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Role play Group : The Death Club 

The Dixie Diaries. 

Black Betty. 


-Another cool morning, and again no Demetrios. Most likely gone to another secret meeting with Alexandros, or caught up with trying to rebuild his shattered dream; The Death Club. The garage was deathly quiet, and only the lingering smell of Demetrios’s cologne, to remind her that he had been there. Rubbing her slight tummy, she tossed back the covers and stretched. Now twelve weeks pregnant, Dixie was just starting to show, and on standing, she caught sight of herself in the long mirror on their closet door. Turning side on, she tilted her head, and then ran her hand over the smooth bump. Life. Dixie was going to be a Mum. So far, she had made it through the many mornings and nights, hugging the bowl of the toilet, throwing up anything that had upset her. Often coughing, she would come out, looking like death warmed up. To cap that off, she had also been quite lethargic, and not really wanting to roam around too far from the garage. Her usual long walks to the gardens were now a faded memory, and she knew she would need to snap out of her funk and get out again. 

With the dramas of the attack on the Death Club, Kraus being put in hospital by Dem and Alex, Inga’s outrageous behavior, and losing her best friend Mia; Dixie was finding herself becoming isolated from not only her friends, but also Demetrios, who always seemed to be ever busy. Tito was now too scared to even look at her, when she passed the tattoo shop, since Demetrios made it clear, that if he lay one hand on her, that he would be floating in the river. Taking up her cell phone, she scrolled through till she reached her parents phone number, and tapped her foot, wondering if she could call them. Surely it would be the right thing to do, but her Father’s temper was so great, that he may well fly over on the next plane, to drag her home. But to Dixie, this was home. The small garage behind the Tattoo shop. Talk of leaving it, for the large manor that Helena resided in, sounded exciting at first, but Dixie felt more comfortable here, since this place held so many memories. 

With all that had gone on, Dixie had been working towards applying to enter Prague College, to pick up with her art studies. Thankfully, through some of Demetrios’s contacts, she was able to gain a place in the upcoming semester for Art classes. Her passion for her drawings had never truly abated, so with the free time on her hands, and at least another six months till the baby was born, she needed something to fill her time. The Death Club, for now was out of the question, with the investigation teams still going over it, and the required works needed for the reconstruction of the front entrance and wall to take a few months. Demetrios was not a poor man, by any standards, but Dixie being fiercely independent when it came to paying her own way, had been selling portraits, to help make a few euro. With the art course, she hoped that in time, the young Australian may be able to open a gallery, though this was still a dream. 

On this morning however, Dixie was going to take the first steps towards the start of what she hoped would be a turning point in her life. With a bag full of her art supplies, and sketch books, she had arranged a taxi to pick her up and take her to the Prague College, where she had her first class at about ten am. Dressing in her tried and true black jeans, led zeppelin t’shirt , leather bomber jacket, and knee high lace up boots, she turned off the lights, and snatched up her bag, when she heard the sound of the car horn outside. 

The journey to the College, was only a good fifteen minutes cutting though the morning traffic, and Dixie quickly brushed up her hair and tied it into a ponytail, before checking her light make up in a small mirror from her bag. Dixie had lost a bit of weight from the stress and the weeks of not being able to hold food down, but this morning, she had a glow to her cheeks. Maybe this is what they had talked about in the magazines she had read in the clinic. Soon to be mothers having a natural glow about them. Could also have been from the chilly bite in the morning wind, either way Dixie put away her compact, happy enough with her appearance. On pulling up at the college, there was already a great many people swarming about, getting ready to go off to classes, and Dixie quickly took out a few Euros to pay the cab driver, before alighting out onto the footpath. She slung her backpack of supplies up on her back, and took a deep breath, holding it in and then on release saying to herself. “You can do this.” She was no stranger to meeting new people, as she had worked the Death Club bar and her parent’s pub for years. But something in her was oddly nervous. This wasn’t the rowdy crowd from the bar, and she knew no one. A light tug on her bag strap, and she was off, heading up the pathway, to find the notice board to show her to her first art class. 

A line up of people were at the board, and one girl in particular was making a lot of fuss, to get through to read the board first. Funnily enough, she spoke with a broad Australian accent. With a sharp black bob, that curled under, and sporting a brightly costume, that looked like she was ready for trick or treat. With striped stocking and lace up boots, she really stood out in the crowd. The dark haired girl reached the board finally, and was running her finger down the list of names for the fashion design course, and gave a wild whoop, before taking down the details of her class room. Stepping back, she then barreled straight into Dixie, not looking where she was going till it was too late. Thankfully, Dixie was sure footed, and didn’t fall back, reaching out to grab the girl before she took them both over. 

“Hey..watch where your grabbing!”- the girl blurted, before looking up and gasping as she took in Dixie’s face. “DIXIE…Oh my god!…What the hell are you doing here?” – Dixie blinked a few times, on sight of this girl, face to face. If it wasn’t the accent that gave her away, it was her eyes. 

“Betty?!” Dixie was happily surprised. This girl, Betty was her best friend in primary school right through to year ten. Both of the girls started squealing and jumping up and down, before hugging each other tight. The rest of those gathered around them all started to go about finding their classes, while the two girls continued to laugh and cry. In the middle of Prague, two old friends, had found each other. <3>