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Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
April 25, 2014 05:47AM
Fourth Floor – Brock’s

~Brock is on the phone to his love Pandora in Hawaii~

Brock was pacing the lounge of his apartment, his cellphone in his hand. Aunt Charlotte was fixing herself a drink and watching him beneath the veil of her dark bangs. She could see the expression of his face alter as the phone obviously was picked up.


Charlotte stopped what she was doing and watched – waiting. Brock was near the balcony, his eyes focused at his own reflection as he paused.

“Pandora?” This second time it was said in a barely audible whisper. Charlotte’s face creased as she could tell that whoever picked it up, wasn’t responding. Finally, Brock lowered his arm taking his phone from his ear. He appeared dazed almost. All he could hear was her light breathing. Oh he knew that sound. He had it memorized into his mind. Swallowing, he turned around and pocketed his phone and said simply.


“She answered….but then she hung up.” Brock’s face was riddled with disappointment, as he sat on one of the bar stools. He folded his arms and propped himself on the counter, as Charlotte finished pouring her drink. Clearly Pandora wasn’t ready to speak to Brock yet. Reaching out, she cupped Brock’s face and sighed. “Don’t give up hope.”

Just then on the television, which had been filing news reports from around the world for Charlotte’s amusement, there came a cross from one of the islands in Hawaii about a strange phenomenon that had caused an eruption of fire taking out many cars. Witnesses said they saw a woman with a cane leaving the area. It was then a hazy security camera shot that was too grainy to really show a face captured the moment. Charlotte tilted her head.

“Such strange creatures these humans are.”

Brock turned around at the right moment, and recognized the woman instantly.


He knew what she was capable of and now he knew where she was. Spinning back around he said loudly to Charlotte.

“She’s in Hawaii.”


“It’s a group of islands in the Pacific – part of the United States.”

Charlotte sensed an even bigger issue than what Brock himself realized. “You mean to tell me that Pandora controls fire?”Brock nodded and as he did his eyes widened. “Oh…shit.” Oh shit was right. If it was one thing that Spider demons were susceptible to, it was fire.

Charlotte set down her glass and folded her arms. “Brock, do you truly love a women that can ultimately destroy you?” It was a big question and he had only one answer.


Shaking her head, she knew that there was going to be no stopping him. “Then I guess you are going to Hawaii.”


Brock didn’t even have to say a word, he was already racing into his room to pack.


Re: (RP) Carrendar House – Seattle
April 26, 2014 06:01AM
Fourth Floor – Brock’s

~That night~

Brock had been up half the night investigating what he could off the police reports on the car park fire bombing in Hawaii. He had the name of the hotel and the city. Further investigation uncovered her apartment number and floor. He was well on the way to making the biggest most important trip of his life – to save his relationship with Pandora, if he still had one. The night light burnt bright in the den, and ever so often Charlotte would take a look in at him, as he was taking down information off his computer. At one point she brought him a cup of coffee and set it down in front of him, but he seemed to act as though she wasn’t there, so transfixed with the intelligence he was gathering. Watching him with concern, she had to ask.

“What are you going to do when you find her? What if she does the whole fire ball thing on you?”


Looking up from the computer screen, Brock answered. “Kiss this world goodbye?” Charlotte didn’t like the sound of that answer at all. Sighing she shook her head. “I was once like you. Would do anything for love. Then I discovered that love wasn’t enough.” Though Charlotte was older and perhaps wiser, Brock didn’t share her sentiment. “I can’t give up on what we had. If only I hadn’t been so stupid and bull headed.” Charlotte reached over and ruffled his hair. “You’re a male, its expected.” This had him laugh slightly, as Charlotte bid him a good night and retreated to one of the guest rooms.

~The next morning~

At the front door, Brock’s bags were packed and there was the smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen. Charlotte was one that loved a sleep in, so she was slow to emerge, but of course the coffee was a very good reason to get up. She wandered out in a sheer black nightie that showed off all her curves. Considering she was the mother of two hundred odd young, she wasn’t looking too bad.

“Morning….what time is your flight? Or are you taking one of the family jets?”

Brock handed his aunt a cup of coffee and said simply.

“Flight is at nine am and….I don’t think my father would approve of me using the rescue ships for a joy flight to Hawaii.” Charlotte took the cup and smirked. “Joy flight? Is that what you are calling this. I say this is a rescue if you ask me, but…I understand your point. Your father has a temper….like my Mother so I am told.” The two clinked their coffee cups together and then Brock asked the obvious. “Are you coming too?” At this Charlotte shook her head. “I’m needed back in my world, my time here is….limited.” That was her way of putting things, since what she had left behind was a very important matter, that had her children’s lives in certain danger. Drinking the last of her coffee, she washed out her cup, before coming around to take her nephew’s hands. She held them and looked up at him with affection.

“I’m proud of you. For being man enough to admit your wrong, and now going to fight for a very special woman. I hope one day I get to meet her.”

Brock kissed his Aunt’s cheek as she smiled softly.


“Goodbye Brock.”

And like that….she simply faded from view, using her plane shifting ability to return to her own time….in her nightie.

Brock was now ready….to go find his Pandora.


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