he watched as she took the lead, she was nervous but just how bad was she? As he grabbed her hand on purpose to feel her pulse he followed her behind as they came into the right path that they needed to go. After awhile of swimming freely he knew she hadn’t settled yet the last thing he needed was her panicking and losing her oxygen so he decided to do a old divers trick whilst diving with the opposite sex, it worked every time. Pulling her to kneel in front of him he did the same as he ripped off his upper torso dive suit along with his hood as his hair swung out freely as it waved and danced in the slow current of the water too and thro.He took her hand and ripped her glove off placing her hand on his chest where his heart was, a constant steady beat thumping powerfully against her hand, placing his small oxy tank in his hand he held his breath as he removed her hood to allow her hair to move freely, with his left hand he pulled her breathing apparatus out of her mouth as he let it float there, a single finger pressed against her lips as he placed his left hand on the back of her head pulling her in for a kiss as their lips sealed he forced her lips and his to open slightly as he breathed in to her deeply allowing the oxygen from his lungs to fill hers, he held his lips to hers for a short time before replacing his lips with her breathing apparatus to her it may look like a simple kiss but to a diver it’s the perfect way to stop someone from panicking and having a racing heart beat, the kiss was a sensual feeling that gave off that effect as well as the experienced diver slowly breathing in and out for the in experienced one allowing the heart to get the oxygen it needed without racing. He smiled as he placed his oxy tank back in his lips then pointed above him with a smirk across his face, there was a hole in the ceiling which looked like it was a exit to dry land did he do that to steal a kiss? Or was he actually helping her regulate her breathing, she’d never know as he made the sign to equalize when they rose. Pushing off the ocean floor Dante rose alone equalizing as he came to the surface with a huge gasp for fresh air, raising himself out of the water and onto the rocky floor he ditched the dry bags to the side as he waited to help Nadia up and out of the water.


CharlotteCarrendar: – In her own ears she could hear it, feel it. Her heart beat accelerating. Her chest rising and falling too fast….it was a situation beyond her control and one she didn’t even know how to fight. Communicating with hand signals was one thing, but trying to overcome the shock of him being hurt as well as the water now a murky red colour set off the alarm bells inside her. Bubbles were now fast escaping her air hose and this was not good at all. She was going to use up her oxygen too quickly. Suddenly Dante snatched her wrist to tell how fast her pulse was, and she was muttering into her breathing apparatus, not that he could even hear her. Trying to swim on was not making things better for her, and then Dante did something that completely had her floored. Taking her down he made her kneel in front of him as he then took off his upper torso dive suit, and not just took it off, he ripped it off. Nadia’s eyes flew open as he tore off his hood and his hair was now floating about wild and free. What was he doing? Was he crazy? She felt him take her hand and place it to his chest to feel the steady rhythm of his own heart beat. He had to take his suit top to do that? She didn’t understand till he then removed her hood, her auburn locks now floating about her –being teased by the current as they both knelt before each other. This was no place for a romantic gesture. Or….so she thought. He pulled out her breathing apparatus, and placed his single digit to her lips. To stop her screaming out perhaps. But then she felt the press of his hand to the back of her head, and he brought her in for a kiss. Her eyes were so wide you would not have believed it. Her lungs took in the oxygen that he blew straight into her mouth, the feeling indescribable as she soon closed her own eyes. Her heart beat starting to regulate. It must have been one of the wildest ideas to get someone to stop panicking, but for Nadia it worked. On opening her eyes only to see his handsome face. It was a miracle in her eyes, but what was greater was the fact that right above them was a hole, an opening to a dry part in the cave. A blast of bubbles escaped her air hose, and she knew that their underwater adventure was near its end. Nadia equalized right on cue, now getting the hang of it before attempting to follow Dante up and out of the water and into the cave above. When she breached the water surface, she was amazed by the sheer size of the cave that the hole opened into. Blowing water out of her air pipe, she reached out for Dante’s hand to help her out of the water and to relative safety. <3>

IceTe3a: Dante waited for awhile what was taking her so long? He thought to himself as he was about to dive back in and check on her as her head popped out of the water, he smirked as he watched her eyes flicker around the room “Big huh” he said simply as he kneeled down his hands wrapping around her waist he lifted her up out of the water gear and all with ease before laying her to sit down. Coming to a kneel he started un strapping her equipment off her taking her flippers and dive socks off then her Oxy tank and all the tubes that went with it she was now free to move about but Dante came to a stand and forced her to lay down on her back “Lay there for three minutes, Do not move and breath in through your nose and out of your mouth. It’s your first deep dive and that was a hefty one so let your body re adjust” he said as he went over to the dry bags he opened one up and noticed they did their job all their equipment and gear was dry as a bone as he pulled out her clothing and a dry towel he smiled as he dug around and pulled out a bag of choco babies walking over as he opened the bag and ate one for himself he pressed one against her lips “Start eating them, their great for after a dive, they’ll get rid of that drowsy feeling within five minutes; It’s only because you lose your sugar count whilst diving” he left the pack of lollies on her chest as he laid down her towel and clothing with boots neatly near her. Walking over to the side he started stripping down to his wet underwear as he yawned slightly digging around for his jeans as he mumbles “Where are… Ah” he pulled out his camo pants and boots as he slipped them on zipping up the gear he placed it all together near them as he came to sit down beside Nadia “Alright time’s up Boss lady, get out of the wet suit and dry up then get changed” Dante had all but forgotten his 2 small but deep gashes and his one rather large tear like gash across his back that had skin flopping off it as he felt something dribbling down his back but waved it off as water drops, little did he know just behind him a rather small pool of blood was starting to collect.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dante was incredibly strong to be able to lift Nadia up and out of the water almost effortlessly, even with all her equipment and weights. The part she wasn’t expecting as he started to remove her dive gear was when he instructed that she was to lay down flat on her back. The first thing she really wanted to do was get up and explore the cave, but then she started to get a dizzy light headed feeling. “Ooooh…kay.” Things weren’t that rosy and what he was advising her to do was now making sense. Still in her wet suit, she laid on her back and did as she was told, breathing in her nose and out of her mouth. To concentrate she decided not to talk, so instead she watched Dante as he started to check on their gear in the dry bags. Thankfully they had packed them really well, as everything he pulled out was dry as a bone. Only when she felt him press the choco baby to her lips did she open her mouth. Quickly taking it in and chewing it. The burst of sugar to do her the world of good. With the bag on her chest, she snuck another one into her mouth and chewed it with a smile as she felt herself coming good again. It was almost too much of a temptation to have them there, and as she counted down the minutes, Nadia was starting to see that the cave was much bigger than she first anticipated when she breached the surface of the water. Turning her head slightly she could see Dante stripping down his wetsuit, but it was the flap of skin hanging down, along with the blood that was trickling down his back and onto the cave floor that now alarmed her. “Dante…you’re hurt. You need to have your back stitched. Do you have a first aid kit?” Surely he would have one…wouldn’t he? Getting up she started to peel off her own wet suit, but all the while considered for Dante’s welfare. She was standing in her underwear, yet to finish getting dressed as she tried to get a closer look at his back. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Nadia’s breathing started to slow down to a normal state this meant she was returning to normal and able to stand soon, good she didn’t have any adverse effects from the dive. Dante was proud to be able to give her a dive like that without her getting hurt, as he glanced over to her she had come to a stand and was undoing her wetsuit he watched as she stripped down and kicked the wetsuit off standing in nothing but her underwear which hardly fazed Dante since it was usual for divers not to have anything else on under their wetsuits. He watched her as she disappeared behind him somewhere he heard her say something about a first aid kit as he arched a brow “Yeah of course it’s in the dry bag” he thought she was checking to make sure he brought one not that she wanted one to patch him up as he heard her talk about stitching him up he blinks for a second as he was still coming to terms with his own dive the rush finally dying down he was feeling drowsy and slightly in a weakened state this would pass in about five or so minutes as he yawned slightly “Don’t worry about it, it’ll be fine” he said trying to ward her off stating it was not as bad as it sounded, but it was too late as she was already behind him and staring right at it “Look, you’d have to pin me down, That’s the only way you’d even get close to my back” he refused her help being stubborn as usual as he yawned once more, he didn’t think Nadia would attempt to pin him down on his chest as she wasn’t that kind of girl, she was a lady brought up in a posh environment “Besides, you sure you aren’t going to faint at the sight of blood?” he questioned how well she could deal with the sight of blood and her first aid skills in general.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The young lawyer placed her hands on her hips when he told her not to worry about him and that his back would be fine, but the way he was acting with his yawning and bleeding everywhere didn’t convince her. She took out a choco baby and pushed it into his mouth. “Chew this while I get the kit.” She was seriously determined to stitch up his back and at the very least to stop the bleeding. Rummaging around in the dry pack she found the first aid kit and brought it out, opening it up. “One of the things I did learn at boarding school was first aid…*then she took out the needle and smiled saying.*…and sewing.” That wouldn’t have been very comforting to hear her say, not like he would have wanted to be a patchwork quilt when she was finished. Nadia got out the antiseptic wash and was preparing to thread the needle while he watched. “Oh, and if I have to pin you down I will, and it’s got nothing about me being a lady or not.” This was probably the first time she had been so self assertive with Dante, but after what she just experienced under the water with him, she felt a bond now that would not easily be broken. They were in this together – for better for worse. <3>

IceTe3a: He arched a brow as he heard her snap at him, so the princess had a bit of bite? Interesting to know but she was not getting anywhere near his back this he was certain of “Oh you.. wait what?! Do I look like a pair of your torn jeans?” he said he heard her rustling through the medical gear as it went silent he knew she was up to something she came back to him saying she’d happily pin him down and this made him laugh “You, pin me down? That I’d like to see” he said as he felt her get closer to his back, she shoved a choco baby into his mouth as he nips at her finger for doing it in the first place, chewing the lolly before swallowing it hole he growled lightly “Ugh stop forcing me to eat dang it” he said as he felt her try to touch his back, this was met with a shake of his head “Oooh no you heard what I said and I mean it” he came to a stand and was slightly wobbly as he took a minute to attempt to steady himself he was having head spins as he walked forward trying to keep it straight, eventually he fell to his knees and slowly started crawling away from her “Leave it be dang it!”

CharlotteCarrendar: Why were men so difficult? Dante was putting up a fight about not wanting her to stitch his back. Sure, she wasn’t a qualified nurse but she had a fair idea of how to at least stitch a wound. He’d already nipped her finger when she fed him the choco baby, now this. By the way Dante was putting up a sluggish fight; Nadia could see an opportunity to get him on his stomach but not by an orthodox way. He was having trouble standing up due to the fact he had not taken the time himself to regulate his breathing and take a moment for his body to adjust. And just like that he sank to his knees, trying to crawl away from her. That was it. She straddled his backside and placed a hand to his shoulder to force him down. “You are such a cry baby. Now hold still.” Taking the antiseptic wash she splashed it on the gaping wound and started to stitch him up. This was bound to bring howls of protests, but hopefully he would still be chewing on the choco baby. <3>

IceTe3a: He growled as he felt Nadia’s legs slide down his sides as her weight came crashing down on top of him, usually he would be able to hold her up but at the moment he was still feeling the effects of the dive so his body collapsed under her as he hit the floor with a thud whilst Nadia had a soft cushy landing on top of him. He was now laying chest flat against the cold rock floor as he grumbled lowly “Must you really” he said as he felt her splash and dap the antiseptic wash over his wounds on his back, his muscles tense slightly as he sighed in refusal “Yes, yes you must” he answered his own question as he laid there whilst she sat on top of him cleaning his wounds.

CharlotteCarrendar; – Nadia worked swiftly to stitch up and clean his wounds, placing a bandage over the worst one, and then making sure the other were clean. She didn’t like having to perform the quick first aid on him, but it was essential considering where they were and what would happen if he lost more blood or it got infected. Once the job was done, she gave his shoulder a pat for being such a good patient, and got off him, rising to standing and packing away the rest of the first aid kit. The very least he could do was take his own advice and rest on the ground for a few minutes, the same thing he had told her to do. “All done.” She said as she went to get her own clothes and boots out of the dry bag. Nadia wasn’t totally unsympathetic to his plight, but she had to be the bad guy and stitch him up. “I’m sorry if I hurt you, Dante, but it was for the best.” Nadia took another choco baby out of the packet and ate it, before starting to brush her hair through to tie back, now that she was dressed. <3>

IceTe3a: He sighed some more as he felt her stitching him up the needle and thread flowing through his skin pulling the two together, after awhile she patted his back as he glanced over to her watching her walk away from him as he arched a brow “You didn’t hurt me at all hardly felt it” he said as he grumbled he knew he should lay down for a bit but he wasn’t going to he was already forced to have his back stitched up so he pushed up off the ground and followed her, leaning against the wall to stabilize himself so she wouldn’t notice him being off balance still from the dive and slight blood loss. He yawned slightly as he watched her get dressed, his eyes flickered across the rather large cave system “I wonder how far it goes?” he said as he glanced back to her, she was fully dressed again kind of a shame really he said as a slight smirk appeared across his face. He pushed himself off the wall as he tried to stand on his own two feet, walking behind her his knees buckle “Oh fuck” he falls down onto his back on the ground, he grumbles as he covers his face slightly and wipes it “Ugh.. I’m not going to give up, My body listens to me not the other way around” he said as he looked up to Nadia who no doubt would be looking down at him “Now don’t you get any smart ideas” he said as he went to get up again.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia couldn’t help but laugh to herself when Dante said that she didn’t hurt him at all and he hardly felt it. She stitched him without any pain relief. And as plain as day she saw his muscles tense, even felt his backside flinch. He was a really bad actor when it came to disguising the fact he was in pain. But was now clear that he was struggling with the effects of the dive. His body was not responding with what his mind was telling him to do. He already dropped to his knees once and made it easy for her to straddle him for the stitching, but when he collapsed behind her the second time she spun around and became very serious. The belly aching started that he didn’t want her to get ideas or try and stop him from getting up again. Nadia shook her head and got down on her knees, drawing him to have his head and shoulders rest on her lap an she started to stroke his hair. “For all that is holy, will you stop trying to move around when clearly you aren’t balanced and you might well fall into the water hole.” It wasn’t that she was trying to boss him around, but he wasn’t taking care of himself. “You yourself told me to lay on the floor and let your body adjust from the dive. You’re not superman, so please…just lay still with me for a few minutes.” Hopefully he would listen, as she tried to distract him again by placing the bag of choco babies on his stomach. <3>

IceTe3a: He arched a brow as she was indeed looking down at him, fuck.. what was she thinking of now as his attempt to get up failed, she sat down next to him and pulled his head to lay on her lap as she started stroking his hair he grumbled slightly, in defiance squirming slightly to see if his body would respond he heard her beg him to just listen to her for once and let her take care of him he grumbles again “I don’t need to be looked after” as he took in a deep breath, yawning her calming strokes were making him tire as he rubbed his eyes trying to get the sleep out of them “ugh, soo not tired” he said as he opened his eyes and looked up at her into her eyes. Smiling lightly he shrugged the situation off “So what do you think our next step should be, since we are here now this is most likely the path your father took” he stated as he looked around the cave system he blinks slightly “what does the journal say?” he remembered she had brought it with them so it’s possible he left some kind of clues or notes behind in the journal.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Thinking for a moment, as Dante wanted to know what the journal said we should do once entering the caves, Nadia paused before uttering. “Something about there being three tunnels to chose from. I need to check the journal to confirm that and then marry that up to the map.” Looking about while she was still stroking his head, she couldn’t see anything much as there was very little light. “Did you pack flares?” That was the next obvious question. Nadia knew he would tell her where they were and such, but she was more worried he might try to get up and unpack them himself. For the mean time she just wanted him to rest. :: Outside the walls of the caves a black speed boat pulled up alongside that of Dante and Nadia’s boat. Two muscle bound men were already starting to put on their dive gear, while an older gentleman was drinking a glass of scotch. His son, James was at the wheel. “That’s the boat, Dad. They must have dived from here.” Taking a sip from his drink Stanley Whittaker chuckled. “As I told you my dear boy, all we had to do was wait….and follow.” <3>