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Re: :Audition & OCs:
April 19, 2014 02:39AM
So, after looking at the available characters, I have settled on trying out for Jackson Gilbert.

Hi, I’m Jules also known as Charlotte on imvu. Been role playing now for seven years, and have a love of forum role play having participated in many over the last two years. I love the challenge of trying new things, and Jackson will definitely be something I can sink my teeth into (hur dur).


Mystic Grill.

Beyond the light of the car park at the Grill, a lone figure stood in the shadows. It was like he was waiting specially to see Aaron pull up before venturing across. Of late nothing seemed to be making sense. Jackson had always lived the quiet life, keeping to himself especially at school – but now as he grew into adulthood the very things that he had believed to be nothing but idle gossip were starting to become real.

Ever since finding the journals and in particular the amulet, Jackson grew increasingly wary of those he once thought were friends. His saving grace was Aaron and Logan; the two guys he was closest too outside of his own family. The deaths of his parents had left him scarred, though time had not healed them as one would like to believe. His face a mask for the true torment he felt, and while he would smile and chill out with friends, he always felt like he was looking over his shoulder….waiting.

One day he would make sense of the journals. One day….he would learn the truth of his heritage.

Till that day he remained on guard.

Soon the bright headlights of Aaron’s car were seen, and it swung into the Mystic grill car park lot. Taking a glance behind him, he reached into his pocket where he had kept the amulet. For some reason he felt the need to put it on his wrist. His lips were dry, and he ran his tongue across them before snapping in place. A light breath escaped his lips and he made his way across the road, his face showing that smile.

“Hey man…you’re late.”