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Carrendar House – Seattle. City dwelling of Izu and Tessa Carrendar along with his five sons.

Izu and Tessa – Sixth and seventh floors
Recreation and pool – fifth
Brock – fourth floor.
Ty – third floor
Orson – second floor
Nigel – first floor
Billy – ground floor
Business and communications – basement


Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 12, 2014 10:24PM
Brock – Fourth floor – library

The ride over from Pandora’s apartment was a fairly quiet one. The streets at this hour were deserted and with a soothing track being played on the truck’s sounds system, Brock didn’t feel he needed to talk. Instead, he held her hand between gear shifts, and kept his eye on the road. An odd glance at her every now and again. Pulling up in the drive of the Carrendar house – a massive multi story apartment building that was home to just his family, Brock activated the security gates for the underground car park. Automated systems kicked in and the grate gate slid up into the brick work as Brock drove his truck in and under the gate.

In the car park there was an array of cars, from sports cars, motorbikes, jet skis, boats, all the usual boys toys you would expect from a family of all men. Brock pulled up in his bay and cut the engine, before hopping out to grab not only his own bag out of the back, but Pandora’s as well. “Lift’s just this way, love.” Brock gestured for Pandora to follow him, as the grate started to come down, securing the car park once more. The Lift had only a low number of floors, but it did have Brock’s name on number four. He had an entire floor at his disposal, which meant he wasn’t tripping over his brothers 24/7. The lift doors parted and Brock walked in setting down the bags and rubbing his fingers. “Only way is up. Just press four.” He asked, letting Pandora do the honors. This was the part of the night he had worried about. Pandora may well have known about part of his life in the city but not all of it. The lift door opened on his floor, and he smiled at her knowing she was about to get a shock. The apartment…was enormous, and all modern fittings and decor. Palatial came to mind, but elegantly done so.

“Welcome to your new home.” He said, taking their bags into the master bedroom, leaving Pandora free to wander.


Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 12, 2014 10:51PM
Pandora was silent as Brock drove them across town. She was still pretty shaken about what had happened before he’d shown up at her apartment…and what had happened afterward. She could feel his eyes on her, but couldn’t bring herself to look at him, for if she did, she would most likely either break down in tears again, or launch herself at him, begging for him to have at her right then and there.

She didn’t know where these thoughts were coming from, she just knew they were there.

Pulling up to massive multi-story building, Pandora’s eyes were wide as she got a glimpse of the place. Brock pulled into an underground car park as the security gates rumbled closed behind them. He pulled into a parking bay as she took in all the different vehicles located around the place.

Who exactly were these people?

Brock grabbed theire bags and directed her toward the elevator. She noticed that there was name or destination next to each number on the control panel. His name was next to the number “4”. “Only way is up. Just press four. he told her, implying she had permission to do just that. She reached out a finger and pressed the button.

She looked at him oddly as the elevator began to move upward.

When the car stopped and the doors opened, he lead her into an enormous and expensively decorated apartment.

“Welcome to your new home.” he announced. He left her in what she assumed was the living room as he went off to put their bags in his bedroom.

She stood stock-still in the middle of the floor and looked around with her eyes. There were pictures on the wall of Brock and his family that she recognized from the island. But that didn’t distract her from the modern furnishings. They looked really expensive, as if he was flaunting his money in front of her.

Was he trying to impress her with his wealth?

She frowned in thought. It was a nice enough place, she supposed.

But she didn’t feel comfortable. It was simply too much.

“Nice place.” she stated, finally speaking, though her voice was in a bit of a monotone. “Bit of surprise…you having your own floor in this place.” She hadn’t moved from the spot he had left her standing in.

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 06:34AM
Brock – Fourth floor

Brock reentered the main living room, only to see that Pandora had not moved from the spot where he left her to take the bags into his room. The look on her face, was not a happy one, and her monotone voice suggested something was right off. At first Brock couldn’t understand what it could be. Everything in the room they stood appeared normal, and he then sniffed the air. Was something putting her off? No, no nasty smells. He approached her and asked.

“Well, when you grow up with four brothers you kinda want a bit of space as you get older. Dad thought this was a really good idea. As much space as I need. Works for me.” The fact he had a whole floor must have been unsettling. Come to think of it, Pandora’s body language was showing she was not at all comfortable. Brock took a step closer and made a move to pull her into his arms.

“Want to tell me what’s wrong?’ He asked, curious now as to what was troubling her. She would be perfectly safe here, and no longer needing to worry about her step father and mother finding her. Another look into her eyes, and Brock started to get the feeling she was overwhelmed by his wealth. “This apartment is too much, isn’t it?”


Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 07:22AM
Brock’s Livingroom

Brock stepped back into view and looked at her as she stood there.

“Well, when you grow up with four brothers you kinda want a bit of space as you get older. Dad thought this was a really good idea. As much space as I need. Works for me.”

She didn’t reply right away and it was then he noticed that she hadn’t moved. A frown marred his handsome features.

He made to pull her into his arms and she allowed it, letting his scent relax her body until she melted into his arms.

“Want to tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, his chest rumbling against her cheek. She still didn’t speak and he drew her back by the shoulders and saw the look in her eye. She was truly overwhelmed by the opulence of his home. “This apartment is too much, isn’t it?”

He hit the nail on the head. She raised up her hand and held her index and thumb about an inch apart. “Just a little.” she admitted with a sheepish grin. “I’m just not used to living in…so much space…” she shrugged, embarassed. “I lived in cracker jack box apartments and seedy hotels for the last 10 years. This…” She waved a hand around, “I feel like I’m in a museum and would get yelled at if I tried to touch something.”

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 07:28AM
Brock’s Livingroom

So that was it. The apartment with its spacious surrounds and opulent fittings was more like a show piece – a museum where she felt as though if she moved and touched something, she may cause thousands of dollars damage. It had to be a huge shock for her, even though he had taken her to the island, and that house was pretty big compared to most.

When she uttered that if she touched anything she might get yelled at, Brock could only so something of a goofy smile.

“Well, how about you stick to touching me, cause I can guarantee you, little lady, that all you will get from me is growls and moans of delight.” Brock wiggled his brow suggestively, then in the spirit of being young, he picked her up by the ass, and spun her round. “Touch away, baby.” He chortled, hoping this would lighten her mood. He was never normally this silly with her, but this was a side of him she may have never seen before.


Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 07:33AM
“Well, how about you stick to touching me, cause I can guarantee you, little lady, that all you will get from me is growls and moans of delight.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her and she laughed. With a boyish grin, he grabbed her by her ass and hauled her into his arms, spinning her in a circle, much to her surprise and delight. “Touch away, baby.” He chuckled.

He was very relaxed in this place, a side of him she had never seen before. It was kind of refreshing.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Do your brothers ever come here unannounced?” she murmured, pressing teasing nips to the exposed portions of his neck, soothing them with her tongue. She thought she probably would get used to the place. He only wanted to keep her safe and happy, she realized that now. It was a novel concept to the outspoken and independent woman.

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 07:40AM
Brock’s Living room

Holding her close to him, and feeling a bit of relief now that he was back in his own place, he listened to her ask about his brothers and if they come in unannounced. To this he was about to say, when she nipped at his neck playfully. “Oh…err…no, they used to when we were younger, but….not….so..mmm…much.” He was truly enjoying this new touching policy, a lot. Gathering himself, he carried his lady over to one of the large ‘L” shaped couches and set himself down so she was straddling his lap. His hands still cupping her buttocks, he kneaded them lazily as he explained the rules of the building.

“We have an intercom system, which allows us to contact the other first, before barging in. I mean, the idea of walking in on say Orson when he has one of his parties. I would rather dig my own eyes out with a spoon. You just don’t do that.”

Clearly, Orson loved the ladies, a lot. Brock on the other hand was a one woman man, and he had that woman on his lap now.“Think of this as our place, okay? I really want you to be happy, cause I know that this place is like Fort knox. No one can come in undetected. Dad made sure of that.’ He reached up with a free hand to brush away a stray lock of her hair.

“Pan…if this is too much, tell me, okay? I want us to be open about things.”



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Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 07:51AM
Brock’s Living Room

He carried them both to the couch and sat so that she was straddling his lap as he explained the rules of the house. She chuckled as he spoke about his brother Orson and his wild parties.

His face and tone were both serious after a moment and he looked her in the eye.

“Think of this as our place, okay? I really want you to be happy, cause I know that this place is like Fort knox. No one can come in undetected. Dad made sure of that.”

She looked around, seeing little touches that were uniquely Brock in the place. It would take time, but she could probably get used to it. And he really wanted her there…and safe.

There was no chance of her mother and stepfather getting to her there. And she could still go to work and class. She looked at him as he tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

“Pan…if this is too much, tell me, okay? I want us to be open about things.”

Although the whole situation was a bit overwhelming (she never expected to find love, or end up moving in with him in less then a year), she had been through worse and came out a better person for it. And now someone, this man, wanted to take care of her. It was a novel sensation.

“No, Brock. It’s not too much.” she stated. She wondered for a moment if she should tell him that “other thing” about herself and decided there wasn’t really a need for it…for the moment. “I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful. As long as I’m with you…I feel safe.” She pressed a light kiss to his lips before she sat back. “Someone’s going to have to pick up Blackie for me though. And I need to let Simone and Kali know where I am so they don’t worry.”

Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
March 13, 2014 07:58AM
Brock’s Living Room

Seeing her start to settle, Brock let out something of a sigh of relief, before offering her a warm smile when she said that it was not too much (even though it really was.) The idea that she would be safer there, than back in her apartment, had to be some consolation, and also she could have her friends over whenever she wanted. Brock could easily make himself scarce up at the recreation level, or using the pool. If worst came to worst, he would see one of his brothers. Either way, things could be worked around so he wasn’t seen to be cramping her style. The light kiss on the lips sealed the deal, but then she mentioned about something called “Blackie” Now, he didn’t know what or who Blackie was.

“What is a Blackie?” He asked, intrigued. Did she have a pet he didn’t know about? This seemed to be the case. It looked like Brock and Pandora had a lot to learn about each other.

Do we need to get them now?” Brock was now starting to settle, and didn’t really feel like going back to the old apartment tonight. He just wanted to relax with Pandora, and enjoy her company.