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Re: RP: Mikaleson
February 28, 2014 06:35AM
Caroline smiled hearing her two best friends laugh at her remark which she glad had worked, it was nice to hear them both laugh, and she’d missed it a lot. She had obviously heard what Elena had whispered to Bonnie and it meant a lot to her that they thought that. Looking over her shoulder at the two, she saw Bonnie go upstairs and hoped everything was alright. Before she could ask Elena, Jeremy had made his way over and was talking to her. She heard what Elena said and laughed, “Hey, I heard that Elena,” she said lightly as she looked at her and stuck out her tongue playfully.

She looked to Klaus and saw the playful face, which came of no surprise to her. She knew he wouldn’t tell them which in turn she didn’t like. She rolled her eyes at his reply and knew for definite, he had something up his sleeve. After all, he always did. He was Klaus. She sighed quietly knowing her best friend wasn’t going to be released. This made her angry but, she didn’t show it. The party was what was taking her mind off of everything from being angry at Klaus for keeping her best friends prisoner to who she thought was Elena at her home when it wasn’t and her own mother shooting at her.

Her eyes then fell upon Rebekah as she appeared, she rolled her eyes at what Rebekah said, before she could say anything, Rebekah was gone as quickly as she had appeared. Caroline was glad she had left, as it meant the female original couldn’t rain on her parade because, in all honesty, Caroline felt like she could explode.

Getting back to work, she looked back to the siblings and saw Elena indicate they were heading out. She nodded that it was fine with her and watched the two go outside. She glanced around, she was the only one left with the compelled busying around like bees. This moment made her feel alone again. Not that she would ever admit it or show it. She snapped out of it and added the finishing touches in each room. She felt her phone go off and she answered it, it was the caterer.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
February 28, 2014 06:43PM
Bonnie had made her way up the stairs in search of other spells in order to get out of the house to free Elena and save the others from Klaus and Kol. Upon reaching the room she had been staying in she would pace trying to think of a spell or even speak to Jenna. But she realized she should try later since Elena could now see her and she was glad that Elena could see her aunt. She needed some happiness. As for seeing Jeremy enter it made her heart skip a beat which sounds cheesy but true. She wasn’t sure what to say and she gave a simple smile to him before leaving upstairs. Sitting down on the ground cross legged she began to read the book she had been reading just to pass sometime for there seemed to be some peace. But for how long will it last? She didn’t want to over think this but she needed to speak to Jenna as soon as she could.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
February 28, 2014 08:00PM
Seeing how happy Jeremy was with Elena, it made Jenna’s so happy. To thin, just 2 days ago she was only seen by Jeremy and Bonnie. Now Elena was able to see her. Not caring what they heck was going on but happy Elena was able to see her now. With all the people down there and Klaus giving orders to people, Jenna did not want to be around it. Something strange in the air was just unsettling for her. Not to mention, she still hated Klaus with all he mite. Just the though of what happened to her and Elena made things so much more hurtful then when they first happened. Nonetheless, Elena was alive and well, thanks to John and Bonnie. She could never thank them both enough.
Standing by the window and watching as Jeremy and Elena walked down to the small water meadow, Jenna sensed someone coming into the room. She wasn’t good at appearing or reappearing but, it was only Bonnie, so she appeared again. Stood at an angle leaning on the dresser. ‘Your not hiding up here because you don’t want to face Jeremy. Are you? Jenna smiled a little and walked towards Bonnie, sitting on the floor with her. ‘Because I can tell your nervous and worried. You feel the power and that something is going to happen, too. Don’t you? Jenna stayed quiet after that and watched Bonnie’s expirations.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
February 28, 2014 08:07PM
Bonnie looked up sensing someone’s appearance and closed her book seeing Jenna. She shook her head. “no i’m mostly just thinking about my powers and spells in order to leave here.” She would shrug as she looked to her smiling. “it’s good to see Elena and Jeremy happy and them being able to see you instead of just me. I just don’t want to ruin the peace and happiness so I came here to think.”

Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 01, 2014 10:15AM
Caroline smiled as she listened to the caterer, “Mmm-hmm, alright. See you soon,” she said hanging up. The caterer was on his way and so they didn’t have long till everything was finished. She made sure the tables were set and ready for the food when it was to arrive. She gathered the people she had got to help and thanked them before dismissing them and making them forget. She walked outside and saw the guys had done well. She waited at the door and then she saw it, the caterer’s van had arrived. She walked over and greeted the caterer, “If you’d like to follow me, I’ll show you where the food is to go and the rest,” she said. She then led the caterer and his men with the food into the ballroom, to the end and watched as they set the food up on the table just as she directed them. Her smile grew hearing that all the food was there and it was just the drinks. “This way please,” she said as she waited for them to bring the bottles of beverages in and she led them into the kitchen. “Thank you for everything,” she added as she said goodbye to the caterer and watched him drive off. Returning to the kitchen, she made some punch and placed it into the fridge to chill. “Everything is done,” she said happily. Now, she just needed to see Klaus and get dresses.


Caroline made her way through the house, she could hear Bonnie talking to someone and wondered who but, continued on. Eventually, she came across his private study and she knocked. Giving him a few minutes before opening the door. She entered, “Looks like your having lots of fun,” she said as she leaned against the door frame with her arms folded. “Just thought I’d let you know that everything is all set for the party this evening. Well, the house is at least,” she added as her eyes took in the study. This was probably the room he came to escape, well, other then his bedroom. “So, now the house is done Elena and Bonnie both need dresses for the party so, I was thinking of taking them shopping and getting dressed at Elena’s. And, then we’ll arrive before the party,” she added. Or at least Elena cause we can both surprise Bonnie with a dress, after all, Jeremy will want to talk to her, she thought. “Then after the party maybe Elena, Bonnie and myself could have a sleepover at Elena’s and then tomorrow… Well, you know,” she suggested, the latter referring to her best friends return here. She looked at him and smiled again as she awaited his response.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 03, 2014 10:21PM
Elena laughed at what they made Jeremy do. He was a great help, but it did suck that they didn’t let him take a break. Thank god everything was already finished. She thought about what he said, yeah so what if Klaus’s minions followed her, she was happy just go to out.“True. I’m sure Klaus has taken measured to insure his ‘precious doppleganger’ doesn’t go to far. He can still hurt you Jer.” She hated saying it aloud but, it was true. She was here because of Bonnie and because she wouldn’t let anyone hurt her little brother. She made a face, at the fact that the miions were going to be with them.

“Yeeeah, But at least I’m happy to go out. And look, there leaving now, Caroline must have finished because, I think that’s the caterer. There supposed to listen to the Sargent remember?” She laughed again and reaching a few feet away fro the small meadow, she turn to look at Jeremy who stopped and was being serious now. taking a deep breath and finally responded.


“I’m…not sure what I am. On once side, I feel confused over my feelings for Damon and Stefan is on one-word bases with me. I still love him but….I don’t know. On the other hand, being here with Klaus has given me a break from the outside world and I can think, sort of. I’m happy no vampire-killings or I’m-going-to-kill-so-and-so stuff has happed. Its been quiet, apart from me being here. I missed you.” She missed talking to her brother and she was happy that he knew about all of it now. She hated him being in dangers way but, she was with her now and that was all that mattered.


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March 03, 2014 10:31PM
“Elena we both know that Klaus would be able to hurt me, even if I was in Denver, being in Mystic Falls, just makes it a little easier.” Jeremy said, he was surprised by her last sentence.
“So Klaus hasn’t threatened me?” Jeremy asked sarcastically.” Nevermind, I haven’t seen my sister in a while, and I don’t want to ruin it with Klaus talk, or Damon or Stefan talk, and heck, not even Bonnie talk.”
He sighed.
“So just name a topic, any topic, and we can talk about that.” He said.
He smirked slightly as he watched everyone leave.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 03, 2014 11:57PM
Shaking her head at his remarks, he was right. Klaus had threatened to kill him, yeah maybe once and trust her,t hat was enough. But, for now he was double right, on not talking about anything else but them. Her face lite up. 
“Alright, I know exactly what to talk about. I saw Jenna. Is that a valid topic?”
 She smiled wide and watched him carefully. Bonnie had told her how her and Jeremy were both able to see Jenna and now, she was able to see her too. She knew it would be a better topic because it was a happy one. Jenna made things feel less lonely for her and Jeremy when she was alive. And now that she was here, for who knows how long, she made it feel like that for her again. She hope for Jeremy, too. At least a little.


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March 04, 2014 06:23AM
Jeremy smiled.
“That’s great!” He said happily.” Are you able to talk to her? How are you able to see her?”
Then he stopped.
“Wait, did you die?” He asked looking at her.” Nevermind, where was the last place you saw her?”
He looked around, not seeing the familiar face of his sister. Then he thought of Tatia, who said she saw him thinking of everyone he loved. He began to think of them again briefly, before turning back to his sister.
Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 04, 2014 02:39PM
Smiling, Elena answered him. “Umm, yeah I did talk to her but it was for like a minute. She startled me. I never thought I would see her like you and Bonnie would.” Elena looked at him confused. “I’m pretty sure I’m alive Jer. But, I saw her in the dinning room a day ago. She talks to Bonnie mostly, before I was able to see her. But, since all these people were here, I’m guessing that’s why she hasn’t appeared.” She picked up a rock and skipped it in th small meadow. Thinking and smiling. “I’m glad that I can see her now, too. I missed her and it sucked that you and Bonnie were the only ones that could see her. No fair.” She throw a rock close to where Jeremy was and made a small splash.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 04, 2014 03:40PM
“Hey!” Jeremy said still smiling.” You could have asked me to talk to her for you.”
He said looking at her.
“But since you can see her now, I guess you don’t have to worry about it.” He shrugged.” So do you have any idea when Klaus is going to let you out?”
He looked at his sister, breaking his own rule of “No Business talk.”

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March 04, 2014 05:09PM
“Topic no accepted.” She laughed and then looked at the Mikalson home. “But, no I don’t. Caroline might wiggle her way to asking him but, I have no hope. I feel like a little girl that can’t go anywhere because her evil step dad wont let her.” Rolling her eyes, she grabbed another rock and lunged it at the water. “Since your broke your rule, I just wanted to know if you have seen Stefan and Damon lately? Just a question.” She shrugged and looked at him.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 04, 2014 09:07PM
“Yeah, they were both at the grill.” He said simply.” Are you worrying about them?”
He looked around and sighed.
“Sorry, forgot. So Jenna?” He asked.” MAybe she is in the room. WIth Bonnie.”
He thought for a few seconds.
“How should I ask her?” He said to Elena.” Just the regular will you go with me?”
He looked at his sister very curious.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 05, 2014 09:56AM
Elena nodded. Well, Stefan was definitely giving her the one word treatment. He didn’t even tell her he was at the grill with Damon. After all that has happened p, she isn’t just going to give up on him. He lost his humanity, then gained it back. Things would get better gradually. Well she hoped. Elena shook her head and smiled at Jeremy’s question. ”Just be your normal self. Trust me, a simple ‘Hey you want to the Ball with me?’ Or something fancy, no matter what it is she will be happy go with you.” She smiled at him, then shrugged her shoulders. Bonnie loved him, and he loved her. It was cute and weird for her at the same time. But, as long as her brother was happy, she was happy. And her best friend would be happy too.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 05, 2014 03:37PM
Jeremy smiled happily.
“Allright.” He said.” So what kind of dress are you going to get, and a bigger question, who are you going with?”
He looked at his sister, a little glint in his eyes.
“Damon or Stefan?” He asked playfully nudging his sister. He looked up.” So the decorating is done, now what are we supposed to do around here?”
He loved spending time with his sister, but he was just a little uneasy by the house of an original.

Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 06, 2014 11:45PM
Caroline listened to Klaus as he gave her permission to take just Elena dress shopping which Caroline was happy about. As for the sleepover, it had been a bit of a push and Caroline knew that but, since it was thanks to her this party was ready, surely it was the least he could do. He said he’d think about it. Caroline knew not to hold her breath and knew he was going to be saying no when they returned. She was just going to make the most of the dress shopping with Elena. “Thanks” she said before taking her leave, allowing him to be alone once again and obviously like he wanted.

Making her way downstairs, she grabbed Elena’s favourite drink since there was plenty of beverages for the night, more than plenty. She then went outside and went over to the Gilbert siblings. “Firstly, one that’s going to make her absolutely gorgeous,” she replied to Jeremy. “As for who. Now that’s to be a surprise, Jeremy,” she added with a wink. Though, she hoped it would be Stefan. However, if he was still down in the dumps it would be a bit tricky. Hope he’s snapped out of it, she thought. If not then it’d be Damon. In the end, it was Elena’s choice and she’d stand by her or whoever asked Elena first.

Hearing the latter, Caroline smiled, “Well, Jeremy, you are going to go talk to Bonnie and ask her to the party whilst your sister and I go get dresses,” she said. 

Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 07, 2014 12:06AM
Elena looked at all the decorations. Thinking of what kind of dress will be good for this occasion and for the theme. Before she could even react or answer him, Caroline was finally surrendered from Klaus’s orders and demands from this crazy bash. “Wait? Really? We can go out? Yes! Okay Jeremy, yeah go talk to Bonnie. And let her know we will get her a dress. We’re gonna leave before he changes his mind. Love you!” Elena jumped up in excitement and hugged Caroline. Then, turning to Jeremy she laughed and smiled wide. Hugging him to and kissing his cheek. She didn’t want to just leave him like that but, she hadn’t been out of this torture chamber in so long. She rather take what she got before it was taken back. Enlacing her arm with Caroline s, she let her lead the way.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 07, 2014 12:32AM
Watching from the top of the stairs, the chorus of cheerful voices was sickening to Rebekah’s stomach. So, they were all going out to go dress shopping. How very droll. Having received the message from her brother Kol, who was really the only one that seemed to understand what she was going through, it did lift her spirits a little to know that she wasn’t totally forgotten. Klaus – all he wanted was to have a parade of well mannered family members for this party. Bah. Though Rebekah had not truly twigged to Klaus’s intent, she was sure as hell, that someone is this little group of do gooders was going to suffer. Why else go to all this trouble?

Watching the friends all thread arms to leave for their shopping trip, Rebekah tapped her foot as she saw that they were leaving Jeremy behind. Anyone would think he would just LOVE to go watch his sister shop for dresses. Rebekah didn’t need to go shopping, or have friends. She was an original, an immortal and didn’t need anyone – at least that is what she kept telling herself. If she did have someone, Klaus would make damn sure…it didn’t last.


“So your coming to the party dressed like…that, Jeremy?” Rebekah sang out, raising a well shaped brow.


Re: RP: Mikaleson
March 07, 2014 12:33AM
Caroline smiled at her best friend’s reaction and she nodded, “Yes, really,” she said with a small laugh. She laughed some more when Elena jumped up and hugged her. She waited for Elena to finish with her brother. “Now go enjoy your catch up with your Juliet,” she added teasingly with a wink. “As for us, we’ve got shopping to do,” she said as she then led her best friend to her car. Taking out her keys, she unlocked it, “Hop in, Elena” she added as she climbed into the driver’s seat and buckled up.