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Name: Doctor Jason Lumbard 
FC: Alexander Skarsgard 
Age: 27 
Sex: Male 
Race: Mutant 
Birthday: July 7th 


Hair Color: Brown but blue as Iceman 
Eye Color: Brown but blue as Iceman 
Height: 6’5” 
Weight: 85 kilos 
Fashion Style: Smart casual, Doctor’s lab wear, X men suit 
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: An ice rose on his back 

Personality: Charming, good bedside manner, engaging, polite, sensitive, worldly, intelligent, nice. 


Strengths: Ability to change environment to ice and cold, manipulation of water and ice, can take on any fire mutant. 
Weaknesses: Grief. 
Likes: All active sports, biking, hiking, road bikes, the gym. 
Dislikes: Emos and hot chocolate. 

History: Born to Mister and Mrs Lumbard and raised simply in a quiet suburban neighborhood of Seattle, Jason’s life seemed to be quite normal, until one day he discovered his ability to control his body temperature and that of the environment around him. Channelling this he was able to freeze entire lakes, and do a great deal of destruction if he got mad enough. However, his parents sensed that he was capable of so much more, and sent him to Xavier’s school for gifted children, where he discovered a love for medical science. Whilst learning to control his mutant abilities, he had earnt enough points to go to Medical school and become a Doctor. His life as an X men was kept on the quiet. 


The death of his beautiful wife, Lydia sent him into a deep depression which he kept well hidden from others and took a trip to Hawaii in order to lay her to rest. 

Everything was going according to his plans…. 

That was until he met Pandora LaRue, when in the discovery of her own powers, Doctor Lumbard revealed the truth about his own. Will he come to help Pandora deal with her abilities, or one day have to end her if she tries to harm others?